Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.
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Day 4 for Genyatta Week 2016! The theme was AU.

My AU choice was Human Zenyatta and Demon Genji. @jaydpuppycat


Zenyatta’s never ending kindness had healed many on the wayward path he took. He moved when he pleased, guided by a sense for those who are lost in their discord, those who cannot find rest. When his sense takes him to a trader in China to hear rumor of a suffering and angry spirit in Japan who knew no peace, Zenyatta could not help but follow the rumor’s source. Rarely did the spirits ever turn out to be real, but when the one in Japan, named Genji Shimada, turned to be as real as the decaying castle he haunted, Zenyatta could not stop himself from extending his hand in aid to the lonely demon.

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Captive Prince anon here - it's super good. I'm glad it's listed on goodreads. Very character driven but the political aspect of the plot is great too. You'll probably see the plot coming a mile off but I'm a numpty and I was completely surprised by all the twists and turns. Definitely worth a read :D

HNNNNNNNNNNNG character-driven and political + romance + fantasy? I am very interested now. I’m fine with simple plots so long as the characterization is on-point.


Happy birthday to me! 💖😏😁

How to Break Up a King & Vassal Predestined for Death In 12 Days

a MikoTotsu Week 2016 fic ♔ (AO3)

  • Anna accidentally spills her best-guarded secret just in time for the holidays: Tatara won’t live much longer by Mikoto’s side. Fluff ensues.
  • Part 1 (Snow/Cold/Ice Skating!) | w.c: 1793
  • Note: It’s… the end is at the beginning.



Tatara slid backwards onto the “rink” - a stretch of canal that snaked through the city, frozen solid - keeping both starry eyes on Mikoto. The strings of light in the trees lining the banks above helped put some there. The rest was all him.

He made his own light. King had to shake off the hypnotic sensation. Like there was nothing left in his head but those god damned fire butterflies.

“It’ll be fine.”

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okay but mcmercymada is literally my favorite tankless team of try hards ot4 and here’s why (other than alliteration)

abridged version under a cut for those of you that don’t wanna see it, these are compiled out of headcanons that came out of a group chat between all of us as the respective rpers of each facet of this

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Why carry a Swiss army knife when you could be carrying a ‘Swiss army’ crustacean

This awesomely adorable (and useful!) Crab Multi Tool has a wooden body and features 6 different stainless steel appendages as well as flip-out legs so it can stand up on its own when you aren’t using it. It’s currently available via Kikkerland and Firebox.

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starbucks slime!