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Netflix’s Marcolo Polo is so good you guys I’m crying:

  • historically accurate enough where it hits the salient points and doesn’t make WTF decisions when it does deviate. it fleshes out the historical events so we can see personalities and psychological profiles. also makes use of existing history and doesn’t fall into making up unnecessary crap for the sake of drama. i think the stuff they do add ultimately serves for a better story overall
  • completely focused on the time and place of the mongol empire and not euro-centric or all about the shenanigans that the protagonist gets into
  • white male protagonist is NOT playing a hero trying to save the eastern barbarians with his western ideals but is only a fish out of water trying to learn and adapt to a foreign culture and observing the historical events that are happening around him
  • multi-ethnic cast: kublai khan’s empire is not presented as having only mongolians but instead is shown to receive ppl from europe, the middle east, central asia, and east asia. they actually cast POC actors to play historical figures and ppl of the regions!
  • multi-dimensional female characters: we have a queen who is kind and wise, openly challenges her emperor husband without repercussions or even a comment about how special that is, but also ruthless when her son is harmed, an imperial consort who plays both a femme fatale and tender mother, and a beautiful princess who has a touch of sadness about her but can ride horses and use a bow, who is vulnerable but tries to hide it
  • kublai khan and ariq speak highly of their mother and pay homage to her. kublai khan compliments his son by saying that he is like his mother
  • they have a very dark-skinned man playing kokachin’s body guard who is physically commanding and protective yet also does shit like put her furniture neatly back into place and GENTLY COMBS HER HAIR
  • the values and practices of the times and cultures are presented without glorifying or demonizing or apologizing 
  • while the main dialogue is in english there are plenty of instances where other languages are used 
  • the choice of actors veers away from the uniform and conventionally pretty features you see in network and mainstream hollywood movies. there is a diverse variety of faces and age ranges.
  • we have a female character (also mongolian princess) who approaches the male protagonist, gets him to engage her in a wrestling match, pins him down, and then PROCEEDS TO RIDE HIM ENTHUSIASTICALLY WHILE HOLDING HIS WRISTS. a little later she beats some other guys in wrestling and then saves the protagonist when he was losing in a wrestling match *SOBBING FROM THE AWESOME*

it’s horrifying to me that this kind of shit seems so novel but i am LITERALLY SO HAPPY THAT WE’RE FINALLY GETTING A TV SHOW LIKE THIS. it is SO rare to get something like this made with this level of budget *sobbing*

i hope it stays this good throughout *fingers crossed*

p.s. i keep thinking that marco polo is ewan mcgregor as obiwan kenobi bc they have a similar face and hair and also the jedi knights’ costumes all took cues from clothing of this period

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Carl Orff ~ Carmina Burana
Directed by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle
This is an amazing film of an equally amazing stage production! Parts of it are like a Hieronymous Bosch painting come to life! A very powerful and enriching representation of Carl Orff’s work about the Sacred and Profane. It’s also available on DVD on Amazon, but U.S. viewers will need a multi-region player to watch it. Parts of this are dark, and best viewed in a dark setting, for detail. Just a great work of art all around!

Map of Jupiter’s South

This map of Jupiter is the most detailed global color map of the planet ever produced. The round map is a polar stereographic projection that shows the south pole in the center of the map and the equator at the edge. It was constructed from images taken by Cassini on Dec. 11 and 12, 2000, as the spacecraft neared Jupiter during a flyby on its way to Saturn.

The map shows a variety of colorful cloud features, including parallel reddish-brown and white bands, the Great Red Spot, multi-lobed chaotic regions, white ovals and many small vortices. Many clouds appear in streaks and waves due to continual stretching and folding by Jupiter’s winds and turbulence. The bluish-gray features along the north edge of the central bright band are equatorial “hot spots,” meteorological systems such as the one entered by NASA’s Galileo probe. Small bright spots within the orange band north of the equator are lightning-bearing thunderstorms. The polar region shown here is less clearly visible because Cassini viewed it at an angle and through thicker atmospheric haze.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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Multi-region Blu-ray players exist...

This is very true, anon - but much as I love Maurice I’m not keen to shell out the thick end of £200 for a new blu-ray player just so I can watch it in 1080p!

Besides, I’m still hopeful it will be region free. We’ll wait and see…


If you have five minutes to spare and want some good ol’ fashioned kung fu to brighten up your day, then give this a go.
This clip has everything for me: the costumes, the shit-talking dub track, the great indoors set, fantastic weapons work, masks, the big villain reveal, amazing camera work, bloody violence etc. etc.

