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Okja (2017)

From visionary Director Bong Joon Ho, this grand global adventure follows a friendship too big to ignore. Meet Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend – a massive animal named Okja. Following her across continents, the coming-of-age comedy drama sees Mija’s horizons expand in a way one never would want for one’s children, coming up against the harsh realities of genetically modified food experimentation, globalization, eco-terrorism, and humanity’s obsession with image, brand and self-promotion.

Directed by:   Bong Joon-ho

Starring:   Tilda Swinton, Ahn Seo-hyun, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Lily Collins, Steven Yeun, Giancarlo Esposito, Devon Bostick, Shirley Henderson, Daniel Henshall, Choi Woo-shik

Release date:   June 28, 2017

about julian2′s suspension/thoughts

 Okay, first off, I’m not even in the community anymore. I’m sick of this stupid drama involving teenagers playing a children’s game. I’m not fond of the fact that they profit off of their videos/streams either. Not to be harsh, but I couldn’t care less about any conflict in the game, but it has come to my attention that Julian, or Julian2, was suspended for a… foolish reason. 

If you’re not aware of what’s happening, Julian simply made a video about topiary in the game looking like they were mating. 

Because he made this video, he was suspended two weeks later with zero explanation of when he was able to return, removed from Animal Jam’s banner on their official YouTube channel, and forced out of the AJ Youtuber group chat. 

My friend Bella direct messaged Animal Jam HQ about the issue. This is what they said: 

“While we do have some teenage Jammers, the vast majority of our audience is under 13. It is that demographic that we have a duty to protect, and we cannot feature a Jambassador who posts a sexually explicit den scene, even if his intentions were innocent.” 

They do have a point— Julian did upload a video referencing sex and is a bannable offense. But according to him, it was only a clip, yet he was practically forced out of the community. Says Julian, “I refuse to be treated as an asset to be disposed of at any moment which I don’t fall perfectly in line with the company’s agenda.” 

(Also, animals mating is completely normal. It’s how they reproduce. I don’t know why people flip their shit over this.) 

Do you agree? Honestly, it’s tragic that a multi-national company uses its power to practically crush a child’s dream based on a childish act. He apologized, yet he was publicly removed from Animal Jam’s banner and debarred from a group he said that he enjoyed working with. Are they really teaching him a lesson by trying to get rid of everything he’s worked for? It seems like they’re crushing his faith instead. 

What do you guys think? 

“Kamu mau gak masuk kampus terbaik?”
“Udah nyiapin apa aja emangnya?”
“Udah belajar 3 tahun, ini lagi fokus bimbel sama try out buat SNMPTN.”

“Kamu mau gak kuliah keluar negeri?“
“Udah nyiapin apa aja emangnya?”
“Alhamdulillah IPK aku tinggi, tapi score IELTS masih 5. Ini masih ikutan les IELTS biar bisa 6.5 minimal.”

“Kamu mau gak masuk perusahaan BUMN atau multi national company?“
“Udah nyiapin apa aja emangnya?”
“Alhamdulillah udah lulus. Ini lagi banyak-banyak belajar psikotes, pendalaman ilmu yang relevan, sama sering-sering apply dan ikutan tes.”

“Kamu mau masuk surga gak?”
“Mau bangetlah!”
“Udah nyiapin apa aja emangnya?”

Untuk dunia seringkali bergegas niat dan usaha. Untuk akhirat seringkali tak sejalan antara usaha dengan niatnya. Padahal akhirat lebih kekal dari dunia yang fana.


Okja (2017) Bong Joon Ho

Meet Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend - a massive animal named Okja.

Movies you need to be watching!


Director: Joon-ho Bong (as Bong Joon Ho)

Meet Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend - a massive animal named Okja.

Available on Netflix NOW!
OKJA is lit. This movie touched my heart…
The cast was perfect.
Unexpected and beautiful.
Definitely going to watch it again.
Paul Dano I LOVE U
Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance/character…. something I won’t forget.



Wonder Woman.2017


Patty Jenkins

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

A WONDERFUL movie, the salvation for dc movies… dir. Patty Jenkins #girlpower
The trench scene( No Man’s Land scene) is one of the most powerful, heroic, iconic and cool of any other superhero movies in my opinion. Beautiful in every way. Inspiring and a lot of fun.
In this movie wonder woman was a completely different character than the one they presented in batman vs superman. She is a total badass!!
Can’t wait to see her in Justice League



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 .2017


James Gunn

The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage.

