multi color dresses

"You Look Really Good Today!”

A/N: Hello there! So I wrote this and had it sitting in the Notes on my phone weeks before I ever posted any of my writing here on Tumblr, but I rather enjoyed this and even though it didn’t fit into the other plot line as smoothly as I would have hoped, I still thought it needed to see the light of day, so I decided to post it all on its lonesome as a one shot. I didn’t tag anyone unless you explicitly requested I do so, but if you want me to add you to my “forever tag” list for any of my future fics I post, just let me know! I hope you enjoy! 😁❤️

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Calvin klein bralette and panties $48 x 6

shorts $38
other shorts $34
Calvin klein white pants $70
So jeans $36

Daisy suit $40
Daisy swim top $30

Adam Levine tee $20 x 3
New directions red shirt $36
New directions shrug $48
calvin klein shirt $40
sweater $40
new directions elephant shirt $36

Jessica Simson jacket $120

Emerald sundae black lace dress $60
Emerald sundae gliter tuape dress $60
Trixxi white and beige dress $60
Spense multi colored dress $88

white heeled sandles $30
white sandles $20
brown sandles $20

Cubic zirconia braclet $100
jessica simson bangles $28  x 2
jessica simson bangles $38 x 2
elephant earrings $12
Anne Klein watch $60
Rings $230 altogether
ship wheel earrings $14
turtle earrings $14
jessica simson earrings $16 x 4

eos lipbalm $3
hair ties $2
sunglasses $30
make up sponge $3
scissors $3
Pliers $4 x 2 one not pictured
Encare birth control $10 not pictured
ritz $2

Total $$1090

This is haul #25 coming in at $1909 And making my grand total since 1/16/2016 $11,614. :-))

Yumi Katsura

Worth the Wait

Hi Peeps, it’s been a while since I posted my last story but guess what?! I’m back and ready to post my newest fanfiction. 

This one is my very first ever Gajevy oneshot! WOOOO!! It took some time but I finally made it decent enough for the public eye to see. This was betaed by the amazingly, gorgeous @rae-tan

This Gajevy oneshot is a modern au. It was inspired by the song Worth the Wait by Stevie Hoang (please check out this song, it’s super amazing!)

Rated K+

Ship: Gajevy/Gale (with implied Nalu and Shalily)

Worth the Wait

“Gajeel where are we going?”

The voice of the short blunette broke him out of his active thoughts.

Some of the store lights began to dim simultaneously as the downtown streets lights flickered on signaling that twilight had come. Above their heads the stars began to appear twinkling as darkness welcomed the night.

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