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★ the49thname’s coding/web design commissions ★

——— [CURRENTLY CLOSED AS OF 26/07/17]  ———

hey everyone, due to financial problems i’m opening up commissions to try and help towards paying my rent over the summer. the prices are as follows:

  • complex theme - £12 - e.g. fansite themes, graphic-heavy themes (examples: x x x)
  • simple theme - £7 - e.g. minimalist header/sidebar themes, light on graphics (examples: x x x)
  • custom pages - £5 - e.g. navigation/tags, about, blogroll (examples: x x x x)
  • matching theme + custom page - £15 (+ £3 for each additional custom page)

all commissions will be completely customised for immediate use, including ready-made graphics and colour styling, and will not be released for public use (so you get a shiny theme/custom page just for you!!).

here are some rules you should keep in mind:

  • payment is upfront before i begin your commission and will be done via a paypal invoice. i will not start making it until payment has been confirmed and received.
  • any significant additions requested during the commission process will cost an additional £3 (e.g. changing your request from a simple one-column theme to a multi-column graphic-heavy theme).
  • any commissioned themes/custom pages are meant for personal use only, please do not redistribute/claim as your own work.
  • you have to keep the credit to my blog on the commissioned theme/custom page.
  • it will take around 2 - 3 weeks to complete a commission depending on what was requested, please be patient and understanding of this.

if you wish to commission me, please send an email to using the following framework:

  • name: [name]
  • tumblr username: [username]
  • complex theme / simple theme / custom page: [complex/simple/custom page]
  • specific details: [for example what kind of theme, such as fansite or minimalist, or what kind of custom page, such as navigation or about or blogroll pages, whether you want it to be graphic-heavy or light on graphics, specific colour scheme, specific styles (e.g. like/reblog buttons, pop-up pages/tab system, infinite scroll, multi-column), specific fandom, etc.]

you can give examples (please link to them in the email!!) from themes/pages i’ve already made or things made from other people to aid the description you’ve given if necessary.

that’s it, please send an email if interested and signal boosts are appreciated!! thank you!!

——— [CURRENTLY CLOSED AS OF 26/07/17]  ———


THEMES BY RHAEGARA. A minimalist theme on the outside with an expansive slide-out header full of customization options.

FEATURES: A full-width, slide-down header with info boxes, a description area, an optional description icon, and unlimited custom links; optional multi-column theme with 9 post sizes, 14 fonts, 5 font sizes; other features include show/hide captions, optional infinite scroll, a load screen, and more!

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anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry if you've already been asked this (I checked and couldn't find it), but I just wanted to know if you have any tips for growing your studyblr? I've had mine for a couple of years now and still haven't even broken 100 followers :(

Hi :-) Here are a few tips:

  • be more active - this doesn’t require you being online 24/7 but making sure there is something new on your blog regularly is important. I would recommend utilising the queue option and scheduling posts to automatically upload every few hours.
  • create high-quality content - I’ve mentioned it before but the quality of your photos is more important than what is in them in my opinion. You don’t need fancy stationery or an expensive laptop for pictures. I think if they’re bright, clear and well-taken, that is more important.
  • upload your own stuff - taking into account the above, I think you should upload more of your own pictures or posts. It doesn’t matter if you only post desk shots or specialise in masterposts about algebra! You can decide that. But having content specific to your blog should help.
  • make some friends - the studyblr community is full of lovely people. Don’t hesitate to send your favourite blogs a little message of thanks or praise. You can build up a few mutual friends through that!
  • make sure you have a nice, easy to use theme - this is so important especially when people come to look at your blog. I’d recommend a multi column theme with space for links to your own content, your ask, maybe an about me page, etc!

I know all social media sites have an overwhelming pressure of gaining followers but try not to let it be the main thing with your studyblr. It is awesome to see new followers appear and notice that you’re connecting with more and more people but it takes time to grow. Those 100 followers and the 100 after that will come around eventually. Hopefully using those few tips will make it that tiny bit faster. Best of luck xx

anonymous asked:

how do you make grids?

I assume that you are referring to grid backgrounds and not multi-column/grid themes:

1. Go to this site. (there is also a link on my resources page as “background maker”).

2. Color the background to be whatever color you want the grid background to be. Then in the color of the grid, draw one straight line down and one across, each one pixel wide. It should look something like this:

It doesn’t matter where you draw the lines as long as they are straight. When the image repeats it will look like a grid.

You can change the size of the canvas to make the grid bigger or smaller and change the colors around. I would suggest colors with low contrast. 

3. Download the file by hitting “save”.

4. Upload the grid as your background and make sure the background is set to repeat. This code should appear in the body{ .. } section at some point:

   background-attachment: fixed;

multi column themes

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