It has been a long time since a movie made me feel special. This movie was AMAZING. Maybe some bad jokes, but in general it was GREAT. The soundtrack was perfect.

My opinion for this movie:  I am groot!



why is woody, the toy cowboy, better at erasing bad users than tumblr, a site owned by a multi billion national company 

Okja (2017) Review

So this film talks to us about how bad it is to eat these genetically modified and created super-pigs. But hasn’t anyone thought about the natural pigs, the cows, the sheep… Who’s going to fight on their behalf? But no, let’s just protect this one weird dog-like pig because its adorably cute. Well okay then! I guess I’ll just continue on eating my normal meat!

Plot: Meet Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend - a massive animal named Okja.

The controversial film that got booed at the Cannes Film Festival for being produced by Netflix, since apparently that takes away the people’s chance to experience this film at the cinema in it’s full glory. Well maybe that’s true, but have you considered that this film might have not been made in the first place if Netflix didn’t give it it’s money? I think Netflix actually should be thanked here, as they’ve now given the director Bong Joon-ho enough money (around $50 million) to make the best film he could, without much studio interference, and now more people are going to experience it than ever, since with it being available on Netflix means anyone can access it from the comfort of their home without much effort. Well, that’s a lie, first you have to go out, get a job and make money so that then you can go back home, get a Netflix subscription and only then watch ‘Okja’ in the comfort of you homely abode. But you get my point. Bong Joon-ho’s last film ‘Snowpiercer’ had many difficulties when it came to its worldwide distribution. I mean, it’s still yet to be released in the UK in any kind of shape or form. Though I do agree, ‘Okja’ would look and sound great in the cinema, as visually and technologically speaking this film is stunning.

Is this film any good? Well, it’s definitely an interesting film that’s for sure. It starts out very sweet, and sort of playing along a bit like a comedy with surprisingly a lot of jokes thrown here and there (even a poop joke is included), and I was really enjoying the film and having a good time, but then when the second half came the movie suddenly out of nowhere had a massive shift in tone and became this dark depressing emotional drama which at times was really difficult to watch. Did I like this tonal shift? The thing is, I really liked the first part for its enjoy-ability factor, and I really liked the second half for its message, I’m not sure if I liked these two parts as one whole film. It just felt like two different films merged together. And that probably is my main complaint. Obviously this is just my opinion so take that any way you want to.

But that being said, I still really liked this film. Bong Joon-Ho directs the hell out of this film, from the cinematography to the story and substance to the visuals (all filmed using Dolby Atmos), this is one of Joon-Ho’s best, alongside ‘Snowpiercer’ and ‘The Host’. What also helps is that the whole cast here give it there all. Tilda Swinton pulls another ‘Hail Caesar!’ by playing twin sisters once again, and the first one we meet seems like this wicked sleazy CEO who you just hate, but let me tell you, wait till you meet the other twin. Now she was a monster! And all of that given to us by a great performance of Tilda Swinton! Seo-Hyun Ahn plays the main girl and Okja’s best friend, and I really bought the relationship between her and the creature, and what’s more impressive is the fact that you have to think that when she was being filmed, there was no actual Okja (that’s right kids, Okja doesn’t actually exist, sorry to ruin that for you) there to act off, so she had to show that through her performance as well. And she definitely gives the strongest emotional punch to the film. Then there is this animal rights group called the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), and I would have loved to see a spin-off film with just these guys, as there banter between these guys was amazing, but there was also a great sense of togetherness and all of them being willing to fight all the way for what they believe in. Paul Dano played their excessively earnest leader, and he was simply great. This guy keeps impressing me more and more the more I see him in different films. From BBC’s ‘War and Peace’ to last year’s ‘Swiss Army Man’ to now this, this guy can give one hell of an emotional performance. Another member of the animals rights group worth mentioning is K, played by Steven Yeun (that’s right, ‘The Walking Dead’ fans rejoice, Glenn is back!), and he was a simple joy to watch on screen. He had perfect comedic timing, but also when the emotional parts hit, he embraced them without a sweat. There’s also Lily Collins as another member of the animal rights group, but she sadly was quite under-used. Last but not least we have Jake Gyllenhaal in his most eccentric role yet as this TV presenter, and I don’t really want to spoil anything about his character, but all I’ll say is that it’s Gyllenhaal like you’ve never seen him before (I know that sounds like a cliche but trust me), and that it makes me wonder how Gyllenhaal would have made a great Joker for the DC Cinematic Universe (Sorry Jared Leto.).

