multi colour eye




difficult to find, catch, or achieve.

summary :  teacher phil and teacher dan have a student who wants her ship to be cannon.

ao3 link : here

word count : 1,879.

A/N : this fic was inspired by one of my teachers , bless him. 


All of Phil’s students adored him, his whole staff talked about it in hushed whispers so the students didn’t know they knew. Maybe it was his perfect combination of black hair and multi-colored eyes, maybe it was how his glasses gave his face an enchanting symmetry, resulting in Phil always looking like a giant, beautiful model. Maybe it was how understanding he was towards students who came to him with problems, how willing he was to help them, maybe it was because he was more Lester, winner of the teacher of the year award 3 years in a row , Or maybe because Phil was Phil and the students craved honesty in their lives. But, what they didn’t know was that Mr Lester kept a very big secret from them.

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