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Big Finish Eighth Doctor Masterpost

The Eighth Doctor, as portrayed by Paul McGann, is a favorite among many Big Finish fans. When Big Finish began publishing adventures featuring McGann in 2001, they inherited a Doctor with effectively no televised era. His only on-screen appearance was in a 1996 television movie, which failed to lead to an ongoing series. Choosing to ignore the adventures of the Eighth Doctor as chronicled in books and comics up to that point, Big Finish gave him new companions and set about creating an Eighth Doctor era that was all their own.

Eventually, the Eighth Doctor’s end was shown on television in “The Night of the Doctor”, and the Doctor gave a shoutout to some of his Big Finish companions. But even though we’ve seen the end of his life, the Eighth Doctor’s adventures are not yet over, with the “Dark Eyes” box sets still ongoing and further adventures yet to be announced.

The major story sequences of the Eighth Doctor at Big Finish, in chronological order from his own perspective, are as follows:

Mary Shelley (click here for guide)

Although they were published relatively recently, these stories featuring the famed Gothic novelist Mary Shelley are chronologically the earliest audio adventures featuring the Eighth Doctor (although unchronicled adventures with previous companions Samson and Gemma are alluded to as well).

Charley and C'rizz (click here for guide)

Self-desribed “Edwardian Adventuress” Charlotte Pollard was the original Big Finish Eighth Doctor companion. Storylines featuring this pair were a lot more serialized than Big Finish fans would have been used to at the time, although this has since become somewhat more the norm. Later they were joined by C'rizz, an alien companion from an alternate universe. After this sequence of adventures concluded, Charley went on to adventure with the Sixth Doctor, but that’s another story.

Lucie, Tamsin, and Susan (Eighth Doctor Adventures) (click here for guide)

Some time after his adventures with Charley and C'rizz, the Doctor encountered Lucie Miller (in a series of adventures originally crafted for a BBC7 radio audience). Lucie was initially foisted on an unwilling Doctor by the Time Lords, but they grew to enjoy each other’s company. After Lucie parted company with the Doctor, this sequence continued as the Doctor met up with his granddaughter Susan, adventured with new companion Tamsin Drew, and eventually encountered Lucie once again.

Molly and Liv (Dark Eyes) (click here for guide)

Picking up where the Eighth Doctor Adventures left off, the Doctor began adventuring with Molly O'Sullivan, a nursing assistant working in the field during World War I. In their adventures they were later joined by Liv Chenka, who had previously been an ally of the Seventh Doctor. This sequence of adventures is still currently ongoing.

Miscellaneous audios featuring the Eighth Doctor

  • Shada - This release, available in audio or animated form, dramatizes “Shada,” the notoriously incomplete Fourth Doctor serial by Douglas Adams. This version features the Eighth Doctor, Romana, and K-9, and is set between the Doctor’s adventures with Mary and his adventures with Charley.
  • The Company of Friends - This anthology release features the story that introduces Mary Shelley, but also includes adventures with Bernice Summerfield, Fitz Kreiner, and Izzy Sinclair (of the Bernice Summerfield range, BBC Books Eighth Doctor Adventures, and DWM Eighth Doctor comics, respectively).
  • The Four Doctors - It’s not clear where in his timeline the Eighth Doctor’s participation in this story fits.
  • Survival of the Fittest - This Seventh Doctor release contains the one-part story “Klein’s Story”, which features a version of the Doctor from an alternate timeline played by Paul McGann. (But note that this isn’t a standalone story–see the Klein guide for details).
  • The Light at the End - This multi-Doctor story features the Eighth Doctor (from his perspective, it’s set early during his adventures with Charley).
  • Elixir of Doom - This release featuring Jo Grant and Iris Wildthyme has the Third Doctor’s face on the cover, but actually he doesn’t appear, and the Eighth Doctor does. It’s not clear where in his timeline this is placed.

Hold on, what about the books? What about the comics?

Good question. Big Finish usually ignores the novels and comics entirely. Except when they don’t. “Zagreus” very strongly implies that they take place in alternate timelines, while “The Company of Friends” very strongly implies that they take place in the same timeline. Ultimately, Big Finish is not particularly forthcoming with hints about whether the audios happen after the books, or vice versa, or if there’s some other arrangement. This blog is primarily about the audios, and so the guides on this blog usually ignore books and comics (except in very specific cases where they matter to a given storyline).

But if I had to take a stab at a linear timeline, I’d place the audios sometime after the books and comics, if only because they started later and are still ongoing.

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That bit from the Eleventh Doctor Titan comic where he shows Alice a selfie of him, his second incarnation, and eighth incarnation with Lin-Manuel Miranda on the set of Hamilton; since this line of comics takes place between A Christmas Carol and the Impossible Astronaut, the only natural places in which the Eleventh Doctor could’ve fit in a trip there would be either as a wedding present to Amy and Rory or as part of his ‘I’m sorry I got your fiance killed and erased from time’ tour with Amy.

And there’s just something funny in the idea that, instead of some cataclysmic event being the reason Amy and possibly Rory end up meeting multiple versions of the Doctor at once (and in this case, also discovering that the Doctor’s had different faces), their multi-Doctor story is Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Day 7: How to get into and enjoy Classic Who

I thought a lot about what I could do for the free day.  There’s plenty of meta to talk about and I’m pretty sure I still have my Big Finish Rec list somewhere.  But part of appreciating is being open to encouraging others to also appreciate, and Classic Who can be very, very daunting to get into, and that’s without mentioning the Extended Universe.  So while this might not be overly useful to most people participating in this fest, I figure there’s still plenty of friends you’ve all been dying to get them into Classic Who.  XD  These are just some suggestions that are mostly geared to New Who fans who are interested in delving deeper, but feel free to ignore or disregard part or all of it.

So without further ado, a How to for Classic Who for those that are looking to start the old series.

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