Escaping the Maze

A/N: This is for @whispersandwhiskerburn‘s Birthday Celebration! You are an amazing friend and writer. You deserve all the gifts! Hope you have an amazing birthday! With that being said, this idea is taking longer than I thought it would to hash out. So today, you will get the aesthetic with a teaser. The rest of this will be posted as soon as I have it finished. 

Characters: Y/N, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Harry Potter, Hermoine Grainger, Buffy Summers, Angel, Spike, Shawn Spencer, Gus Burton, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, The Doctor, Rose, John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and perhaps a few other surprise guests.

Summary: The reader is trapped in a maze, not just any maze though. She has more questions than answers. Where is she? How did she get here? How can she get out? How is it possible that she keeps meeting her favorite characters? And why are they paired so strangely? Will her favorite characters be able to help her find the answers and what will she discover about herself and the world along the way?

As I opened my eyes I found myself on a path surrounded by hedges. I’m not sure where I am or how I got here, but I feel an overwhelming need to escape. I have two choices, I can go left or right. Having no idea which way I’ve already been, the decision is somewhat difficult. I have no idea which way will lead me to the exit or what waits for me along this path. Then I hear faint voices to the right. I decide to go towards the voices in hopes that they can help me out. As I walk along the path, it appears to be a dead end to the right, but the voices are getting louder. They are familiar to me, but it can’t be who I think it is, that just doesn’t add up.  As I near the dead end, I see that actually there is a path that turns off of this one to the right. As I round the corner, I stop dead in my tracks. My jaw drops as I see no other than Ewan McGregor and Dule Hill.

“Look…It’s a girl!” Ewan says as he turns toward me.

“Yes, I see it’s a girl.” Dule responds.

“Don’t you see? She has come to break the spell of this maze!” Ewan beams.

“What? No, she’s just a girl.” Dule scoffs.

“My apologies mademoiselle for my acquaintances lack of etiquette.” Evan says and bows reaching out for my hand.

Suddenly it’s very obvious to me that this isn’t Ewan McGregor and Dule Hill, this is Lumiere and Gus Burton.

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Harry looked at you with a nervous look and he had all the right to. Draco found out you’ve been dating Harry. The worst thing wasn’t even it was Harry Potter out of a school full of other boys, no.

The worst thing was you kept it a secret from him, your older brother. Draco had an almost disgusted look on his face that he was ready to take out on Harry. He already started moving towards him but you got to him first.

“Harry please go. I’ll see you later” you said while looking into Draco’s eyes, who’s been standing in front of you with a pained look rather than an angry one. You heard Harry’s footsteps moving away from you two.

Draco wanted to push past you, but you stopped him with your hands on his firm chest. “Draco calm down and let’s talk” you suggested calmly looking into your brothers eyes. “I love him” you added just to let him know any plan of trying to separate you two won’t work.

He didn’t talk he just breathed heavily but within the next few seconds, he calmed down. “If he hurts you in any possible way, I’ll cut his throat out” he threatened yet pulled you in a hug. “I’m sure you will, big brother” you chuckled into his chest, feeling relieved he took it somewhat well.


For we will be wicked, and we will be fair 
And they’ll call us such names, and we really won’t care
So, go tell your Wendys, your Susans, your Janes
There’s a place they can go if they’re tired of chains

A list of things that make me cry everytime

- unravel (from Tokyo ghoul)
-“….sept .. Huit ..neuf ” (Hamilton)
-weirdmageddon (Gravity falls)
-rose’s speech to Steven (Steven universe)
-the memory song from undertale
-kates suicide ( life is strange )
-the scene after morty burries his dead body(rick and morty)
-Sarah Lynn…….Sarah lynn…………….Sarah Lynn?“ (Bojack horseman )
- the ending to homestuck
- episode 69 of TAZ
- the last episode of sailor moon stars
-“he’s come to get me ….” (dear even Hanson )
- “say hi to god”(heathers)
-“Everything about me makes me wanna die” (Be More chill)
- “and FLYYYINNG AWAY” (the great comet )
-the ending to 17776
-the ending to over the garden wall
-“ I want it to hurt ” a night in the woods
- “ELEVEN!” (stranger things )
This is only part one