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Saki: Umm guys? Where's Jackson?

BennAshe: he SHOULD be already here…

Sasuke: the last time i spoke to him was 4 hours ago, i haven’t erased our conversation, he clearly said he will be here no matter what he has to face

Gaara: uhuh, well i was talking to him on my way here three hours ago, but the last message he sent me was a “dot”
BennAshe: a dot? Just like that?

Gaara: mmhm

BennAshe: well, we have to look for him then, probably he had a problem on his way here

Gaara: …or something else

Sasuke: enough talk tho! Come on!

*they all get out the house, but when they open the door, their eyes found themselves in an unknown scenery before their eyes*

//(those are supposed to be dark trees and leaves, but it looks like a cave, both work tho)

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im a sucker for reincarnation/soulmate aus,, gg

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