multi fandom meme

I really don’t understand how some ARMYs can be so hateful. Other groups have worked just as hard to get where they are. I am multi fandom but I bias BTS but even if I wasn’t multi fandom I couldn’t imagine saying some of these hateful things other ARMYs are saying. Every idol is a human first and foremost. Stop hating on them just because you don’t follow them. Every idol deserves all the love in the world for all the crap they went through as trainees


Text AU: Stiles tells you he loves you

  • draco to harry: *pulls him in by the collar* WHEN I FIRST SAW YOU
  • draco to harry: *spits on his face* FROM ACROSS THE ROOM
  • draco to harry: *raises fist ready to punch and glares* I KNOW THAT YOU WERE CURIOUS
  • draco to harry: *crushes lips together* oH yEAh