Teaspoon :: The Gordian Knot by Gargantua29

Okay, so this story is one I read pretty early on in my fanfic reading days, and I’ve been wanting to reread it for ages. Sometimes a second read is slightly disappointing, but this story is still amazing!! 

I’m a sucker for any kind of reunion with Bad Wolf involvement, and this story is incredibly unique. I really don’t want to ruin it, but we’re given a lovely original character(s) with lots of really entertaining interactions between Nine, Ten, and Donna in one place. (So if you’ve always wanted to see how Nine and Donna would interact, this is definitely a fic to read.) Oh, and three hilarious Eternals.

The story itself is a joy to read. It’s fun and heartwarming with just the right amount of angst to keep the story moving. And I think what the author did with the plot is incredible and brilliant.

I hope you enjoy one of my favorites!!

Happy reading!! :)

Fandometrics In Depth: International Multi Sport Event Edition

For the last three weeks, a certain International Multi Sport Event has captured global attention. Starting with Tonga’s Pita Taufatofua’s spectacular, well-oiled entrance in the opening ceremonies and closing with Simone Biles posing for a selfie with literally everyone—here’s what it all looked like on Tumblr.

From August 3rd to August 21st, 2016, #Rio related tags were added to 8.1 million reblogs across Tumblr. And those same tags were searched almost 3 million times.

Let’s start by sport.

Even though soccer represented the most original posts tagged with sport names — 21% of all sports-related posts—gymnastics dominated the overall conversation, thanks to the #gymternet. Within the sports category, gymnastics represented:

  • 41% of all searches
  • 38% of all reblogs, and
  • 37% of all likes

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Now let’s look at athletes. 

Of the hundreds of athletes competing at the International Multi Sport Event, 50 truly captured your hearts. They represented 13 different countries in 11 different sports and won a total of 66 awards made of different metals. 61% of those awards were the shiniest, and meant they were number one in the entire world. Good job!

American swimmer Michael Phelps was at the top of the heap. Of the 50 top athletes on Tumblr, he got:

  • 13% of all searches
  • 14% of all original posts

His success might have had something to do with his newest six medals or upcoming return to retirement, but if we’re honest, they were probably about his face.

Interestingly, gymnast Simone Biles earned the most likes and reblogs, with 14% and 15% of notes in the athletes category respectively—only slightly less impressive than five medals and a kiss from Zac Efron.

Some other big names on Tumblr: fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, rugby player Isadora Cerullo and diver Tom Daley.

And finally, here are the top five sports on Tumblr during The Games, broken down by the most reblogged athletes in each one.

International Multi-Sport Event Coverage: Dressage

How to

Dressage is not about putting horses in clothing, even though that sounds like it would be a great idea.  Nothing too restrictive that will make the horse upset. Maybe a nice sundress, some linen culottes. Whatever.

To be a successful competitor in the horse-based sport of dressage, both rider and equestrian must perform a series of memorized tasks involving different types of trots, gallops, and canter. Together, this fancy footwork makes up the ride.


The ride is rated on the following scale:

  • 10 – Excellent
  • 9 – Very good
  • 8 – Good
  • 7 – Fairly good
  • 6 – Satisfactory
  • 5 – Marginal
  • 4 – Insufficient
  • 3 – Fairly Bad
  • 2 – Bad
  • 1 – Very bad
  • 0 – Not executed

It is the opinion of Staff that all horses are 10 Excellent. All horses should win.

Quadrennial top medal match-ups: Dressage

  • Monday, August 15 at 9 a.m. EST: individual dressage

Famous horses from history

  • Secretariat
  • Li’l Sebastian
  • The horse with no name

Good horse Tumblrs

  • @dressagehub describes itself as having everything you need to know about dressage.
  • @equine-images has the dream job you didn’t know existed: professional equine photographer
  • @i-draw-one-hundred draws 100 of a thing and then moves on to the next one. They’re currently on horse 98, so get over there fast.