multi colored leggings

A Couple of KimDaily

Imagine pocket-sized you tilting your mouth to the side as you looked in the mirror.  Namjoon has taken it upon himself to dress you this morning, calling it his KimDaily Project. Luckily, pocket-sized clothes were limited to the choices in your closet, but that didn’t stop him from being creative about mix-and-matching your ensemble into something you’ve never thought of putting together.

He had you dress in your multi-color striped leggings and a red t-shirt with denim shorts overalls over it. He topped you off with a red fisherman’s hat. You looked at the mirror from yourself to the dimpled man’s expectant face. You sighed, thanking him for choosing your clothes today.

He told you that he wasn’t done, which made your eyes widen like the size of golf balls. You didn’t know what else he could do with this. He left you standing there, telling you to wait patiently.

In a few minutes, he emerged from his room, wearing long multi-colored socks, a red t-shirt with denim overalls over it, a red fisherman’s hat.

Your lips twitched a smile when he blushed and explained that it took him a while to find clothes you owned that were similar to his. He needed an ensemble that wasn’t exactly normally matched, in case there were other people who would dress the same. Now you two exclusively match, like couples.



(Brandy Melville section)
- velvet skirt ($26.00)
- flannel ($39.00)

- black bralette ($26.95)
- white bralette ($26.95)
- sweater leggings grey ($39.95)
- multi color sweater leggings ($39.95)
- crisscross dress purple ($49.95)
- crisscross dress white ($49.95)

- genuine rose quartz bracelet (24.99)

- rhinestone bra ($68.50)
- push up t-shirt bra ($39.50)

- earring set ($6.00)
- green gemstone necklace ($6.00)
- diamond necklace ($6.00)
- diamond bracleet ($9.99)

TOTAL: $459.68

OMG I ALMOST MADE IT TO $500 :( . I’m super proud of myself though, I’m getting a lot better and whoot and I got really cute clothes and managed to not get greedy even though I could have gotten more, literally I have clothes for holiday events coming up and I’m just so happy, it makes me upset how expensive this all is, honestly. It makes me angry that my mom will spend so much money on gifts for us this year, I really want to tell her not to get me anything. Maybe I’ll just ask for a weekend with her in a hotel or something. Anyway. Yeah I love American eagle now, it was so easy wtf. I can’t wait to go back.

also HMU for trades or if you need tips