multicolor stripes

• Woman’s Dress (Robe à la française) with Attached Stomacher.
Place of origin: France
Date: ca. 1765-1780
Medium: Light pink silk taffeta, woven with multicolored shaded stripes in dark pinks, medium greens, grey, and yellow (French); bodice and sleeves lined with coarse grayish-white plain weave linen; cuffs lined with white plain weave wool flannel; stitched in pink silk thread; two original metal eyes on stomacher panels.


Do you like RPGs? Do you have dice that are constantly jingling and jangling around without purpose? Without a home? Well buddy-boy do I have just the thing for you!

I’m taking custom knit/crochet dice bag commissions!

Each standard-sizes variant can comfortably hold 4 polyhedral dice sets, with a little extra room for your lucky d20! Of course, if you would like your personal bag to be a little bigger or a little smaller, that’d be no problemo.

The variants are as follows: 

  • Solid color bag - $10
  • Striped or otherwise multicolor bag - $15 
  • Scaled bag - $20
  • Ruffled bag - $20

Interested? Contact me at and tell me what type, color(s), and size you would like! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you and happy rolling ❤❤❤

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Can you please do the gay notebook prompt from the school list for JaredxEvan? Thanks

“I accidentally grabbed your notebook and I found a crap ton of gay writings/doodles and they’re amazing. Wait, are those combinations of our names all over the pages?”  i’m working the other prompts in my inbox now, so if you haven’t seen yours, it’ll be up soon! thank you for the submissions! by @neglectedrainbow also shout out to @iconiquc for helping me with ideas for this one!

So Evan’s in a minor panic. It’s no big deal, really, nothing to worry about at all. He just cannot find his math notebook, and he’s already almost failing that class, because none of it makes any sense, and now he’s truly falling apart at the seams.

He stares at the small blue notebook in his hands, one that is most definitely not his own. Evan tries to take a deep breath, and, rather than allow the fear to overtake him, Evan decides to reexamine this foreign notebook himself. Obviously, he’s going to have to return it to the original owner, so he chooses to slowly leaf through the front pages, hoping to find a name.

There’s nothing.

On the title page, where the owner’s name is prompted, someone wrote, “101 Reasons why i’m the Most™ Homosexual.” Evan stares for a few moments, wondering vaguely what that even means.

Carefully, Evan continues to turn the pages. There is little information on the first few pages, which seem to act as a barrier for what’s ahead. Finally, by the tenth page, there is a drawing. It’s small, located only in the lower left corner, done in smudged pencil. Because it’s been erased so many times, redrawn and re-erased seemingly endlessly, Evan can’t quite make out what it is.

He continues onward, examining little doodles along the way. They are all surrounded in scrawling letters, reading “what to say to him?” and “i’m sorry i don’t know what to do. i never do, but neither do you, so maybe we’re ok?” These sketches mainly contain hands, fingertips between which a pencil rests. As he moves onward, the artist seems to become more daring, including the entire upper body of this person.

The subject seems hunched over, inwardly drawn, in a majority of the drawings, but there are some, some that stick out with their particularly spectacular detail and precision, that show a relaxed young man, his body moving as though in the middle of a laugh.

On one page, there is an entire form. The muse, Evan presumes, entirely. His head is turned away, partially hidden behind a raised hand, but Evan can see a blush, a smile, and crinkled eyes. The subject is drawn with such grace, such precision, such careful attentiveness. There is a longing behind every pencil stroke.

He continues flipping through the pages, until he reaches nearly the end of the book. There, words are writing haphazardly across the thick paper. However, these “words” appear to actually be a random assortment of letters. “Jaran. Jarvan. Jarevan. Jaredvan. Erad. Evrad. Evared. Evanman. Evleinman. Evaleinman. Hanman. Kleinsen. Hanklein. Jaren. Jansen.” The last one is written over and over again, followed by an extensive amount of exclamation points.

As he reads over the page, Evan’s mind suddenly clicks. He pushes away the conclusion, though, shaking his head roughly, deeming it impossible. Until, that is, he turns the page. And finds himself staring at none other than himself.

It’s Evan, most definitely. With his striped, multicolored shirt, his short, precise haircut, his downturned eyes. But this drawing, this creation, is multiple times more stunning than anything Evan’s ever seen in the mirror. He can barely recognize himself in the grinning, bright, eyes, the clearly drawn teeth. There is this glow, this stunning aura around the portrait, as though the subject is as engaging as the work itself.

Quickly, he closes the book, his mind racing. Now, he recognizes this blue notebook. He thinks of Jared, sitting across from him during study hall, leaning back in his chair and scribbling onto these pages. Jared, looking peaceful and content, with his brown hair so perfectly framing his face, with his flowing pencil, his thoughtful, adorable, beautiful, handsome expressions.

