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Kissing Logic by @obviouslyelementary

Summary: Logan wants to know what it’s like to kiss the other sides (for science of course), so he performs an experiment to find out.

Warnings: Part 3 is nsfw-ish.


FanFic Recommendations

Alright, so since I read a ton of FanFics for different fandoms,and was asked by some people for recommendations lately, I figured I’d make a list of some of my favorites to recommend.  I’m including different fandoms, and both MultiChapter and One Shots, completed and ongoing in one post because I’m lazy.  

Assassination Classroom: 

My Better Half by CarnalCoast - Karma x Nagisa, MultiChapter, Completed, 49k words. It’s amazing and the story is very beautiful.  

 Assassination Boardroom by Sleepy-Emo - Karma x Nagisa, MultiChapter, Complete 26k Words. Rated M.  Assassin Nagisa, Target Karma. 

Provoke by ShiroNekoIsMe - Karma x Nagisa, MultiChapter, Completed 19k Words.  Rated M. Based off a Doujinshi

The Night after by Akiko Natsuko - Karma x Nagisa, One Shot 5k Words. Rated T. Takes place after the Island Vacation Arc.  

Karma’s Lesson by EtherealNinja - One Shot, 1k Words. Rated M. Koro-Sensei teaches Karma a lesson.  Tentacle fetish. 

The Assassin With the Heart of Gold by MelissaMcEagle - Karma x Nagisa, MultiChapter On Going, Rated Teen.  Professional Assassin Nagisa. 

Kuroko no Basket:

Akashi is a busy man by Siana - Kuroko x Akashi, Kuroko x GoM.  MultiChapter, Complete 39k, Rated M. Fantastically Written Smut.  

The Cyan Kitten by ptw30 - Aomine x Kuroko. MultiChapter, Completed, 50k Words, Free Crossover. AU.  Cop Aomine, Prostitute Kuroko.  The Angst is real with this story.  

Kuroko no Harem: Goodwill Camp Edition by Teasal - Kuroko x Akashi, Kuroko x GoM.  One Shot.  8k Words, Rated M.  Very entertaining story with everyone being “Kurokosexual.”  

Memento Mori by FlyAndDontLookBack - Two Shot. 15k Words. Rated T.  Musician AU.  The Angst is Real.  Beautifully Written.  

Simple Decisions by Nifawiwa - Akashi x Kuroko, Karma x Nagisa.  MultiChapter OnGoing, Rated T. Assassination Classroom Crossover.  Best Crossover I have ever read without a doubt.  

The Secrets they Know by Kryliadarr - Kuroko x GoM. MultiChapter, OnGoing, Rated M.  Really Well Written.  One Big Relationship!  Angst.

Heaven Can’t Help Us Now by YouarethereasonIwrite - Kise x Aomine, Akashi x Kuroko.  MultiChapter, Ongoing, Rated T.  Absolutely Hilarious.  Regular High School AU.  Nerdy Kise and Nerdy Akashi, Punk Kuroko.  

Ouran High School Host Club:

Which One is Daddy Game? by Psyche Eros - Hikaru x Haruhi, Haruhi x Kaoru, Hikaru x Haruhi x Kaoru.  MultiChapter, Completed, 59k Rated T.  Haruhi’s Pregnant, but who is the father?  Really angsty, and really sweet.

Baby Brother by Machi-Pan - Hikaru x Kaoru, Hikaru x Haruhi.  MultiChapter, Completed  99k Words. Rated T. Very Angsty. 

Secret Adventures of Haruhi Fujioka by BD-Z - Haruhi x Twins, Haruhi x Hosts, MultiChapter, Completed, 157k Words. Rated M.  AU Escort Haruhi. Plot with Smut.   

Life After Boston by Mcangel1976 - Haruhi x Kyoya, Haruhi x Mori.  MultiChapter, Completed 71k Words. Rated T.

The Merit of Falling in Love by Kudos4U - Haruhi x Kyoya. MultiChapter, Completed, 71k Words, Rated M.  

Yet to be Tilted by Safaia Bara - Hikaru x Haruhi x Kaoru. One Shot. 4k Words. Rated T.  Fluff

Back in Our World by Alimackatjac- Hikaru x Kaoru, Hikaru x Haruhi x Kaoru.  MultiChapter.  OnGoing.  Rated M.  Very Dark, So Much Angst. Fantastically Written.  

