Doctor who 50th Anniversary?

I’ve had an idea floating around in my head about what i’d really like to see. Most people seem to want a multi-doctor story and i’ve been thinking about that.

Now new Doctor Who episodes are shorter than the classic doctor who serials so cramming too many doctors in could make the plot really suffer so I thought about it an thought the best thing they could do was to maybe have an episode for each surviving doctor throughout the series, So an episode with McCoy an episode with Tennant, episode with McGann etc, and have the overarching plot be the doctor trying to work out why this is happening but also make him realise the good he’s done instead of always hating himself. This story also means that with some doctors he can pretend he isn’t the doctor, of course I figure some like McCoy would guess straight away.

while I don’t want Matt to go since he is my favorite Doctor this could be a perfect opportunity to lead up to a regeneration.

anyway tell my your thoughts about what you’d want to see in the 50th Anniversary

p.s. I’d also like Susan