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So, I'm kind of new to the voltron fandom, can you please explain to me what's going on with keithxmothman? Like, what is that headcanon? Why is everyone so obsessed with it & how did it even become a thing?

aaahhh fandom lesson!!! I’m going to make a short version of this, very matter of fact, because the real reply is: magic??? under the cut because of photographic evidence and rambling

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Wrapping presents: whose look immaculate and whose look like a T-rex wrapped it one-handed??? 💙💙💙💙

It was meant to be a game of white elephant where each person picked a present randomly and see if they got a decent pull or not. But then per Phichit’s genius brain it turned into who could guess who wrapped which presents that were placed in a pile. If they guessed correctly, they get to open that present.

Yuuri, Phichit, Seung-Gil, Guang-Hong, Leo, and Minami all sat in a circle and took turns.

“I think Guang-Hong wrapped this,” Leo picked confidently, holding up a box with teddy bear print wrapping and a pink bow. Guang-Hong’s cheeks blushed as he hid his face behind a pillow.

“How could you tell Leo,” Guang-Hong muttered in a soft voice.

“Awe that’s easy, the cute wrapping is totally your style,” Phichit pointed out. “Go ahead and open it Leo!”

Leo opened up the present to find a cute pair of earmuffs and matching set of gloves.

“Cute!” Phichit snapped a pic as Leo tried them on much to Guang-Hong’s embarrassment. “You could wear those while you skate Leo!”

“Only when I’m practicing privately, but they are rather warm and comfy, thanks Ji,” Leo smiled. Guang-Hong hid his face even further into the pillow.

“Me next!” Phichit raised his hand and dove it into the pile, picking out a rather bland looking present. In fact, it wasn’t even fully wrapped and had only a dark navy blue ribbon tied around the original box. “Seung-Gil you totally wrapped this one, and you didn’t even try!” 

“Using excessive wrapping paper with silly patterns is a waste,” Seung-gil shrugged.

Phichit opened it and pulled out two CDs of Korean drama music, “Ohhhh! I know this drama, we watched it together the last time I was sleeping over at your place-”

Seung-Gil slapped a hand over Phichit’s mouth as everyone turned their heads to stare at them. But everyone already knew the truth even if neither of them said a word.

“Um, I guess I’ll go next?” Guang-Hong scooted forward and picked out a present wrapped in stars and stripes. “This one is yours, right Leo?”

“Haha, you guessed it right Ji,” Leo nodded.

“You two are sooo obvious,” Phichit commented.

“Says the person that wrapped their gift in Hamtaro paper and multicolored ribbons,” Seung-gil added, picking up Phichit’s present already.

“Seung-gil it’s not even your turn yet!” Phichit pouted. “Fine I guess you both can open them at the same time.”

Guang-Hong opened up Leo’s present and found two tickets to the zoo along with a stuffed panda.

Seung-Gil opened Phichit’s present and got an eyeliner make up set and a book on how to care of hamsters for beginners.

“So that just leaves Yuuri’s and Minami’s present huh?” Everyone stared at the last two presents in the pile. One present was wrapped perfectly with crisp corners and a fancy bow like it was one of those fancy gift boxes on the display window at an expensive store. The other….

“Did a T-rex wrap that one with one arm?” Seung-gil inquired with an expressionless look. For some strange reason Phichit was holding back fits of laughter in his stomach.

“It looks um….very unique?” Guang-Hong offered.

“Minami did you wrap that?” Leo looked at Minami, who was also giggling and bouncing in his seat.

“Nope!” Minami announced to everyone’s surprise. Everyone snapped their heads to Yuuri-who went MIA from his seat.

“Yuuri don’t hide in the bathroom and get back here! We know the T-rex wrapping style is yours!” Phichit shouted and ran to the bathroom, no doubt to drag out his best friend.

“Dang Minami, where’d you learn how to wrap a gift like that?” Leo whistled and admired the perfect wrapping.

“I had to help my mom and her friends wrap tons of presents for a hospital charity last year,” Minami explained. “And some of the old ladies were very particular about wrapping so I had to be very precise and careful.”

“I brought Yuuri!” Phichit dragged in Yuuri, who was completely red in the face like he drank tons of champagne again. He probably wish he had. “Come on Yuuri, look on the bright side you get to open the prettiest present!”