‘Okja’ is definitely worth a watch. I mean, it most definitely is the best Netflix original film thus far, and as generally an original piece of film-making it’s definitely powerful. It is a hard watch, but I have to give credit where credit is worth giving and ‘Okja’ is definitely one damn fine film!

Overall score: 8/10

TOP MOVIE QUOTE: Jay (in English): “If our mission succeeds, we’ll be able to shut down Mirando’s super pig project completely. But we need Okja for this. But we won’t do it without your approval.” (K translates in Korean to Mijo.) Mijo (in Korean): “No! Take Okja back to the mountains!” K (in English): “She agrees to the mission!”

Colourism in South and South-East Asia

By Radha Wahyuwidayat

The first time I visited my family in Indonesia, I was 13, and I was told by an uncle that my skin was considered ‘traditional’. To clarify, this was meant as an insult. In my family’s house, whitening products sat tellingly on nearly every surface, and I struggled to find products that did not contain chemical-filled, carcinogenic bleach.

Once when I went into a store looking for moisturiser (“without whitening”, I stressed), the woman behind the counter proceeded to laugh at me. More pronounced than the amusement in her voice was the genuine confusion in her eyes: my request made no sense. The idea that I would actively choose not to whiten my skin was incomprehensible.

Whitening products constitute a multi-million dollar industry in Asian countries. Colourism, or social and economic discrimination based on skin tone, is entrenched in cultures across South and South-East Asia, with products to match.  Colourism differs from racism in that it can fester among people of the same racial group, against those of certain ethnicities and castes. The woman who laughed at me from across the counter no doubt learnt from a young age that light skinned women married more easily, had better job prospects and generally fared better in society. Like my uncle, she was conditioned to view my skin as ugly. Like my female relatives, the social and economic burdens of dark skin led her to seek refuge in a tub of noxious bleaching cream.

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anonymous asked:

Hey so, uh, fuck off with shaming that old woman. It's a FACT that we ALL know veterinary care is EXPENSIVE, and this is a harsh economic climate. She was literally trying her best to help her pet, because she knew veterinary care was expensive and she most likely lived on a fixed budget. How about you either: 1. Lower the cost of your services, or 2. Aggressively advertise how cheap it is to use preventative pet care. This is a no-brainer. You kinda fucking suck for shaming her.

I assume you’re talking about this post, you eloquent individual:

I don’t believe I shamed that woman. I felt nothing but the deepest sympathy and rage on her behalf.

As most other readers noted, I was trying to shame the internet advice givers who never see the consequences of their actions. It was they that told her that vets are evil and expensive, that she should buy some natural product instead, and are in my opinion responsible for the preventable death of that cat.

I suggest you read it again. And if you are the sort of person who likes to give unqualified veterinary advice, especially the kind that recommend people DON’T seek veterinary attention, then have a good hard look at yourself before stepping on a lego. It’s you I was trying to shame.

A $6 to $12 treatment would have saved that cat. She spent more on essential oils and garlic to do nothing.

She came to us when it was too late because of fear mongers telling her how evil and expensive we would be. If she’d come earlier, we would even have given the tablet for her (she had a weak right arm after surgery). She was trying, but the folks on the internet got it severely wrong, and will never see the consequence of their bad advice.

We are a small business and our costs are as low as we can go. You know who can go lower? Bulk buying multi-location chains like pet stores. We have no advertising budget, but they do. Those pet stores and pharmaceutical companies do advertise their products, but will never change the mind of people like you.

Which is why I suspect you’ve tried to shift the blame. That’s why you’ve had an interpretation that nobody else had, and seem to think it’s my fault for not aggressively advertising to fix this perception, when multi-national pharmaceutical companies haven’t even achieved that.

Do you know how expensive it is to run advertising?

Do you know what’s not expensive? Blogging on tumblr.

Brittana FFs

It’s probably late to post this, but whatever. Here’s a list of my favorite #BRITTANA fanfictions. Maybe someone will find it useful.

( Constant update-ing; if you have anything to recommend let me know!) 

By: HeMoIsBoss
Santana expects to see Brittany back in Lima, it’s for Will and Emma’s wedding after all. What she doesn’t expect to see is her holding hands with a child that looks exactly like she did when she was three years old. Warning: GP Santana, so if you don’t like it, please don’t read.

A Divine Image By: Precisely-My-Point 
Santana lives with Quinn and Tina in Chinatown, Manhattan. While Santana meets and falls for an easy-going Brittany, Quinn is investigating on the case of Prince Charming – a serial killer looming the streets of New York.

