multicolor lion



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“Good morning, Blue.”

Allura’s voice had startled not only Lance, but also the Blue Lion, the two having been in a deep conversation. He had gone to her only a few vargas ago, his mind racing with thoughts of what exactly was going to happen in the future. Was he going to be stuck on the castle? Be forced to haunt his friends? His family? Would he finally be allowed to pass on once they reach Earth once again? Normally he had been able to ignore the thoughts, but he had been sitting in the kitchen as Hunk cooked when the Yellow Paladin began to murmur to himself about the future and he just needed to get his thoughts off his chest, he needed to talk about it. So, naturally, he went to Blue. He was always able to talk to her and even though it was possible to speak to the other lions now, Blue was his. She would always be his lion, so of course he would go to her over one of the other lions.

“I was hoping we could talk?” Allura’s voice was hopeful as she approached the lion, multicolored eyes staring up at Blue. A questioning purr rumbled through Lance’s mind and he let out a soft sigh before smiling softly, standing up.

“She’s your paladin now, too, Blue.” The lion let out a sound that sounded almost like a huff and a laugh forced its way from Lance’s lips. When he had started to leave as Blue lowered her head to let Allura in through her large maw, Blue’s voice stopped him. 

‘Stay. Just this once.’

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