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So I never actually did blogrates, but it looks like fun and I wanna try because I am bored and want to go stalk some of you people ;). Here we go:


  • mbf this piece of multifandom trash
  • reblog this post, likes only count as bookmarking
  • send me: a nice story, fmk, make me choose or just a  :D or anything actually
  • blacklist fay does blogrates, if you dont wanna see


url: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | BELLAMY BLAKE

icon: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | RILEY BLUE

theme: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | DARYL DIXON

posts: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | DAENERYS TARGARYEN

sidebar: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | FELICITY SMOAK

description: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | ALISON HENDRIX

updates tab: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | MARK SLOAN

overall: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | STILES STILINSKI

following: no sorry but i love you | +f | following | till the end of times

Welcome to Ali and Geena’s joint tumblr awards!

  • Must be following Ali and Geena
  • Reblog to enter (likes are only for bookmarking)
  • Must have at least 100 notes or this never happened
  • The categories might change based on who enters
  • Good luck!

Best Url: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2

Best  Icon: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2

Best Theme: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2

Best Harry Potter: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2

Best Teen Wolf: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2

Best The 100: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2

Best Multifandom: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2

Ali’s Favorite: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2

Geena’s Favorite: 1 winner
↳ Runners up: 2


- Unlimited Promos for a month
- We’ll reblog your edits, vote for you in polls, basically help you out in anyway
+ Follow if not already
- Spot on our updates tabs for the month
-  Eternal love


- 3 promos
+ Follows if not already
- Eternal love

Enter! Ends on August 30th

I recently hit 2k so I decided to do another tumblr awards! (yay)

Rules & Info:

must be following either my fandom blog or my aesthetic blog
check out my goodreads, ello, and/or instagram (optional)
reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking)
ends august 28th at 10 pm est
there will be one winner and two runner ups per category
if this doesn’t get 50 notes it didn’t happen


best url
best theme
best icon
best original content (gifs, graphics, themes, writing, etc)
best posts
best multifandom
best harry potter
best the 100
best sense8
best [other fandom] (there will be two different fandoms for this)
best aesthetic
best rising blogger (have under 500 followers and submit a screenshot of your follower count)
best overall


for winners:

follow back from me if not already
follow back from me on any other social media sites that i also have
5 promos upon request
a spot in my updates tab for a month
and for the winners of best multifandom, harry potter, the 100, and sense8, a short fic of a pairing of your choosing!

for runner-ups:

follow back from me if not already
follow back from me on other social media
3 promos upon request
a spot in my updates tab for 3 weeks

and to make things super fun, i’m also going to include a custom theme giveaway!

to enter that:

you must be following both my fandom and aesthetic blog or be following me on one of those blogs and my instagram
message me which one you did (and your ig if you followed on there) and that you would like to enter the theme giveaway
i’ll be drawing three people using a random number generator. the first gets a custom theme, the second and third get a custom page (can be any kind of page)

if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Hello beautiful people & welcome to my and murpqhy‘s Tumblr Awards!

  • must be following Kathy & me (because it’s only for followers)   
  • reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking)
  • ends August 31st, winners will be announced on September 1st
  • there will be one winner & 2 runner-ups per category
  • must get at least 100 notes or this never happened
  • best url
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best mobile theme
  • best posts /
  • best original content (graphics, gifs, themes, writings, etc.)
  • best the 100
  • best harry potter
  • best teen wolf*
  • best htgawm*
  • best multifandom
  • best rising blogger**
  • best overall
  • Kathy’s personal favourite
  • Victoria’s personal favourite

*only if there are enough entries
**must have less than 500 followers + submit me a screenshot of your followers count

PRIZES (for winners):
  • a follow back from both of us
  • unlimited promos upon request
  • a spot on our blogs for a month
  • endless love and friendship<333
PRIZES (for runner-ups):
  • a follow back from both of us
  • 3 promos upon request
  • a spot on our blogs for a month
  • endless love and friendship<333

Requested by pixiedusts

You hated hunting alone. Especially recently, now that things had seriously gone to shit in the paranormal world. A couple of years ago you’d had the odd demon to throw some salt at, but other than that the worst thing you had to deal with was Vampires. And most of them were steering clear of humans, sticking to feeding off animals instead. 

But now, after those god-damn Winchester brothers had started screwing something else up with the demons, you suddenly had a whole host of them trailing you across the country. Except now you were getting the impression that there was something worse out there. Something more powerful than demons. Something that could kill them, and kill them dead. 

You stepped through the diner hesitantly, over the bodies of now-dead demons, all with their eyes burned out of their skulls. Wearily, you pushed your way to the back of the diner, trying to check if there were any demons still alive, you heard a voice. 

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

You span around on the spot to find the source of the voice, and spotted a guy in the corner that you could have sworn hadn’t been there before. He was stood in a rumpled trenchcoat and messy suit, his hair sticking up at odd angles. He didn’t look much like a demon to you, but you couldn’t be sure. 