Sailor Moon: 

To Love You More by SailorChibi - Seiya x Usagi, Minako x Yaten.  MultiChapter, Completed, 223k Words, Rated T.  Excellent Story. 

Unfurl My Angel Wings by SailorChibi - Seiya x Usagi.  MultiChapter, Completed, 127k Words, Rated T.  Post Stars Arc. Angst.  

Dirty Little Secret by Kaelien - Seiya x Usagi. MultiChapter, OnGoing. Rated M. Very Well Written.  

Shingeki no Kyojin 

Sugar on Top by Lunatrancy - Levi x Eren.  MultiChapter. Completed,  122k Words.  Rated M. SugarDaddy AU.  Fantastic.  

Shattered Facade by Kylar04 - Levi x Eren.  MultiChapter. Completed. 44k Rated M.  AU. Cop Levi.  Very Dark, So Much Angst.  Utterly Brilliant.  

Steered Straight by Kylar04 - Levi x Eren. MultiChapter. Completed. 128k Rated M.  Military AU.  

Rebellious Nobodies by PrincessSmuttButt - Levi x Eren.  MultiChapter Completed. 122k Words. Rated M.  College AU.  Angst.  So Much Angst.  MUST READ IT’S FUCKING AMAZING. 

 Sixty Degrees by JayAckerman - Levi x Eren.  MultiChapter.  Completed. 122k Words.  Rated M. University AU.

Why the Fuck Not? by @that-bloody-brit - Levi x Eren. MultiChapter. OnGoing. Rated M. High School AU. SO MUCH FLUFF!! Fantastic.  

Lost Cause by Mistyhollowdrummer - Levi x Eren. MulitChapter OnGoing. Rated M.  Cop Levi and Prostitute Eren AU.  Very angsty.  

Love Don’t Cost A Thing by xRainDancerx - Levi x Eren. MultiChapter, Ongoing. Rated M.  AU Levi Prostitute. 


Of Gods and Monsters by St. Ciel - Sebastian x Ciel. MultiChapter. OnGoing. Rated M. Modern AU. 

Victoria aut Mors by MorbidlyCurious - Sebastian x Ciel.  MultiChapter.  On Going. Rated M. High School AU 

A Demon’s Pursuit by Smilingcresent - Sebastian x Ciel.  MultiChapter On Going. Rated T. Modern AU.  

BodyGuard by RabidBunny - Sebastian x Ciel. MultiChapter. OnGoing. Rated M. Modern AU.  Fantastic.  

Literally Anything @rabid-bunny writes.  She is amazing, and writes some fantastically smutty Sebastian x Ciel One Shots and MultiChapter pieces.  Most of her work is Rated M and is smut.  

There are a ton of others I could have included, but this is a good list to start off with.  

Learning & Loving, a Prinxiety college au by @virgilsjourney


University!style AU. Roman, Virgil, Logan and Patton all live in the same halls/dormitory.


1. Brave

2. Breathing Space

3. Plotting

4. New Arrangement

5. Spinning

6. Distraction

7. Interlude

8. Duet

9. Pep Talk

10. Break a Leg

11. Lights Up

12. Overheard


this post will be edited as the writer updates the series

Greased. - Chapt.1  - Bucky & Steve x Readers - Series

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A/N - So I hope this goes well and everyone enjoys it. It’s reverse Grease to a point. I will probably be completely inaccurate here, but here goes nothing.Had to include OC due to not being able to juggle to main reader POV. Avengers AU. I don’t own Grease nor the Avengers, js.

Steve x Reader
Bucky x OC (Rachel)

 - Imagine Grease but in reverse. It’s the 50s and two best friends are in The Widows gang, a group of not so friendly girls. They  fall for the not so dumb jock and the other a class clown. This could only go wrong. 50s College AU

(Chapt.1) (Chapt.2) (Chapt.3)

Warnings: Future smut, just cursing in this chapter.

