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※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.  

As per request:

An organized list of all the art and comics I have created for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Le Parfum de l'Amour-  My most current and ongoing comic story. What will happen when Marinette is accidently sprayed with a strange “love” perfume?
[Part 1] [Part 2]

Adorable post-reveal Adrienette- A Requested, multi-image and wordless scenario with Marinette and Adrien.

Marichat and the trapdoor- Requested funny scene of Chat Noir sneaking into Marinette’s room late at night.

Safe and Sound- Mildly angsty one shot Ladynoir and Adrienette comic based on a short fic.

Adrien can’t keep his cool- Awkward Ladrien comic sketch. Nino tries to help his buddy talk to his crush.

Ladynoir is just “friends”- Ladybug gives Chat Noir mixed signals about their relationship.


Chat Noir-
Realistic digital painting of a flirtatious Chat Noir.

Ladybug- Simple colored doodle of a cute Ladybug.

Marichat-  Rough sketch of Marinette comforting Chat Noir.

Ladrien- Slightly provocative situation between Ladybug and Adrien.

Ladynoir- Traditional drawing based off an episode screenshot.

Adrien- Drawing with copics and colored pencils.

Ladrien- Requested sketch of Adrien getting flustered with Ladybug.

Marichat- Hand painted screenshot re-draw.

Adrienette- Adrien and Marinette cuddling.

Ladynoir- Very first Ladybug and Chat Noir fanart.


Mr. Potato Nino- Joke based on the ridiculous fandom meme.

Ladynoir post-reveal relationship- A headcanon that Ladybug and Chat Noir’s relationship will be similar to Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Marinette’s Éclair- Art for the hilarious fic Porte-Boner.

A link to this list is available at the top of my blog as well, and will be regularly updated when new art and comics are added.

**If you are interested in making a request to use my art or comics for any purpose, please see my Art & Comic FAQ’s for all information first**

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Okay, this is basically compiled from maybe 20-30 different sources, so there’s a lot of info here. one hella big masterpost.  Even though there’s so many, I have personally checked each link to make sure it works, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Note: if marked with *, it’s digital/tablet art most likely. This is a really long post, so look under the cut. Follow for more master posts and references!

Tutorial for Beginning Photoshoppers
Photoshop help blog (2) (3)
Painting tutorial 
how to shift images using blur
brush stuff (2) (3) (4) (5)
glow in sai 
coloring art (2cloth)(hair)
how to draw clouds 
how to make stars
water fire snow light 
light sparkle 
mountains (2) moon ice
greyscale tutorial 
ps layers 
glitch effect 
download ps (2) (3) 
this tag (ps) (2)
this tag (sai) 

Other Graphic Stuff*
Make multi-page images 
Pixel art (2) (3 eyes)(hair)(fur)(4)
image types (jpeg,etc.)
pattern library 
lots of templates 

Gif to flipbook 
easy toon 
how to make one 
this tag

Google Fonts 
font out of your handwriting 
my tag 
this tag

Colors and Coloring
Color Basics
Color Blender *
Color Palette Generator
Great Color scheme designer 
Get info about a color by its hexcode * 
What colors pair well with others? 
A bunch of color groups/palettes (2)(3) (4)
how to make a color palette
coloring * 
adobe color wheel 
gradients *

Photo Editors/ mess around with art*
gimp (how to use it for shading)
more here and here 
online image editor 

Drawing People/Animals Tutorials/References

How to draw dreadlocks and other black hairstyles (poc)
How to draw wolf/dog ears 

body motion 
hands (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
feet (2) (3)
faces/ heads  (2) (3-lighting) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)(12)
kissing (2)
Dragons! (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)  
clawed hand                                  
 expressions (2) (3)
how to keep variation when drawing faces
comprehensive body refs/tutorials (2) (3) (4)(5) (6) (7 could be slightly nsfw)(8 nsfw-ish)(9) (10) (11) (12)  (13 nsfw)
body ref (you get to create the poses)
skin tone ref

