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Thoughts into a Reality (A Langst AU Mashup Fic)

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Part 4:

“Alright, Lance so we’ve never met a ‘Human’ before, and we have numerous species aboard the ship if you look around. When we meet someone of an undocumented species, we like to run tests. Mostly on DNA but we would like to get your permission before we do anything because we want you to know exactly what’s happening. So if you don’t feel comfortable with us running the tests, we won’t.” Ren explained as they walked down a hall. Lance listened with curiosity, he had never been tested on in his life, to be honest. He was glad to help them learn, so it didn’t take much consideration for him to make his decision.

“Yeah I’ll let you run the tests, I’m happy to help you all learn!” Lance beamed at Ren. He had been on the ship for three days now and was adjusting well. He became instant friends with his new Lenwra, he reminded him of Lance’s friends all mixed into one being. He found it comforting to know at least one person on the ship, other than their leader.

Ren was ecstatic with Lance’s reply. A huge smile grew across his face and gained a pep in his step, as he led Lance through the ship, towards the medical bay. Upon their arrival, Ren called out a few orders that sent the people in the room scrambling. He turned towards Lance and told him to take his shirt off and sit down on a metal table.

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And here concludes the last character in the series. Evendur is a mysterious character. All that’s really known is that he’s an elf with a dragon heritage that he’s quite proud of.This was probably the most difficult character to design since there wasn’t too much to go off of

Dragon Scales

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Yoongi (BTS), for @he-men-ah aka Admin SugaMint for literally putting up with all my shit, helping me out SO much with this blog, and basically being the best person ever ilysm

Type: Fluff, Harry Potter!AU (Ravenclaw!Reader)

Words: 5,581

Summary: You’ve finally made it to Romania years after you’ve left Hogwarts, but will you actually get your ring back?

A/N: Part One is here!

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(Raison d'être) Chapter 1: Winter

A/N: This is my first fic for Overwatch so I’m super excited to see what you guys think. This will most likely be a 4 part smut special sort of fic, and if I get a positive reception on it I intend to make it part of a full-scale multi-chap fic with an actual plot, so please let me know what you think! Also this is literally more than double the length of my last smut fic…what happened.

Pairing: Hanzo Shimada/Fem!Reader

Words: 10,801

Rating: Explicit

AO3 link here!

A little birdie (me) asked if it was ok to tag you in OVW fics so I’m gonna do it @poutypanic Hope you like it!

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"He's terrible for any economy" I can just imagine a president going "well everyone we've been Wibblyed it's over for us" and then Wibbly just tipping his hat and dragging his money into the sunset

He’s a threat to national security on a multi-versal scale. He’s been banned from seven universes already. 

All that dough gets sucked into that hat of his, never to see the light of day again. 

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How do you think Delia and Patsy's relationship began? Do you think Patsy was a bit like Mr. Darcy and was a bit aloof? Or do you think Delia slowly but surely courted Patsy?

Ooh, wow. This is a super interesting question and I’m really glad that you asked me! I apologise profusely for the essay that is about to ensue.

There’s a reason I haven’t launched myself into a full scale multi-chapter fic of their backstory, and its not because it would be very long and therefore a big commitment (though it should be, given I do need to do my degree sometimes). Rather its because I’m hoping canon will shed some light on this, and I would hate to spend lots of time writing it a way that’s contrary to what’s really been envisioned for them, especially if its drastically different, and then feel really really silly. Doesn’t mean I haven’t speculated and come up with ridiculous amounts of ideas of my own though.

So, the canon that we do have is that they met at the London, and that Delia currently works on male surgical. Since Patsy was there for three years (and likely for the foreseeable future) we can take that to assume that placements on a certain ward are pretty long haul at the London, so we can also take that to mean that they worked together. We also know that Patsy is older than Delia - her year of birth is stated as 1933 on the CtM website - and that Delia’s 24 (in the Christmas special) so she’d have been born in 1936/37. The other canon we have is that Delia met her at training school. (Someone do tell me if I’ve got something wrong here, or omitted another piece of canon about their backstory, but I think I got it all).