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Bolder Part 2

A/N: So I decided to just post this anyway. I hope you guys like it. Once again if you don’t like this series you don’t have to read it .Its an entirely self-indulgent fic. I have no idea when the next part will be out. message me and send me asks.

Title: Bolder Part 2

Rating: teen

Pairings: Father!Burr x Daughter!reader, Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: neglect (maybe), self doubt

Word Count: 2402

Editors : @hercreationgalaxy  @emocomrade-jpeg

Part 1

Age 16

“Do you want to come over for dinner?” Phillip asked hesitantly. I looked at him curiously. “I mean my family can be a little crazy sometimes. We just haven’t done much outside of school together. Not to mention, my family is complaining about never meeting any of my friends.” He elaborated while looking at the ground nervously and talking with his hands.

“Anything. We haven’t done anything after school Pip.” I corrected him with a quirky smirk.

I nodded my head and finally replied that I would. I laughed as he smiled before, quite literally, skipped off to class. I shut my locker and lugged my book bag back over my shoulder. Phillip was probably my best friend. I rarely talked to people besides my teachers and professors. I also didn’t get out often because I was constantly working or going to after school clubs. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I sat in class thinking about all the work I had to do.

I quickly sent a text to Theo letting her know that I wouldn’t be at home for dinner. I knew it didn’t matter. I was normally the only one home for dinner. Mom and Dad were at work while Theo went out with friends. I liked it. That meant I could do homework and studying at the table.

I’m a sophomore and Phillips a junior  but, that didn’t stop us from meeting the first day of debate club. Things got out of hand during an altercation, he is his father’s son after all. Once I had saved his hide from the Senior that he had a disagreement with, things just clicked. He stuck to me like glue–for some reason.

I walked along side Phillip towards his house. Our hands brushed and my face went red. We didn’t talk. Phillip knew I wasn’t used to talking so he would fill it with his stories and adventures or let the comfortable silence hang between us. He lived out on a piece of farmland with fields surrounding three sides of the house.  Phillip had said it was because his dad wanted his family to have some peace and quiet away from the big city. As we stopped in front of the house everything about it seemed picture perfect. It was warm and the garden was beautiful with a multitude of colored flowers poking out of the flower beds. Everything was perfectly trimmed and stone path led up to the wrap around porch where there were wooden chairs and tables set out. It felt homely, unlike my own house. The door opened as soon as Phillip and I started up the path. A gorgeous woman stepped out with flowing brown hair. She wore a blue sun dress and was beaming at us.

“Hi darling. How was school?” She asked while walking down the step to stand in front of Phillip. He quickly leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“It was fine.” He replied sheepishly. He quickly spun around to look at me with a beaming smile. “Y/n this is my Ma, Eliza Hamilton. Ma, this is Y/N,” He said with a beaming smile. She looked over and grinned at me. I smiled back meekly not wanting to make a bad impression. I really didn’t talk a lot. Especially not to any family.

“Hi Mrs. Hamilton, it’s nice to meet you.” I said holding out my hand. She immediately grabbed it and pulled me into a hug.

“It’s nice to meet you too dear.” She said as she squeezed me. I had frozen. I  slowly brought my hand up to rest my hand on her back and collect myself. Phillip started bouncing on the balls of his feet with his hands in his pockets. Eventually Mrs. Hamilton pulled back and quirked her eyebrow. “Why don’t you go work with Phillip on homework? I will call you when it is time for dinner.”

Phillip looked grateful as he once again grabbed my hand and began dragging me up the stairs and into the house. It was just as perfect as the outside. It had pretty blue and red oriental rugs and extremely plush leather couches sat in front of a large TV in the living room. He set down his back pack and let out a breath, running his hands through his hair. He spun around on his heel to face me again.

“Sorry I know we can be a little much. I won’t lie. It will get a little worse at dinner. They will ask a lot of questions. I understand is you want to leave …” He said in monotone with a shrug of his shoulders. I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“No, are you kidding? It’s ok Phillip. I just wasn’t expecting it at first that’s all. Nobody in my family acts like that. We aren’t as close as you and your family seem to be.” I replied, trying my best to sound comforting. We sat down and relaxed into the couch as I began pulling out my workbooks.