Absence of Fear  By: lovebugxstories
Five years after high school Brittany and Santana were happy. They had each other and everything else they could wish for… but when everything suddenly falls apart, how much time is there to fix it? Warning: Character death.

Bad Bad Brittany By: Heather1201
Brittany Pierce is a drug addict and the school badass at McKinley. Santana Lopez is the new Spanish teacher. Can Santana change Brittany?

Beautiful Nightmare By: brittanafor3ver
“She’s eleven, eleven and too smart for her age. She doesn’t play dumb, she knows what goes on at home, and I wish she didn’t. It broke my heart the first time she had asked me about it, she was six and James had thought she was asleep.”

Clockwork By: Gorshenin 
AU. They said she was just a pretty face, a model fed lines to sell a product. But if you squinted, there was more to Santana Lopez than they gave her credit for, and reporter Brittany Pierce was going to get to the bottom of it. Brittana/Faberry

DJ Snowflake and Scrooge 
By: Cactusgirl329
A struggling radio station gets a chance to boost ratings and sponsors when one Bed and Breakfast located in the middle of nowhere asks them to run a special Christmas show in the dead of night. The countdown to Christmas commences. Brittana. AU. M.

Find me another life By: chaoticspaces
You’re not dead, but you don’t know who you are or where you are or why somebody’s shot you through the head and you don’t feel a thing. And years from now, you still won’t know how wandering through this wasteland of a world, you managed to fall in love. Zombie AU. Brittana.

Finding Our Own Neverland By: 50ShadesBrittana
After being rescued from her last Dominant, Brittany has a fear of men and a broken understanding of the world. The only way Will can save his newest charge is to place her with Santana Lopez; the daughter of his late friends and the heiress of Arcon Enterprises. Can they both rescue each other from their ever-present pasts? Dom!Santana Sub!Brittany AU GP M. Please Review!

Forbidden By: nayahasmyheart
AU: World War II. Brittany, a distinguished Aryan, is forced to move to Auschwitz, a new concentration camp, where she mostly keeps to herself. But love has a mind of its own when her eyes fall on a miserable, broken prisoner who’s being brutally tortured.

I’ll teach you to dance By: monochromeheartbeat
Three years after graduation, Santana Lopez and her roommates, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, attend a dance class in NYC. Follows most of the events in Glee if Brittany had never gone to WMHS.

If you dare  By:  cr0wznest
Brittany moves to LA alone in order to start living a responsible adult life. She realises, a dozen wild nights out later, that she needs to knuckle down and find a job, something she can be proud of. She applies for a multi-national company that Santana Lopez is the head of and is immediately thrown into a world she grows to find utterly addicting. Future M.

Lake Hope By: Cora709
On the last weekend of summer, Brittany convinces Santana to come camping with her. For both bad reasons and good, it’s a trip neither of them will ever forget.

Love, and other drugs By: sailormoon19 
Brittany moves into a new apartment in New York after highschool, no family, nowhere else to go, and no idea how much trouble her new housemate is about to cause. Badass!Santana.

Room 47 By: Little-Normandy
AU. Santana Lopez is engaged to her high school sweetheart Sam Evans. With her wedding 3 months away, Santana begins to get stressed, pressuring her relationship and is also stuck in a dead end job. Her friend Quinn advises her to seek counsel from sex therapist and relationship counselor Brittany Pierce.

Set the World on fire By: Cora709
For six months Santana has been living in New York City with Kurt and Rachel, but now Brittany has received her diploma and is finally coming to join them. Can new relationships accommodate old ones? And can the past ever really be recaptured?

Sirens By: Cactusgirl329
Four years after a horrific string of unsolved murders mysteriously stopped, a new body has been discovered. The police call on the same team of private investigators who almost solved the case last time, but four years can change everything. Brittana. M. Glee. Crime/Mystery/Romance/Action/More!

The journal By: silverdoe14
AU. Brittana. Brittany Pierce is an attorney’s receptionist at a major NY law firm. Santana Lopez is the new, challenging lawyer Brittany has been chosen to work for. Brittany finds a very old journal and begins writing in it to reveal some of the feelings she could never ever tell her new boss. No outside glee characters, crackshipping, etc.

The knife thrower’s daughter By: themostrandomfandom 
In the summer of 1898, Santana Lopez joined the J.P. Adams & Son Traveling Circus & Menagerie as it toured the states of the Upper American Midwest. She also fell in love with the knife thrower’s daughter.

