multi levelled


Detian Falls, China - awesome view

There’s being a good big brother and then there’s being a belligerent little shit, Brax

For @ doctress , who suggested:   ‘Braxiatel and the Doctor of your choice playing chess? Or maybe the Doctor and Brax stealing each other’s hats!’


Check out these multi-level waterfalls, Takamaka Waterfall, Reunion Island


Really neat multi-level waterfall in rainforest, West Java

FINAL FANTASY XV  |  Altissia, City Upon the Water

“Altissia is based on the city of Venice in Italy and has numerous canals streaming through the city. The artists sought to make it original by employing multi-tier sea levels and three-dimensional city structures.”

Hey guys listen to this cool dream I had 

I was in this massive museum. And I mean massive, it was bigger than I could fathom, and it was filled with dioramas of creatures. Every creature. Creatures we know here. Fantasy creatures. Creatures from other worlds. Creatures I can’t even explain. Thousands of them. Thousands upon thousands. 

As I wondered through this incredible place, I found a room behind a tiny modest door, and it opened into another wing of the museum. Not as big as the main part, but still huge, and it was filled with live specimens. It was multi leveled, and filled with other creatures different from those in the dioramas. There was one level that was a path snaking through ponds of brightly colored fish, one with aquariums for walls filled with terrifying sharks, and one with cages filled with all sorts of creatures that don’t exist on earth.

When I walked into the room, there were two crocodiles to the left of the door. One was large, and dark green, the other was smaller, and a light green. They followed me through the wing of live specimens, and the larger one spoke to me. He told me this was a witch’s museum, he and the other crocodile were her familiars, and I shouldn’t be in this wing. 

He told me anyone in this wing will become an exhibit. 

Then I woke up.