multi party system

Proposed four-party system for the US
  • Socialist - Healthcare for all, education for all, housing for all, and if you want to take advantage of our giant consumer market or our talented workforce, you better help pay for it.
  • Centrist - America is mostly okay right now and it would be unwise to shake things up too much, too fast.  Let’s work within the system for gradual progress without damaging the institutions we have.
  • Libertarian - Government is here to build roads, enforce contracts, and provide national defense.  But it’s not suited to micromanage the country.  The free market, individual choice, and local organizations will come up with better-optimized solutions.
  • Traditionalist - Without American culture and values, America is just a place on a map.  This isn’t about race or religion or sexuality per se, but if you’re not a straight white Christian, it’s your responsibility to adapt to traditional American culture, not to try and change it.


  • Actually represents the segments of political belief better than the current parties.
  • Potential for cooperation across current party lines, for example Libertarians and Socialists agreeing to oppose the war on drugs.
  • Hopefully no one party would get 50% of seats in Congress, meaning every decision would require substantive discussion and compromise.
  • Party loyalty would hopefully be less ironclad and less able to divide communities.
  • Government not doing the weird dualism thing where if Democrats believe X, Republicans have to believe not-X, even when it’s absurd.
  • Fewer situations where voting is all about “the lesser evil.”
  • In general, fewer situations where game theory runs things instead of the actual needs and wants of the people.


  • I just invented the Centrist party and I already think they’re a load of lukewarm tilapia filets.
  • Terrifying prospects for what the Traditionalist party will turn into without the Libertarians to hold them back.
  • I didn’t do much reading about real multi-party systems before writing this so there’s probably a lot of fascinating ways it would break in real life.


Writing non-stereotypical, realistic character biographies for South Asian characters. I’ll be focusing on Indians, since that’s what I’m most familiar with, but I’ll touch on other South Asian peoples as well. 


I rarely see South Asian characters, and too often they are flat and stereotypical. They all speak Hindi, they’re all scientists and IT guys, and I see the same faceclaims used over and over representing a part of India they actually aren’t from.


I’m Indian. I lived there until I was nine years old, and I’m fluent in two different Indian languages, which also happen to be the two most commonly spoken languages in the country. I’m well traveled there as well: I’ve been from the Southern most tip to the Northwest and Northeast as well. 


Tips on naming the characters, on fleshing out their backstories, an overview of major historical events, stereotypes to avoid at all costs, and a list of faceclaims that I’d like to see more of in the roleplay world. 

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bet: gonna become a crony of the democratic party and pose as a pawn then when I get elected as president i execute 95% of congress and introduce multi-party vote systems and more citizen-inclusive government forming and then im going to smoke weed with my beatiful wife in the white house and imagine the 3 really good documentaries of my presidency and also health insurance and major cable providers are dismantled and also i smoke weed with my beautifu

are you me?


October 29th 1923: Turkey proclaimed a republic

On this day in 1923, Turkey was formally proclaimed a republic by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The Turkish state emerged from the Ottoman Empire, which, after its defeat in World War One, was forced to accept dramatic redesign and occupation by the victorious allies. The Greek occupation of Izmir prompted the establishment of a national resistance movement, led by Atatürk. Atatürk launched a War of Independence to secure the nation’s liberation, establishing a Grand National Assembly in 1920. The bloody war with Greece, which had seen horrific levels of violence such as the Great Fire of Smyrna, ended with the recapture of Izmir. Peace was secured by the Treaty of Lausanne, which was accompanied by a population exchange programme between Greece and Turkey which saw one of the largest forced migrations in history. The way was thus set for an independent Turkish republic, which Atatürk proclaimed on October 29th 1923. The Grand National Assembly then elected the national hero, Atatürk, as the first President of the Republic of Turkey. The new president quickly set about enacting a series of reforms designed to create a secular, Westernised state, in order to modernise Turkey and ensure it remained a player on the world stage. Atatürk’s reforms included a new Constitution, abolition of the sultanate, establishment of a multi-party system, elimination of shariah courts, female suffrage, criminalisaton of polygamy, a new alphabet, and the establishment of a banking system. Today, October 29th, is celebrated in Turkey as Republic Day.

