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Colt 1874 Gatling Gun

Manufactured by Colt Firearms Manufacturing Co. and owned by Thell Reed, supplied for the 2007 remake of Western movie 3:10 to Yuma.
.45-70 Gov 35-round hopper, ten rotating barrels, hand-cranked repeater, seen in the movie on a swivel mount in the back of an armored stagecoach and fired by Pinkerton agents.

For the few out there that have both seen the movie and remembered how this scene unfolded, they also made a rubber prop to be used when the gun was in danger of being damaged.


‘The Last of Us’

[*WM*] [PS3] [UK] [MAGAZINE, MULTI-PAGE] [2013]

  • GamesMaster Magazine, July 2013 (#265)
    • Uploaded by Sketch the Cow, via The Internet Archive
    I dunno… don’t have a PS3 or PS4 so I haven’t been able to play the game and find out yet. Maybe once the PC streaming for the PS Store opens up I can play it myself and find out without fear of spoil-OH COME ON TUMBLR STOP SPOILING ALL THE MAJOR DEATHS AND STOP TELLING ME ABOUT THE DAMN DEER.

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   “hi, petunia!” the little girl cries, racing down the remaining steps and to the doorway. once there, she grabs the other girl’s hand in her own and guides her towards the living room. “j.d. will be downstairs soon. he told me to tell you he had to finish cleaning his room but he’s really just pooping. do you ever lie when you have friends come over?” she stops walking at the couch, flopping onto the couch cushion. “did j.d. ask you to come here or did you just miss him a lot? j.d. says when you love somebody and don’t seem them for a long time you start to miss them. do you love j.d.?” despite the heaviness of the question, she’s already moved on to the next topic. "do you like cartoons? j.d. and i were gonna watch some later. you can too, if you want.”


I started on another multi-unit townhouse for the Rebuild Newcrest Challenge and as it progressed and I tried different things, ended up with this instead. I think it looks more like a city home and maybe a bit more out of place in Newcrest, but I’m happy with how it came out anyway. Just for funsies I copied it onto a lot in Magnolia Promenade and changed the fencing around a bit, seemed to be the perfect spot. (The views from the the front “turrets” are quite nice there too!

There are four total bedrooms with six beds (one is a nursery) in the main house, and another bed and living area/kitchenette in the guest house (pool house?) out back by the pool. I think this would be a really fun legacy family home for when your older kids want their own little place but you aren’t quite ready to move them out of the household yet. 

I am adding this one to the gallery under my ID gladlypants from the Magnolia Promenade lot, which isn’t quite as deep. It’s totally CC-free. I also removed the family photos from my Grandma’s House lot (posted here) and reuploaded it to the gallery so it’s no longer flagged as containing CC.

I have just one residential lot left now and I’ve already finished most of the exterior for it. I’m really excited to move on to the community and retail lots. I’ve already jotted down some ideas for those, should be fun!

You can find all my posts related to this challenge under my Rebuild Newcrest tag.


Home Depot has an amazing deal on a minimalist multitool. The Leatherman Skeletool. Everything you need in a lightweight package. Pocket clip, carabiner/bottle opener, bit driver(4 options), knife, pliers, and wire cutter.

Only $30 at the Home Depot. Both in store and online(free shipping!)

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In the cute/cool/passion jewelries, each person in the unit got a new solo song and the unit version of a multi-type song, so, will the idols in these new 1 type songs that aren't Jewelries(i dont think) like Jet to the Future, Love Letter, Flip Flop, Ankira!? Kyousoukyoku get solo songs and/or their own versions of multi-color unit songs when the master versions come out or just the solos of other idols like Seizon Honnou Valkyria with Sparkling Girl or Summer Carnival!! with Nyowa Nyoworld☆?

So, the jewelries albums feature the idols that have just gotten their image song releases. So far, we only have Yuuki, Ryo, and Yoshino whose songs are not out yet. But, that could be tweaked a bit so that it includes idols who have just gotten their song debuts, putting Shin, Miyu, Suzuho, Emi, Takumi, Rina, Aki, Chie, Kaoru, Haruna, Tamami, Karin, Shizuku, Yukari, and Natsuki (again) in the running for the theoretical next jewelries release. 

