I was tagged by @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross to upload a photo of my face. Hasn’t changed much, but the hair and the shirt have ;) 

Ill tag @nojenkins @unchainedandstillunfree @annihilation-your-masturbation @happy-fucking-camper @disposable-spleen @queenkhalifah @nicotineqveen and @frozenfussay

She is ruler of the cosmos, her touch creates worlds. The stars sit on her brow and the galaxies intertwine with her hair, multi-coloured and multi-faceted. The milky way is her gown and the planets ring her ankles like living bracelets. In her galactic court all is fair and just, life itself is her companion. How lucky I am to be her Queen.

i quite enjoy being a rainbow tbh. ० ٭०ֻ̊ ॰՞˳ֶ̊✩