Evan always assumed he was writing notes for English, perhaps, never creating masterpieces.

The notebook, its pages, stay burned into his memory for the rest of the night.

The day morning, he slowly approaches Jared in the hallway. Suddenly, he notices a softness in Jared’s gaze that he’s never before acknowledged. His thoughts continue racing.

Jared leans against his locker, running a hand through his hand roughly. He clears his throat, shifting from foot to foot. “Hey, have you–by any chance–seen this blue notebook?” Jared asks tiredly. “I couldn’t find it after seventh, and you’re in my sixth period study hall, so?”

“Um…” Evan bites the inside of his lip, unsure to what he should admit. “Yeah, actually, I-I think I mistook it for my math notebook, and I might’ve-I’m sorry.” He bends down and rummages through his backpack, producing the thin notebook and offering it to Jared, who rips it out of his hands immediately, a look of horror across his face.

“Shit. Shit, fuck, Evan, did you-” He searches Evan’s eyes, clutching the book tight to his chest.

Evan swallows. “You’re a really good artist, Jared.”

For a split second, Jared’s face brightens, a flicker of a smile appearing, before falling completely. “Um, how much…how much did you see?”

Evan blinks slowly. “All of it.”

Jared’s entire body slacks, and he shakes his head roughly, “I-it was all…” Jared deflates even further. “Fuck,” he whispers, “I get it if you, like, want to never see me again or whatever, like.

“No, no, no,” Evan hurries to explain himself, “I thought-I saw them all, and I thought…” He takes a step towards Jared. “My only thought what that they were the most amazing things I’d ever seen.” Jared stares at him with wide eyes and a shocked expression. “I didn’t even know you could draw, so… They’re really, really amazing, and I-I think…” Evan blinks slowly. “No one’s ever drawn me before.”

Jared opens his mouth, then closes it, then opens it again. “You’re the only thing I draw, Hansen.” Their gaze meets, and Jared’s posture relaxes. “So, you don’t hate me.”

“No, no, not at all. It’s kinda the sweetest thing…ever?” Evan smiles, “I never knew that you…”

“I do. I always have.” Jared nods quickly, and the air around them is warm.

Evan smiles, “Me too.”

Reasons to Love Pirates of the Caribbean #16

I’d argue that the entrance/reveal of Jack Sparrow’s character is one of the greatest in cinematic history. Already we have the score building up from the previous scene, eventually evolving into a brilliant clash of swashbuckling melodies and subtle strings easing the audience into the scene. Coupled with that is this initial shot of Jack. The very first frame we get of the pirate is of his back; one hand on his hip, the other on his ship, the clear image of a sunny, yet clouded Caribbean sky in the distance, and he stands there unwavering as the wind slashes at his dreads and coat.

Then finally, we get to see him in his full glory. The costume design for these films are wonderful, especially when compared to the general perception of pirate garb at the time (multicolored striped pants, frilled sleeves and collars, and other halloween-esque visuals). In one of the bonus features for the films, it’s mentioned that the costume designers made an effort to realize that these men and women are


and that their clothes would reflect their lifestyle. Jack Sparrow’s character is especially effected by that thought process, as much of what he wears and keeps tucked away in his braids, belts, and boots are trinkets he has come across in his many adventures.

(Another picture because you can never get enough Jack Sparrow, right?)


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theme thursday: rockin’ moroccan decor ideas

moroccan pom pom blankets by atlasartisans

atlasartisans … i think i have you to thank for my new bedspread idea. i’m totally digging the tonal stripes and fun pom accent fringe on these blankets!!

5 Reasons Stiles Stilinski is a Horrible Roommate

For Sciles day of Fuck Scerek Anon Week. It’s mainly pining and smut, ha ha. Also here on ao3.

1. He’s bad about remembering to do laundry.

It’s perfect. Practically a match made in heaven.

Or that’s what Scott would have said about renting an apartment with Stiles, if you’d asked him a month ago. As it is, well.

“Scott, have you seen my red plaid boxers?” Stiles hollers, voice blasting through the small space to reach Scott where he’s munching on a piece of toast in the kitchen.

“Aren’t they in your hamper?” Scott asks, turning to look towards Stiles before he realizes what he’s doing and is able to stop himself.

Because if Stiles is looking for his boxers, that means he isn’t wearing boxers.

Scott tries not to stare, but he can’t help the way his eyes track the steady path of a water droplet down Stiles’ bare chest before being absorbed by the soft material of the towel clinging precariously to his waist. It’s not like he hasn’t seen Stiles shirtless before – or even fully naked! – considering how many years they’ve shared a locker room, and, well, shared a life, basically, but somehow this is different.

And maybe part of it is because of how broad Stiles’ shoulders are now, how full his lips are, how much more comfortable he looks in his own body, now that he’s grown into it, but it’s not like Scott hasn’t been noticing how beautiful Stiles is for years.