“Yeah you have mentioned that. That’s part of the reason I was worried. When my mom hugged you, you looked ready to bolt. Is that really not normal? Do they hug Theo? Oh wait sorry. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” He rambled quickly. I laughed.

“It’s fine. Nobody is really ever home. That and nobody in my family is really physically affectionate.”

“Oh, that really sucks. I can’t imagine why they ignore you. Although, you do tend to ignore people in favor of work. I guess I know where you get it from.”

“I am sorry what? I didn’t hear you,” I laughed as I felt him chuckle next to me. “Besides, I don’t think they mean to ignore me. I think they just find other things a little more important.”

“Well,” Phillip huffed next to me before just slinking back into the comfort of the couch. I looked over and cocked my head to the side to give him a questioning look. He looked at me for a minute before smile. Then he suddenly brightened up. “Can you help me with my government homework? I would ask my dad but he will start to grumble about foreign policy and federal government rights. That and sometimes I think you know more than him. Don’t tell him I said that.”

“I guarantee I don’t know more than your father considering he is the treasury secretary  but I will help you. I am almost finished with my paper on the federal budget anyway.”

“There was a paper on the federal budget due!?” Phillip shrieked while jumping to his feet.

“Calm down. I was talking about a college course I am taking.” I said trying to hold back my laughter. “Did you know you sound like a girl when you scream?” I began laughing hysterically. Phillip turned red but burst out laughing

“Sorry not everyone can be as ridiculously smart as you.” He replied while sitting down after our laughing fit. “Now here is the worksheet.” Jestering at the paper on the table. “Your task is to figure out what the hell we were even talking about because I wasn’t paying attention.” I chuckled again before picking up the paper.

“Alright children, it’s time for dinner. Your father just got home Phillip,” Mrs. Hamilton came into the room practically singing. I smiled and gingerly closed my laptop. I went to grab my reference book on legislation before a hand beat me. I looked up to find a man with shoulder length hair and bags around his eyes staring at my book. I knew for a fact that it was Mr. Hamilton based on my father’s pictures.

“This is one of the best legislative reference books out there. What use would a high school student have for a book like this?” he asked looking from the book to me. Phillip quickly cut in and took the book from his father, handing it back to me.

“She actually is taking a few college political courses right now. This is Y/N,” Phillip stated. He fidgeted looking between his father and I. I stood up and put a smile on face.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Hamilton uhh, sir.” I stated while holding out my hand. He looked at me slightly confused but shook my waiting hand anyway.

“Likewise,” Mr. Hamilton said before looking over at Phillip. “Didn’t you say your friend Y/N was a sophomore? She wouldn’t be able to take college courses till next year.”

“Actually I take the courses through a different online institute. I also found out last week that the school is allowing me to skip my junior year and graduate next year as part of Phillip’s senior class.” I said. As I spoke his eyes widened and his smile grew.

“WHAT?!?” Phillip exclaimed next to me. “You didn’t tell me that. This is so exciting. You are going to be able to have classes with me and meet all my friends and graduate with me and and and …”

“Well now that you have broken my son, why don’t we go sit down for dinner?” He said. He was smiling and motioned for me to walk with him.

Once we sat down at the table all Phillip’s siblings looked at me. Mrs. Hamilton laughed as Mr. Hamilton recounted what I had told him and how Phillip had reacted to the news. The room was warmly lit with a large wooden table and plush chairs. One window faced out over their front lawn. They finished setting the table with food and it began to get passed around. I sat with Phillip in the two chairs on the right, closest to his parents.

“Children, say hello to our guest ,phillip’s friend, Y/N,” Mrs. Hamilton said. I heard a shout of several hellos from across the table and I smiled sheepishly. I wasn’t used to being seen.

“It’s nice to meet you all.” I replied. Phillip grabbed my hand and squeezed it under the table. I looked over at him and he was smiling nervously again. I gave him a squeeze back before he let go. Mr. Hamilton started talking about his day and the kids started getting in conversations of their own. I slowly took small amounts of food from each plate that was passed to me. I felt comfortable, just not comfortable enough to talk.

