multichrome nail polish


Aurora Autral - Whatcha by Fernanda Valquiria
Via Flickr:
Postagem atrasadinha só pra mostrar meu escolhido pra usar no Natal!!! Multi Chrome lindo e bem difícil de capturar a mutação de cores em foto!!!! Mas ele é bem divo 💜💜💜 No anelar, só pra baitolice não passar em branco, usei uma camadinha do Kaleidoscope. Logo volto pra mostrar o escolhido de Ano Novo e niver! 1x Preto Noite - Top Beauty + 2x Aurora Austral - Whatcha Anelar: 1x Kaleidoscope - ILNP Beijos 😚



I finally jumped on the nail polished dragon egg bandwagon! My boyfriend was helping in organising a Game of Thrones themed ball and I thought–WHAT WOULD BE MORE PERFECT THAN DRAGON EGG PROPS? and so I made them :D

I used up a lot of ILNP and it gave me something akin to a heart attack when I really realised how much polish it used up (as I have never ever reached that much usage in a polish, ever hahahaha i am a horrible person)

I absolutely cannot get over the dimension this polish is giving off! This is Don’t Kale My Vibe from Color Club’s Oil Slick Collection. It’s obviously become one of my new favorites, I mean just look at it. It shifts from a cool blue-green all the way to rose gold. Honestly it’s gonna look completely different in every single variation of light. I was outside at sunrise this morning and I even saw it flash to a deep magenta. Just ahhhhhhhhh….I’m blown away. Breathtaking. I’m getting one more in the mail from this collection next week. I can’t wait!