multidrug resistance

anonymous asked:

Do you think we'll see the end of effective antibiotics in our lifetimes due to multidrug resistant bugs? I'm an MS3 thinking about going into a surgical subspecialty, and I'm half-seriously wondering whether such a job would eventually become untenable without abx.

I think about this a LOT because I’m interested in ID. I think this is completely possible if we maintain the current medical climate of:

-failing to thoughtfully start and stop antibiotic regimens

-not calling in ID consults sooner rather than later for ICU patients

-failing to spread awareness and education of antibiotic resistance amongst all medical professionals AND PATIENTS

-lack of funding and research for antibiotic development

-failing to teach residents about antibiotic stewardship

-insisting antibiotic regimens stay on “because they’re so sick.” No. Antibiotics are not panaceas. I don’t care if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside to see “zosyn” on your med list. If it’s doing nothing, take it off.

-also, I love ID but I’m going to be honest here: we don’t speak up enough. On my consult month I saw some truly stupid decisions being made by primary teams and sometimes my attendings would be displeased but say nothing. The only person who was vocal was my mentor (why I love him and he’s my role model) and he had no problem calling up a team to talk to them about their decision making.

If we keep this up, then yes, we’re headed towards the end of antibiotic efficacy. 

I think that in general this looming reality is concerning enough that people are making changes. However, we are ALL responsible for preventing the rise of MDROs (Multidrug-resistant organisms).