Towards a New Left Movement

These are just some of my thoughts on the state and future of the Left as of late, feel free to ignore or to debate or to reblog, but it’s mostly just because I want to shape my scattered thoughts into solid form.

I’ll begin with my thoughts on how I believe our praxis should look in an era of right-wing hegemony and neoliberal consensus. I believe that our fundamental focus should be building dual power in several forms, which I’ll outline. The first [and most important, in my opinion] is localized dual power. We should be helping people organize into a system of nesting, democratic councils, similar to those in west Kurdistan, that begin on the street level, then the district level, then the city level, then the region level, and so on. These councils can then be used to create strong, participatory local politics, whether by organizing mutual aid programs for food assistance or healthcare or getting “socialist” [left-center Democrats or Socialist Alternative etc] candidates into local office or organizing neighborhood people’s defense from white supremacists, neo-nazis, ICE, and police. The second form is unionized dual power. I think in the deindustrializing global North, labor unions aren’t nearly as useful nor militant as they used to be, but I believe workers in certain key industries [particularly those put forward by Monsieur Dupont in Nihilist Communism and discussions I have had with @gendernihilistanarchocommunist] have immense power over global Capital because they work in its arteries—the logistics industry. For decades now, an ostensible supply chain revolution has taken place to so-called “just in time” manufacturing, in which transportation, manufacturing, shipping, etc are timed to have no wasted moments in between. The advantage of this, for us, is that if dockers shut down a port, the factory that those commodities were going to gets shut down, and the factory that that factory’s commodities were going to gets shut down, and so on, rippling through the economy and causing multi billion dollar losses to Capital, inching closer and closer to capitalist crisis. One idea would be to salt these immensely powerful unions, such as the ILWU, and push them [as much as possible] towards more disruptive, more radical, more frequent action.

The second, and I think less important question, is how I believe we as the Left should organize in order to enact this praxis. I think that anything from affinity groups to communist parties would be capable and effective at organizing dual power, salting select unions, organizing self-defense and mutual aid, rallying behind left-center electoral candidates, etc. I think the best option, however, would be for us to organize a nonsectarian, multi-tendency party that would serve to organize militants across a broad geographic space [hopefully across the country and even more hopefully the world] who would act both as long-term, dedicated organizers of dual power as well as “agents of intensification” [stole that from Endnotes] in the situation of uprisings, strikes, protests, and eventually, hopefully, revolutionary situations. The Communist Labor Party in the Pacific Northwest seems to be the closest model to this I see in the US, and I think similar parties [or additional chapters of the CLP] could and should be organized nationally and internationally. If we are going to organize local dual power, it would be incredibly helpful and power-leveraging to be able to link, say, the dual power system of Seattle to the dual power system of New York City to the dual power system of Mexico City to the dual power system of Mumbai, and I think that can be best organized through an efficient party form. The same goes for linking “salted” militants in, say, an Oakland dockers’ union to “salted” militants in a Shenzhen dockers’ union, and bringing a single, albeit powerful, strike action to a potentially world-economy-destroying strike action.

I think through these organizational forms—a local dual power system, “salted” labor unions in key industries, and a nonsectarian, multi-tendency party—we can restore power to a broad Left [from anarchocommunists on the left all the way [in my opinion] to left-center liberals or maybe DSA on the right] in order to crush the Right and work towards building socialism. Questions of state seizure are certainly not relevant now, and I think in a world of high-tech, asymmetric warfare [cue marxism-leninism-memeism disagreeing, lol] and multi-continent supply chains, making economic autarky in the face of embargo very difficult [although, as proletarianization and industrialization continue to develop in the global South, chances for surviving and even thriving of marxist-leninist states look increasingly higher], questions of state seizure may never be relevant, as worldwide implosion of capitalism and communization in its bones may be the only option left. Either way, I think that left unity is paramount in the face of the Left’s weakness and the Right’s strength, and we need to be organizing on a nonsectarian, multi-tendency, anti-capitalist basis.

I think this is a good start as far as solidifying my thoughts goes, and I may add more later on, but I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on it if anyone is interested!