“Who the hell are you?” You snapped, raising your shotgun. He simply cocked his head to one side, eyes narrowing ever so slightly. 

“My name is Castiel.”

“Castiel?” You raised an eyebrow. What the hell kind of a name was that, even for a demon?

“Yeah, well ‘Castiel’, if you don’t back up I’m gonna blast you full of rock salt.” You snarled. 

“I’m not a demon.” He said quietly, taking a few steps towards you. “But there are several behind that door. And I don’t think a few rounds of rock salt will stop them from killing you.”

“But let me guess, you can?”

He nodded. “You’ve seen what I did to the others.”

You glanced around at the bodies. “This was you?”


“How did you do this to them?” You asked, lowering your gun a little after making the assumption he wasn’t going to kill you. 

“That’s not important.” He continued to walk towards you. “Get behind me and close your eyes.”

He pushed past you towards the back of the diner, and you squeezed your eyes shut just as he pushed the door open. You grimaced, turning away at the screams of agony, and then after a few seconds, the diner fell silent. 

You heard someone murmur your name gently, and looked up to see Castiel stood in front of you. Glancing behind you, you saw three dead bodies, all with their eyes burned out. 

“You did that?” 

“Yes.” A line appeared between his eyebrows. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine…” You watched as he turned away from you. “What, that’s it? You just show up and then disappear?”

He turned to you, pausing for a second. “I have the feeling you and I will end up meeting again. Be careful.”

You blinked, and he’d disappeared, and you were alone in the diner with a hell of a lot of demon bodies. 

Why did you get the feeling the Winchesters had something to do with this?

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, you were all wonderful! 

Best Url

flawlessam​, brothersandpain​, bravestdean

Best Icon

brothersandpain, thornsam, stormychesters

Best Domain

samsolace (, stunningdean (,
honeymish (

Best Theme

stormychesters, samsolace, deducingsammy

Best Mobile Theme

boundean, thornsam, poetryandoldermen

Best Updates Tab

mjolnirsammy, sammyboyblue, padaleckiwhat

Best Sidebar

samtulip, mjolnirsammy, stripperlecki

Best Original Content

poetryandoldermen, exknightofhell

Best Posts

heavenlysams, sammyboyblue, stormychesters

Best Rising Blogger

unafraidcas, dysphoricdean, destielbunnies

Nicest Blogger

samtulip, honeymish, zodiackles

Best SPN

cvddlecas, fucktoysam, knightjeran

Best Multifandom

sisterchristianjensen, mjolnirsammy, samsolace

Best Overall

@dreamyjensencapuletcas, hellsqveen

Personal Fave

knightjeran, kinkyboyking, honeymish

Here’s a reminder of what you’ve won

Hey everyone! I figured since I’m almost at 1k I’d do my first blog of the month!

Excuse the crappy gif idk what happened


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post (don’t like it I will be annoyed)
  • Maybe enter my tumblr awards?
  • Apply for the wonder woman squad?
  • 30 notes or I’ll go hide in a corner
  • Ends on August 31st
  • 1 winner and 3 runners-up


  • Mainly Marvel/DC blogs, but multifandom is ok too
  • Nice person
  • That’s it


  • +f from me
  • spot in my hall of fame which i haven’t made yet
  • winner gets unlimited promos and a gifset request
  • runners-up get 10 promos and a graphic request
  • everyone gets a url graphic (you don’t have to ask for this i’ll just make it) and an icon request

Good luck everyone and thank you for entering!!!

That is from Sherlock generic.a bouquet and that is made from river’s sonic screwdriver so WHOLOCK..and I have a theory/fanfiction idea whatever you call..That is a bride bouquet for River Song made from river’s sonic screwdriver and the flowers made from pages od river’s diary after Doctor saved her and her diary,their memories to the library 10 left her diary and her sonic screwdriver in the library after that 11 came to the library (because he knew she went to library)and took those things of river and he realized this hurts him and he made this bride bouquet for her,his wife and her memory and left it River’s home’s door and Sherlock is Melody Malone’sdetective friend (when an adventure River went to the future as Melody Malone they met) and he investigate her missing and found that bouquet in her house.. 


  • must be following me - (Optional: Follow my multifandom sideblog brainygranger)
  • reblogs only (likes only to bookmark)
  • reblog this until August 31st
  • winners announced September 1st
  • check out July’s BOTM winner - sparksflycastiel and the three runner ups
  • 1 winner + 3 runner ups (depending on notes)
  • must reach 50 notes or this never happened!


