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Hermits are honestly one of the most badass species in Touhou. They’re immortal, but instead of being made undying through magic or freaky moon medicine, they live forever because they just. Refuse to die. When the shinigami come to take them away, they fucking fight them. They punch death in the face and keep living.

In Wild and Horned Hermit, a powerful kishin chief named Suiki attempts to kill Seiga Kaku by surrounding her in an impenetrable multi-layered column of magical water that moves too quickly for her to create a hole in it. But Seiga says, fuck that, and tunnels her way through the ground instead in what is probably the biggest ‘fuck you’ to an almighty death youkai to date.

Seiga’s too cool for death. Hermits don’t have time for that shit. They’re hermits. They’re badass.

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8 for the writer's meme, please!

My outline process is a disaster area, tbh.  Sometimes it’s super detailed, chapter by chapter notes, with lines of dialogue I want to remember and character bios with super detailed notes.  And sometimes, they’re super sketchy, a few words that probably would make no sense to anyone else.  The current writing project featured an outline that was plugging info into a multi-column chart.  

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Advice: Making Story Different from Harry Potter

Anonymous asked:

Hello! My question is: my main characters live in today’s world, and practice magic (as witches/wizards) but their ability to do so is hereditary. To have them frequenting a school or someplace where they practice their magic (and sort of isolated, in a town only habited by people of their ‘kind’ - mostly students) is essential to the plot, but I’m worrying it might become too Harry Potter-ish. Any advice on what should I avoid/focus? Thank you in advance!   

What I would do is make a three-columned, multi-row table. In the left column, list as many key features of the Harry Potter world as you can think of. You might even do a different table for different elements, like one for the Muggle world, one for Hogwarts, one for Hogsmeade, one for magic, etc. In the middle column, come up with a keyword to define each thing. Like, next to Olivander’s you’d put “wand shop.” Then, in the right hand column, write down what you can do differently. For example, maybe next to Olivander’s/Wand Shop you write, “no wands” meaning that your characters won’t use wands. Maybe next to Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Slytherin/Ravenclaw you put “students don’t live at school.” For every item, try to pick something really different. Try to structure the school differently, the classes differently, the magic and magical elements differently–literally everything you can. You might even focus on a different kind of magic or bring in an additional element like martial arts or telepathy.

I hope that helps! :)