Given Patsy’s reasons for going into nursing, and that she’s always wanted it, I tend to write things from the perspective that she entered pretty much straight out of school, and Delia did more or less the same, rather than them being in training at the same time (in the same year, or Patsy a year or two above her). Therefore I think that Delia was training whilst Patsy was pretty recently qualified.

My personal opinion was that they became fast friends, much faster and much friendlier than Patsy had been with anyone before. I don’t think Patsy is a great haver of best friends - I don’t think she likes to get close to people, though I would say Nonnatus has changed that since its a situation she’s never been in before in her life. Before that it was the camp where she lost her family, then boarding school, then (though we can’t be sure what she did in between) the nurses home, which would have been quite impersonal compared to Nonnatus. There she has been forced by proximity and intimacy to become close to people. She did however state herself that she doesn’t have many friends. A quote from Emerald Fennell herself in an interview that stuck in my mind (in regard to the Typhoid episode) was that it reminds Patsy not to get too comfortable, that things can be taken away from her. I think she really lives with that at the forefront of her mind.

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Mermaids galore ((Because I've been wanting to do something with Mermaid Grim. XD Nobori of course~.))

Multi-colored scales shone brilliantly in the sunlight as the mer leaned back on his hands. The warm rock under felt good against his skin and scales. As of late this rock had become a regular spot for him. It gave him a great view of the ship he’d been watching these past few weeks. He’d taken a fondness to one of the men aboard. He couldn’t tell from the distance what exactly he did though.


Wooden mask with large crest with trade cloth and plant fiber. Eyes of sea snail opercula. Red, black and white pigment. Worn by male dancers in large scale, multi-village mortuary celebrations.

Bismarck Archipelago, New Ireland

Date Made: Before 1913

Penn Museum

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Bellarke + plot of music video to "bad day"

I hope this was the music video you meant, because it is the one I went with.

Bellamy’s first collaboration with Clarke is on an advertisement for that fucking Minions movie.

Not that he knows, at the time, that he’s collaborating at Clarke. All he knows is that after a two weeks of staring with vague resentment at those goddamn yellow assholes while he’s waiting for his morning train, he arrives on Wednesday to see someone has drawn a lion eating one of them. It’s pretty cute, honestly: whimsical, kid-friendly violence, the kind that shows the aggression the minions so richly deserve but won’t upset any small children who like the things for some unfathomable reason.

It makes him smile all through his shitty day, through Shumway yelling at him for not doing shit no one told him to do and someone specifically told him not to do, through all Diana’s passive aggression. He doesn’t even know why it helps so much. It’s just kind of nice. He can imagine someone else has been seeing that stupid poster every morning and hating it just as much as he does, only they decided to do something about it.

He gets off the train that night and walks by the ad again, and something compels him to stop, to examine the lion. It’s cute and cartoony, and he likes it just as much as he did in the morning.

But it’s only killing one of the minions.

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May 19th, 2014 - 12-Dimensional Chess

AUTHOR: Anonymous

May 19th, 2014 - 12-Dimensional Chess

Some tech-savvy genius had taken a chessboard and mixed it with a deck of cards, creating a multi-tiered human-scale game that filled the gleaming atrium. Blue Spades, Green Clubs, Gold Diamonds, and Red Hearts fought turn by turn to ensure that their King was the last one standing. A crowd of aliens watched from the top of the dome, drinking Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters and betting on which of the three remaining sides would win. The bookies at the moment favored Clubs, but Hearts wasn’t far behind.

Alfred F. Jones, captain of the United Starfleet Starship Independence, grit his teeth from his position on the piece that represented the King of Spades. If he wanted to get off this planet alive (and he very much did), he had to win a multi-dimensional chess game that he barely understood. Even worse, the crew members on his away-mission had been forced to play as various pieces on the Spades side. Jones wasn’t sure what would happened if their pieces were knocked off the board, but the screams of the other players as they plummeted into the abyss below was not encouraging.

The only two advantages Jones had at the moment were, one, that Hearts and Clubs saw each other as the greatest threat and, two, he had the level-headed guidance of his second-in-command: Lieutenant Kirkland, a bushy-browed, pointy-eared Vulcan with a penchant for calm logic and quick calculations.

“Captain,” his second-in-command murmured, “I see an opening.” Kirkland silently relayed the plan with his wrist communicator, showing how they could wipe out the other Kings in only a few moves. But to win, it would require Kirkland to sacrifice his own piece, the Queen of Spades.

