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It’s A Challenge, Ya’ll!


I can’t believe this… 110+ followers!?! What… I… JUST WHAT?!?!

I love you guys… all of you… Every. Single. One. (Yes, even you, pornbots [you creepers]). The only reason I joined this site was to get deeper into the fandoms. Because, you know, fandom=life (that’s how it works, right??).

Anyhoo, I know there’s a lot of challenges going on right now, but I thought, “Hey, why not just add another to the pile?”  So here ya’ll go, another writing challenge.

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Favorite 5+1 Fics

Favorite Themed Fics is a bimonthly feature where a specific theme is chosen and we create a compilation listing the favorite fics of Olicity Library Team related to the theme picked.

Sixty Minutes by Hemsee [G - 5200]

Five times Oliver picks up Felicity for lunch – and the one time she does.

@ohmypreciousgirl comment: Post-S02, I love the way she built the relationship post-I love you. The characterization was on point, especially for Oliver. Smitten and devoted!Oliver is everything to me.

Six Times Felicity Uses Post-It Notes and One Time Oliver Does by hope27 [T - 7,096]

Six times Felicity uses post-it notes to tell Oliver something and one time Oliver does.

@geniewithwifi​ comment: It’s so fluffy! I couldn’t stop grinning the entire time.

Lipstick (on my collar) by redtoes [T - 6568]

Oliver asks Felicity to help him maintain his playboy cover, and against her better judgement, she agrees.

Five times Felicity left a lipstick mark on Oliver.

@releaseurinhibitions​ comment: Funny, witty, wonderfully Olicity. Great original team arrow interactions as well, and ust.

Remove All Doubt by PuzzledHats [E - 12540]

“Really shouldn’t that list have been titled ‘Oliver Queen’s Top 5 Ways To Turn You On?”

When a group of Oliver’s former flames decide to spill the illicit details of his private life, Felicity cleans up the mess but not before her babbling inadvertently lays down a challenge.

@multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl​ comment: UST to RST, as Oliver’s uses his five ‘moves’ to seduce Felicity. We got a hot-hot-hot Oliver, adorkable Felicity and Diggle being Diggle in the background. Really, what’s not to love in this story.

More Than Words by serenadreams [G - 7071]

Four times Felicity chooses Oliver, and one defining time he chooses her.

@ohmypreciousgirl comment: One of my favorite one-shots, I love the pace of this story. Lots of angst, but with a happy ending - exactly my thing.

A Loss for Words  by  CarrieAnn [T -  13,348] 

Oliver and Felicity can’t fully communicate–after his death, after Ray, after Malcolm and Ra’s–but their sustained connection will slowly draw them closer together again, and closer to the moment of truth.

Or, five times they can’t say everything they want to say, and one time they finally do

@geniewithwifi comment: This one is more than a little angsty, with it being set in season 3. It goes through the different feelings of moments in S3– Oliver’s Death, Ray, until it divergences into it’s own story. Canon divergent but explores Oliver’s and Felicity’s feelings towards each other. 

Rub-A-Dub-Dub by Frea_O [T - 5998]

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but Oliver Queen is pretty sure they didn’t take his crazy life into account when they wrote that line. Or: five uses for your everyday bathtub, starring Oliver and Felicity.

@releaseurinhibitions​ comment: Really creative and entertaining, with a touch of angst, and a great build-up.

Ordinary Is Never Perfect by chasethewind [E - WIP]

or ten times Oliver and Felicity try to have sex, but hopelessly fail.

@multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl comments: It’s sexy and it’s funny. It’s still incomplete, but the five chapters that have been updated are really hilarious. There’s something to be said about interrupted sexy times ;)

happy is the man by PuzzledHats [M - 2661]

Five times Oliver proposes to Felicity and one time she proposes to him.

@ohmypreciousgirl‘s comment: I love this story. Written by one of my favorite authors, I melted when I read this story the first time. I highly recommend it. 

Not safe for work by hizashii [T - 5,614]

Or, 5 times Oliver and Felicity touched each other inappropriately without noticing And the one time they definitely did notice. 

@geniewithwifi comment: You know all those things we saw in canon in season 1 and 2 that screamed “they’re in a relationship”? Yeah this is that, just upped a level :)

all i have to give by andymcnope [M - 9040]

Five times Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak had to pretend to be together.

@releaseurinhibitions​ comment: Awesome exploration of the fake dating trope, with fun banter and intense sexual tension.

Z for Zzzz by TheAlternativeSource [E - 1984]

3 Times the Gang Caught Them Sleeping & the 1 Time They Caught Them Fucking

@multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl comments: It kind of explores their relationship from a third person’s point of view, and there’s something hilarious in the way the gang does not realise just how far the couple’s exhibitionist tendencies go. Quick read that is totally worth it.