“Seriously Eliza, Burr is going to be the death of me. He has no regard for anyone’s opinion. He just believes everything should be done as neutrally as possible. He doesn’t even tell me why he doesn’t like my plans.” Mr. Hamilton huffed besides me. I felt Phillip tense next me while I held in my laughter, a hand quickly flew to my mouth as I suppressed myself. Mr. Hamilton turned to me and smiled. “I am afraid I haven’t caught your full name?”

“ Y/N Y/M/N Burr, sir.” I replied hesitantly. He dropped his fork on the plate in shock before quickly switching to confusion.

“I was under the impression Burr only had one daughter.”

“Not surprising, my father doesn’t talk about me often. Theo is the one he invites to his business events anyway.” I said, keeping a straight face. I am not gonna lie, that one hurt. I knew he didn’t talk to me and payed more attention to Theo but I assumed he at least included me as his child. Mr. Hamilton sat there shocked for a minute before Mrs. Hamilton intervened with raised eyebrows and quirked lips.

“So I heard you are skipping a grade. Didn’t you already skip your freshman year?” she asked.

“Yes, I have been taking quite a few college courses as well.” I said quietly. I wasn’t used to being asked questions. I gently flushed under their gazes.

“Phillip said your head of the debate club. Is there anything else you do outside of school?” She pressed. Mr. Hamilton leaned in.

“Ummmmm I uhhhh …” I stuttered with the onslaught of questions. No one was ever intrigued with me. Phillip rested his hand on my shoulder and I quickly found my voice again. “I am head of the school’s newspaper, I participate in cross country, the student ambassador program, science fair committee, and junior ROTC.” Mr. Hamilton sat there looking at me for a minute.

“Isn’t your sister a cheerleader?” He asked. I inwardly groaned but kept my neutral expression. Theo is such a likeable person, why would he not want to talk about her? I nodded my head yes and went to pick up my fork. “Then why the hell would he talk about her and not you?” Phillip and his mother began laughing. My eyes snapped up to meet his. He smiled widely with crinkles in the corners of his eyes. “You seem to be extremely focused and intelligent Y/N. I am a bit confused as to why I haven’t heard about you before.” I became confused as well. I wasn’t that impressive.

“It’s not really a big deal,” They all gave me weird and shocked looks. I quickly looked down at my plate. “I just mean, I could be doing more and doing it better too.” I glanced back up at them to find they were all sharing a look.

“I was wondering Y/N. Could you help me with an argument I am trying to make with this case I have been given? It has more to do with supreme court cases. I haven’t read to extensively on them but I guarantee you would know more about them.” Mr. Hamilton asked.

“Uhh-ummm … I could try my best, sir.” You respond quietly.

That started a slightly happier chapter of my life. I would spend half my time around the Hamilton house. Phillip would come over to my house on the nights after debate club so we could trash talk other people. When it was time for my senior year to start I felt like I had a proper family. Mr. Hamilton would talk to me and debate with me over politics. Mrs. Hamilton would suggest literature to me. Phillip’s siblings would ask for help with their homework. I stopped eating dinner alone and went to the Hamilton’s instead. They had practically insisted when they found out my family was never around.

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Demon Angel  Chapter 1

“Before Satan fell to hell he had intercourse with another angel. Their offspring was you.”

You woke up, eyes wide open. Every night for the past few weeks you had been hearing that voice in your dreams. It wasn’t that mysterious to you. You knew what it meant. You had angel wings and a black tail with a spade tip. Half devil, half angel. 

But that wasn’t all you could do. You could sing the most beautiful melodies, hit every note perfectly, but when you did you would put your listeners under a trance. Doing whatever you want them to do. It was dangerous. One wrong move or should I say note could end in the person’s death. 

The wings you could live with. They weren’t the worst thing in the world, but you couldn’t stand you tail. You wore baggy pants so you could hide your tail in them. Who would except a demon with angel wings?

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters apparently. They excepted everyone.

Even demon angels like you.

“I know you will fit in here quite fine, (Y/N).” Professor Xavier says. You nod, “I hope so.” “No need to worry. I’m sure you’ve already been shown your room yes?” “Y-yeah. Jubilee showed me around.” Professor Xavier smiles, “You better get to bed. Tomorrow is your first day.” “Right! Right. Uh, goodnight Professor.” Professor chuckles, “Goodnight (Y/N).” 

