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| Long-Awaited Savior: Part Eleven |

Check out previous chapters and the Masterlist

Characters: Negan (JDM) x female reader, Jovana (OC), Maggie, Eugene, touch of Dwight

Word Count: 4,380 (holy shit, yo)

Heads up: Swearing, intimidation, reference to violence/murder

Chapter Summary: After Maggie is ordered bedrest, you discover new and unnerving information from numerous sources and begin to question everything you know.

**Note: Maggie’s arrival to the Sanctuary takes the place of Sasha’s arrival in the general timeline of things. At this point, please give me a little grace & flexibility as I take some liberties with the overall timeline and storyline of things.**

The woman’s eyes bore into yours with a ferocious intensity, and you found yourself swallowing hard and slowly releasing your hold on her hand. This was not a woman who needed comforting – this was a woman who was going to fight and demand revenge for whatever had happened to her.

…for whatever Negan did to her.

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Okay, so my wrath has faded enough for me to write, and I’ve been wanting to do another myth-style Linkllen AU for a while now, so can any of y’all send ideas in? It can be a regular myth (like the story of Orpheus) or a concept AU like the Day/Night AU I used for Stardust.

I’ll write at least a little bit for all of them, but hopefully I’ll adapt one into a longer story at some point.

And if I’m not familiar with it I’ll just look it up, don’t worry about that.


All links to credits and original MAP part are in the YT description!!

I absolutely love how this turned out!!