multi character rp

       interested in a plethora of muses with little in common except at one point in time i’ve cried over all of them? ? ? then look no further then this flaming garbage pile of insanity.  muses featured heavily are my ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, but canon muses are from star trek, musketeers, game of thrones, once upon a time, doctor who, historical charactersetc.   i can promise pure insanity, slow replies, but pure dedication to adoring these characters to the best of my ability.     revamped 7/4/17 –  written ‘n understood by lydia

Welcome to a world where magic and the supernatural aren’t
only  living  in  the   same   town,   but   are   your   neighbors.
Welcome  to  the  town  where  witches  and  werewolves are
known           for           stealing           your           newspaper.
Welcome   to   the   new   age   where   old   magic  is ALIVE.

                                                                               - Welcome to Abarith.

Glory Days Part 1 (IM RP AU- Shun & Midi)

Well yup, Midi and Shun are back along with sexy Maki and my new OC Eriko, AU set in Uni- the glory days of youth, endless sex and mistakes!

If you haven’t read our previous RP, here’s the link and prepare to have your hearts broken. :)  If you like it please comment, like or reblog.

My Masterpost here for easier serch, ENJOY!

OC- Midori Katayani ❣ Canon- Yukihisa Maki
OC- Eriko Sato ❣ Canon- Shunichiro Tachibana

❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥

Midori Katayani’s POV

“Eriko, it’s a frat party - not a Victoria’s Secret runway show; I swear, half the guys there will be so drunk that they won’t even properly acknowledge or care care about the way you look. Seriously, if you spent half as much time studying as you did in front of the mirror you’d never have to worry about failing a class.”

Call me a kill-joy but right now at this moment I completely am - the friend without an adventurous bone in her body. Classes start in 3 days for our senior year at Tokyo University and instead of acting like adults; or at least how I’ve come to think that adults should be acting, I’m being dragged half way across campus by my best friend to a party of which I initially had no intention of attending. Watching as she applies a quick layer of lipgloss on, I roll my eyes and tap away at a game of candy crush on my phone.

“Midori stop acting like my Mom! You’re young - it’s just a party - we’re allowed to have fun.”

Her voice dances through the dorm room we share and I sigh, pursing my lips before I stand and push my phone deep into the back pocket of my shorts. Unlike Eri who has dolled up and become a ‘woman’ in all aspects of the word for this event I can’t even be bothered getting changed out of my denim shorts and campus sweatshirt I’ve been lounging around in all day.

“Yeah - yeah - sure… fun.”

Whilst I want to believe her and in the smallest sense of hope that it be true; the possibility of just one night where I’m able to drop my guard and have a good time is crushed by the memory of my now ex boyfriend cheating on me with a cheerleader after a football game just before summer break started which I’m yet to get over. One would think that months of crying, copious amounts of icecream and bad romance movies would heal the soul and make it easy to move on but alas, I’m still bitter.

“If you wanna make this party before the semester begins you better hurry”, I snap and a short 15 minutes later, we’re weaving our way through an overcrowded living space of Kappa Alpha Phi. Music only just manages to drown out the screaming, singing, chanting and commotion made by hundreds of intoxicated 20-something year olds and for the first time in a long time, I have the urge to drink.

“You wanna shot?”, I ask over my shoulder, narrowing my eyes towards a guy I’ve never seen before but is making it very, very clear that he’s taking his time to check out my best friend - his gaze tracing over her figure which I interrupt by dragging her to the kitchen, seeming to be where I am sure, there will be something to drink.

Eriko Sato’s POV

With the lack of help from Midori, I go back and forth with my options till her short of patience force me to remain in my current white front shoe laced top along with my denim short, a perfect bland of sexiness on top and bottom because apparently if you show too much of either one, you would be the iconic slut which I have no intention of being one hated by every single girl in college. But a girl still needs to look her best at all times.

Short 15 minutes later thanks to Midi who’s the one good with directions among us two, we arrive at the frat party. So this is what a college party is like- much noisier but less dirtier than I expected- I secretly think as we squeeze our way through the packed hall. Not that I’m complaining since my excitement outweighs my annoyance at the loud drunken idiots that are stumbling around us. Dorm that once smells like stale food, now smells like sweat, alcohol and vomit- the smell of youth and freedom though it kind of disgust me, yet draw me in at the same time.

“SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS!!” A group of people scream next to us, chanting in time to the music. The couches are each occupied by people making out, as is the kitchen bench and many of the bushes outside. Midi pulls me to the other end of bench as she opens the fridge to grab us some drinks, “First time?” A smooth voice comes behind me, literally making me jump in fright. Turning around to see that the voice belongs to a well groomed black haired man who seems a few years older.

“How did you know?” I ask and takes a step closer at his alluring smile, his whispering tickles my ear and the way his eyes keep gluing to my boobs makes me grin at my rightful choice- people do notice, Midi. Oh, wait, where’s Midori?

Multi-muse/Multi-blog RP meme

Send a symbol to see my muses;

☀ - dancing
♒ - getting dinner
♕ - going shopping
☂ - stuck in the rain
✂ - arguing over something (mun’s choice)
▄ - getting drunk
☾ - having a slumber party
☮ - on vacation
▓ - busting one another out of jail
☢ - in the park
回 - watching a movie
✘- getting lost
✦ - giving one another a gift
⇕ - constructing a table
✎ - baking together
✮ - watching the stars
ஐ - gossiping about the mun

A Little Help

“I heard them say you could help me.” The Asset stands just outside the doorway, dripping wet, his cap shoved low over his eyes. It did nothing to protect him from the torrent of rain outside. “I… I need your help,” he admits quietly. He is aware that it is so late that it’s early and that he has broken and entered. He hardly cares. He barely sleeps at all and he has done worse things and this could not wait.

you  strike  me  as  someone  who  has  never  been  satisfied
               -  i ‘m  sure  i  don ‘ t  know  what  you  mean     .     you  forget  yourself
you ‘re  like  me     .     i ‘ m  never  satisfied
               -  is  that  right     ?
art  credit