multicolor dog

Just sent in a DNA test for Finn (the black dog pictured here), the multicolored dog is his mum & the paw print is to show his webbed feet because they’re awesome. He’s super quiet, but stands like a pointer & keeps his nose to the ground like a hound or retriever. I’m open to guesses about what breeds he is!

Dog Days

Request: okay but what about if sebs dog got loose as he was eating lunch at a restaurant and the reader was on a run and the dog follows the reader and the reader notices, looks at the collar calls the number and meets seb to give the dog back and like seb asks the reader out huh?

Warnings: Curse words (as always)

A/N: This was so freakin cute alright. Thanks to the lovely @jarnesbrnes for this request. :) Writing this made me really miss nyc.. btw, some of these incidents may be true lol


Juggling school along with your job was quite a work. Study, then go to the building, go to the building, study.

You lived in a nice little apartment overlooking the beautiful side of Manhattan. You went to school across the street a few blocks away, had a career planned ahead of you, you name it. You also got to live in a beautiful, skyscraper-filled city by the infamous name, New York City. Being in New York meant that you had lots of opportunities right in front of you, despite it being overly crowded.

Living in the city was a handful, obviously because you had a lot of things in mind, despite the fact that you had everything you need to get through the days. Work, school, family and friends were stressing you out. The only way you could get rid of the stress was to simply to just run.

It was a Sunday. You had a day off from your job in the city, so you decided to go on your daily run around the city. You were a fairly organized person, you admitted. You had schedules and everything planned ahead of time. Seeing that you had nothing planned today, you got out from your desk, and headed to your bedroom to change into some shorts, and a workout tank top. Once you tied your hair, hanging it in a high pony tail, you went to the front of your apartment to put on your shoes, and headed out the door, grabbing your headphones along the way. You looked at your phone and took out your maps.

You hadn’t jogged around Central Park in a while, so while you walked down the steps of the building and to the busy streets, you plugged in your headphones, choosing your song, and went up the street, starting your journey to Central Park.

Central Park was about a good 5 minutes from your place, so the jog there wasn’t that bad. Running around people in their various business suits and I Love NYC tourist  shirts, you were about 3 more blocks away from your final destination. While jogging, you looked at the various outdoor restaurants across the block, deciding you’d probably stop by before you get home, to get something for a late lunch.

“Hey, man. I’m at the restaurant now. Are you here yet?” Sebastian asked, getting out of his car, holding his dog’s leash. He had his phone in one hand, the leash in the other as he entered the outdoor seated restaurant.

“Sorry, Seb. I know we’ve planned this last week but I can’t make it. Sorry bro.” his friend said on the other line.

Sebastian sighed. “It’s alright, man. Next time?”

“Definitely. See you next time.”

Sebastian had lunch planned with his friend at 12:30 P.M, but apparently his friend had to cancel his rendezvous with Sebastian, due to the fact that he claimed to have a late photo session with one of his clients. Sighing, Sebastian put his dog, Betty’s leash on the floor, before sitting down. He might as well have lunch, since he’s there anyway.

“Guess it’s just me and you, Betty.” Sebastian mumbled to his dog, only getting a nose lick in response. He took a menu from one of the waiters and looked over the meals. “Don’t go runnin’ out on me, alright?”

You made it to the entrance of Central Park, stopping in front of the horse statue to catch your breath. Once you caught the amount you needed, you started running around the gigantic park.

It was around 85 degrees with 90% humidity, but you didn’t mind it. You got use to the crazy New York weather within a week. You wiped the sweat from your forehead, knowing that you looked like a mess, drenched in sweat. Running across one of the park’s mini bridges, you felt eyes on you as you ran by. Did you look that bad? By the time you reached the the end of the small river that flowed under the bridge, you felt something trickling down your leg. Shit, did I start my period? You asked yourself. Or were you sweating that badly.

You immediately stopped in a halt on the side of the walkway, before something pushed you over, causing you to land on a couple rocks and dirt. You sat down on the side, grimacing at your new bleeding scar that you knew would be there for a week. Groaning, you got up and looked around.

Okay, what fucker decided to push you over.

You looked around and found no sign of a kid looking at you, before you looked down at a multicolored brown and white dog smiling up at you. You frowned at the dog, tugging its blue leash.