“Bury me,” Yuuri growled.

“It’s okay Yuuri! I like your wrapping! I’ll cherish it forever in my memory!” Minami assured him as he snapped tons of pictures of Yuuri’s uniquely wrapped present. Minami carefully opened it diligently to not tear any of the wrapping or ribbons miraculously.

Inside was a miniature model of Hasetsu Castle with little ninjas on top of it.

“Ahhhhh so cool!” Minami’s eyes sparkled to tears. “Thank you Yuuri! I’ll treasure this forever!”

“Really Yuuri, a tourist souvenir from Hasetsu?” Phichit hissed in his ear.

“I was in a rush! I didn’t know what to bring to these kind of things and my dad suggested it!” Yuuri defended himself.

“Go ahead an open mine Yuuri!” Minami handed Yuuri his gift.

“Ah-okay, thank you Minami.” Everyone watched in anticipation and Yuuri nervously unwrapped the last gift. His hands shook as he tried to open it with minimal damage to the wrapping.

Inside was a small musical snow globe with a pair of figure skaters skating inside. The song was…

“Wait, isn’t this Yuri on Ice? The song Yuuri skated in his Free Skate program?” Leo recognized the melody.

“Minami, how did you…” Yuuri was at a loss for words.

“A friend of my parents makes all kinds of special gifts including snow globes. When I asked if it was possible to order a custom made one, he told me I could bring in any song!” Minami shared proudly. “I wanted to find something special as your number one fan!”

Yuuri became speechless and tears welled up in his eyes. Everyone cheered and applauded.

“Thank you Minami, I’ll treasure this forever,” Yuuri smiled from the bottom of his heart and pulled Minami into a hug. Minami’s heart jumped out of his chest as his face turned red for getting a special hug from his idol and he nearly fainted.

The game ended nice and sweet as everyone ended up with presents from their favorite person/friend. 

“And that’s a WRAP!” Phichit waved goodbye to his vlogging camera. Everyone groaned and threw all the wrapping paper at Phichit.

Sunset [Romanogers/General Audiences]

Summary: The Wakandan sunset felt bleak to Steve. But when he’s joined by a surprise visitor, things might start looking up. [Post CW]

Rated: G

Word Count: 1791

Notes: Hey! I’m not so sure about this fic. It all just came to me and played out in my head after I saw the movie, and I had to write. The Wakandan market is inspired by the Indian markets, and the word ‘bazaar’ is the Hindi term for a marketplace. Apparently, lots of African nations speak Hindi, so it felt appropriate to use the term. The usual “I use British English so there are lots of 'u’s in my words” and “don’t like don’t read”. Let the reading begin! Love, Sakshi.

 You can also find it on AO3.

 Wakanda had coffee shops.

 It shouldn’t surprise Steve - the developing African kingdom was set in a region highly conducive for growth of coffee plantations, and despite whatever picture Tony Stark painted of ‘third world countries’, they weren’t living in the Stone Age.

 He didn’t know why he was surprised, but he was.

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But Clary and Simon convincing the gang to do a "proper" Christmas with gifts and dinner and whatever. And Alec gets 5 ugly Christmas sweaters (Magnus is mortified) but they are probably the worst gift because he can't wear them year round (he probably tries to anyway)

Edited: Uh this got crack-y and I agree Alec would wear the sweaters even if it’s boiling outside x)

‘I still can’t believe you and Mr. Forgetful here convinced us to do this,’ Jace said stretching out besides Clary. They were all sitting in the warm living room of Luke’s house, the warmth from the fire place bringing serenity to the room. A huge Christmas tree was in the corner of the room, decorated flamboyantly, with baubles, bright multicolored lights, garlands, ribbons and an angel rested on top of the tree which Clary had designed to look like the angel Raziel himself. Magnus and Izzy had tried to coat all the leaves of the tree with as much glitter as possible only to be stopped by Alec (Simon was supporting him).

‘I still can’t believe we actually agreed to this,’ Alec said holding a box of brightly colored gifts in his hands. The group was sitting in a circle and Magnus scooted backwards to make room for his boyfriend. Alec sat down next to him and put the gifts on the floor, tapping his leg in anticipation. ‘And you don’t even celebrate Christmas, Simon.’

