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  – since there work a lot faster than normal promos, in my opinion (and since i’m way too lazy to make a proper promo myself), could you please like/reblog if you would be interested in interacting with a multi-muse blog? characters are both canons & ocs, and we’re all multi-verse, multi-ship, etc. nsfw is a common theme on here, so forewarning !

               thanks guys!

Alistor is now open for asks!!

Finally, this is the one OC I have actually have been most anticipating for since I put his name into my OC tabs!!

He’s finally open!

I got inspired beccause I began to draw him and decided to put up his bio.

For once, this OC is not apart of any fandom is entirely created by me with it’s own story, universe, characters, and ideas.

I am actually super proud of myself for this and I hope it is enjoyable to others too despite the story he comes from.

I was planning on making him a completely separate blog, but I wanted to see how popular he might be at first.



-mod Volde

Multi-muse/Multi-blog RP meme

Send a symbol to see my muses;

☀ - dancing
♒ - getting dinner
♕ - going shopping
☂ - stuck in the rain
✂ - arguing over something (mun’s choice)
▄ - getting drunk
☾ - having a slumber party
☮ - on vacation
▓ - busting one another out of jail
☢ - in the park
回 - watching a movie
✘- getting lost
✦ - giving one another a gift
⇕ - constructing a table
✎ - baking together
✮ - watching the stars
ஐ - gossiping about the mun

((Whoa when did this happen?!))

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((I honestly can’t thank you guys enough! I don’t know what to do for these things so I’ll just make a list of all the amazing people))

The great people I interact with

@ptaroyalsiblings They were the first one to message me and they were so nice and funny. They do a really good Chara and Asriel so go follow them!

@metta-ton-of-leg they are a really good Mettaton blog who I have two ongoing rps with. Just follow this cutie.

@sonofxaymaca An amazing OC blog that should be more recognized. They did a really good job of setting up the character and actually writing out amazing rps. (i’m sorry about how late i am on that though. i’m working on it)

@askptamei  Another OC pta blog. The way the mun portrays the characters is amazing. The characters are Mei the mom and the two kids Haru and Rina, and they are all well written.

@askfnaffennican A multi-character ask blog who is very patient and very amazing

@its-showtime-darlings A mettaton blog who is literally one of the best. 

@askptaslayer A PTA ask blog who is very nice and just amazing

@soccer-mom-undyne Undyne who is a soccer mom. Need i say more? Haha They are a really cool blog ily

@ask-ptagasterr A gaster ask blog that is a very well written muse and I’d love to see more of them

Now onto the ones I am too scared to talk to but are all amazing

@ask-pta-chara@nxcecream | @slybones | @cutelilghosty | @pta-undyne | @ask-frisk-the-human | @hiddenbxnes | @dyaxdragonoftheuniverse | @etherealraubtier | @luckiest-cat | @workaholic-serpent | @short-skeleton-sans | @prince-asriel-dreemurr | @freedom-price | @alphys-the-scientist | @hiddenocs-undertale | @gr1llby | @undergroundxsuperstar | @strikeaposeforme | @spagooty-pappers | @flamboyantandroid | @napsta-blooky-22 | @deadlysuperstxr | @ask-pta-onionsan | @comicsansical | @illegal-hotdog-vendor | @mercifulambassador | @ask-pta-riverperson | @ask-pta-nana | @adirtylambandapsychiatrist | @noarmsnoproblems | @murdererchara | @cuteskeleton07 | @napstablook-the-dapper | @determined-for-redemption | @multimuse-multifun

((Again thank you all so much for the 100 followers))

I can’t stand it when an RP blog has multiple muses that aren’t in the same fandom. I don’t mind if there’s a thousand muses all huddled on one blog, as long as they’re in the same fandom. If they’re in different, then it’s honestly really annoying to keep up with and having to view a fandom I may not even like a lot. Just make a second blog or a sideblog. It’s not that hard. I normally unfollow those blogs.

Maybe I’m just a purist, but I’m not a big fan of the trend to have multiple characters on a single blog. Especially when those characters are packaged deals who follow each other around everywhere and you can never have a conversation with just one. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it annoys me when the characters have almost no interacting with each other, because then I can’t understand why they’re on the same blog. I just… I don’t know. 

roamingimagination  asked:

Hi, for all role-plays that I do with different people, should I make different characters for each role-play I do or, is one just the way to go?

Please in the future remember to tag questions you send in “Advice:” or they may run the risk of be deleted. 

Thank you.

That’s something you can decide for yourself, but for the most part what I’ve seen in my experience roleplaying is that people make a blog and use the same one character or handful of characters and have multiple interactions with multiple people using those same characters. But plenty of people who have more storyline-based or writing geared blogs will device characters for the sole purpose of roleplaying one story with only one other person. 

The decision is entirely yours.