multi color crystals


Ok let’s talk theories for a second. Clearly there’s something going on in Ultra SUMO involving Necrozma, Solgaleo, and Lunala. I mean look at Ultra Solgaleo and Ultra Lunala up there, they’re basically wearing Necrozma as armor. My best guess is we’re getting some fusion-style business like we did with Kyurem in Black & White. (Colress said he was staying in Alola for awhile after all, did he splice DNA again? Or is that a red herring?)


Well, look at Necrozma, then look at Golisopod. Look at the similarities: giant hands, tiny feet, segmented armor plating over the head, Necrozma has spikes where Goli has markings.


Who is Goli most associated with?



Could it be possible that Necrozma’s existence is somehow tied to Guzma’s stint in Ultra Space? The possession by the Nihilego? It’s never explained how he shook off the possession - did Golisopod jump in to save him? Did Guzma’s inner demons transfer to the Nihilego, which then tried to possess an enraged Golisopod and that ended up creating a giant mess of a not-quite-Ultra-Beast?

Also worth noting, one of Necrozma’s animations basically looks like it’s punching itself in the head - very similar to how Guzma rips at his hair and screams at himself throughout the game.

SO IDK BUT THIS IS ALL VERY INTERESTING TO ME, feel free to reblog and discuss.

(Another thought is that Necrozma is somehow connected to the Z-Crystals; the back of its head looks like a giant Z-Crystal and it’s said to refract light, referred to in Prism terms, etc. Not to mention the multi-colored crystals that make up its facial area.)