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My Eggsy / Kingsman work I getting as much attention as my Marvel work!! Omigod you peach are the freaking best!!
After I finish Secrets Kill I don’t know how much I will be putting out in Marvel for a short while (give me a week or two) I need a change and Eggsy fiction is giving me that.
But don’t worry peaches I’m not leaving Marvel!! Like I could ever! I just needed to add another fandom to my writing so I don’t feel so trapped.
I also know that Eggsy is not a huge fanfiction base but I’m obsessed, and think he needs my love and attention. So Itsanerdlife is officially a multi fandom blog as of now! Come my Marvel loving Peaches! Come my Kingsman loving Peaches!

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Wat r some of ur fav kpop blogs to rec?

okay! I feel like I am getting back to you late so I am sorry! I have a lot of fave blogs tbh but these blog are really multi fandom or have a loving dedication to a group and always provide the best + quality content (and sorry for tagging you all) 

@ytsgf  @2017debuts @comehomecharlie @1voisper @baejangtag @choigiraffe @cybercnu @shinwhoohoo @definitelythis @got7jacksonwang @kpopsongrec @ilysmjhope @sunpeachs  @amberjliu @astroboyband @supportsamuel  @binsmoon @cybercnu @hotseok @chokemewinwin @hyunqwvon @bb-zelo

and because I have to mention the Tinkerbell fam:
@tiknkerbell @oheejunsbf @lnsoeng @knkinky @knkillme @henmi @seunqjun

@knktookovermylife @knkruinedmylife @keunxkeun @keunarikeun

Kiss Meme

OK, I was tagged by @shepard-alenko and @ellebeedarling for this

RULES: List 10 fictional characters you’d like to kiss, then tag people. I’m going with multi-fandom here peeps. Not really in any sort of order.

#1. Zaeed Massani. Mass Effect. Like this is any sort of surprise to anyone who knows me.

#2. Steven Hackett. Mass Effect. Again, wut? you say sarcastically.

#3. Suvi Anwar. Mass Effect Andromeda. I mean. Just look at those lips. Can you blame me?

#4. Wonder Woman. Of, er, Wonder Woman, I guess. Any iteration of WW really. And yes I mean the Linda Carter years too.

#5. Zevran Arainai. Dragon Age. There’s a reason I can’t make myself romance anyone else in Origins, goddamnit.

#6. Mat Sela. Dream Daddy. Just. Come on. It’s not even fair.

#7. Reyes Vidal. Mass Effect Andromeda. Because I am bad boy trash.

#8. Starbuck. Battlestar Galactica (the new). She both scares me and attracts me. Enough said.

#9. Garrus Vakarian. Mass Effect. Like you’re not thinking the exact same thing.

#10. Han Solo, the early years. Star Wars. See bad boy trash above.

I hereby tag you to tag yourself!

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ok so i saw you were writing a lot of voltron fanfics (its really hard finding decent multi fandom writers who don't favour 1 fandom over another) and because i like your writing i thought "huh maybe i'll watch some of this voltron thing" now it's been 5 days and i'm officially obsessed and can't wait till the 4th of august, so thank you for giving me the entertainment i needed this summer

I feel like it could be argued that I favor Voltron over other fandoms because I’ve got like 70ish prompts written for that, but hey! I’m glad you tried it out and ended up liking it! We got good old Lance boy’s birthday this Friday, and then season 3 the following Friday! 

Anyway, if you ever wanna request a prompt, feel free friend! I’ve got like a million, but I’m still happily accepting lol 

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Do you know of any other smut/NSFW free blogs that write for LOTR? Yours is great !!

Thank you!! I apologize for taking so long to answer, I had to do some hunting for you!!

Here’s some blogs I found:

@blog-of-a-multitude-of-fandoms Lottie and Hannah run a multi-fandom blog complete with Tolkien! 

@legolasimagines Just what it sounds like. Legolas imagines and one-shots! No smut/nsfw posted thus far

@greenleaf-writings Tolkien imagines/one-shots/drabbles

@reader-rabbit Tolkien writer with a love of bunny rabbits!!

@ladyoflaketownimagines Imagines and Drabbles(no smut thus far)

@lets-imagine-tolkien Imagines, icons, fanfictions, aesthetics, etc. 

@fandom-what-ifs Multi-fandom smut free blog! 

I hope you find something interesting :) 


“black women were created of
brown sugar and warm honey.
the sweetest thing to bless the earth.
be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”

I really don’t understand how some ARMYs can be so hateful. Other groups have worked just as hard to get where they are. I am multi fandom but I bias BTS but even if I wasn’t multi fandom I couldn’t imagine saying some of these hateful things other ARMYs are saying. Every idol is a human first and foremost. Stop hating on them just because you don’t follow them. Every idol deserves all the love in the world for all the crap they went through as trainees


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.