The first night in the mansion was nerve racking. You had the dream again, but this time it was different.

“Before Satan fell to hell he had intercourse with another angel. Their offspring was you.”

“(Y/N),” A  boy called out your name.  He reached his hand out to touch you, but before he could he vanished.

Everything vanished.

Then you woke up. “Who was that guy in my dream?” You got out of bed and changed into different clothes “Maybe he goes to the school,” You tell yourself. “Or maybe I’m crazy.” You shrug and head out to find Jubilee. (She was your only friend so far.)

You saw Jubilee talking to a group of people. One kid had on sunglasses, another had red hair, one had wings like you, and one was blue. ‘Maybe one of them’s the guy from your dream…’

“(Y/N), come join us!” You walk towards the group. “So you’re (Y/N)? Jubilee won’t shut up about you.” It had to be Warren. Jubilee took one glance at your wings and she was all like ‘I am so getting you on a date with Warren!’ “Crap. What did she tell you?” Warren laughs, “Nothing too bad sweetheart.” ‘So he’s a cocky little bastard…’ “She’s not vour sweetheart,” The blue boy cut in. “Is that so Kurt?” “Y-yeah.” He mutters. Warren scoffs a little, “Whatever we gotta get to class.”  

As Kurt was walking to class you stopped him. “Kurt!” “Va? Vhat is it?” “I just wanted to say thank you for telling Warren off like that.” He blushed, “Oh. It vas n-nothing.” “Thank you.” You quickly pecked his cheek and ran off to class.

The Girl Who Cried Werewolf - a Dramione Fanfiction

Summary:  Draco Malfoy was far from a Prince Charming in disguise. He was a crude-mouthed beast who terrorizes women in their dreams, attacks their senses, and captures their heart never to set them free. Or that was just her?  Another Dramione Beauty and the Beast fic. Werewolf Draco with a twist. 

Rating: T (may possibly change) 

Read it here: FFN AO3 

Aesthetic by @slytherinaesthetix

anonymous asked:

That thing you draw with matsuhana... Will you keep it up or was it... A one night thing... Sorry i just woke up my head is still dizzy ^^

Uh, if you mean “is there a story to it?” then nope, I just woke up with that scene in mind so I drew it? It was an out-of-the-blue sort of idea but I rolled with it anyway, I guess haha


