Ten Art Journal Ideas and Prompts.

These prompts are great for art journals and sketch books!

1) Fill a page with icons. Think logos, symbols, flourishes, doodles, and other small and simple designs.

2) Completely cover a page (all white space) with leaves, feathers, flowers, and other things you find outside. Bonus points if you find butterfly wings.

3) Cut a pattern out of one page and use it as a stencil for the next page. Brush acrylic colour over top.

4) On a nature walk, pick as many varieties of mushroom as you can find. Try to determine what species they are, press and lable them in your journal.

5) Use a cup to fill a page with circles. Then, use different kinds of paint, pastels, markers, and fabrics to fill each circle in. Do the same for the gaps between the circles. Bonus points if none of the circles touch another of the same medium.

6) Paint stores give away mis-tinted house paint for free, or for very very cheap. Acquire latex house paint and apply large dollups of it to the page. Let them drip, focus on texture. Use a fan or blow drier to dry in place.

7) Sew along the edges of the page, loop the thread around instead of stitching so that it shows when you close the book. I used gold thread from the dollar store, it is thin enough not to get in the way of future entries.

8) Make a collage with old photographs and postcards found at a local second hand store.

9) Draw the room you are in. To avoid changes in perspective, stare at one object and draw what is in your peripheral vision.

10) Make pencil rubbings of the titles of all of your favorite books. Usually these are embossed under the jacket if the book is a hardcover.


I used copic multiliner cobalt for the lineart and Mijello Mission Gold ultramarine light for colouring, just found out these two match pretty well for Roy (⊙ω⊙) and yet, another drawing of Ed, like always

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Taylor Swift launching streaming service as part of her 'Swifties' brand

Taylor Swift is planning to launch a music streaming service named after her fans.

Last month (Feb17) lawyers for the Blank Space singer’s company TAS Rights Management sent an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register the trademark ‘Swifties’.

Among the goods and services Taylor is applying to sell under the brand name, an affectionate moniker she and her fans use to refer to each other, are various fashion items, guitars, and live performances, as well as a website “featuring non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings.”

In 2014, Taylor famously fell out with bosses at Spotify over royalty payments, causing her to remove her tunes from the music streaming service.

She also won a battle with technology giant Apple in 2015, when she demanded the company pay artists for music its users streamed during free trial periods.

Other potential ventures she is looking to launch under the 'Swifties’ brand name include video games, her own online shop, and a stationery line.

Taylor is known for her closeness to her fans, having been one of the first pop stars to cultivate a huge social media following on websites like Twitter and Instagram.

According to the U.S. trademark documents, the 27-year-old is also looking into providing educational programs for 'Swifties’, which may include, “classes, conferences, coaching, lectures, educational meetings, camps, retreats, seminars, (and) educational summits”.

The move to register the trademark marks an extension to previously planned Taylor branded products.

Last year (16) she partnered with mobile app company Glu to launch her own interactive mobile game.

Representatives for the pop star were asked for further details on her business plans, but did not respond to a request for comment.

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Hello folks, here it is–the first installment of me and @turianosauruswrex‘s epistolary Fallout: New Vegas fic, a truly multi-media endeavor:

Case File: Vulpes Inculta

Click on the title for a link to a drive folder that has all the media!

In the year 2299, over a decade and a half since the death of Caesar and the fall of the Legion, follow two reporters, Delilah Wells of Radio New Vegas and Carlos Rendón of the New Vegas Times, as they work together to uncover the mystery behind a grave anonymous tip they’ve been given–is Vulpes Inculta, the infamous war criminal said to have been slain in 2282, still alive and free in the Mormon capital of New Zion? And if so, what sort of danger could he pose, and can he be brought to justice for his heinous crimes?

Emily ( @turianosauruswrex ) and I have crafted an incredibly in-depth continuation of the world of Fallout: New Vegas, where nations have risen and fallen, wars have been fought, and life has ultimately gone on. This first chapter of sorts will hopefully ground you in its basics, and pave the way for the deep and dangerous mystery at hand! Also shoutout to @ffferris for writing the Mr. New Vegas bit for us, and @bee-and-puppycat-in-ooo for some rad voice acting!

So please, dive in, and tell us what you think! And if you’ve talked to us and know spoilers, keep it to yourself, haha. Enjoy!

Cory McGinnis
News Reporter, Journalist

Cory McGinnis joined FOX 5 in June 2014 as a Multi-media Journalist. He’s no stranger to the Peach State. Although Cory was raised in Chicago, his family moved to Atlanta when he was a teenager. He began his broadcasting career at WJBF-TV in Augusta as a reporter covering courts and crime.

He then made the jump to ABC 33/40 in Birmingham. Cory has been recognized for his ability to relate to the audience and tell great stories. He has received numerous awards. Most recently he was recognized as “Best Investigative Reporter” in the state of Alabama by Governor Robert Bentley.

Cory is a graduate of Kennesaw State University where he received his Bachelors in Mass Communications.