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Who is Christian ?? I'm trying to find out about him but there is nothing about him??

There’s tons of info out there about Christian, it’s one of the perks of being an idol. You just gotta know where to look :3

Name: Christian Yu (His birth name is Yu Barom, but he prefers going by his English name) Former stage name: Rome, and also occasionally goes by Ian

Age: 26 (1990, he’ll be 27 in September)

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, he’s much more comfortable and confident speaking English.

Former leader and rapper of the disbanded boygroup C-Clown. There were tons of legality issues and questions about the disbandment since only a few of the member’s contracts were terminated. But for legal reasons, Christian explained that he left because the company turned him into someone he wasn’t and decided to leave the group, however, he couldn’t tell the fans any more information to protect his members from the company.

Here’s a little gem from the age of C-Clown Christian’s the first rapper at 0:17

Currently a member of DPR crew as a director and chief editor + IAN Visuals (Dream Regime Perfect) which is an independent multi-media and genre group. Although he is no longer pursuing a music career Christian found love and a talent for editing and directing. 

He’s director/edited

All of DPR Live’s MV

Bobby- Holdup

Eung Freestyle

Phantom’s Could You Be Mine

Amber’s Boarders

Funfacts: He’s garnered tons of tattoos after leaving C-Clown (as do many idols once they leave their former company) he likes to do boxing (which was worked into the choreography of C-Clown’s Justice MV) And he’s always vaping on Insta~

Edit/Funfact addition: He’s also an amazing b-boy. He got his start on youtube and there’s still videos of his dancing on there.

(Shoutout to the Anon for the last one :3)


Would anyone be interested in a multi-media story including queer kids, poc, disabled people, and classic rock? All four of the main characters are queer in some way (asexual, pansexual, gay, demi/homoromantic, bisexual, demisexual, etc) and I will definetly expand on the cast if this ever becomes a thing.

Please like/reblog this if you would! The story is called Tangled Up In Blue and would love to see if there’s an audience! 

Journal Prompts: 15 Things to Collect in Your Journal.

1) tea tags- line them up and describe what you thought of each flavour.

2) tea and coffee stains- Write over each one a bit about what it was and where you were when you drank it.  

3) Pressed flowers- Write where you picked them, try to identify what kind of flowers they are.

4) Postage stamps- Line them up and describe what each was affixed to. 

5) Buisiness cards from restaurants you’ve visited- describe who you were with and what you ate. 

6) Post cards (even local ones)- describe where you were and what you thought of it. 

7) Sand and Dirt smudges from parks and beaches (affix with glue)- describe who you were with and give a point form about the adventure. 

8) Daily horoscopes from the newspaper- write about how right or wrong the prediction was. 

9) Fruit stickers- line them up and label which fruit each came from. 

10) Samples from your favourite art supplies- give a short description of the style and model. 

11) Paragraphs you’ve written for school- highlight parts you are proud of and add thoughts where you left some out. 

12) Labels from your favourite foods- describe why you like it, how you eat it, and how often. 

13) Tags from new clothes- describe why you like it, try to draw what it looks like on you or an outfit you will pair it with. 

14) Nail Polish- make a few splotches of your most used colours and label them accordingly. 

15) Receipts- Cut off just the top part with the name of the business printed on it, write a little about what you bought and when, and who you were with at the time. 

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I would read the crap out of your bitty in the NHL fic

(anon is referring to these tags:  #b r a h#i have a solid 2k of backstory for how bitty could have started hockey earlier and been good enough to sign with the NHL after graduating#it involves bitty’s aunt connie john johnson’s mother and the edmonton oilers#idk if i’ll ever post it because i’m only done the outline of the fic#(thats just the 2k prologue lol) from this post

ME TOO!! I want to read it so bad, I just don’t…. want.. to write… it…… 

This is the summary though! 

Eric Bittle expected his first year in the NHL to be difficult. He expected the long road trips, the aggressive checks, the constant fatigue, the rampant homophobia lurking under the surface of a culture that put traditional masculinity on a pedestal. Less expected is the balancing act that is his social life. Putting up with a surly captain while keeping in contact with friends from college and slowly falling for an anonymous guy he met on tinder were not a part of Bitty’s contract with the Providence Falconers.

Yes, Jack is the guy he met on tinder. No, neither of them know that. 

I really want it to be a multi media story so it includes tumblr posts, newspaper headlines, text messages etc. for example, from chapter 3:

Tumblr post. fyeahjarse: Did you hear about Zimms helping Eric Bittle?? They’re doing extra morning practices together??? Look at my son helping my other son, what a good captain. -> reblogged and someone adds doodles of them as falcons a la the penguin artist on irl hockey tumblr (ninja omelet) 


Now on display at the wonderful Antler Gallery in Portland for the “Unnatural Histories V” exhibition:

“Pigeon Gryphon”, 2016, Ballpoint Pen, Ink Pencils, Colored Pencils, Graphite and Gel Pen on Multi-media Paper, 15.5 inches by 19.25 inches (19.5 inches by 23.25 inches framed)

Please contact me or Antler Gallery at for any and all questions about this piece and this exhibiton

Why would any smart team have Louis Tomlinson be managed by Russell Eslamifar when you can have the likes of Matt Colon managing him? Especially now that JGG and Deckstar have merged.

I say this because Matt: 

  • Is an industry veteran who has worked his way up for over a decade (at least)
  • Knows how to build global brands that have strong multi-media presence among different categories (i.e. music, fashion, gaming, merchandising, etc.), 
  • Is innovative and progressive in his thinking and in his pursuit of opportunities for his talent (look at all the stuff Steve does)
  • Knows how to optimize social media platforms for artist promo and can collaborate with fandom

Matt is also the CEO and co-owner of Deckstar. And when you think about it – all the other boys are managed by the heads/owners of their management firms!