The soul stealer By: XxThisShizIsBananasxX 
That awkward moment on your seventeenth birthday when you realise that your mom has sold your soul to a sexy demon. And she’s come to collect.

Twisted By: Heather1201
Brittany Pierce and her husband are happy, that is until the daughter of the man she married comes to live with them. Santana, the 18 year old girl, has a certain charm about her, something that Brittany can’t resist. G!P Santana

Until the very end By: teenlezbians
It’s been four years since Harry lost the Battle for Hogwarts and fled the country. Voldemort has complete control. Santana Lopez is a notorious Death Eater with a trail of bodies following her name. Brittany is a half-breed Veela desperately searching for her younger sister, forced into slavery. Can Brittany change San’s heart before her whole world is destroyed? Hp!Brittana

🌷 BTS:Vampires 🌷

Requested by: @exodarkwolf16

Warning: Non


You and Jin had agreed to go on a date to your favourite restaurant. You hadn’t been out in ages and thought would be a chance for him to get out and do something instead of him always cooking or watching TV.

Your food finally arrived. Spaghetti and Meatballs, with a side of Garlic bread. And his Steak and Chips. He took one look at the food and you could see his skin pale. “Are you okay babe?” you questioned him. His face becoming paler than you’ve ever seen it.

“I…I’m fffine” he reached to grab your outstretched hand, he got just past his glass of wine, when he hissed and brought his hand back, clutching it to his chest. He gave you a small smile. You took in his features. His pointy fangs, his long nails, his pale complexion. Within an instant you realized you weren’t dating a human, you were dating a vampire. It made you happy, knowing that he was unique and knowing he’s going to rely on you more than he hoped.

“Come on; let’s go home, we can have food there” standing up and grabbing his hand.

“What about our date?” he questioned with his cute puppy face.

“I have priorities to sort out, dates can come later” you winked. Dragging him along, paying for your uneaten meal and got into your car to go home.


Today was yours and Suga’s 6 month anniversary. You had decided to go to his apartment and watch movies and cuddle all day. When you arrived at his apartment, you couldn’t hear the blaring of his remixes like usual. You knocked on his apartment door. No answer. You carried on knocking for over five minutes so you decided to use the spare key.

Once you opened the door, you took your shoes off and headed to the living room. Once inside, you caught a glimpse of a figure under the coffee table. You crouched down and peered underneath it. There was your boyfriend huddled in a ball.

“What you doing under there?”


“I can see that… from what though?”

“The sun”

“Are you a vampire or something?” you laugh uncontrollably.


“You’re not” Regaining your composure.

“I might be…”

“God dammit Yoongi, why didn’t you tell me sooner, was going to book theme park tickets for your birthday?”

“Sorry…” you closed all the curtains and he got out from under the table.

“Why didn’t you shut the curtains babo?” you gave him a tight, brushing some of burnt pieces of clothing off him.

“I was tired and I thought I would have been up earlier to close them”

“You should have phoned, I would have been over earlier and I bet you’re hungry. I’ll go and make us some food.”


You were one of Hoseok’s secretary’s at the multi-national company. For the past few nights, you noticed him becoming paler and weaker. He looked as if he was dieting. But you didn’t understand why he’d diet. He was slim enough anyway. You knocked his door and entered. He had his head on the desk and was shaking uncontrollably. You rushed near his side. “You need to stop this diet Hobi” you were the only one he allowed to call him that. “You’re getting more ill and you’ll end up missing the meeting in Japan”

“H-How did you k-know I was o-on a diet? I made sure no one knew?”

“I know you better than you think! Tell me what you’re cutting out. I’ll then order some food in for you?”

“Blood” he whispered

“Did you just say blood?” He hummed his response. “Drink mine” you stuck your arm out to him. He shook his head. “Just drink it! You’re going to become worse and I’ve had my blood drunk by a vampire before, it won’t affect me.” He hesitated he got his mouth in line with forearm. He saw very faint fang marks.

“Keep your eyes open, don’t close them. If you become tired and faint, stop me. It may hurt a bit.” With that he stuck his fangs in and began to drink. There was slight pain but nothing you weren’t used to. You kept your eyes open like he said and after forty seconds you started to become tired. You nudged his shoulder. He looked up and stopped. You fell immediately against him. He helped you lay down.

“You better get me a souvenir from Japan now” he laughed and you fell asleep.

Rap Monster:

Your best friend had invited you to the studio, he was stuck writing a song and had no inspiration. He always called you in situations like these. Once you arrived his manger brought you up, taking the food you brought for them away and into the other room where the others are. You creeped into the studio.  You put your hands over his eyes, “Guess who?” He shot up from his seat and brought you into his embrace.

