multi coloured cake

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21 with Easter egg for the kiss meme please~

A kiss with tongue. I love these short fics. 

Saitama was…confused. Yeah, that’s the word to use here, confused.

“Uh, so this is some kinda alien thing?” he asked, walking around the huge, massive really, multi-coloured cake? Was it really a cake? After all it was made with ingredients from another planet and had like ten layers, each one with a different density so the top was nearly translucent.

“Yes, it’s a show of acceptance. Five layers are traditional, seven are expected but ten I’ve never seen. The people of this planet adore you,” Boros explained, beaming down at him. And Saitama really wanted to see this as a good thing, because A) free food and B) Boros was super happy but this was just so weird.

“Yeah okay,” he mumbled, crossing his arms and tilting his head, how was one person supposed to eat all this because he’d been told the ‘Masau’ was all for him. Boros glanced down at him, his lips twitching, before dropping to his knees.

“Beloved, allow me to show you how we eat Masau,” the Cyclop murmured, reaching for the space cake and dragging two fingers through one of the more substantial layers. Well okay, through the one that looked like blue frosting with pink star shaped sprinkles, the colour of the frosting was a shade or two darker than Boros’ skin and the sprinkles were lighter than his tongue. How did he know that? Because Boros had just stuck his tongue out and licked the frosting off his fingers.

“Uh, dude?” he started trying to remain calm, to not fixate on the alien’s tongue, to forget how nice it felt against his skin. This wasn’t the time or place to jump his ‘mate’, they were in the middle of the cafeteria, crew members could walk in at any second but. But fuck did Boros look good, his single eye half lidded, a devious little smirk playing on his parted lips and he was basically kneeling in front of him.

Fuck it. Saitama didn’t have to lean far to catch those cool blue lips, Boros was so much bigger than him that even while kneeling he was still tall. The taste of the frosting exploded between their mouths, something sweet, something tart like apples but not, and it mixed so damn well with Boros’ own taste.

Earth’s hero didn’t even realise he’d been swept of his feet, that he was sitting on Boros’ arms. He was too caught up in the kiss, in chasing down every last trace of the Masau or whatever, in licking every square inch of his lover’s mouth and sucking on tongue that rubbed against his so perfectly.

“More, beloved?” Boros purred, not even winded while Saitama’s chest heaved as he panted. He glared weakly, too turned on, too overwhelmed to answer with words.

Boros must’ve understood though, since he was reaching for more of the space cake and was still smirking. Bastard.