  • Harry - Jeff/Irving - Full Stop
  • Niall - Richard Griffiths - Modest
  • Liam - Simon Oliveira - Doyen Global

So why wouldn’t Louis be managed at the same level? Why assign just one of many artist managers in a firm to him? JUST POINTING THAT OUT!

He’s one of the biggest stars at that firm - certainly the most well-known, and the most followed on social media, hands down!

(It’s also worth mentioning that all 3 boys are also backed publicly by their label’s Chariman/CEO or President: Rob Stringer for Harry, Steve Barnett/Ashley Newton for Niall, Charlie Walk for Liam. Louis doesn’t have this kind of support at the moment.)

My point is THIS: Louis Tomlinson should be managed by someone of Matt’s caliber. As we can now see, THAT level of expertise and experience is instrumental to shaping the boys’ solo careers - so why shouldn’t Louis Tomlinson’s solo career be given the same kind of guidance and prowess? It doesn’t necessarily have to BE Matt ( I don’t think anyone would complain if he indeed became the Scooter Braun to Louis Tomlinson though!) - but at least someone who can enhance Louis’ career as much as he can!


Carlos Castro Arias

“The Black Box” 2017. Burnt bus, video projection and sound 7minute video.

“This piece departed from a found school bus that was set on fire and it portraits the memory of a body. Its ruined aspect allows to reflect on the abandoned object and therefore to rethink its use and significance. In it, Carlos Castro Arias created a video installation where music and images work as a mantra, wrapping the body in sounds and pictures that have an anecdotal relationship where the shame of the body is presented.

The video was created in collaboration with the filmmaker Andres Borda and the music composer Daniel Castro. The sound of the piece was elaborated using the actual bus as a musical instrument; the metal chairs as percussion, the window frames as violins, etc; all this constructing a 7 minutes composition.

The arrangement of the stage resembles settings in institutions, such as schools and the churches, where rows of subordinates face a solemn structure. The screen, elevated and dogmatic, attracts the attention of the spectators as a place that has been consecrated.

Ten Art Journal Ideas and Prompts.

These prompts are great for art journals and sketch books!

1) Fill a page with icons. Think logos, symbols, flourishes, doodles, and other small and simple designs.

2) Completely cover a page (all white space) with leaves, feathers, flowers, and other things you find outside. Bonus points if you find butterfly wings.

3) Cut a pattern out of one page and use it as a stencil for the next page. Brush acrylic colour over top.

4) On a nature walk, pick as many varieties of mushroom as you can find. Try to determine what species they are, press and lable them in your journal.

5) Use a cup to fill a page with circles. Then, use different kinds of paint, pastels, markers, and fabrics to fill each circle in. Do the same for the gaps between the circles. Bonus points if none of the circles touch another of the same medium.

6) Paint stores give away mis-tinted house paint for free, or for very very cheap. Acquire latex house paint and apply large dollups of it to the page. Let them drip, focus on texture. Use a fan or blow drier to dry in place.

7) Sew along the edges of the page, loop the thread around instead of stitching so that it shows when you close the book. I used gold thread from the dollar store, it is thin enough not to get in the way of future entries.

8) Make a collage with old photographs and postcards found at a local second hand store.

9) Draw the room you are in. To avoid changes in perspective, stare at one object and draw what is in your peripheral vision.

10) Make pencil rubbings of the titles of all of your favorite books. Usually these are embossed under the jacket if the book is a hardcover.

Taylor Swift launching streaming service as part of her 'Swifties' brand

Taylor Swift is planning to launch a music streaming service named after her fans.

Last month (Feb17) lawyers for the Blank Space singer’s company TAS Rights Management sent an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register the trademark ‘Swifties’.

Among the goods and services Taylor is applying to sell under the brand name, an affectionate moniker she and her fans use to refer to each other, are various fashion items, guitars, and live performances, as well as a website “featuring non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings.”

In 2014, Taylor famously fell out with bosses at Spotify over royalty payments, causing her to remove her tunes from the music streaming service.

She also won a battle with technology giant Apple in 2015, when she demanded the company pay artists for music its users streamed during free trial periods.

Other potential ventures she is looking to launch under the 'Swifties’ brand name include video games, her own online shop, and a stationery line.

Taylor is known for her closeness to her fans, having been one of the first pop stars to cultivate a huge social media following on websites like Twitter and Instagram.

According to the U.S. trademark documents, the 27-year-old is also looking into providing educational programs for 'Swifties’, which may include, “classes, conferences, coaching, lectures, educational meetings, camps, retreats, seminars, (and) educational summits”.

The move to register the trademark marks an extension to previously planned Taylor branded products.

Last year (16) she partnered with mobile app company Glu to launch her own interactive mobile game.

Representatives for the pop star were asked for further details on her business plans, but did not respond to a request for comment.

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honestly i hc that blasto isn’t some new thing that cropped up in time for shepard to hear about it on illium, but in fact a very long-running multi-media franchise that just gets rebooted every few decades. the originals are from like 200 years ago. everyone argues which vid series is the best. super-fans have multiple rooms dedicated to blasto products and memorabilia. parents show their kids some of the blasto vids from their era, then happily go with them to the new one when it’s inevitably remade. blasto is the glue that holds galactic pop culture together. blasto is eternal.


First full image of a piece for my show at Antler Gallery that officially opens tomorrow!

“Fig”, 2017, Ballpoint Pen, Watercolor, Ink, Marker, Colored Pencils, Graphite and Gel Pen on Multi-media Paper, 18 inches by 23.5 inches, 22 inches by 27.5 inches framed, $2,600.00

For purchase inquiries and questions about this piece or the show, please contact Antler Gallery at or myself at