🌹⚘ catch your local Malayalee trans girl crying over Revolutionary Girl Utena and Steven Universe ⚘🌹

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((description: three photos of a beautiful brown trans girl with teal hair and clear round glasses. In the first photo, she is smiling while wearing a black and pink floral dress with a thin multi-chain golden necklace. She’s also wearing red lipstick. In the second photo, she’s making a peace sign and looking at the camera with a neutral expression. She’s wearing a black and white striped shirt under a leather bomber, and she has on black lipstick and a multi-chain black necklace. In the third photo, she’s wearing a plain black shirt under a burgundy skirtall. Her mouth is slightly open, and she’s not wearing her glasses. Glitter is liberally applied to her cheeks and over her red lipstick. Her eyeliner is winged in a dramatic fashion, and a second black line of eyeliner is striped under her wing.)

The Jonsa Campfire Fuckplot!

Starting tomorrow, June 2nd, we’re launching the Jonsa Campfire Fuckplot, a creative, tumblr-based, multi-universe, collaborative chain fic written in the style of “campfire stories” where we are all the writers!

How it will work: Our moderator will begin with a show!verse passage of a fic wherein our heroes are chased by the “sand Fakes”, bullies who try to dictate at them how to do things and pretend to own things. Jonsa acquire a magic wand to skip into other dimensions, allowing all writers to use whatever AU they wish. They will not finish the passage, instead tagging another member of the group. The next member will reblog with a continuation passage of the fic on their blog, and end their passage tagging the next person they want to see continue it, and so on and so forth. Members will first post their passages on their blogs (tagged with #Campfire Fuckplot), to be reblogged by our main blog  The chain will continue for as long as we like. Members who do not wish to write can contribute graphics, photo edits, may beta if requested, or take part in moderating the blog.

For more information, visit our FAQ page, or message @wendynerdwrites.

Happy camping!

sunshine and paper crowns (jane/kurt fanfic)

summary: jane’s family plans a special morning for her

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: this is just Weller family fluff nonsense. I can’t help myself with this universe. (Oh, and I borrowed Oggie from @kate-dammit-run​ again. He seems to have become a permanent member of this family/universe!)

sunshine and paper crowns

The sun was peeking through the blinds in their bedroom when Jane stirred awake.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d woken up naturally and not by the cry of a baby through the monitor that seemed to have taken up permanent residence on her nightstand the last few years.

She opened one eye to check the time but immediately noticed the monitor wasn’t there. Rolling over, she saw Kurt’s empty pillow with a folded note placed on top.

Everything is fine…the front read in Kurt’s chicken scratch handwriting.

She flipped it open to read the rest.

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72 DIY Bracelets. DIY GIFT GUIDE from truebluemeandyou. *UPDATED - all 72 links checked and fixed.*

This used to be 8 separate posts, but I’ve consolidated them into 1.

2012 was an excellent year for DIY Jewelry from bloggers. There are bracelet DIYs here for every budget and skill level.

For other roundups of DIY Gift Guides from earrings to necklaces to spa gifts go here:

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  1. Bead and Leather Bracelet with a Button Closure from Happy Hour Projects here.  
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  5. Two Easy Braided Bracelets with Beads from Lines Across here.
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Repost @loopopmusic
Most synths, especially analog ones, don’t have a lot or sometimes any onboard effects such as reverb, delay, tremolo, etc, and indeed are very well paired with effects and multi fx processors, which add a lot to the sound.
The problem with that is that it’s more hardware, cost and space - and that’s where the phone in your pocket can come in.

Here’s a link to the video - full description below:
However, phones have gotten so powerful recently, that they can be perfectly adequate multi-effects processors, and, in the case of the iPhone (and iOS in general), multi-channel and multi chain processors with hub apps such as AUM and Audiobus, along with broadly implemented AU and Interapp Audio SDKs.

This video shows 3 ways to get up and running:
1. Using a simple fx processor app
2. Creating multiple fx chains using AUM (or Audiobus)
3. Creating multi-input/channel fx chains (assuming you have a multichannel audio interface)

I also explain the differences between AU effects and Interapp audio fx.