So far, the solo songs on the Starlight Master albums have been idols that already have an image song. What I think will happen is that the idols mentioned above will slowly get their image songs and then eventually a jewelries cover/group song in the future. But in the past, those albums have been released almost a yeah and a half apart, so don’t expect another one too soon. I hope this answers your question!


The Liberal Party of Canada - Just 18 of the 184 recently elected Liberal MPs. There are many more visible minorities amongst the other MPs. The Liberal Party is where unity and diversity is not just a reality, but a beautiful reality. In the 2015 federal election, we had the highest number of ethnic and religious minorities get elected into the parliament, from diverse backgrounds, coming together and working for a common goal. This is Canada, a united multi-cultural nation! Stronger and more motivated than ever, after 10 years under the Conservatives who constantly tried to divide Canadians!



In Early period Jaisini has more meaning manipulation creating concept of visual line’s enclosure in unison with logical line.
Movement in the space and constructed thinking process together seem to come to a deceptive simplicity of continuous line.
In reality the artist works in complicated manner of multiple approaches that has multi personalities united in one through a fight.
Was line predetermined in her movement?
But it is technically immediate, imaginative, and not prepared.
In accordance to the artist’s own assumptions, his line matures in his mind for long period of time before he could release it on the canvas together with the painting’s unique plot.
The plot of the picture’s characters usually serves purpose of mixing the originality of beauty with simple decorative purpose of line interlacing and sometimes it brings images in most unexpected connections, mixing such themes as classical music with semi erotic depictions where aesthetic flare of creative fertilization is deeply connected to erotic display of mastery, a dialectical incentive of creation.
Mixtures of refine eroticism and ultimately conservative in appearance subject of classical musicians brings the theme to unexpected prominence.
In paintings subject is not ever explicit or hidden too deeply between the lines to be hypocritically implied, to the opposite the artist sets his ideas in perfect harmony.
Jaisini tends to perfect all angles of his creation to the level of condition with constant curiosity about his art.
If you had learned the meaning you would start to see more of its visual technique.
Then it could start to change the meaning.
The process of growing together with Jaisini’s artworks is unlimited.
Just when you thought that you have grasped the capricious creation it starts to run away from you again.
And this is exactly what Jaisini stage in his art, the game that never ends and develops into new game.
Music is a particularly relevant aspect of Jaisini’s inspiration as a part of the artist’s daily life.
The connection of art images and subjects is not straightforward but still in many ways is connected to music sensitivity.


Boat ride up the Li River in Yangshuo China, where erosion of a multi-kilometer thick unit of limestone has created one of the world’s best Karst Landscapes, with limestone pillars sticking out and collapsed cave structures in-between.

On May 10, 1994, Weezer released their debut, self-titled album, a collection of songs which came to be known as The Blue Album. It was certified gold just under seven months later on December 1, 1994, and certified platinum on January 1, 1995; since then it has gone three times multi-platinum in the United States.

In the years since its release, The Blue Album has risen in stature to become one of the most highly regarded albums of the 1990s. In 2003, Rolling Stone ranked the album number 297 on their list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. In 2002, the readers of Rolling Stone ranked the album the 21st greatest of all time.

Reviews of the album when its deluxe edition was released have reflected its rise in stature continuing to be positive. In 2004, PopMatters gave the album a very positive review, saying, “I’d go so far to declare The Blue Album one of the greatest records of the last 20 years." And Rolling Stone reiterated their original positive review by further describing it as "big, vibrant pop-rock that would inspire thousands of emo kids." Blogcritics Magazine gave the album a score of 10/10 and asserted that "this is one of the most important debut albums of the last ten years.”

In a 2014 review of the album, Entertainment Weekly awarded it an A+, writing:

Almost no rock band arrives fully formed on its first album. It took Radiohead a few tries before they figured out who they were; Metallica didn’t hit their stride until Master of Puppets; even the Beatles lacked confidence in their pre—A Hard Day’s Night era. That’s what makes Weezer’s self-titled debut, released 20 years ago this week, so unfathomable: They emerged almost completely actualized, with nary a misstep. As debuts go, Weezer’s about as perfect as it gets.

Happy birthday, Blue Album!