hats on people (2) (hoods)
skin color palette (2 is skin in-depth tutorial) 
more skin helps (2) (3)
butts and thighs 
cool mutant human skeleton refs
male torso (2)
female body
creating creatures 
felines  (paws)
lion head
animals (general) (paws)(fur)(2)
how to draw penises (nsfw i guess)
sitting poses (2)
hair (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)(11) (12)(13)(14)(15) (braids) (more braids)(braids)
clothing (2) (jeans) (boots) (plaid)(lace) (armor)
horses (2) (3) (hooves)(legs + hooves)
dogs  (2) (3)
cats (big cats) (cats 2)
wolf paw (head) (body)
human wings (2) 
wings (2) (3)
pegasi (is that the plural?)
anime eyes (2)
eyes (2) (3) (4)
cool body visualizer 
ears (2) (3) (4 + noses)
noses (2)
mouth (2) (3) (4)
necks (2)
skull (2) 

Inanimate object Tutorials/References
How to draw trees (2) *
Awesome water ref 
clouds * (2)
rose (2) bush*
grass in sai/ps * (2) (3) 
rain * 
water *
3d rooms how to
gun ref (2)
chain how to 
how to draw gems 
gold coins 
how to draw an apple 

Make a comic strip 
Digital sculpting *
Silk art 
art prompt generator (2)
clay figurines 
how to watercolor 
how to add dimensions to your art 
watercolor pencil technique (2)

Other Resources 
Hella tutorials here as well 
this blog 
this page 
art ref blog 
inking masterpost 
art youtube channel 
this site
fashion infographics  
these master posts 
ps blog (2) 
this post *
body ref blog 
master post of art resources 
this art tag (2)

Kaylani. illustrator. 22. Black and Filipino

I’ve always had a really hard time identifying or claiming my filipino side even though my mom is filipino. My parents are divorced so I grew up with my mom in an extremely anti-black traditional filipino household. My Lola (grandma) used to bleach my skin because I was “too dark.” She used to make me wear clips on my nose and lips because they were “too thick and too Black.” I was never allowed to play outside because I was already born darker. And I wasn’t allowed to have black friends even though I’m black. My sisters are racially ambiguous and light skinned so I was the one who got the blunt end of the stick. To this day my Lola won’t even look at me because she’s disgusted of what I look like, Black. I’ve been ostrisized from both sides of my family because of who my parents are and who I am. I have a half black half filipino cousin who has been given away because their mom doesnt want to be kicked out of the traditionally filipino family. While my full filipino, half white or half chinese cousins mock and ridicule our half black cousins with words like; ghetto, ugly, too-dark, and nappy. I’ve been told by my own blood to my face that I am NOT one of them yet my mother is. Ive met so many half black half asian people that are willing to comprise their emotional and mental wellbeing in attempts to fit into an asian culture that wont except them. I’ve been called all sorts of discriminate anti-black things from non-asians and Asians when I tell them I’m half or when they see my mom and realize what I am. People expect me to look light with wavy hair or they expect me to look like Kimora lee Simons or jhene aiko, but because I don’t they’re disappointed. How do you think 22 years of that has made me feel? 22 years of misognoir because lots of people convince themselves that I was born wrong when I wasn’t. I had to teach myself to love myself and unlearn 15 years of self hate and child abuse instilled in me from a fucked up racist institution based on American AND filipino colonialism. I never want anyone to go through the depression, anxiety, isolation, and self mutilation that I had to go through. I’m here to tell everyone that solidarity amongst Asians should also include those of us who are mixed with Black blood. Take time to understand your thoughts and unlearn the institutionalized racism/discrimination you’ve been taught. God bless.

Half Peruvian (with a mix of Spanish and French), ¼ Chinese. ¼ Japanese and get told way too many times that I am too brown to be Chinese and Japanese. People TRY to insult me by saying I look like a native Peruvian or Indian but either way they are beautiful people (so joke is on them). Then others tell me I am too pretty to be Peruvian or im not petite enough to be Asian. I enjoy not looking like your typical Peruvian, Chinese or Japanese girl. 

