First and foremost, say whaaaat! 
Finally reached the 7k mark, now i have a full army to fight the damn dolphins, oh man! I feel so happy rn. I want to say thanks to the academy and…wait, no i want to say thanks for each one of you who endure my ‘aesthetic' aka bad jokes, long tags and angst posts. To every blogger who follows me since the beginning since the old -thebadguy url, to each one of you!!! But most for those wonderful people that make my dash a good place to look at on this blue hell called tumblr *opens champagne* to the royal court! 

(I was gonna put you guys in categories, but lets be real here we are all a mess into multi fandoms and some of you are even brave enough to be with me on more than one social media so…)

A shout out to the squad:

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If you are not in the spotlight list don’t worry i know your icon, and bet i also know your name too, we probably don’t talk much or we are new mutuals in any case i’m grateful for have you on my dash too ;)

heroicclarke asked:

Hi, I've been watching the 100 since it started, but I only just joined the fandom on tumblr. Do you have some good, mainly the 100 blog suggestions for me to follow?

Sure thing! Here are some of my people:

I’m not going to put any more than that even though I have tons of recs just because most people I follow are multi fandom so hopefully this helps. 

introducing the flarke net!

hello everyone! i’ve noticed that there are a lot of networks based around the 100, but i haven’t yet seen one for flarke so i thought i’d create one! i really want to talk to more people who love flarke as much as i do, and to make new friends too!



  • people who watch the 100 and like the ship that is flarke obvs
  • friendly and active bloggers
  • people who post the 100 (multi-fandom is fine)
  • organised theme (tagging, navigation etc)
  • an open ask box and submit

what do you get out of it?

  • awesome new friends who love flarke as much as you do
  • a spot on the network page here
  • follows from everyone on the network
  • showing off your flarke edits, gifsets, etc in the tag, as well as your other creations, selfies, promos and blogrates!

other stuff:

  • i’ll be accepting 10-15 members to start off with depending on the amount of applications, but applications will stay open
  • this post must reach 30 notes for this to become a thing
  • keep your ask box open
  • and finally, make sure you track #flarkenet for updates!

I post multi fandoms but some I post more than others. If you are interested in what you see give me a follow. I follow back similar interests. 

Posted often:



The Flash

Game of Thrones


Alice in Wonderland

American Horror Story

Posted here and there:

Other Marvel

Other DC




True Blood 



Game fandoms:


Resident Evil/Biohazard

Assassins Creed

Dragon Age

Arkham series

American McGees Alice

I also post: dark  or fantasy art,nature photos, dragons, owls, quotes, humor, and other things related to that. 

Thank you to those who check me out. 

brittany-snodes asked:

Don't listen to the anons. PEOPLE CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE FANDOM! I mean it clearly says multi-fandom in your description. And if anons wanna throw the word abandoned around, people abandon fandoms everyday and they don't get this kind of grief for it.

oh no you’re supposed to stick with one fandom and one fandom only and you’re not allowed to reblog anything for any other fandom and once you change your url and your icon there’s no going back, you are abandoning a fandom and you’re not allowed back in ever again. that’s how the world works, don’t you know this

hello i have a multi-fandom blog and i mostly post:

  • Sherlock
  • Supernatural
  • Harry Potter
  • In The Flesh 
  • Doctor Who
  • Star Trek
  • Marvel
  • Merlin
  • Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit
  • Welcome To Night Vale 
  • bands (mostly FOB, P!ATD and MCR)
  • books (especially The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices)

i also post some photography, arty stuff and anything else that I like on my dash

i always follow back people in similar fandoms, thankyou!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