“Alright, whose dog is this?” You asked out loud. People around you looked at you in confusion, some responding to you saying that the dog wasn’t theirs. You sighed, bending down to look at your new friend.
“Who do you belong to, little guy?” Or, big guy, you should’ve said. The dog looked like a big walking rug.
You took the leash in your hand again and started walking back to the park’s exit, your new furry friend following close behind.

You got to the front of your apartment building in a good time. Walking in, the older lady at the front desk eyed you.

 “We don’t allow pets in here, you know that, (Y/N).” She said, gesturing at the dog.

“Yes, I know.” You said. “But you see, he’s not mine and I’m holding him for someone.” You tried to explain. The lady groaned, taking her glasses off.

“Take him up then. Can’t have him for more than 4 hours or else I’ll increase your rent again, (Y/N).” The lady said, writing your name down on a piece of paper. You did this once before for your friend, Riley. She needed her pet rabbit to be taken care of once and you had to keep it for a few days. You snuck the little creature into your apartment, thinking that the front desk wouldn’t notice, but they did eventually.

Walking up the steps, you reached into your pocket and grabbed your keys. Unlocking the door, the dog immediately found your couch and sat down, rubbing its back along the pillows. Chuckling, you grabbed a bowl and filled it with water, placing it under the kitchen island. You walked up to the dog, sitting down next to it.

By the time you two got to the apartment, it was around 6.

“Now, what is your name, big guy?” You asked, taking the collar in hand. You turned the bone shaped pendant around, exposing letters on the back. “Hmm. Betty.” You said. The dog’s ears perked up to the sound if her own name. You smiled, looking at the number that was attached to the collar as well. As Betty got up to drink the water you left out, you got your phone out and typed the number in. The phone rang 5 times before a voice spoke.

“Hello?” The man on the other line said.

“Hi, my name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Do you happen to be, uhm.. Missing a dog?” You asked, walking to the kitchen to sit on the barstool with Betty at your feet.

The man nervously laughed. “Yeah, in fact I am. I’ve been looking for her all this afternoon. Do you have her?” he asked. You heard shuffling in the back. He was probably getting ready.

“Yeah I have her. She followed me on my run today,” you laughed “was quite the company.”

“I’m so sorry about that. Look, I’ll..Tell me where to meet you and I’ll get her out of your hands right away.” You heard cars in the background, indicating that he probably stepped outside.

“You can meet me at 1000 5th avenue.” You responded before going to your bedroom to change into jean shorts. “Oh, and can I get your name? Just so I know that you’re an actual person and that you won’t kill me.” You joked, throwing on a sweater.

“Oh, right.” He laughed. “I’m Sebastian, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you. Well, we’ll be heading out now. You’ll have your dog in no time.” You smiled. You took Betty’s leash and headed out, saying goodbye to Sebastian on the phone.

You walked down to the entrance, meeting the same lady. “I’m getting rid of her, see?” You said before walking out the door. You chose to meet the guy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art because it was fairly close to your building, and you wouldn’t want him to meet directly at your place, for safety reasons.

Once you and Betty got to the destination, the two of you sat down on the steps and waited for her owner. You looked up at the sky and saw that it was just about sunset, but the sun was still out. You went on your phone as you waited for Sebastian to arrive. Once you felt Betty tugging at the leash, you looked up and saw her running to a guy that was approaching you.

 That must be him.

You walked up to him with a smile on your face. Hello there, Sebastian.

“Betty! Good god, you’re alright.” he said, bending down to ruffle the dog’s hair. He stood straight up, now holding the dog’s leash. “Hey.” He spoke, smiling down at you. He stuck his hand out for you to shake. “I’m Sebastian.”

You smiled, shaking his hand. “I’m (Y/N).” Looking down at Betty, then to Sebastian, you spoke up. “So how did a guy like you loose a dog like her?” You asked, crossing your arms. Betty sat between the two of you.

“Honestly, I have no idea.” He said. “I sat down with her at a restaurant and when I turn away, she’s gone just like that. Now tell me, how’d a girl like you find a dog like her?” he asked, mocking your sentence.

“Well, I was going on my daily Sunday run around Central Park, when all of a sudden, this little cutie decides to push me to let me know she’s there.” You laughed, petting Betty’s head.

Sebastian stared wide eyed at you, mouth gaped. “Did she do that to you?” He asked, pointing at your dry bruise you forgot to clean up. “Shit, I’m so sorry.” He nervously laughed, rubbing the back of his neck.

