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Simplicité - Chapter 9.25

Yes, you read the chapter right. This is a quarter of a chapter. I’m just as shocked as you all are, but something is better then nothing right?! A series of incredibly short inbetweeners was probably not what any of y’all were expecting, but I would much rather have short little nuggets leading up to the next big chapter, then nothing at all. When I say big, guys I mean BIG. Like, so much is coming you have no idea what’s about to hit you. Chapter 10 is a massive work in progress. But first, I’m thinking you guys need to see what happened between Courtney and Alaska while the Adore, Bianca, and Farrah antics were going on. And also get a hint at of what the hell Bob has been up to lately. We have a new character, the first drag queen of the story! In drag, I use she/her pronouns and out of drag he/him. I’m sorry this is not only a day late, but also a very short chapter. Forgive me, it will all be worth it! P.S. Thank you for beta-ing @veronicasanders ❤️

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