This is what makes kung fu cinema so exciting for me. i just love everything that’s on display here.

In fact, this film gets a Blu Ray release in the UK in May and, just because of that, I purchased my first multi region Blu Ray player today.

I re-read Mr Lee Kuan Yew's eulogy to his wife

and these are my favourite parts:

“Over the years, she influenced my writing style.  Now I write in short sentences, in the active voice.  We gradually influenced each other’s ways and habits as we adjusted and accommodated each other.  We knew that we could not stay starry-eyed lovers all our lives; that life was an on-going challenge with new problems to resolve and manage.”

Strunk & White old advice to write better - write in short sentences and in the active voice, their accommodation to each other and the inevitable influence they had on each other manifesting in their writings, their realism on love (“we could not stay starry-eyed lovers all our lives”) and how they were leaning on each other as pillars of support in the face of challenges.

Bringing up their kids to be multi-lingual

“We had two more children, Wei Ling in 1955 and Hsien Yang in 1957.  She brought them up to be well-behaved, polite, considerate and never to throw their weight as the prime minister’s children.  As a lawyer, she earned enough, to free me from worries about the future of our children.

    She saw the price I paid for not having mastered Mandarin when I was young.  We decided to send all three children to Chinese kindergarten and schools.  She made sure they learned English and Malay well at home.  Her nurturing has equipped them for life in a multi-lingual region.

    We never argued over the upbringing of our children, nor over financial matters.  Our earnings and assets were jointly held.  We were each other’s confidant.

The last few years of her life

  “The last two years of her life were the most difficult.  She was bed-ridden after small successive strokes; she could not speak but she was still cognisant.  Every night she would wait for me to sit by her to tell her of my day’s activities and to read her favourite poems.  Then she would sleep.

     I have precious memories of our 63 years together.  Without her, I would be a different man, with a different life.  She devoted herself to me and our children.  She was always there when I needed her.  She has lived a life full of warmth and meaning.”

It’s nice to see that under all that political and professional exterior, there is a man like any other who had a wife who was the bedrock of his life.

(To read the whole eulogy:



a 13-episode cartoon series created by Landmark Entertainment Group, which originally aired in 1994–1995 on CBS.


Putting the Good Forgotten Cartoon segment after the segment about bootlegs and mockbusters is both well juxtaposed and well deserved because I need this!




A show that if you didn’t know it actually existed, you’d think it could only exist in your wildest imagination. We’ve got us a serious kid’s action cartoon set on a dystopian planet starring a ragtag group of warriors fighting an evil overlord with the ability to raise a skeleton army.

Is there anything that needs to be said?

All I can think of is a totally enthusiastic FUCK YES!

This whole thing is like something out of Heavy Metal magazine, both conceptually and aesthetically with its highly detailed and finely crafted dystopic environments, character designs, and overall look and feel. This is my personal taste talking but this whole “aesthetic blog” movement on tumblr could really be shaken up by this classic 1980′s Heavy Metal look.

Anyway, getting back on track, as great as the visual design for this show is I’m certainly surprised to tell you all that this is a remarkably well written show! There’s some fairly interesting plots, a lot of drama and suspense with the world and the characters at large, and a lot of moments that really hook you in and get you invested in whether or not a happy ending is possible. The lore and history of the planet is pretty expertly crafted, and the characters themselves are not only cool but decently written as well.

We’ve run into this quite a lot with action shows from the early 90′s; despite being made to sell products or something, the shows themselves actually have really good writing and are memorable despite their short lifespan.

First, yes, this show was created to promote other products. It started out as a cartoon but spawned a toyline–

–as well as a comic book.

Here’s a shocker; the non-cartoon related material ain’t half bad! The action figures have some great variety among them, are solidly built, and have some cool action features. The comic is a pretty decent tie-in that follows the story of the series and keeps in line with the tone set by the series.

So here comes the obvious question with an obvious answer, what happened and why did this series fail? Think for but a moment; do you think at any point in the last 30 years of American television that parents would be keen on letting their kids watch a show about death, reanimation, violent fighting, and even more suggestive themes? Yeah, didn’t think so. It gets worse since around this time kids were more enamored with the likes of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so this show could barely even keep up.

What a bust, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this was still a kick ass show that still holds up to this day!



There is nothing that is not rad about skeletons, not even that double-negative I just made. What I’m trying to say is that I haven’t been proven otherwise that you can make anything about skeletons and it’s terrible. Prove me wrong if you can, or prove me right– mostly because I’m drawing a blank about all the awesome things in media having to do with skeletons.