“I’ll be fine.” You admitted. This guy was cute. You wondered if you’d be seeing him again.

As if he read your mind, he responded to you. “Well, (Y/N), how about I take you out? You know, to say thanks for finding my dog and stuff. My treat, obviously.” He shot you a smirk that made your heart beat at a rapid pace.

“As long as you don’t kill me or hold me captive.” You joked again. “I’m not that interested in guys who like to keep their girls in basements, nor am I interested in trying out Stockholm Syndrome.”

He laughed. You noticed how his eyes crinkle at the ends, making you smile at that remark. You think you’d give this guy a shot.

“I promise you, I am no killer.” He said, holding his hands up in surrender, leash in hand. “You can run a background check on me, if you want.”

“I should. Just not right now. Maybe when I get home.” You shrugged. “I just realized that I didn’t get your full name. I told you mine, so you should return the favor if you’re taking me out.” You said.

“Pardon my manners.” He replied. “I’m Sebastian. Sebastian Stan.” He said smiling again. You nodded in approval.

“Nice guy with a nice name.. Hmm. Might have to give it a shot.” You said. Looking down at your watch, you realized it was getting dark out. Sebastian noticed too.

“Shoot. It’s getting late.” He said, pursing his lips together. “So, (Y/N), how about this: You look me up - maybe do a quick background check on me, just in case curiosity kicks in, you call or text me, and boom, a date is set up.”

You raised your eyebrows. “Sure got this all planned, Mr. Stan.” You smirked. “I’ll call you if I’m satisfied with the results.”

“Sounds great! I’ll see you soon, Ms. (Y/L/N).” He said. He turned around to walk the opposite direction, but Betty was going your direction.

“C’mon, Bets. We’re going home.” Sebastian said, tugging at the leash. Betty whimpered, making you laugh and turn back around. You bent down to scratch the underside of her chin. “She seems to like you.”

You gave her a kiss on her forehead, before standing up to face Sebastian again. you shrugged.

“You ever heard of the phrase where dogs find a partner’s soulmate?” He smirked. “Betty approves of you.”

You laughed at his response. This flirtatious bastard. “Never heard of it.” You said. “I’ll see you soon, Betty.”
You started to walk in opposite directions again before you heard Sebastian’s lovely voice again.

“Does that mean you will see me?” He asked.

You slowly turned on your heel. “Can’t guarantee it!” You yelled before turning around the corner.

Stuffing your hands in your jean pockets, you thought of the small moment you had. Attractive stranger looses attractive dog, finds you, then asks you out on a date. You obviously looked him up on the internet when you got home, wikipedia showing you that he was an actor and he was famous, but you didn’t care. Of course you wouldn’t pass up his offer. The guy asked you out on a date, how could you say no?

As you sat down on the couch, your feet propped up on the table, you typed in Sebastian’s number and started texting him.

Never knew you were an actor.

You typed. It only took a few second before he responded.

Told you I wasn’t a serial killer.

Hey, you never know!

:) So, what is your final decision?

You took a few seconds to respond, but finally came up with an obvious answer.


What? Why?

You laughed, shaking your head as you read his reaction.

I’m just kidding! of course I’ll go on a date with you.

Fuck, you scared me for a minute there! Great. Dinner and a walk in the park next Friday?

You exited the app to look at the calendar. Surprisingly, you didn’t have any classes. You mentally rejoiced in happiness.

As long as you bring Betty. ;)

Will do. :)

Oh, and btw, you owe me a few dollars for my rent.



My fathers dog Perro got out with his friend and got lost. The other dog came back limping and we can’t find Perro. He is a male shepherd husky mix one blue eye one brown eye. He has a small white spot on the tip of his tail. He loves hot dog wieners but will get excited so please don’t hold you hand too close to his mouth if you give it to him. It doesn’t hurt if he bites but just to be careful. He is usually very friendly but may be anxious around strangers so please be careful and if he doesn’t seem to want to come near you please try to safely trap him or follow him and call my father Paul Campos at (818) 378-5459. I don’t remember if he has a collar on or not as I haven’t seen him in a while before he got lost. He has a Micro-Chip. He was lost in the neighborhood of Culebra Park homes located at Callahan Rd and Culebra in San Antonio, Texas, zip code: 78228
Please call my Dad Paul Campos at 818 383-5459. I miss him and so does his little buddy Chile These two dogs are absolutely best friends and we have all been heartbroken ever since.