multi flash


“black women were created of
brown sugar and warm honey.
the sweetest thing to bless the earth.
be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”

multi-villain-imagines  asked:

30 from list one with Snart x Reader please 😊 maybe with a bit of sexual tension between them 😏

I combined it with another request, hope that’s okay. Hopefully you like it.

prompts “I know you want me” (anonymous request) and  “Is that anyway to talk to your rescuer”

nothing explicit, mentions of a stalker ex, implied violence against said ex


       I know you want me to come over tonight. Your ex keeps sending you text messages, you were going to have to change your number. Ugh, why can’t he take a hint. Bad enough you have to sit here after hours working on the paperwork that the damn bank manager couldn’t be bothered to do himself, now booty call texts. You should turn the damn phone off.

      After two hours you were finally done, you placed everything on your Boss’s desk, then locked his office. You started back for your desk when you heard foot steps, you knew it wasn’t the janitorial staff they weren’t in until tomorrow. And Jake rarely leaves his post monitoring the security cameras.

   Instinct told you to hide, so you did under your desk, pulling your chair under it as much as possible to keep hidden. “I thought I heard something over here.”

      “There’s no one here, Len.”

      “So it would seem.” The first voice close to your desk, you heard some rustling sounds like someone going through something like a purse, Shit, you left your purse on your desk. You managed to stay quiet long enough to hear footsteps leaving, but you weren’t sure if both the guys had left. To be on the safe side you stayed under the desk longer trying to figure out how to get to your phone.

     You nearly screamed when the desk chair was pulled away from the desk slowly. Dark pants in front of you as someone sits in your chair. “You are a quiet little kitten, aren’t you? Don’t say anything, I’d rather my partner not see you.” The man had a pleasant voice. He handed your purse down to you. “I need you to stay here and wait until we are done. Can you do that for me, kitten? Tap my shoe if you understand.” You cautiously tapped his shoe. “Good girl. I’m keeping your phone though, too tempting to call for the authorities.”


     The two men had been very thorough at clearing out the more valuable items in the vault. Apparently, they had knocked Jake out, when he came to he called the authorities and went looking for you to make sure you were okay. Hours later, you were finally able to go home, once they realized you couldn’t give much information to help the case.

       Once inside your apartment you kicked off your heels, shoving your keys in your purse, before dropping it on the coffee table. Plopping down on the couch, sinking back into the cushions, “I need a drink.”

        “Long day, kitten?” The voice from the bank. You hadn’t notice the man sitting on your couch next to you.

         Your patience with the day had evaporated, “How did you find my home?” The man held up your license. “Oh.” He smirked at you. “I’d like you to leave, now.” You attempted to sound braver than you felt.

         “Is that any way to talk to your rescuer? Don’t you think I should be rewarded?”

         “You robbed where I work. That isn’t a rescue, sitting under a desk praying not to be noticed.”

          “It was for your own good. My partner was grumpy tonight. But I am not referring to that, kitten.” The man held up your phone. “I just rescued you from a stalker, (Y/n).”

           “Frank.” You frowned.

           “He said some impolite things. Ungentlemanly, things. I sent my partner to correct his behaviour.” You didn’t really know how to respond, so you just said thank you. “Now about my reward, kitten.” He ran a finger along your jaw.