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Political parties tend to be based around common interest, not common ideology. This goes for both multi-party and dual-party systems. The parties usually have an ideology or a set of principles they claim to adhere to, but voters do not tend to care about the ideological reasoning behind policy proposals.

I can make that work!

Socialist - Vote for us and we’ll send you to college for free, and take care of you if you lose your job.  (Appeals to young, poor voters.)

Centrist - Vote for us and we’ll ensure continued stability so you won’t have to worry about your long-term plans or investments.  (Appeals to established, middle-class voters.)

Libertarian - Vote for us and we’ll lower taxes and reduce regulations.  (Appeals to businesses.)

Traditionalist - Vote for us and we’ll reduce crime and discriminate against anyone who scares you.  (Appeals to racists.)

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Multi party systems are hard to realize with this "winner gets it all" BS the US has going on. You need proportional representation for that to properly work. Honestly you need proportional representation for ANYTHING to properly work but oh well ...

Yeah, I don’t know how we get from where we are now to there, because the current system seems optimized to maintain the current system.  But if I were a wizard.

…Or maybe Trump will break the GOP so badly that the US party system will actually open up for change???  I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but these haven’t been our parties forever, so who knows.

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Curious as to why you personally don't seem to believe in a multi-party system in the US.

It’s not that I don’t believe in it. It’s that I know it won’t work, based on our history. What will probably change things, and at least get us toward a more representative system, is abolishing the “first past the post” rule for winning elections, and moving toward instant runoff.

But here’s the thing: our political system isn’t set up to truly and honestly and faithfully represent the people. Our system is set up to protect the rich and powerful while giving the people some imaginary sense of agency in the process. That doesn’t mean we can’t shake up that system by electing people who will work within it to change it, but it does mean, in my opinion, that it’s unlikely to fundamentally change in my lifetime.

Interactive Typographic Installation
Exhibition Venue: Nutrecht Rail Factory & Trouw Amsterdam
Freemote’11 & Fiber Festival / Netherlands

Project Management: Burak Gölge
Art Director: Ayşegül Kantarcı
Installation Design: Tevfik R. Gözlükçü
Concept: Murat Can Oğuz
Synopsis: Murat Can Oğuz, Ayşegül Kantarcı
Translation and Adaptation: Begüm Avar
Special Thanks: Amber Platform, Born Digital, Orhan İhsanoğlu, Boncuk Yılmaz, Remco Van Es

A text discussing about the threshold on ethics and morality was looping on the floor, people who step on the typographic area to read it, realize them selves on the wall and the interaction process starts.

Everything that’s legal is not always fair. Everything that’s fair is not always legal.

Man, in every era, is both the victim and the killer. How ironic…The dynamics are changing… The dynamics have changed…The most evil of this era have been chosen: Violence, virtuality, singularity. But for what purpose? The purpose is control, the purpose is control, the purpose is control. The criminal tool is violence, the criminal tool is virtuality, the criminal tool is singularity.Control triggers everything, control triggers anything. But who pulls the trigger?