“Thank god you’re here, this is driving me insane”

“No wonder you can’t think, you’re drinking wine, can I have a sip, and I’m dying from walking here” before he could even stop you, you brought your lips to the glass and drunk a bit and spat it right back out. “This isn’t wine, it’s too thick. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DRINK BLOOD?”

“Shh… keep your voice down. I was going to stop you but you bet me to it by drinking it.”

“Well thank you Mr Vampire, I have blood on my new converse, looks like you’re going to have to buy me a new pair” you winked at him, turning around walking over to the acoustic guitar you always played. “By the way, I always knew what you were, this is just conformation, don’t worry I’ll keep your secret”.

“Hey, you gotta tell me who you like now that I’ve let one of my secrets slip”

“Nope, not my problem you’re not clever enough to hide it”


You and Jimin were project partners on a field trip. Your lectures weren’t too bothered when you went out or where to. Being the night owls you and Jimin were, you decided to get your project done at night.

You were out in town, laughing with Jimin whilst eating food he brought. It started to get lighter out, signifying to go back to the hotel. Jimin started walking faster, leaving you behind. “Jimin wait, you’re walking too fast for me to catch up and I don’t know my way back?”

“Come on” he takes a hold of your wrist and drags you along. You started to smell something burning. You looked up and Jimin’s clothes had burnt into hole and his skin was becoming red. You decided to take a risk and pull Jimin into the shade. “Hey were going to be late what are you doing!” you ignored is protests. Getting the water from your bag along with tissues and dabbing it on to his skin. He hissed. “You’re one of them aren’t you? That’s why you wanted to pair with me, knowing full well I don’t sleep at night?”

“Y/N I di…”

“You should have told me. I thought we were friends. I would have kept an eye on you more. Here have my jacket. Cover you head, we’ll get to the hotel. Don’t worry” You took off your jacket and handed it to him.

“Thank you, and I’m sorry, I thought you would have avoided me” he gave you a hug. With that you left for the hotel.


You and Taehyung were childhood sweethearts. Joined at the hip since you were in nursery. So when he asked you to be his girlfriend you instantly agreed. He’d been acting weird lately and he hadn’t been going to school. You were starting to worry about him and asked to meet. He agreed and said to meet him at 10pm and that you could stop at his for the night.

10pm came and you were waiting for your boyfriend to arrive. “Sorry I’m late Y/N, was getting the stuff down from the loft so you had stuff to sleep with. How’s my baby girl?” he stated whilst cuddling you.

“I’m fine, missed you loads, but are you okay? You’re really cold”

“I’m… ACHOO” he sneezed and suddenly he was gone out of your arms and replaced with a hovering bat. “God dammit I thought I had this under control” you heard the bat speak. You realised instantly it was Taehyung.

“Is there something you’re forgetting to tell me Tae?”  I asked earning a sigh from his bat form.

“I’m a Vampire Y/N, never knew until the other day when I turned into this and earnt a squeal of excitement off my mother. That’s why I’ve been off, trying to get this under control. You’re not going to leave me are you?” Tae asked sitting on your shoulder rubbing his head against your cheek.

“Of course not babo, I love you too much. Now let’s get home so your mom can help you”


Jungkook, your annoying but sweet boyfriend, decided to take up potion making. You haven’t got a clue why, just another thing for him to excel in you guess. But you left him be and enjoy the potions he makes. Them being successful of course.

Today he decided he wanted to make a potion to find out if his band mates were any sort of creature. He had uncertainties about his leader being a vampire, and he wanted to find out. He brewed two cauldrons, just in case he ran out or needed it in the future. You sat in your room, reading a book, you couldn’t be bothered for potion making today so he left you be. He decided to try it out before he gave it them. He had one sip of the contents. He never tasted the juice but instead, heard a crashing of a glass and noticed he was hovering in mid-air. He panicked and flew to your bedroom; you left your door open luckily. He flew in and landed on your shoulder. You looked down and sighed. You thought you got rid of all the bats from this place.

“Kookie, I don’t think we got rid of all the bats” you shouted out for him. The bat rubbed its self on you. You though this maybe were your boyfriend. “Is that you babe?” the head of the bat shook a yes. You sighed, relieved that your heart was right. He was a vampire; he just never noticed the signs, but you being one as well made it more fun. You turned into your bat form “I’ll race you the potions room, last one there have to tidy the stuff up”. And with that you flew away.

