multi eyed

One of my favorite things about RE7 was how 100% Done Ethan became after a while.

He went from pure terror at his situation to just getting annoyed by the Bakers and monsters, no matter how fucked up, disgusting, or disturbing things around him got.

It basically went like -

*Confronting a gigantic, mutated, multi-eyed abomination dead set on killing him brutally*


New Breed Wishlist

1) Water: something spooky and deep-water looking (like a gulper eel or sth) and also something more pretty and fish-like, like a betta or fancy goldfish.

2) Ice: CARIBOU OR ARCTIC FOX DRAGON PLS also give me a thick-scaled, nordic-looking dragon. lots of pointy bits and intense armor.

3) Fire: a six-limbed Salamander, please fr. I don’t care how you figure out the apparel for it IT’D BE PERF! also would be cool to have something that looks almost aquatic, that literally lives in lava.

4) Wind: I can wait a while since they already have two, but give me a delicate fairy dragon. Not like the Faes, something wispier, maybe with a fancy flowing mane.

5) Light: also needs to wait, but we need something a little more solid-looking. Paladin tank dragon.

6) Plague: kinda sad Bogs aren’t plague tbh. give us a fanged cobra-hooded dragon, sleek and dangerous. or a cute-but-creepy plaguerat.

7) Nature: also sad “Blooming” wasn’t little flower dragons. Would still love one of those. Also something long and short-limbed, made for living in trees.Make sure at least one is always in the Treaure MP, poor Nature.

8) Earth: give Earth their goatdergs damnit! also a cute little tortoise-like breed that is literally called a Pebble dragon. Imagine the cute

9) Shadow: trickster foxes or nekomata, please. I want more mamilian dragons. Also a breed that has the ability to literally enter shadows

10) Arcane: a dragon with skin like a sphynx cat, and flimsy-looking bat wings. they were warped by arcane energies and aren’t great fliers, but are excellent magic users. would also love to see another multi-eyed breed here, “third eye” and all that jazz

11) Lightning: if we can make Bogsneaks, can Lightning have a cyborg breed? Also something that lives in the desert! Like a roadrunner or gila monster.

Ultimele cuvinte ale unei fete care a murit in urma unui accident de masina! Au facut o intreaga Europa sa planga…

„Am fost la o petrecere și mi-am amintit ce-mi spuseseși mai devreme. Mi-ai spus să nu beau alcool așa că am băut suc. M-am simţit mândră de mine așa cum tu mi-ai zis ca ar trebui să mă simt. Mi-ai spus să nu mă urc la volan dacă am băut în ciuda a ceea ce unii dintre prietenii mei aveau să îmi spună. Te-am ascultat pe tine și mi-am dat seama ca de fiecare dată, că sfatul tau era unul foarte sănătos.”

„Când petrecerea s-a încheiat, oamenii de acolo s-au urcat la volan deși multi dintre ei nu erau în stare să conducă. Eu m-am îndreptat către mașina mea știind că voi ajunge acasă în sigurantă. O clipa nu m-am gândit la ce avea să mi se întâmple, ceea ce mi s-a întâmplat, mamă. Acum mă aflu fără pic de putere pe strada și il ascult pe polițistul care spune că băiatul care a provocat accidentul era beat.”

„Mamă, vocea lui pare ca fiind foarte îndepărtată. Am atât de mult sânge pe mine, pe lângă mine și ma abţin din răsputeri să nu plâng.Am auzit doctorii care spuneau
–Fata asta va muri.
Se pare că tânărul care a condus cu viteză a decis să bea, dar să mor eu. De ce, mamă? De ce oamenii aleg să fie iresponsabili știind că vor distruge viețile altora? E prea mare, mamă, e prea mare durerea.

Te rog, spune-i surorii mele să nu plângă, spune-i tatei să fie puternic căci atunci când voi merge în rai voi avea grijă de voi toţi.” „Cineva trebuia sa-l fi învăţat pe acel tânăr că nu trebuie să bei și apoi să te urci la volan. Poate dacă parintii lui i-ar fi spus asta, acum nu mai eram pe patul de moarte.” „Încep să respir din ce în ce mai greu, mamă, mi-e frică, vreau să te ţin de mână. Vreau să îţi spun cât de mult te iubesc mamă. La revedere”

A short moment of appreciation for Pedri Nanezgani

Just look at him and tell me that he isn’t the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen in your life. I could talk about his look for ages.

That character design, that detail, that little tuft of hair peeking out from behind his cracked skull mask, those cheekbones, those graceful horns, that necklace of multi-eyed bird skulls, those claws, those bony fingers,


I love Pedri Nanezgani more than words could possibly describe and if I could, I’d mail Michelle an entire bakery full of top-class cake for creating him. He’s perfect. Simply perfect.

This has been a moment of appreciation for Pedri Nanezgani. Thank you for your attention. You may return to doing whatever you were doing before you read this post.