As we’ve just said, man is both the victim and the killer. He pulls the trigger every time he admits control. How ironic…
This inflicts lots of pain. This inflicts lots of pain.How ironic… Violence is committed in order to control. Man is left alone in order to be controlled.They do anything they can so that you don’t think, so that you don’t question, so that you don’t get organized.So that you don’t unite.
What is it to be free? Are you free at all? Is it ‘being free’ to walk on the streets? Is the notion of ‘being free’ to be found in your walking on the streets? Are you free when you walk on the streets? Is it really necessary to find out the opposite of everything? To find comfort in your mind by crosschecking everything? But what about blurry logic?
Does the possibility of being imprisoned makes you free when you walk on the streets? Those in the prison are captive, those outside are free – is that it? That’s all about black and white – but what about the grey zone?
Is everyone, who isn’t condemned, good? For instance, are you a good person ‘just’ because you haven’t opposed the law?
To do nothing is sometimes the worst thing you can do. Whenever you know but don’t act upon, you are committing crime as well. Are you really the one to distinguish the moral from the immoral? Sign some papers to make others believe that you love someone, pay your taxes to legitimize the diamond you bought.Anything sold in the market is legal. They are legal, aren’t they? Have you used your deodorant spray today? Well then, who caused that ozone hole? You don’t need to shoot an arrow to drill the ozone layer. The missile you launch into the space won’t punch a hole either.
Isn’t it pretty ironic? You are indeed free as long as you obey the law, as long as you sleep. Do you think you are a moral person? If your actions are moral, do you have any definition on the threshold of morality? There exist only some options presented to you. You do not exist. You may join the army, for instance, or attend a social responsibility project. Would your choice to attend the social responsibility project in order not to join the army make your stature a more moral one? We are not looking for what is more moral? We are after what is essential moral? Control gives birth to violence, to virtuality, to singularity. Violence isn’t just about hitting someone; think about your country, your government. Violence isn’t just about hitting someone; think about your country, your government. The threshold model is just another control mechanism, that system is just another source for violence. Multi-party system, they call it,  is there really a multi-party system? How many political parties are there to take the lead? Mostly, you vote for the majority just to stand against the party you dislike. Just to stand up strongly against the one you fear the most. Do you have any idea what that means? You accept the opposite group, you try to belong to a group yourself – do you know what that means? You become a soldier just to be a part of the majority. Do you think it really is necessary to join the army to become a soldier? You are becoming a soldier. You are becoming a soldier. Do you know what that means? Yes, you actually do, but you still settle for it. You become an associate. How ironic… How ironic… Is it ‘being free’ to walk on the streets? Is it really necessary to find out the opposite of everything? To find comfort in your mind by crosschecking everything? But what about blurry logic?
Does the possibility of being imprisoned makes you free when you walk on the streets? This is not a problem about the minorities; actually, this is a problem of majorities. Majority ventures to lose the detail; majority always forgets that the devil is hidden in that detail. It forgets how beautiful detail is. Or else, are you ignoring it? How ironic… How ironic…
Is there an ethical understanding? I’m talking about the universal ethics, not about social norms. I don’t really care about social norms. I don’t think that every disorganized is insane. I don’t think that every disorganized is insane.
What’s insane is control, what’s nonsense is control. That’s why some people like animals more than they like other people.
An animal never affects billions of animals. No animal, except human beings, ever speaks on behalf of millions of animals. I am sorry, but the prime minister’s call to the nation is not my concern. I am sorry, but the governments don’t represent anybody. But you still go and vote; even if you are one, even if you are minority, you vote to create a majority. But you still go and vote; even if you are one, even if you are minority, you vote to create a majority. You are one  more vote for the majority. How ironic… How ironic… Aren’t you responsible for what you haven’t actually done? Is life an analysis of a sentence? Is it the grammar rules that are valid? Is theory practical? Is practice theoretical? Is life an analysis of a sentence? Can’t you be the subject of something that you’re not actually a part of? Don’t you ever think? Everything that’s legal is not always fair. Everything that’s legal is not always fair. Everything that’s fair is not always legal. In his Letters on the Blind, Les Lettres Sur les Aveugles, Diderot said that a blind man feels less shame than the possessor of seeing eyes. What you don’t see affects you less. It is easier for a blind man to get naked than for a man who sees and knows the impact of nakedness. Is it easier to kill an ant or a horse? An ant is so small that you wouldn’t know how its legs are crushed, how its eyes burst out. But you can see how a horse gives its last breath, how blood runs out from its belly. It’s easier when you don’t see, isn’t it? People forget that the devil is hidden in the details. People forget that the devil is hidden in the details. Well then, where is ethics hidden? Where is the threshold of ethics? Not doing anything is mostly organized crime. Where is the point that you feel good? Are you moral, do you have a threshold? What is the definition of universal ethics? Does it have a threshold?”