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my 1 year blog anniversary was november 23rd so i thought i would make a follow forever to thank all these wonderful people for making my dash fun and exciting all year!!! although i didn’t reach my goal i’m still glad to have 4.3k of you following me. it really means a lot that you would follow my trash blog <33 (also i just slapped some text on this picture where i photoshopped myself into awhile ago oops)

SHOUT OUT TO MY PEEPS (you know who you are) esp my first friends Sunny, Ana, Emma, Jessie, and Megan!! without u guys i probably would still have 10 followers and a multicolumn theme lol also thanks to Farah, Jess, Charlie, Andi, Frankie, Adisri and Phoenix who are some of my best pals even if we dont talk as often ily all so much <3 and also to all the new people i recently started talking to Lucy, the other Lucy lol, Demi, Mckenzie, Fer, Amy and Cristina thanks for putting up w/ me <3 ALSO shout out to my snape loving pals u all know who u are!!! there are too many people to name!! and to all my sherlock and harry potter friends who i talk to once and awhile (:  along with my networks too!! there are literally so many people i want to credit that have made an impact in my life so honestly if you are reading this and we have talked before even once this is about you SO THANK YOU ALL SERIOUSLY!!!! tumblr has made my life so much more enjoyable and has saved me so many times you guys are honestly some of the most amazing people i have met and will meet in my life <3 now moving on to the good stuff …

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teatective thewomvn tomfleton toorue ughbenedict ughjohnwatson virginlock watsonsbooty wheasleys whltewalkers whosdraco willamholmes zonko zuzumes

if i forgot anyone i’m sorry i took this right from my following list so everyone should be there but if you’re not just message me and i’ll add you !!