Shown using @wearenovation Circuit Mono Station, @arturia_official AudioFuse @teenageengineering PO-20 @ikmultimedia iRig and @cremacaffeshop HERO stand
• • •
#cremacaffedesign #herostand #synth #synthstand #novation #monostation #bassstation #ios #musician #lifestyle #studiolife #minimal #desktop #gear #tech #setup #musicianlife #arturia #audiofuse #teenageengineering #po20 #ikmultimedia #irig #novationcircuit #producerlife #homestudio #electronicmusic #iosmusic #iosmusician

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We are not taking donations, for we are a non-profit multi chain corp. All we ask is for your patience and participation. 


“My self-love refuses it and repeats self-contradiction.”

When I saw Luka’s V3 design, I fell in love; it is just absolutely stunning. I tried to imitate her outfit with a black crop top and a double-slit maxi skirt to imitate the flowiness of hers. To bring in her gold accents, I used a multi-chain drape belt along with a blue jeweled statement necklace and a gold-black cuff. Luka’s greatest feature is her long, lace-pink hair so I added a pop of her signature colour with this shaped purse. To complete the look, I used some black heeled booties that you could easily pair with some slick black pantyhose if you like!

{Look like Luka!} {Listen to Just Be Friends!}

anonymous asked:

Hey so, uh, fuck off with shaming that old woman. It's a FACT that we ALL know veterinary care is EXPENSIVE, and this is a harsh economic climate. She was literally trying her best to help her pet, because she knew veterinary care was expensive and she most likely lived on a fixed budget. How about you either: 1. Lower the cost of your services, or 2. Aggressively advertise how cheap it is to use preventative pet care. This is a no-brainer. You kinda fucking suck for shaming her.

I assume you’re talking about this post, you eloquent individual:

I don’t believe I shamed that woman. I felt nothing but the deepest sympathy and rage on her behalf.

As most other readers noted, I was trying to shame the internet advice givers who never see the consequences of their actions. It was they that told her that vets are evil and expensive, that she should buy some natural product instead, and are in my opinion responsible for the preventable death of that cat.

I suggest you read it again. And if you are the sort of person who likes to give unqualified veterinary advice, especially the kind that recommend people DON’T seek veterinary attention, then have a good hard look at yourself before stepping on a lego. It’s you I was trying to shame.

A $6 to $12 treatment would have saved that cat. She spent more on essential oils and garlic to do nothing.

She came to us when it was too late because of fear mongers telling her how evil and expensive we would be. If she’d come earlier, we would even have given the tablet for her (she had a weak right arm after surgery). She was trying, but the folks on the internet got it severely wrong, and will never see the consequence of their bad advice.

We are a small business and our costs are as low as we can go. You know who can go lower? Bulk buying multi-location chains like pet stores. We have no advertising budget, but they do. Those pet stores and pharmaceutical companies do advertise their products, but will never change the mind of people like you.

Which is why I suspect you’ve tried to shift the blame. That’s why you’ve had an interpretation that nobody else had, and seem to think it’s my fault for not aggressively advertising to fix this perception, when multi-national pharmaceutical companies haven’t even achieved that.

Do you know how expensive it is to run advertising?

Do you know what’s not expensive? Blogging on tumblr.

New business plan: start a multi-national chain of gift stores called ‘Spüns’ that stocks many pretty but useless items, and at the same time open a really useful convenience store called 'Anife’ that stocks pretty much anything the average person would need on a daily basis, but only open one store.

Then, sit back and watch how un-ironic it becomes when there’s ten thousand Spüns but all you need is Anife.


The sound of high heels clicking against marble echoes throughout the empty hotel corridor as you steadily pace forward, your gaze unfaltering as room 1853 comes into view. You scan your surroundings, pressing the doorbell only when you confirm you’re alone, and without the company of pestiferous gossip reporters.

Your heart races when you hear the shuffling of feet behind the wooden door- the vulnerable, only barrier separating the both of you. Unconsciously, you reach out to smooth the non-existent creases in your newly bought pencil skirt, adjusting your white work shirt along the way, making sure to expose just enough cleavage when you bend over.

