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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 5.10.17

raw gemstone birthstone necklaces by hawkhouse

a nontraditional and bohemian birthday gift idea is my latest fave listing from hawkhouse — raw gemstone birthstones :) how gorgeous are these varied, faceted necklaces?! swoon.

Worried Daddy (Part 2) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Can there be a part two to worried daddy?

a/n: lowkey wanted part two lol so cute

Part 1

Surprisingly, Sebastian picked you up on time today. You smile at him, pecking his lips when you get in the car; you notice that his suit jacket is in the backseat and his wrinkled button down is rolled to his elbows, tie loose around his neck. He looks really hot, but you make no comment. Besides, you doubt he’d hear you, since he’s focused on the road ahead.

“I couldn’t focus on any of my cases today.” he admits, smirking just the way he did in high school. You raise an eyebrow, turning to face him, mumbling a quiet ‘yeah?’. “I miss my Logan. And you, of course.” Sebastian muses, scrunching his nose at you; you giggle, shaking out your sheer white blouse sleeve. “Remember when we had him in high school?” he licks his lips, “I was such an asshole; I don’t know why you slept with me.”

A soft grin comes cracks your lips and card your hands through his lengthy milk chocolate locks, leaning into him. “You’re still an asshole.” you mumble, causing a short laugh to escape him. “But, I’m glad I did…” you sigh, tucking a piece of his hair behind his ear. “We got Logan,” he smiles brightly, pulling the car into the parking lot. “You became a super sexy lawyer…” you purr; a puff of air escapes his nose. “We got married… and I love you, Seb.” you turn his face to you when the car stops, kissing him.

Warm palms press against your cheeks, drawing you in deeper. His tongue slips in your mouth, making you gasp; he unbuckles, pushing himself up in the seat, hand moving to your neck. Grinning against his lips, you pull back, despite his whine in protest, and give him a look. “Maybe I wanna try for another kid?” Sebastian whispers, lime green eyes filled with wonder.

Biting your lip, you blush. You’ve been wanting to talk about expanding but never got the chance to. “Well, how ‘bout we do that…at home?” you prompt, nodding to the school. “Logan probably wants to see daddy.” You peck his lips quickly before opening the door, stepping out of the car; Sebastian follows, keys on his ring finger, hand to his shoulder. “Another little one though…” you trail off, tan heels strutting forward.

Your husband has to cage back a growl, seeing the way your hips move in those high waist gray pants. “Da! Ma!” Logan’s distinct voice echoes through the corridors. You squeal, bending down to hug your son. His thin arms wrap around your shoulders for a second until he grunts, pulling back and showing you the beaded necklaces in his hands.

You gasp, taking them from him as Sebastian squats, pushing the hair from his eyes. “You made me and daddy necklaces?!” you beam, gazing at your son in amazement. He grunts softly, nodding his head. “I love it, baby!” you praise, putting on the multicolored beaded necklace over your head before doing the same to your husband.

Sebastian lets his mouth hang open. “Logan, I’m gonna wear this every day, bud. I love it, thank you.” he grins, scooping Logan in his arms, making a ‘whoosh’ noise. You stand up, necklace hitting your white ruffled blouse, quickly making sure everything’s in his Spongebob backpack. Sebastian swings him around, arms securely under the boy’s thighs, continuing to do the ‘whoosh’ sound while walking to the car.

Smiling brightly, you wave back at the teacher, following your husband. Sebastian buckles Logan in, eyeing you hungrily before winking. “Hey, Logan, how’d you feel about a sibling?” Oh, there’s definitely going to be another kid.

Rainbow Quartz Pentagon by Cosmic Bloom Geo-Mystic Jewelry

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.14.17

fun, colorful jewelry finds by jillmakes

colorful jewelry is a summertime must-have — like sunscreen. or popsicles :) treat yo self to something fun and vibrant from jillmakes today!!


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 1.3.17

galaxy druzy pendant by tacosandchampagne

this multicolored druzy stone is hella sparkly and edged in gold — then it’s hung on a rosary-style chain made from black beads and gold links for a unique addition to your jewelry collection.


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 11.13.17

chunky boho necklaces by mariaela

i’m a sucker for mariaela’s earthy, botanical style — both of these unique pendants would make wonderful gifts. hint hint ;)


By day, this octopus is a pale ghost, hanging quietly around your neck, glossed to be protected from the elements and appear wet, freshly pulled from the depths. By night however, this octopus wakes to radiate a bright, luminescent brilliant highlighter yellow glow with glowing navy blue tentacle tips.

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