  • mostly supernatural (but multifandom is okay if spn is one of the main fandoms)
  • great posts, icon, theme and url
  • nice clean tagging system is a +
  • original content is + as well but not needed
  • nice personality


  • +follow from me (if not already)
  • a spot on my updates tab for the month of September
  • a spot in my BOTM hall of fame
  • 1 supernatural gifset for winner upon request
  • winner: unlimited promos for September
  • runner-ups: two promos for September
  • my eternal love and friendship! <333

Pkjiminprotectionnet is a blog created in order to bring all the Jimin stans together who think that he should be protected at all costs, from everything. Even if you’re not a Jimin stan, if you think that he should be sheltered from all bad things, then this is the net for you!
• Blog must be at least 60% Bangtan/Jimin related. (Multifandom blogs are totally fine! Just the majority has to be Jimin/Bangtan)
• Blog must be active!!
Before applying, make sure to follow the network and reblog this post (to raise awareness of this net)
This has to be done, and we will check!
• Make sure your askbox is open so we can inform you when you have been accepted.
• After being accepted track the “pkjiminprotectionnet” tag you can see posts tagged for the network.
• If you’d like your post to be reblogged please tag it #pkjiminprotectionnet, remember to make it one of the first 5 tags!
• Only members are allowed to use this tag. It’s for sharing any of the works that have been created related to Park Jimin
• Following the admins/members isn’t necessary but feel free to do so!
• You must link the network on your blog! (We will be checking!)
• Do NOT repost/take someone else’s work! You will be kicked out immediately.
Also, bullying will not be tolerated so if you are going to be rude, then this net isn’t for you.
• You don’t have to join the Kakao talk group chat (but it is highly recommended)  but it is recommended so you can interact with others!
• If you have an additional questions, come drop by and ask!
• Apply here


  • Must be following me
  • Maybe vote here for my multifandom blogs new url.
  • reblog this (likes only count as bookmarks)
  • Looking for fandom blogs with a nice theme
  • 1 winner 2-3 runner ups
  • must reach 20 notes
  • ends August 31 winners picked the next day


  • + follow from me
  • A spot on my updates tab for the month
  • A screenshot promo when winners announced
  • 5 promos throughout the month when requested for winner
  • 3 promos when requested for runner ups

Because why not? :D It seems like fun and I wanted to do this for ages!


  • don’t have to follow me, but it’d be nice if you did
  • reblog this post
  • maybe check out my multifandom blog?
  • optional: If you’re a drarry shipper, you can send me your favourite fic and check out my fic rec page, but it’s totally not required
  • blacklist ‘lena is annoying’ if you don’t want to see it (because I am annoying I know!)

Blogrates will look like this:

URL: sorry, don’t get it | not bad | very nice | ah, I see what you did there | love it | who did you kill???

Icon: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | I’m jealous!!!

Theme: Troll | Dreadful | Poor | Acceptable | Exceeds Expectations | Outstanding | I want it!

Posts: Vernon Dursley | Severus Snape | Albus Dumbledore | Viktor Krum | Ron Weasley | Luna Lovegood | Remus Lupin | HARRY JAMES POTTER

Overall: Severus Snape | Dolores Umbridge | Seamus Finnigan | Neville Longbottom | Fleur Delacour | Draco fucking Malfoy | MINERVA BAMF MCGONAGALL

Following: No, sorry, but I love you | I am now | Yes | MY HEART IS FOREVER YOURS


It’s about a month away from my birthday, so, we’re doing tumblr awards!!! 

🎂 to enter  🎂

  • must be following the birthday girl and the bae
  • reblog this post before august 29th
  • one winner and one runner up per award

🎈 the awards 🎈

  • best url
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best marvel
  • best doctor who
  • best harry potter
  • best supernatural
  • best multifandom
  • best overall
  • nicest blogger

🎁 the prizes 🎁

🍰 winners get 🍰

  • a follow back (if not already)
  • three promos from ti
  • spot in ti’s hall of fame
  • friendship~

🎠 runner ups get 🎠

  • a follow back (if not already)
  • a promo from ti
  • friendship~

there will be blogrates, compliments, promos, and maybe more on queeroswald on the 29th to finish up this birthday bonanza!!!!

Welcome New Followers!

A number of you have shown up recently (thanks largely to Twelve Agents’ Tales), so this seemed like a good time to say

This is a multifandom/personal blog. I post a somewhat haphazard mix of Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leverage, whatever else is giving me feelings at a given time, feminism/social justice, math (my day job), health (adventures in the intersection of fibromyalgia and anxiety), and random rambling.

A list of my common tags is here. If there’s anything else you’d like me to tag for, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do so.

My body of writing can be found at AO3 and (minus occasional ficlets that just go on Tumblr).

Please feel free to leave replies or send me an ask if you have any questions or just want to talk! I’m afraid I often can’t follow back (I have an obsessive need to finish my dash every day, and it’s at the absolute limit of what I can deal with), but I do appreciate all my followers and I’m very happy to talk with you. (I can, however, be a slow correspondent, especially if the fibromyalgia is flaring up and/or work is really busy.)

And if you decide this is not for you, please unfollow without guilt. I will not be hurt. :)

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