Movie Monday!

 ‘Movie Monday’ is a blog post I share every Monday talking about the 3
 movies that have caught my attention to the most that week. Sharing how
 their plots, how their trailers attracted me and what the critics have to say
them (if it’s already released).
 You can click on the name of the movie to see the trailer.

1. Okja (2017)

A young girl risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend - a massive animal named Okja.

Starring Seo-Hyun Ahn in the lead role.

With supporting cast featuring Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Lily Collins and Paul Dano.

The title is surely very peculiar and different and that might be the reason why so many people aren’t as interested to watch but I’m glad I checked out the trailer. The cast looks amazing (especially Tilda Swinton) and I’m just loving the bright visuals. I’ll definitely make sure to see it.

2. Jagga Jasoos (2017)

Join Jagga, a gifted teenage detective, who along with a female companion, is on a quest to find his missing father.

Starring Ranbir Kapoor in the title role with Katrina Kaif.

I was really looking forward to this movie from the starting and after seeing this beautifully shot trailer, I’m make sure not to miss it.
Anurag Basu gives a lot of tribute to his favorite films and filmmakers in his movie and I caught a couple of them here (the Alfred Hitchcock and Buster Keaton ones), but apart from that, just the cinematography and art direction is already making me fall in love it. Very excited!

3. From The Land of The Moon (2016)

In 1950s France, Gabrielle is a passionate, free-spirited woman who is in a loveless marriage and falls for another man when she is sent away to the Alps to treat her kidney stones. Gabrielle yearns to free herself and run away with André.

Starring the marvelous Marion Cotillard in the lead role.

With supporting roles by Àlex Brendemühl and Louis Garrel.

I really like Marion Cotillard and almost everything that she does so she’s the main reason why I’ll be watching the movie but to my advantage, I like the plot. It’s a romance movie, that’s given, but there’s something very soft and subtle about it that is so appealing. Hoping to get my hands on it soon!

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anonymous asked:

First class honours from a shit uni. And it's not just the department ranking that's important, the ranking of the uni itself matters an awful lot, especially when it comes to graduate employment. I got all As at A level (not that hard when compared to the IB), I'm currently at one of the country's best unis and not even half way through my degree, I'm being sponsored by GSK, with whom I'm guaranteed a job once I graduate. Work hard, get the grades, go to a good uni, make something of yourself

Oh well, when I go into work tomorrow morning at the multi-national and globally accredited company that chose to offer me a graduate job I’ll be sure to let them know they made the wrong decision because an anonymous person said so. I’m sure your future colleagues at GSK - some of whom have graduated from the excellent chemistry department at the university of hull - will be most impressed with your attitude towards this.

Orphan Black Season 2 Finale Fact Re-cap

I decided to recap (and attempt to organize) some of the stuff that was revealed in this finale because some of it was a bit hard to process when you’re just watching the show. You have to think back to the other episodes and piece it together. Well… here I go. (I hope some of you actually read it lol.)

Apparently there are two autonomous factions that deal with clones: Project Leda for girl clones, monitored/controlled by DYAD, but actually steered through Topside (who also steers loads of other Multi-National companies). Project Castor for male clones, controlled by the military. We don’t know who the Castor equivalent of Topside is, or if they even have one. Nor do we know what their goal is for their clones. Topside’s aim is to (SUPPOSEDLY) help the world with everything they achieve/produce through the many corporations they essentially “own” (I say “own” because it might not be in writing, but they control it all), though DYAD seems to be using quite heavy-handed methods. Perhaps we will see some Topside vs DYAD stuff next season? Leda and Castor were supposed to be unaware of each other. But they’ve gained evidence of each other, with Castor apparently knowing more about Leda since they sent Paul to infiltrate. Marion Bowles had gained evidence about Castor as well, but just couldn’t prove it until Mrs. S and Cal arranged the meeting.

Speaking of Paul, this episode revealed that he knew about the clones from the start, or at least suspected. He had been sent from Castor to infiltrate Leda. This means that whatever he did in Afghanistan was on purpose, so DYAD would have to cover for him and start to use him as a monitor. (Remember Mrs. S saying “Afghanistan would all have been for naught.” Like Paul did it all on purpose.) But now since he became attached on a personal level, he decided to help Mrs. S and give some Castor information to Marion Bowles, who is part of Topside. Part of the information exchange between Castor and Leda was apparently trading a male clone for a female clone as well. Marion now has the crazy, scarfaced Mark clone, and the military is getting Helena.

