You asked for it, I delivered! (finally) The second part to the Girlfriends gifset. (Part 1)
I  profoundly apologize if I have butchered any of your ships in the process, do consider that I don’t actually watch some of these shows.

And a special shout-out to my amazing girl delphinecosmier for helping me to come up with the names. You rock, buddy!

Captivated: Chapter Five

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“But why me?” Elena finally managed to squeak out as the seriousness of his words—of what he was offering her—finally sunk in.

Cullen shifted a little, so that he was more comfortably sprawled on top of her, though most of his weight rested on his forearms. He loomed over her in the darkness, his golden curls catching the moonlight to form a silver halo as his thumb stroked over her cheekbone.

“Because, lass, you’re a lowlander,” he said; when he saw a slight frown furrow her brow, he continued. “Generally, Avvar men take their brides from neighboring clans—to help keep the blood from thinning; too much intermarriage within a clan is bad for blood and breeding. The farther away a woman’s clan, the more prized she is, since she’s not likely to be related to anyone. And you, lass, you’re from about as far away as possible. It’s a mark of pride and something worthy of respect to take a foreign wife. Not to mention the goods you brought with you will help the entire holdfast prosper. If Skinchanger had followed tradition, all your belongings would be mine, to give out and form bonds of loyalty with. Unfortunately, he’s taken everything, save you. And if the Elder Women aren’t satisfied that I’ve fully claimed you tomorrow, he’ll take you too.”

Elena swallowed hard, taking in everything he was telling her. Finally, she was getting some real answers, but the way his voice wavered ever so slightly with his last words made her sad.

“Why don’t you claim me, then?” She asked, tentatively.

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Reflection Part 2: Class Reunion

Original Summary: It’s a new semester at the school where Natsu teaches, and he’s in for a surprise once he steps through the doorway to find a familiar face… once that really, really shouldn’t be there. 

a/n: this is the third (well, technically fourth) thing that I’ve posted today! That’s gotta be some sort of record for me, lol. But, I’ve been putting this off for way too long and promised my twin ( lonestorm​ ) forever ago that I would make a part 2 of this and… i finally did it. I hope you guys are ready for some major cheesiness, because how else would I write a nalu reunion(;

I hope you enjoy<3

“Would you stop fidgeting? You look fine.”

Layla frowned, keeping her head down and eyes on the studded heels that her mother had all but forced onto her feet. They were completely impractical for walking on the field- she knew for a fact they would immediately sink into the grass- and she had tried voicing such reason to her mother, but to no avail.

“I’m actually surprised you’re not more into this sort of thing.” Natsu gestured to the line of students behind the bleachers, preparing for the announcer to introduce them one by one. It was homecoming night, and somehow the young blonde had been coerced into participating. “Your mom used to look forward to this stuff all year.”

“Yeah well,” the girl huffed, adjusting the top of her strapless dress that her mother’s assistant Virgo had helped pick out. “I do love clothes and this sort of stuff, but walking out there in front of the entire school in these clothes is another story. Do you see the shoes she’s making me wear?”

Natsu chuckled, reaching out to squeeze the girl’s shoulder before sending her off in the direction of the other kids. “Stop worrying so much. You’ll be fine.”

“Says the guy who gets to watch from the sidelines,” she grumbled, pausing to twirl a piece of blonde hair around her finger that had lost some of its curl.

“Hey now, I’ve served my time. Who do you think walked Luce down the field all four year-“ Natsu stopped, noticing the girl’s shift in body language. While both had grown closer since the first semester, and both were all but certain that he was Layla’s long lost father, the girl had yet to ask for confirmation from her mother.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up, just in case, and Natsu understood that.

It was true that they’d since bonded since the first day of school and Natsu had started to act the slightest bit more paternal, but until they knew the truth, he was still her teacher before anything else. Bringing up Lucy and their previous high school romance was the wrong thing to say in front of the freshman, who was still coming to terms with the fact her favorite teacher could possibly wind up being her previously estranged father of fifteen years.

“Hey,” he said, softening his voice. “Don’t worry, really. You’ll be fine.”


“I promise.”

“Pinky promise?”

“Layla,” he laughed, sending her in the direction of the field once more. “Go already.”

“Don’t trip!” He called after her, smirking when he saw the glare that she shot him over her shoulder.


“That’s Mister Jerk to you!”

“Would you stop fidgeting? You look fine.”

Natsu took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair before checking his watch for the sixth time in the past five minutes. “I’d say de ja vu if I didn’t feel so nauseous.”

Layla wrinkled her nose at him. “That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Yes it- shut up!”

She laughed, enjoying seeing her teacher so flustered. She couldn’t really blame him though, and understanding where his nerves were coming from.

It was parent teacher night.

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‘Who is he?' Isaac asks Scott as them both abruptly stop walking and look at you and your boyfriend talking next to your locker.
'I don’t know, but I don’t like him’ Scott says when he sees him taking your hand and then peck kissing you.


Au meme: you find out that Kol’s an original, so you and him have a huge fight and break up, but after months of pure silence Klaus convinces Kol to try and talk to you again and everything turns out perfectly.

Part 2 of [THIS] imagine

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anon: can you do a part two to the kol imagine where you find out that he’s an original?

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‘Hey, Garcia?’ I say entering the black room. She texted me saying to meet her in this exact room and this exact time, where the hell is she?
'Morgan?’ I hear a man’s voice entering the room from the door in the other side of the room. Suddenly he turns on the lights and I see he’s Spencer. I also see a little table in the middle of the room with two seats and some roses.
'Spencer? What are you doing here? What the hell is this?’ I say referring to the table and all of that.
'I don’t know. Morgan told me to meet him here’ He looks as confused as me.
'Well, Garcia texted me to meet her here’ we both look at each other for a second and then we look at the table, then everything makes sense.
'They set us up’ he whispers
'They totally set us up’

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samanthaofanarchy: Can you do a Criminal Minds pref where you are a genius, just like Spencer, and you end up working for the BAU on the team and you and Spencer have feelings for each other, but neither of you can really see it, but Garcia and Morgan do so the try to set you up together? Then you get sent on a case in your hometown, Beacon Hills (sorry I’m having crossover feels :) ), and the team meets your dad, the Sheriff, and your baby brother, Stiles, and your dad tells you he approves of you and Spencer?

[As itold you, I’m doing in in two separate parts. This is the first part where Morgan and Garcia set you up and then i’m going to post the second part with all the ‘Teen Wolf’ staff]

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