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I’m looking for some new blogs to follow. :) 

Please reblog/like if you post a lot of: 

The X-Files



Game of Thrones

BBC Sherlock

Doctor Who

The Phantom of the Opera

Les Misérables 

It’s okay if your blog is a multi-fandom mess (I mean, just look at my blog), just as long as you post quite a bit of the fandoms found above! 


We did it!!!

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Just give me a moment to recover from that Brendon gif…

Okay I’ve recovered.

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Thank you to everyone who has ever followed me, you’re all going on my Christmas card list! Okay that’s not true because if I had your addresses you’d probably be a bit concerned, but the thought’s there. If I could send you all Christmas cards without seeming like a stalker, I would.

Shout outs to some of my favourite followers, @marvelximagines, @dont-you-wanna-rev-your-harley, @multi–fandom-imagines, @lexilynstar, @skymundane477, @you–were–my–everything, I love you all so much!

Actually, I love all of you! Especially all you wonderful people who send sweet messages in my ask, you guys never fail to put a smile on my excuse for a face. Who needs to wake up to a good morning text from a boy when you can wake up to a sweet anon saying you make them smile and that you write good fanfic?

Anyway, I’m rambling now, so I’ll just say thank you once again!

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hi, everyone! I realized the other day that i never properly celebrated reaching 1k and i haven’t done a tumblr awards in ages so i thought i would fix both those things!


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes will only count as bookmarks)
  • ends february 29th
  • one winner for each category and 2-3 runners up (depending on entries)
  • despite what everything in this post would indicate i’m not just a star wars blog so everyone of any fandom can enter <3


  • Luke Skywalker Award: best url
  • Han Solo Award: best theme
  • Obi-wan Kenobi Award: best mobile theme
  • Padme Amidala Award: nicest blogger
  • Anakin Skywalker Award: best creations
  • Rey Award: best posts
  • Finn Award: best multi-fandom  
  • Matt the Radar Technician Award: best Star Wars
  • Poe Dameron Award: personal favourite
  • Leia Organa Award: best overall


  • +follow
  • spot in my updates tab
  • 5 promos for each runner-up upon request
  • winners get unlimited promos whenever you want for the next 3 months
  • winners get a custom icon/gifset/playlist/whatever you want
  • friendship <33


I have wanted to do one of these for ages because I love my followers!    So why not now?! What better way to bring in the new year?     I have a multi-fandom blog, so I am doing a multi-fandom give away!

The Winner will be drawn randomly, on January 1st! 

The Winner will get:

      - Nevermore   (The first Supernatural novel in the series)
      - The Samulet
      - A Ravenclaw Tie
      - An Elderwand Necklace
      - A box of Bertie Bot’s Every Flavour Beans
      - Darth Vader mints
      - LOTR : The One Ring to rule them all
      - Arwen’s Evenstar Necklace

-Only “Reblogs” count as entries, you may reblog as many times as you like
-You must be following me to win:   @gryffindorkwinchester
-You must be willing to give me your mailing address



“black women were created of
brown sugar and warm honey.
the sweetest thing to bless the earth.
be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”