The door swings open, and you swear, that his expression changes from one of annoyance to surprise- a good type of surprise, you hope- in record time.

“Mr. Park?” You ask in your most high-pitched voice, bravely ignoring the increasing pace of your heart.

He blinks, confusion obvious in his features as he stares at you, speechless. You clear your throat lightly, steadying your nervous, yet concupiscent breathing before you speak.

“Your secretary informed me that you’d be here, so I took it upon myself to pay you a visit- I hope you don’t mind?” You clutch at the vintage Chanel, anticipation trembling in your veins as you watch his eyebrow rise in sparked curiosity.

“I just need twenty minutes,” you almost whisper.

He shifts, leaning against the intricately carved wooden door with arms crossed and you almost swallow at the sight of his toned muscles, straining visibly under his tailored suit.

“And what do I owe the pleasure to?” An enigmatic smile forms on his lips.

“An interview,” you state in your most professional voice.

You watch as his eyes blaze with lust when he notices your outfit, his hand now gripping the frame of the door as he finally gets through your not-so-subtle hints.

“May I?” You venture, nodding slightly when he reclines from the door, opening it just a fraction bigger for you to enter.

You settle into the nearby couch and he follows suit, his gaze shamelessly trailing the length of your legs, pausing a little too long when you cross one leg over the other. You ruffle through your bag, taking out a recorder and a few slips of sticky yellow paper.

“Post-it notes?” he teases, “Very professional,” and you narrow your eyes at him.

“I’ll make this quick, Mr. Park-” you continue, ignoring his previous comment. “I know you’re a very busy man.”

You smirk and press the ‘record’ button, deliberately bending lower than required to give a full view of your ample cleavage. A low growl emits from the back of his throat and he watches you with hooded eyes when he realizes you’re doing it on purpose. You smile, feigning ignorance, and he grips the armrest in frustration.

His eyes linger as you cross your legs- the slit running from mid-thigh upwards causing your skirt to ride up a little, exposing a generous amount of fair, smooth flesh- every two minutes, his annoyance growing evidently as you take your time with the almost boring (and useless) questions.

“Thank you for being so cooperative Mr. Park,” you smile, reaching for the recorder as you continue with your act. “I apologize for taking up so much of your time.”

Chanyeol glares at you incredulously; his grip on the armrest turning visibly stronger when you see his knuckles turn white.

“Oh!” You exclaim in fake excitement. “I do have one last, slightly personal question-” you pause and he looks to you with a mix of new found irritation and curiosity.

“Go ahead.” He grumbles.

Pushing yourself off the couch, his eyes widen when you approach him, climbing atop his lap and straddling him, your skirt riding up to expose milky thighs as you lean closer to his face, your lips gently brushing the side of his earlobe.

How do you want me in bed?”

The words send shivers down his back and a satisfied grin crosses your face when you feel his already stirred arousal brushing against your thigh. You trail one finger down, starting from the base of his ear to his neck, your lips replacing the spots where your finger once touched him, kissing and sucking at the now sensitive flesh. He groans in response, snaking a hand around your waist as he pulls you closer, lips in search for yours- roughly attacking and pulling at your lower lip when he finds it. Your arms wound around his neck as he ravishes your mouth, hungrily exploring with his tongue and you find yourself grinding against his stiffened bulge, the action eliciting a low moan from within. Your lips are swollen and your head spins a little from the passionate kissing and the lack of air when he pulls away, standing up without warning and heading straight for the bedroom as you pass by the thick stacks of documents and ring files on the coffee table. Your grip on his shoulder tightens as you imagine the stress he was going through for the past two weeks, and you suddenly remember your initial purpose of coming here.

You wince when your back forcefully hits the mattress, the buttons from your top flying in all directions as Chanyeol rips the entire shirt apart, his brows furrowing when he tries to get the remnants of the torn material off your torso. Your hands search for his face in the darkness, cupping his cheeks and pulling him up to face you when you find him. Your lips press gently against his, feeling the vibrations of his trembling folds through the kiss.

“Yeol,” you breathe, caressing the side of his face.

How do you want me?”

