You know, I totally pulled back on bitching about people’s use of this word, but the fact that a girl who complained about me (jokingly) using the term “femmeboy” to describe photos of myself, and sent me a fucking half a dozen length multi part chain of asks dressing me down for supposedly saying all trans women have male traits (i was speaking of myself only, a nb bigender person), now has a url with f*g in it, is really kinda irksome to me tbh. Like, this girl got pissed enough at me about my langauge usage being too male-seeming in describing my own trans experiences that she started just randomly reblogging text posts of mine to make fun of them, but now she uses a slur for gay men in her url. Wtf?


Touché Amoré // Chain Reaction // November 1, 2015 [3-cam edit]


“My self-love refuses it and repeats self-contradiction.”

When I saw Luka’s V3 design, I fell in love; it is just absolutely stunning. I tried to imitate her outfit with a black crop top and a double-slit maxi skirt to imitate the flowiness of hers. To bring in her gold accents, I used a multi-chain drape belt along with a blue jeweled statement necklace and a gold-black cuff. Luka’s greatest feature is her long, lace-pink hair so I added a pop of her signature colour with this shaped purse. To complete the look, I used some black heeled booties that you could easily pair with some slick black pantyhose if you like!

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{ Riches }

Mako was a multi-millionaire from his chain of restaurants, which were growing very popular throughout the country. But the riches weren’t enough. Mako didn’t rely on materials to make him happy—he wanted a real woman, one that would wrap him around her finger. But women… Rich women…. They only ever cared about his money. The love was always artificial, and he didn’t want that anymore.

Every once in a while he went out to visit his restaurants to check their progress and the happiness of the employees. He decided to visit the original restaurant in his city.