If only he’d stop wandering naked around their apartment. This is the third time this week.

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Red  the single most dynamic and passionate color, simbolizes love, rage and courage. Demanding attention, red has great emotional impact.  those who select red are impulsive and strive to success. The desire to experience the fullness of living leads to constant activity.

Here are some red clothing picks that’ll make you stand out: 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


Title: Oceans
Member: Baekhyun
For: woohfantasticbaby

There were multiple reasons as to why it would be a perfectly acceptable for you to simply leave. You were of no obligation to wear the obnoxiously bright yellow, red and blue striped uniform, fitted with an equally annoying smiling lemon mascot embroidered on right breast pocket.

Money was not necessary if you planned to spend the entire summer cooped up in your parents summer hut near the beach. Fitted with Wi-Fi and an endless supply of fruits and other delectable treats to fight the heat. 

And so it was completely unfathomable as to why you stood adorned in the tacky uniform, serving an endless line of customers an iced lemonade in the center of a jam packed pier during one of the hottest summers you had ever lived through.

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January 21, 2016- When Selena Gomez is in NYC we can always be certain of one thing, a WHOLE lotta outfit changes! This trip was no exception as she left SNL rehearsals wearing a striped multicolor maxi dress from the Blumarine Fall 2015 collection.

We are THRILLED that we got to see Selena wear this stunning gown in all its glory! She looks amazing and she’s WORKING this dress

These nails are now on my blog! :) You’ll find link in my bio. Have yourself a great day! #stripes #multicolor #kynsisirkus #kynsikoristelut #nailart #instanails #summernails #nailblogger #barrym #chinaglaze #kiko #mavala #seche #glistenandglow #hkgirl #essie

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imagine biromantic asexual steve rogers learning new language for LGBTQ identities

“…Steve…?” Sam asked cautiously, approaching the kitchen table slowly.  With a groan, Steve lifted his head from its resting place on the tabletop.  All over the surface, brightly colored index cards were strewn, each bearing a set of multicolored stripes.

“There’s so many Sam.”  Sam patted Steve’s shoulder comfortingly and began to gather up the flash cards.

“I know.  It’s confusing.”

“Why are there so many, Sam?”  he shrugged, reaching out to peel the “biromantic asexual” card off Steve’s forehead.

“There’s a lot of different ways for people to identify themselves.”

“But there’s so many cards…”  Steve’s head dropped back onto the table, and Sam had to go behind him and pull on his massive shoulders to prop him up again.  “I’ve been at it for hours, and I can’t figure out my AVER speech until I know I’m not gonna fuck up and offend anyone, and…ughhhhhh.”

“Being a national icon isn’t an easy job.  I sure as hell wouldn’t want to do it.  You can, though.  These people already have a lot in common with you, and a lot of faith in you.  And you care.  A whole hell of a lot.  So my recommendation to you, is put away the cards for the night, get some sleep, and pick back up in the morning with a fresh start.”  Steve pushed out a breath and nodded, getting to his feet.

“You’re probably right.”

“Oh, I know I’m right,” Sam laughed, shoving Steve in the direction of the guest room.  “Now off you get.  I don’t want to see you until breakfast.”  Steve, too tired to argue, stifled a yawn and shuffled off to bed.

Show Your Stripes

The modern stripe combines color and design

There’s a new kind of stripe in town, and it’s anything but boring. The classic blue and white striped top will always be a stylish staple, but this season is all about colorful stripes in original, playful designs. Seen on the runway at BCBG, Rosie Assoulin, Tibi and others, candy-colored stripes put an upbeat spin on muted, fall clothes. Incorporating the new stripe into your wardrobe is much easier than it looks. If you’re partial to the nautical style, look for monochrome pieces with small, colored stripes that won’t overwhelm your silhouette. Or, if you’re more of the go-bold-or-go-home mentality, opt for items with numerous bright stripes, and keep the rest of your outfit basic. Scroll down for striped style inspiration and shop our top vibrant picks below.

As Seen On

BCBG Fall 2014

Rosie Assoulin Fall 2014

This season is all about colorful stripes in original, playful designs.

Blogger Peony Lim carrying a colorful striped bag

Blogger Pernille Teisbaek of Look de Pernille at NYFW FW14

Stripe Shop


Rola Striped Mocha Hooded Poncho

Striped Polo Neck Jumper

Dulcie Striped Coat


Striped Cropped Sweater

Bill Blass Straight Edge Blouse

Gola striped cotton-blend gauze hooded top


Striped Cropped Trousers

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt in Stripe

Striped Wide Leg Pants


Two-Tone Striped Beanie

Multicolored Striped Scarf

ASOS Faux Fur Orange Stripe Collar

Lined Up Socks - Pink

Mine Furever Bag

Shoulder bag