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I’ve seen a few comparisons of champions and Crufts winners, but never one showing the development of a specific line. So here’s a timeline depicting the champions of Sparta’s branch of the BB line, starting with Specks of Mountfort in 1924 and ending (for now) with her multichampion grandfather “Simon”. Only one (Max of Clerwood, 1928) was omitted, because I couldn’t find a picture. It should be noted that Wallace was not a champion, but as the son of the foundation sire Butcher Boy, he is the earliest photographic example we have of this line.

Years on the pictures refer to when they got their English titles. Dogs are as follows: Specks of Mountfort, 1924; Eltham Park Eureka, 1926; Kinnersley Gold Dust, 1936; Helensdale Bhan,  1949; Helensdale Ace, 1950; Hazelhead Gay Wanderer, 1956; Penvose Brandy Snap, 1959; Riverhill Ratafia, 1961; Rodhill Burnt Sugar, 1968; Riverhill Ricotta, 1974; Haytimer of Hanburyhill at Hartmere, 1979; Shelridge Haywire, 1991; Lirren Hashbrown, 1992; Mohnesee the Sorcerer, 1993; Mohnesee the Illusionist, 1996; Rannerdale Ghostbuster, 2003.