Simon who was sitting opposite to him grinned, ‘Ah yes, but I celebrate presents, so. Besides, Clary is very convincing.’

‘I know how she convinced me,’ Jace smirked at Clary who turned into a shade that matched her hair. She grabbed a pillow from the sofa above her and whacked Jace with it who easily caught it and hugged it to his chest.

‘I’m here for the food,’ Magnus pointed out, his head resting on Alec’s lap in a lazy way while he gestured with his hands for emphasis.

‘I made food,’ Isabelle said, raising her hand, half standing up to probably go into the kitchen but Simon grabbed her wrist as fast as he could.

‘Presents first!’ Alec said quickly while Magnus said something involving the words ‘already ate’ and ‘not so hungry.’ He started passing out the brightly colored boxed, a shit eating grin on his face, his eyes lighting up like the lights of a Christmas tree. The gifts were wrapped unevenly at places, like Alec had struggled to tape them but otherwise, they looked okay. Magnus smiled at his boyfriend and started to unwrap the present, Jace just ripped the paper right off.

Everyone took out sweaters from the boxes, some green, some red, some purple and Simon received an orange one. They gang shifted from side to side, holding up the sweaters, Isabelle tilted her head trying to make out what was written on it.

‘Uh darling,’ Magnus cleared his throat. ‘Did you-Did you take anyone on your, um, shopping spree?’

‘Nope,’ Alec said looking incredibly proud of himself, Magnus felt his heart melting. He was holding up a blue sweater, which looked like someone had puked orange glitter in the front and painted reindeer on it.

Jace raised his chin and pulled the sweater on. ‘I love it,’ he said in a proud voice, sounding close to tears. Everyone weakly agreed pulling on their sweaters as well (Simon’s head got stuck, Izzy had to pull it down.)

‘Where’s yours?’ Magnus asked.

Alec pointed to his plain black sweater and said, ‘I’m wearing it.’

Magnus caught Isabelle’s eye and winked at her. ‘Oh that won’t do,’ Magnus said in a very serious tone and Alec’s smile faltered.

‘Why not?’ He asked innocently, scrunching his eyebrows in confusion.

‘Well it’s only fair that you get a sweater just as pretty as ours,’ Clary said, unable to hide her grin. Her red sweater had a 3D Santa stitched on the front. Alec’s smile vanished and now he looked horrified. He stood up, stumbling a little and backed up, his hands raised in surrender.

‘No-’ He began.

‘It’s only fair,’ Simon smiled.

‘Um, Jace,’ Alec said, his voice unsteady.

‘No one touch my parabatai,’ Jace yelled munching on the candy Clary gave him for distraction.

Alec was in trouble.

Y'all TAU fuckers really love your glitter, dontcha.

When one thinks of glitter in relation to the Pines family, the person who immediately comes to mind is the eccentric but lovable warrior mom, Mabel.

One does not, generally, think of the wheelchair-bound sarcastic but lovable old man who took the Pines twins and their family in as his own, but after the events of one memorable June, it would take a few years to shake the association of him with glitter from their minds.

Mabel was always creative, but every few weeks she tended to have moods that the rest of the family learned to dread: sudden bouts of increased inspiration, and her canvas was everything. During one, she repainted the kitchen a rather garish shade of blue and did her best at sponging in clouds–Stan had Dipper reverse the action for his emergency supply of junk food a few days later. During another, each triplet had gotten a unique makeover. “Unique makeover” being roughly translated to “I look like someone straight out of the Capitol in the Hunger Games, plus multiludes of glitter make-up and worse hair.” Acacia went with it, but both Hank and Willow refused to be seen outside for days even after Dipper helped them clean up.

When the Pines woke up Sunday morning the first week of June, a feeling of dread hung over each member. Tired as they were, no one recognized the feeling until Miss Imagination herself pranced into the kitchen bearing armfuls of glitter, ribbon, and other crafty materials.

The entire family, halfway through breakfast, merely stared for a moment as a shit-eating grin spread across Mabel’s face. Then she started forward, Dipper yelled “Scatter!” and everyone lunged for one doorway or another.