“Absolutely not,” Jones rejected the plan without a second thought.

“It’s the logical choice. A small sacrifice to serve a greater good.”

“I said no, Lieutenant.”

Kirkland gave him a mild look of disapproval, which was about the strongest emotion the cold-blooded Vulcan ever showed to anyone. Jones knew that Kirkland’s tongue was as sharp as his mind, especially when he thought that his captain was doing something particularly stupid. Sometimes Jones wondered if his second-in-command was even capable of other emotions.

Pushing those pointless thoughts out of his head, an idea began to simmer as he examined the alien transmitter that he used to control his pieces on the board. Starfleet had forbidden him from using his top-secret electromagnetic disruption technology without an admiral’s approval, but one did not become the youngest captain in Starfleet history by following the rules. Jones had long ago learned that so long as everything turned out okay in the end (meaning, he kept his starship intact and his crew alive), the top brass was willing to look the other way. Of course, if he failed, there would be hell to pay.

He spent the next few moves studying his transmitter in an unobtrusive fashion. To the alien’s watching from above, he was simply plotting out his next moves. But Jones was actually hacking his way into the core of the program. Although it was difficult to make his way through the unfamiliar technology, he knew that he could rely on Kirkland to play brilliantly and buy him the time he needed.

Jones felt a buzz of excitement as he finally cracked the code, followed by an immediate panic when he saw the Clubs pieces ganging up on him and the other Spades pieces. Kirkland had drawn their attention to Spades by playing a little too brilliantly.  

“Captain, if you have a plan, I suggest you use it,” the Vulcan said dryly, looking far too sanguine about their imminent loss.

Jones nodded. During his next move, he slipped a small virus into the game’s program. It convinced the program that queens were jacks and jacks were kings, creating mass confusion on the board as the Kings of Hearts and Clubs ordered movement only to find that the pieces were going in completely unexpected directions.

The aliens watching from above grumbled their displeasure, and a small army of robots swarmed the board trying to fix the problem. The captain grinned.

It was a clever little virus; it spread into the robots and then infected the entire atrium, knocking out the shield that was preventing his ship from teleporting them off the planet. Jones used his final turn in the mixed-up game to move himself to the spot next to the King of Clubs. He punched the alien in the face, knocking him off the board just as his chief engineer beamed them off the planet. With a sigh of relief, Jones and the other crewmates safely landed in the starship’s teleporter room.

“Lieutenant Honda, get us out of here!” he ordered as soon as his feet touched the teleporter pad. He took the lift to the starship’s main control area, with Kirkland following closely behind.

“Captain, that was exceedingly reckless,” the Vulcan said as they rose through the belly of the ship. “And you know the admiral banned the use of EMD technology.”

“Well, it worked, didn’t it?”

Kirkland gave him an unimpressed look. “This time. You jeopardized the safety of yourself and the crew with your lack of planning.”

“Ah, were you worried about me?” Jones teased.

“I was thinking only of the success of the mission.” Kirkland spoke calmly, but Jones thought he saw a flicker of genuine concern in the Vulcan’s eyes. If it was there at all, it was gone a second later.

The lift doors opened and they each took their positions amidst the lights and activity on the bridge. Jones glanced down at the control panel on the captain’s chair and barked out orders to his crew. At the moment he had an official Starfleet mission to complete, but perhaps later he could return to his own personal quest to discover what lay beneath the prickly exterior of his mysterious second-in-command.


This leather saddle bag is the perfect size to stow the contents of your pockets or a tube repair kit in a stylish, hand-tooled, and hand-stitched box. 

Shown with spare tire and multi-tool for scale (not included).

Hand-finished, hand-stitched thick and stiff vegetable-tanned leather attaches to your bike with a buckle closure and an additional leather twine to tie around the seat post. 

Stays shut with a “common sense” hardware closure, and contents held secure with envelope flaps that fold into the bag.

The leather in the bag is made with USA-made unfinished tanned leather from a local company that I finished with a combination process including Walnut Studiolo’s weatherproofing dressing. 
The leather pictured here is dark brown.

Photography Courtesy of Walnut Studio