multicolor lanterns

Please imagine

  • Office AU where Eren and Mikasa sit next to each other during tedious board meetings and have thumb wars beneath the table. It’s 7-2, and when Eren loses again he becomes visibly frustrated, prompting Erwin to ask Eren if he has a problem with his proposal. Eren stutters, Jean snorts, and Mikasa breaks up their dispute later.
  • Eren and Mikasa going to a carnival as kids. Eren drags her to each booth, trying to win a huge prize as a gift for her. He only wins a small sphere with a mystery prize inside, feeling dejected as he pops the frosted covering off. It’s a small ring (at the time he thinks is genuine) that glitters when you hold it underneath the multicolored lanterns. He wordlessly turns to her and takes her left hand to slide it on her ring finger, both unaware of it’s significance. Mikasa smiles sweetly and doesn’t stop looking at it for the rest of the evening.
  • High school dances neither of them wanted to go to, but ultimately enjoyed because the intimate slow dances and cause of how attractive the other looked. They took pictures in the photo booth, those photos eventually turning into crowded and extremely silly group shots. Mikasa has a copy of them all, and both of them laugh every time they find it.

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#13 Pregnancy Memories Pt. 2 [Requested]

Scott: “Y/N, look at this one.” Scott’s deep voice exclaimed; his athletic frame stood in front of a display model of an espresso stained crib and changing station combo, strong hands shaking the frame. He’d just received his paycheck from Deaton, surprising you with a trip to Babies “R” Us. “It’s definitely safe.” He nodded in approval, lowering his voice as he continued. “I used a tiny bit of wolf strength on it.” The muted thud of the espresso stained pine drawer sliding closed interrupted the complacent silence, Scott squinted his pleasant dark chocolate irises reading the fine print typed on the sales tag. “Babe, it comes in white and cherry if you don’t like this one.” The fact that the true alpha took surreal interest in the purchase of furniture for Noah’s room was heartwarming. He was going to be a protective and loving father. “I am going to tell the cashier we’re getting this.” He briefed with a proud handsome lopsided smirk, warm supple lips pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek. “I’ll meet you by the car seats.”

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Okay I finally have a couple minutes at my computer so i’m going to write this little thing properly out for @bona-mana who wanted some fluff earlier! I sent it in a series of messages but now ive got it all in order.

So Hux is stressed to absolute fuck, more than he ever used to be. After Starkiller fell he was basically told by Snoke “you’re lucky i’m not outright killing you for this” so he dove into his work both out of a need to regain himself, but also due to that underlying fear of how easily a single fuck up could get him actually killed now, a fear that wasn’t really there before. The combination of his usual work-mindedness added to the stress of knowing his life is now literally on the line means he’s been running himself absolutely ragged. His alone time with Kylo is tenser, and he doesn’t sleep well at all. Kylo can’t even chase the bad dreams away, because it’s not dreams, it’s just his mind refusing to stop being so tense and let him rest.

Kylo is, of course, very upset by this. He keeps trying all these ways to get Hux to relax or take his mind off things but nothing short of literally using the force will work, and Hux hates it when Kylo uses the force to do anything he doesn’t ask for directly. So Kylo gets an idea.

He tells Hux they have an urgent mission from Snoke that will take three days planet-side on a planet fairly out of the way of Republic an First Order jurisdiction but not quite in the Outer Rim (someplace where they won’t be recognized). Hux argues about it but eventually resigns to having to leave the helm for a few days and spends a week making sure everything runs as smooth as possible while he’s gone. Every single officer has their duties lined up and then more duties if they finish those duties and more duties after that, Phasma is debriefed on every possible thing she has the clearance to know, Mitaka has emergency plans for everything from a Rebel attack to stubbing his toe, and finally they leave with Hux knowing for a fact that if anything does wrong while he’s gone, there’s a thousand people who’s fault it would be before his.

There is no mission. They take their private shuttle planet-side and get to where Kylo says they’re supposed to be going, only it’s not any kind of rebel base or whatever he had claimed, it’s a town having a colorful festival, and that’s when Kylo tells him the truth. Hux is of course pissed beyond belief. He’s tempted to stay at the inn the entire time and not leave his room, but decides it will be better for Kylo to see him actively not enjoying himself to dig in the point of how stupid it was to take him away from his work. Kylo dresses them appropriately in festival attire and brings Hux around, but eventually feels a little disheartened until Hux spots something he actually wants to try. It’s a shooting game. Seeing an opportunity, Kylo joins him and turns it into a competition, knowing Hux can never resist trying to best him. They spend damn near two hours trying to best each other to the point they draw a crowd. By the end Hux is smiling (having won, he’s always been better with a pistol) although he still affirms that the entire ordeal is ridiculous.

The next morning Hux looks less generally pissed off, mainly after Kylo takes him to a food stand and Hux comes into contact with non-rationed meats for the first time. From there Kylo lets Hux take the lead and guide them around, and he takes note of the fact that they stop at almost every food stand at the festival, trying a little bit of everything. He also notes that Hux tends to stop at stands selling brightly colored lanterns and trinkets made of glass. Even though Hux looks at everything as if he’s bored, Kylo can tell by the way he turns the trinkets delicately over in his hands, lets his thin fingers slide over the smooth colors, that he isn’t quite as disinterested as he seems. By the end of the day Kylo has to pay careful attention just to keep up as Hux dips from booth to booth, looking at everything with careful study that doesn’t quite hide the fascination in his eyes, or the way they close and his cheeks flush every time he tries something new.

Their last night, and the last night of the festival, Kylo pulls Hux away from the festivities to head up to a secluded area a little above the village. Hux actually complains a bit about being pulled away, but Kylo shushes him and sits them down on a grassy patch, assuring him that it will be worth it. Hux is mid-sentence about a booth he wanted to go back to before they run out of sweets when the fireworks start. Hux’s mouth hangs open for a moment before he shuts it, watching the show absolutely enraptured, the stands and everything else forgotten. The disinterest that had been slowly fading over the last three days finally dissipates entirely, replaced by a wide-eyed stare that reflects the show. Hux had never seen explosions in color, let alone shapes. Kylo isn’t paying attention, he’d seen festivities like that before, instead absorbed by seeing Hux’s face truly without worry for the first time since that awful day when the world crumbled beneath them.

That night Hux sleeps peacefully for the first time in months. A week after they return, Kylo enters Hux’s quarters to see a small red lantern and multicolored glass ornament by his bed.