The triplets and the resident demon got away relatively safely, some pelted with the one container of glitter that had been open, but Stanley was having trouble maneuvering his wheelchair through the doorway without help. This happened often due to his aversion to asking for assistance. Unfortunately, today was probably the worst day to have troubles.

“Grunkle Stan…” Mabel approached him slowly, an all-too-sweet sing-song tone to her voice. She brandished her glitter threateningly. The evil glint in her eye showed she knew exactly how much her family hated her moods, and that she didn’t care one tiny bit.

Dipper and his niblings determinedly avoided the kitchen for as long as possible, ignoring Stanley’s pleas for mercy. When Mabel finally emerged into the living room, it was with a wicked grin plastered to her face along with multicolor glitter. A few ribbons were draped around her shoulders, and her wild brown hair was even more so. The triplets dreaded to see what Grunkle Stan would look like if she looked this messy.

“Who wants to see my latest masterpiece?” Mabel asked, flinging herself onto the couch beside her brother. Acacia and Willow looked at each other nervously while Dipper picked at his claws. Hank tried to appear busy by picking up the nearest book, but he quickly put it down–it was one Dipper had obtained in a deal that Henry hadn’t gotten around to finding a place for yet. Mabel frowned indignantly before grabbing Dipper’s wrist. “Come on!”

The triplets hesitantly followed as their uncle was forcibly dragged towards the dining room where Stanley sat in shame. They heard a sharp “Oh dear,” before they finally stepped through the doorway, and each let out their own cry of surprise.

Grunkle Stan sat in all his glittery glory, face buried in his hands. His wheelchair was bedazzled generously, ribbons draped across every available spot and decorating the spokes on the wheels. Glitter adorned the fabric of the wheelchair and clung to the handles and armrests. Stan himself had recieved a manicure of a lovely array of colors that didn’t necessrily go together, and his customary bowtie was replaced with a loud yellow ribbon tied into a bow. Mabel had fashioned him a sash of red and dark blue ribbon that proclaimed “MR. MYSTERY” in foam stick-on letters that were sprinkled with glitter. His suit jacket (which he often wore with just briefs accompanying it) was given a fine coating of yellow and pink glitter. What really stuck out to everyone who had just entered the room, however, was also probably the most mortifying aspect for Stanley.

His thinning gray hair had been pulled into pigtails tied with red ribbon, purple glitter sprinkled on his scalp. It was made funnier by the sheer lack of hair he had, so that it was ridiculously small clumps that were tied off. Stanley groaned in misery while Mabel simply beamed.

Needless to say, the incident would remain fresh in the Pines’ minds for months to come.


It’s really not that big of a deal, Dean thinks to himself, as he stares at the bakery display. He’d only come to the grocery for some essentials, but the table piled high with a half dozen varieties of pie and cake had caught his eye.

I mean, a man can enjoy both pie and cake, can’t he? Dean thinks, an internal dialogue ramping up to a debate. And liking cake doesn’t mean he doesn’t still totally dig a kick ass pie, it just means that he sometimes likes cake too. The lattice atop an apple pie gleams dully under the store’s fluorescent lights; next to it, a cake is slung in multicolored ribbons of icing and topped with a riot of sprinkles. A guy can like cake, he thinks, his hand hovering over the plastic box. No harm in that, right? People can like more than one thing. His preference doesn’t have to be absolute- he doesn’t only have to eat pie forever. Eating cake won’t make him any less of a man. Especially when it just looks so tasty. Ribbons of deep blue contrast agains soft pastels, and the light sparkles against the sugary icing. He wants to swipe his finger through the icing, feel the sugary grit of it against his tongue as he licks it off.

And Sam would probably say something if he started coming home with cake instead of pie most of the time, but Dean doesn’t really think Sam would mind. His brother is cool like that; he can understand that some people like pie and cake, right?

So if he wants the cake, he should just go for it. Right. It’s his life, his choice. Go for the cake, if that’s what he’s feeling.

“Can I help you, son?” A tired looking woman waves a hand in his direction from behind the bakery counter.

“Just looking, thanks,” he replies, with a tight smile. He picks up the cake and places it in his shopping cart before he has a chance to debate himself any further.

He pauses. Cake. He should go for it. His stomach twists anxiously at the thought. Well. Maybe he’d gauge Sam’s reaction to the cake. And then make a decision on what to do about the rest of it all.