Naked…and panting my name,” he replies, breathless.

You smile, devouring his lips in a heated kiss before flipping him over and pinning him to the mattress with his hands above his head. He gasps in surprise but moans almost immediately as you palm his growing erection through the fabric of his pants, his hips bucking up at your touch as you nibble teasingly at his left ear.

“Wrong answer,” you whisper, your tone not helping with the increasing hardness straining under his pants. You move off his body and he whines at the loss of contact, propping himself up on his elbows as he watches you slide the black lace off your legs through half-lidded eyes. You climb atop of him once more and he groans when your bare wetness touches his thigh, eyes shut tightly in pleasure. You pin his wrists together, stretching the material of your lace underwear as you fasten a tight knot around his hands, your fingers trailing southward and past his unbuckled pants as you finally take hold of his throbbing member.

“It’s all about you tonight, just you,” you say, squeezing lightly. He groans in response and you start to pump along his shaft, your thumb running over his slit as the evidence of pre-cum stains your fingers. Your hand continues to pick up speed as he curses repeatedly, your name rolling off his lips as his loud moans echo throughout the bedroom and you make quick work of his pants and boxers, unbuttoning and marking the top half of his body. You kiss your way down, sucking and biting at the toned flesh before taking him into your mouth- a pleased expression breaking across your face because you know you’re doing something right by the way he’s pulling at his restraints and thrashing his head into the pillows.

“Fuck! ______ please, I need to touch you,” he whimpers.

“No,” you remove your lips from his hot cock and he hisses when it comes into contact with the cold temperature of the aircon.

Please, I need you,” he groans and you sigh, reaching up to undo his restraints- his fingers intertwining into your hair as you continue to suck him off, your tongue doing wonders for him as he thrusts up into your mouth unconsciously.

“Enough,” he grunts, “I don’t want to come in your mouth.” You ignore him and continue to pump up and down his length, taking as much of him as possible into your mouth when he pulls you up, pinning you under him, as the dominant side of him surfaces and you instantly regret taking off his restraints. His eyes glimmer with thirst and desire when he finds you’re beyond wet, his fingers roaming under your skirt and you have to stop him as he tugs at the useless material.

“Don’t, I just bought that,” you whine as the sound of cloth tearing into pieces fills the room.

“I’ll buy you as many as you want,” he growls, positioning himself at your entrance before sinking in- making you roll your head against the pillows in ecstasy, your back arching off the mattress as the familiar feeling of pleasure embraces you after a long time. You feel the pressure building up as Chanyeol starts to thrust into you roughly and you realize it’s been far too long since the both of you had been intimate with each other. He was busy preparing to take over the company- so naturally you had to stay out of his way, because the high and prestigious Park family had no room for scandals and rumors, especially if it involved their oldest son- the next in line for inheritance of their multi-million hotel chain and private estates.  He rams into you violently and you scream his name, your fingernails clawing at the span of his flawless back as he pushes deep into you, hitting your spot accurately with every single thrust.

“Babe I-” he grunts, and you know he’s close.

“Me too,” you reply and pull him closer, his hot breath fanning across your face.

“Fuck!” He yells, voice deep and breath ragged. The both of you pant as you ride out your orgasms, the desire pooling in your stomach slowly fading away as you rest against his sweaty chest. He gently sweeps the hair out of your face, pressing his lips to yours as he cradles your cheek in his hands.

“So?” He asks.


“You know what.”

You shrug indifferently. “I just figured you needed a little pick-me-up.”

He raises his eyebrow in amusement. “So you decide to come here and seduce me dressed like that?”

“Correction,” you pause, trailing one finger down his bare chest. “I had no intentions to seduce you or whatsoever-” you flutter your lashes innocently at him and he chuckles. “I came purely because I missed you.”

Your boyfriend tugs you closer, the vibrations from his hearty laugh ringing in your ears as you snuggle closer to his chest. You close your eyes and sigh, glad to be in his embrace again when Chanyeol attaches his lips to your forehead, the rhythmic beating of his heart quietly coaxing you into dreamland as you faintly recall his soft I missed you too, before drifting off to sleep.