Now for Mrs. S… the biggest question that haunts me is HOW DOES SHE KNOW ALL OF THIS STUFF AND WHO IS/WAS SHE WITH?! Something tells me she actually told Carlton to find Sarah and bring her to him all those years ago because she’d been involved with this from the start. On what side, I have no idea.

What Rachel did to Delphine really IS personal. You can tell by the way Delphine said that line, and the way Rachel stiffened. Leekie is gone. Someone who was a mentor (among other things) to Delphine. With him gone, and more importantly Rachel sending her away from Cosima (especially when Cosima needs her most), all of this is probably opening Delphine’s eyes to how disillusioned she’s been with the goals of DYAD this whole time. Her priorities have shifted. She was a scientist, dedicated just to science, thinking she was doing good in the world. Now her eyes are opened, at least more than they were before. I think we’re going to see a new Delphine. (SERIOUSLY, BRING HER BACK IN SEASON 3!) Maybe a sexy, revenge-seeking passionate Delphine. And that prospect intrigues (and yes… arouses) me.

With all of the madness and the “bigger picture” being unveiled (more like “hinted at”) I’m still interested in Rachel’s motivation(s). Is what she’s after relatively small in nature compared to Topside’s goal to “better the world”? Like… ya know… does she just want to be a mom? Is it something personal like that? Or could it be bigger? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

Helena left her embryos there with Cosima, and now Cosima has the key to unlocking all the codes in that book of Kira’s. So Cosima just might get better AND she holds a very valuable bargaining chip that could go all the way up to Topside. I’d also like to mention that Kira heals super fast, so they might be able to get bone marrow sooner than they think.

If you’re still with me, thanks for making it this far. :) I hope to do more of these in the future for Orphan Black (COME ON AND ANNOUNCE SEASON 3!) and the other shows I watch. Please reblog this so other Clone Clubbers will see it. This show is quite confusing at times and I hope I actually clarified some things here for those that might be confused. Now I’m gonna go rewatch the Clone Club dance scene like a million times. :D

Oliver and his future in laws

So there is this question that has been floating around in my mind. Does Oliver know more about Felicity’s background that he is letting on? I personally think that he does know about Felicity’s family. He might not have met them but he definitely knows who or what they are. 

So all we know about her family is the tidbits we have learnt along the way. But whenever she has divulged her secrets Oliver has not flinched or acted surprised. Okay now I know Oliver is not an especially expressive guy but look at his expressions and you know that there is something that Oliver is holding back (Stephen Amell is amazing at the subtle nuances he brings to his character). 

When Felicity tells Oliver that her father left when she was young

When Felicity tells Oliver about her mother, he nods. But its not just a nod. Look closely. He shrugs a little. Its a teeny tiny shrug, almost like saying “Yeah I know what you mean." 

And when she reveals that her father abandoned her mother and herself, he looks away and exhales. Its almost as if there is something he wants to say. Something he wants to reveal. And he has decided to keep it to himself.

He has his more than his own fair share of secrets. But this is one secret that isn’t his to share. 

When Oliver is brought back from the brink of death by Barry

When Barry saves Oliver, Oliver is livid that Barry knows about his secret identity. Felicity tries to reason with him that this situation is no different from the time she found out after he was shot by his mother or when he told Dig. He then says something that has stayed with me. He states that he did his homework on both of them. HOMEWORK. 

Lets take a step back. Oliver Queen in season one was crossing people off a list to make the city better. He was judge jury and executioner all in one. The people he chose to aid him in this quest would have been crucial in not only abetting him but also in keeping his secret. 

Queen consolidated is a multi-national company. I am guessing there were at least a few other IT techs in the building. Even if we all agree that Felicity was the smartest one in the bunch, there were other people he could have approached to test a liquid in a syringe track a shipment of arrows, maybe circle round to Felicity when he needed something harder to be done. But he keeps coming back to her, with his ridiculous stories, knowing full well that his stories were shaky and that the girl was remarkable. Of course he did her homework on her. He might not have had the tech skills that Felicity has but he did have some skills as evidenced in the first two episodes. And we cannot forget that he does/did have a few A.R.G.U.S connections. It is completely within the realm of possibilities that he had someone check up on Felicity’s credentials and background. 

He might know everything about them or even have met them but I am quite convinced that he has a some sort of idea about who they are. 

I just can’t wait to see him react to the secrets that are revealed in the Felicity-centric episodes as well as his interactions with Donna Smoak! 

Is it October yet!