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Shopping With Castiel (Castiel X Reader)

You were always the Winchesters’ source of getting their food. Whether it was getting burgers for Dean, and a salad for Sam, even grocery shopping; you were their girl. They always sent you on supply runs, and this specific supply run, Castiel insisted on tagging along.

“Alright Cas, Sam and Dean only want a few things so let’s try and make this quick, yeah?” You spoke, turning your body towards the angel whom was holding a short list of groceries in his hand. “These are such a weird combination of items. Pickles, macaroni and cheese,” Castiel turned his head to look at you, his state colliding with yours.

“(Y/N), what is a Cocoa Puff?”

You chuckled before patting the angels back and getting out of the Impala, that you “borrowed” from Dean. Castiel followed your actions, trailing behind you as you both walked into the store. “(Y/N), I really believe we should’ve at least informed Dean on borrowing-”

“Cas, I’m sure Dean doesn’t mind. Besides, he steals my hairbrush to sing Queen in the shower. I’m just returning the favor of borrowing his car” You smiled, pulling a cart from the long row of shopping carts. As you pushed the cart in front of you, Castiel mimicking your every move.

Castiel followed you everywhere you went, sometimes trailing off into different isles to inspect certain brands of food that intrigued him. Then he began to pick what he found you and the boys would enjoy, and start placing them into the cart. You watched him curiously bring over different brands of cereal, as he smiled while holding up a box of Cocoa Puffs. “Look (Y/N)!” he exclaimed, “Cocoa Puffs!” you couldn’t help but laugh as he threw the three boxes of the chocolate cereal into the cart, on top of the many groceries he brought over.

“Cas, this is a lot of stuff. Sam and Dean only want a few things. .” You warned, as he continued to plop more items into the cart. He looked at you with his crystal blue eyes softening and a small smile curling at the corners of his pursed lips. “This isn’t for them, this is for you” He spoke, throwing the last of the items that were in his arms into the cart. You could feel a small blush warm the apples of your cheeks, as you watched Castiel continue to run around the store. “Wait Castiel!” you exclaimed, running and pushing the cart to catch up with him.

You found the angel, squatting right in front of a tank filled with live lobsters. He watched in awe as the crustaceans climbed and battled with each other. “Why do they keep these innocent creatures in here? They’re obviously not happy!” Castiel shouted, standing up and pointing at the tank before you shushed him and placed your hand on his chest. “This is so people can buy them, and make lobster!” You informed as he scoffed. “Then why not just kill them already? You’re giving them a false hope of survival!” Castiel tried to shouted at one of the shop workers that turned back and gave him a frightened glare, as you shushed him again, pushing him along to a secluded isle, that held different varieties of paper plates.

“Cas, you can’t just shout at people like that over lobsters! Let’s just finish shopping and then you can tell me all about your rant about your lobsters with false hope, okay? Cas?” you called out for him, as he wandered towards paper plates with colorful designs on them. Castiel then picked up a packages of animal shaped plates and laughed. “I like these! Can we get them?” he asked as you groaned. “Let’s go. We have enough stuff” You muttered, angrily pushing the cart away from Castiel, as he followed behind you once more.

“Am I making you upset?” Castiel asked as you stopped yourself and the cart abruptly, turning to the frustrating angel. “No Cas, I’m fine” You sarcastically said as he smiled and nodded, waiting for you for walk and push the cart further so he could continue to follow you. You groaned before reaching an empty cash register, being worked by a woman who wore the look of obviously not wanting to be here.

Castiel insisted on placing all the items on the conveyer belt, the woman giving an awkward glance at the amount of Cocoa Puffs being placed as she looked at you, standing awkwardly at the end of the cart. “That’s a lot of Cocoa Puffs” she muttered, as you nodded. “I guess you could say i’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” you uncomfortably chuckled as the woman rolled her eyes, beginning to scan all the items. You looked at Cas, who wore a look of amusement as the many items were scanned and placed into different plastic bags.

As the woman finished, she looked up at you with the same annoyed glare that never left her face. “Your total is a hundred-and-three dollars and sixty-five cents” she spoke as your eyes widened, slowly turning your head towards Castiel. “I don’t have that much money” you spoke worried, as Castiel smiled and reached into the pocket of his trench coat, pulling out Dean’s wallet that was filled with credit cards and fake IDs.

Your jaw dropped to the floor, shocked that Castiel had Dean’s wallet after he had warned you about “borrowing” the Impala. “Cas, why do you have Dean’s wallet?” you muttered, careful for the cashier not to hear as she rang up the groceries. “You are not the only one to borrow items from Dean” Castiel smirked as the cashier handed the card back to him, and you watched as Castiel proudly swung past you and began to push the cart out of the store. You began laughing, reminiscing all the fun moments from today as you walked alongside the angel, as you both walked back to the Impala, feeling confident and accomplished with the day.

“We’re back!” you called out in a sing-song voice, the boys running towards you, stunned at all the random items and cereal all scattered around you. “What’s with all the Cocoa Puffs?” Sam asked as Castiel looked at him. “Like (Y/N) said, I’ve gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” he spoke as Dean scoffed. “That’s great,” Dean began, “But where’s the pie?”

You and Castiel both quickly looked at each other, you both looked back at Dean before shouting in unison,

“We forgot the pie!”

FIC: Missing Pieces - GingerWitchWriter

Title: Missing Pieces

Author: GingerWitchWriter

Word count: 40,796

Alternate links: N/A

Rating: Mature

Warnings:  None

Author’s summary: Ron and Hermione have a happy life together. 2.4 kids, successful careers and a strong, happy marriage. Until tragedy strikes. Life is no longer so happy and, after an alarming find, about to become even more rocky. Can things ever be the same again?

Why everyone should read this: This is not a fic one wants to start if they only have a few minutes to kill on a busy day. This story needs to be curled up with, with the reader cozy and ready for the long haul. At 24 chapters, this fic is far from a drabble, but this story is well worth the time. You will think “Okay, just one more chapter…” more often than you probably should. 

The Snow: Chapter 6

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

“Yes, Mother, I am fine,” Sansa insisted for the sixth time in perhaps ninety seconds.  She massaged her temple and forehead with the opposite fingers of her left hand while waiting for the next phase of Catelyn Stark’s interrogation to stop.

“You’re sure?  You just told me you weren’t checked out by a doctor, Sansa,” her mother responded in a tone that was every bit as disapproving as it was worried.

Sansa sighed.  “Only my car was hit, Mother, not me.”

Sansa could practically hear the other woman shaking her head through the silence that reigned for perhaps half a moment on the other end of the line.  “Yes, but you just said you were standing out in the cold for hours, Sansa.  Hypothermia is as real a concern in those temperatures as wounds from a car accident.”

Sansa let out a long sigh. “I ducked back into my car every so often.  The man who helped me with the traffic did the same thing.  And I can assure you I don’t have hypothermia.  It probably would have shown up in the past two days if I had.”

“That does not mean you didn’t have a real chance of something going wrong, Sansa Lynn,” replied Catelyn.  Sansa cringed, even though her mother rarely used her middle name any more.

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