multicoloured shirt

The one where the tea was mislabeled

Obligatory ‘oops we accidentally got high’ fic. This is 100% pure, unadulterated ridiculous. So fair warning.

Merci KL for sampling the nutty beforehand. :X


“I sound like I’m underwater. No, you sound like you’re under water. Wait, no. Did that make any sense? These are the weirdest fucking drugs I’ve ever taken.”

“Tea,” Blue corrects him.

“Witchcraft,” Ronan says. He stares at his hands.

“I think you meant, everything sounds like you’re hearing it from under water,” Blue says. She looks at Ronan from under a pile of Gansey’s multicoloured polo shirts. “I’m making a rainbow,” she explains. “A Gansey-bow.” She arranges them from pinkest to not pink. “These shirts probably cost more than my house.”

“Overstatement,” Ronan says. He seems to have forgotten how to form sentences within the last two minutes.

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