Problemele financiare provin din faptul că mulţii ani de şcoală nu ne învaţă nimic despre cum funcţionează banii, ci doar cum să muncim din greu pentru ei, iar atunci când îi avem - mulţi, puţini - nu ştim cum să-i folosim în favoarea noastră.
—  Tată bogat, tată sărac - Robert T. Kiyosaki
Thoughts on Blinky

Blinkous Galadrigal is an interesting character and by far my favorite one of the trolls. He’s an historian, conspiracy theorist and Jim’s trainer including being a father-figure to him. He also knows how to play the piano

Blinky’s been around for 600 years, so he’s been alive since 1417 if we count those 600 from present day. Maybe he’s older than that but it’s not mentioned in the show. He most likely was one of the trolls migrating from Europe to USA on Mayflower in the year 1620.

After watching the show numerous times, it came to my attention that noone in the trollmarket is the same kind as Blinky. I’ve payed much close attention to the trolls in the background to see if I could spot anyone that looked the same as Blinky. 

And there was none. I saw small trolls but with no extra arms or eyes. I saw cyclops and stalklings with no wings. But noone like Blinky. Not a single one in the crowd.


This one. A Trollhunter. Who probably is female since their voice sounds feminine (they appear in ep14). They are placed above the arena among the other trollhunters. We don’t know the name or anything about them other than they’re the same kinstroll as Blinky. 

I hoped this could have been his brother, Dictatious Maximus Galadrigal (who Blinky mentions in ep21) but since I heard their voice I doubt that this could be him.

There can be many explanations as to why Blinky is the only multi-eyed, 4 armed troll in Trollmarked. Perhaps Dreamworks animators had enough trouble animating one of his kind, or perhaps there’s something more to it.

Whatever happened to his brother anyway?? We know that he collected many books and literature so he must have been smart just like Blinky. 

I also want to mention that Blinky can be magical. However the only time we see him “glow” (alike Aaarrrgghh when he goes aggro) is in ep1 when he follows Jim around.

Sure this could also just be because of visual language that his eyes needed to glow but we never see this sort of magic from him again throughout the series.

The other six-eyed, magical troll that appear in the show is the Soothscryer

The Soothscryer is a magical statue that judges the Trollhunters true spirit. Pretty cool and scary-looking.

Blinky is my favorite character. There’s so much he’s seen and experienced and I just want to know more about him.

Day Thirty

-I told a man to have a good day. He loudly told me in kind to have a great day. I do not get paid enough to handle this blatant one-upmanship. 

-A woman informed me that she would not be using her Target card, as she would rather pay. I want to know what she thought the Target card was that did not involve payment, but more importantly, why she would ever choose to pay when presented with an option not to.

-As I made eye contact with a woman who was talking to me, she opened her eyes. It turned out that she had black eye shadow on with a strip in the middle that had been worn off, making her eyelid look like an eye of its own, and making me think I was ringing up an ancient multi-eyed deity. 

-In response to the feedback I’ve gotten that not only kids would like stickers, I put a stack on my counter with a sign inviting all guests to take one. An unanticipated but not altogether surprising amount of people took up this offer, and guests from all age groups, teenagers to the elderly, left the store with a sticker in their pocket and a smile on their face.

-As a very mean-looking woman approached my lane, I began to have a nearly-debilitating sharp pain in the center of my forehead. I do not mean to imply that this woman is the Dark Lord Voldemort, but I am most certainly not saying that she is not.

-I was informed by a team member that if I were ever to post about her, I must refer to her as “The Crazy One.” I laughed at first, but I realized that she was serious about this. 

-In conversation with a guest, I mentioned that I was having a migraine. I experience severe migraines somewhat frequently, and I had been on the verge of asking to leave early due to it. After I finished her transaction, she returned to the sales floor, seemingly having forgotten something. She returned moments later with a box of Excedrin Migraine and a Gatorade, refusing to accept my protests as she purchased them for me. This is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for me and I began feeling better almost instantly. In case she never returns to my lane, this is my thank you.

-A guest told me to have a good day just as I told them to have a good night. We looked at each other for a moment, panicked, then looked outside to see who was in the right. I am proud to say that, for once, it was me.

-A man with snow-white hair and a urine-yellow beard came through with a chewed up, unlit cigarette hanging loosely out of his mouth. I am sure this is a metaphor for something, but for what, I do not know.

-I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a guest’s newly-purchased mirror was about to fall off of the counter. I lunged for it, knocking over items and throwing out my back, catching it just before it fell and shattered everywhere. I then realized that it was not a mirror, but a wreath that was in no danger of any damage, and my entire reaction was unwarranted. 

-A woman in her forties was accompanied by a man in his sixties. She loudly exclaimed to me, “Tonight I’m with daddy!” With all of my heart, I hope that man was her father.

-As a three year old was preparing to purchase her toys with her own money from her own wallet, a woman offered her a sticker from the counter. Seeing this as a contest of who had more items of value, the child pulled out an enormous wad of cash, the likes of which I have rarely seen and never possessed, and held it out in front of the woman’s face. I think it is clear who has won this battle and my admiration.


Been brainstorming for the headworld and made some sketches. I think the multi-eyed creature and the cyclop lizard aren’t actually animals at all, but some sort of sentient fungi that form protective bodies from decaying organic matter and chitin. Need to think about it a bit more, tho.