The Orion Nebula in Visible and Infrared : The Great Nebula in Orion is a colorful place. Visible to the unaided eye, it appears as a small fuzzy patch in the constellation of Orion. Long exposure, multi-wavelength images like this, however, show the Orion Nebula to be a busy neighborhood of young stars, hot gas, and dark dust. This digital composite features not only three colors of visible light but four colors of infrared light taken by NASAs orbiting Spitzer Space Telescope as well. The power behind much of the Orion Nebula is the Trapezium - four of the brightest stars in the nebula. Many of the filamentary structures visible are actually shock waves - fronts where fast moving material encounters slow moving gas. The Orion Nebula spans about 40 light years and is located about 1500 light years away in the same spiral arm of our Galaxy as the Sun. via NASA


Queer Stolen, historically looted Black Femme Survivor, embracing my skin, scars and survivorship. Proudly owning my own heritage of genocide survivors, my father is a survivor of the anti-Black Genocide occurring globally and my mom is a survivor of the Cambodian Genocide. 

Don’t fractionalize me, tokenize, exploit me or spill tears of pity for me.

I am Sick of anti-Black femme violence from all communities inflicting violence on myself and my communities. I am whole me and not 50 percent anything.

Yes, I am my mother’s daughter. Yes, I am Blasian. Yes, my hair is curly. Yes, I am unapologetically Black and Yes, I am not sparing my bones, skin or wounds for your anti-Blackness. 

I am Black and Proud, because Black people can also be Cambodian and Cambodian people can also be Black.

Just tryna get my glow up, radiate in sunshine and my melanin on fleek, so please look out for my fundraising link!

I am fundraising to go to Cambodia for the first time, meet my family that I have not met before, engage in my own documentation, archival work of my story, create a digital and non-digital multimedia archive with, for other Black and Brown survivors of Genocide stories and will also be interning at an amazing arts organization. I need the financial support and appreciate any support. 

My link will be up very soon as my trip is in July and I would appreciate it very much if y'all can share it, donate to it, add suggestions, etc. <3 <3 Y'all can also follow me on tumblr as I am going to post it up on there too. 

Much love to all the Blasians posting, it’s so good to see and hear about y'all resilience <3 

The Milky Way glitters above Yellowstone National Park. David Lane created this stunning multi-image panorama of the night sky over the park’s Pelican Creek – a place that offers great views of Yellowstone Lake. Photo courtesy of David Lane.

Today’s Gender of the day is: multi-purpose cutlery

[Image description: a yellow plastic utensil with a spoon at one end and a fork at the other; one edge of the forkis also serated like a knife.]

I’ve had non-Asian people tell me that I’m “lucky because I don’t have “ch*nky eyes.” But the moment I smile or laugh my “Asian-ness comes out” and its apparently amusing because I have “big normal-looking eyes” for an Asian girl.

I never said anything before but now that I know better, I will no longer tolerate your racist bullshit. So to all you racist fuckers:

First of all, it’s called MONOLIDS and not “ch*nky eyes.”Hhow the fuck am I “lucky” to have “big normal-looking” eyes? Are you telling me that Asians with monolids are “unlucky and abnormal looking?” Do you even realize how disgusting you sound? Oh wait, no you don’t because you even have the guts to say it to me in public and openly laugh about it.

Second of all, stop making fun of the traits Asian people have because that’s what makes them beautiful. Monolids are beautiful and having double eyelids are normal for Asians from the South, Southeast, and West/Asia Minor. Heck, I know some East Asians who have natural double eyelids. If you dare come up to me and “compliment” my eyes for being “big for an Asian” again, I’ll be sure to complement your racist ass with a black eye.

Last and most definitely not least, it’s called having an eyesmile and I am grateful to have it tyvm. Stay the fuck away from us you racist piece of shit.

To my fellow Asians who are conscious about this:

Love and be proud of your eyesmile because it’s beautiful. Don’t pay attention to those obnoxious racist fuckers who tell you otherwise.

My name is Rose and it is my first time submitting. I am mixed-race Asian American (Japanese, Thai, and white), and so tired of people saying “what are you?” like I’m a breed of dog, and asking “where are you really from?” when I say I’m from California. My English is better than yours, fools. 

I have dealt with body image and identity issues as well as mental illness for quite some time now, but things are looking up. Mental illness is often stigmatized, but in my experience, many Asian communities would like to pretend it doesn’t exist at all. And I am not a thin, hairless, porcelain doll for male consumption. I am fat and hairy! And still beautiful. And still Asian. And still angry.

Thank you to all of you lovely people who have submitted. Seeing all these beautiful faces makes me feel incredible. I love being part of such a supportive (and angry! heck yes!) community.