“You look beautiful tonight, Ms. Bane.” Jeffrey whispered against my throat before nipping gently at the shell of my ear. His rough, calloused fingers brushed against the curve of my hip as he pressed a soft kiss at my jaw.
 "And you’re awfully flattering, Mr. Morgan.“ My tone had too much of a gasp in it to be taken seriously and I could tell from the grin currently residing on his face that I was correct.
 "What brings you here tonight? I didn’t know you took an interest in the art showcases of our university.” He eventually took a step back, though slim, and buttoned one of his jacket cuffs.
 "I have an interest in everything this university takes a part in, Jeffrey. And that fact that my niece has requested my presence tonight made it especially important. I did not know you did, however, yet it makes my night a little more interesting knowing that you are here.“ I could play his word games for the entire night if needed, as long as it ended with us together like the first night I met him.
 The sound of his hips smacking into mine, molded perfectly to fit between my thighs, still sounded in my ears as I pictured his hands back around my throat and  laced through my hair. My heart thudded to a halt and my breath caught in my lungs as I felt him lean back into me, his frame almost completely covering mine.
 "I know you’re picturing my thick cock ramming into that pretty pussy, Ms. Bane, because your eyes have clouded and you’re chewing on your bottom lip. Just say the words, love, and I’ll take you right in the next room. I’ll pin you up against the wall and lick your wet cunt until you’re shaking and begging to cum then I’ll fuck you so very deep with my dick that you’ll feel me for a week. Is that what you want? For me to take the power you wield and use it for your own sexual release? Because I want to, baby, I just need you to say it.”
His hand curled around the front of my stomach and he pulled me ever so subtly to the back corner of the room, behind some trees and out of the way. My heart was racing as I looked around frantically, thinking someone saw us as his fingers slide up my ribcage and over my collarbone.
 "Please.“ It’s the only word I was able to muster but it was enough for him. Suddenly I was turned around so we were chest to chest, our noses brushing since my heels added 2 inches to my height, and I looked at him from underneath my long lashes. His eyes had darkened to an almost black and he was looking at me as if he could fuck me right there without a care in the world.
 "Not here, Mr. Morgan. For a later time.” The corners of his lips turned up into a smirk and he tugged me around the corner and into the first empty room. Before I could even muster up another cheeky response, Jeffrey had me pinned up against the closed door, our hips slotted together and both his hands laced through my thick locks of hair as he pressed hot kisses up my throat and jaw and finally to my eager lips.
 "Touch me, Leia, I know you want to.“ He snarled out the order to me, teeth biting down into my kiss-swollen bottom lip as his free hand trailed up my thigh and over my hip in a slow, torturous trail.
 "Yes, sir.” His reaction was instant: my legs were wrapped around his waist, heels locked so I would not fall, and he was grinding up into me with deliberate rolls of his hips and cock as his lips started teasing along the swell of my still-covered cleavage.
 "I’m going to fuck you just like this first, Leia. Every piece of us still covered besides your wet, leaking cunt  and my hard cock. Once you cum all over me, you’re going to get down on your pretty knees and take me down your throat until I’m cumming all over your swollen lips and tongue. And if you take it like a good girl, I’ll eat you out and keep you cumming until you beg me to stop.“
Jeffrey woke up from his dream, breath falling from his lips in soft pants as the pressure behind his zipper becomes too much to bear. He knows he shouldn’t have drifted to sleep at his desk but he couldn’t help himself, Amelia Bane hadn’t left his thoughts since that first night they were introduced and he has barely slept a wink since. With a sigh, he heaves himself to his feet and pads towards the bathroom, the only room in his house unoccupied by visiting family.
‘The only way to scratch an insatiable itch is to take care of it yourself.’ He thinks with a smirk as he folds himself into the bathtub and his hand slides down the front of his jeans, a sigh of relief leaving as his hand curls around the base of his leaking cock.

Bolder (Part 1)

A/N: this is the first part to a series I am making that no one asked for. I had this idea and it just happened. Please bare with me. Even if you don’t like it thats fine just ignore it. This is more writing for me than anyone else. However, if you do read it please leave some feedback.

Title: Bolder (part 1)

Pairing: father!aaron and daughter! reader  , eventual Phillip x reader

Rating: teen

Warning: neglect (maybe)

Word Count: 523




This fic idea came from  @a-blog-of-hamilton-and-writing. be sure to check them out  ‘Dad’s Home’ is the story this entire idea spawned from.

Age 10

I ran down the three flights of stairs to see my sister and dad already hugging in the front entry way. He picked her up and carried her over to the coach where they sat and began talking. Theo was 12 and had been studying literature in her classes. I walked into the room and sat down on the other side of my father but the only acknowledgment I got was a quick look in my direction. I sighed and sat listening to my sister describe her new favorite book. I had already read the same book. I hadn’t thought much of it. I continued to bounce in my seat. I wanted to tell Dad about school too.

I noticed my mother poke her head into the room. When her eyes landed on me she gave me a sad smile. I sat diligently by my father’s side even though he had turned to face Theo completely, leaving me to look at his back. I heard my mother sigh and lean against the wall in the entry way.

“Aaron darling, did you know that Y/N placed first in her class’s science fair?” My mother asked him. He looked up at her and then looked back at me.

“No I had no idea. Good job, honey.” He said with noticeably less enthusiasm than when he was speaking to Theo. My mother’s smile turned down slightly.

“Thanks , Dad.” I stated and gave him a smile. He smiled back but quickly turned around and focused on Theo again. I looked over at my mother and she gave me another sad smile. She motioned for me to join her in the kitchen. I slid off the couch and followed her.

“You know sweetheart, it’s not because he doesn’t love you. He just has a lot more to talk about with Theodosia. They both really like literature,” Mom said while handing me the vegetables to wash.

I suppose I knew even at that age that my father didn’t really care to pay attention to me. As I got older I realized he probably paid more attention to Theo because she was his first born (not to mention the daughter of the love of his life). He married my mother because Theo needed a mom. My entire life I have tried to get his attention. I still try to, actually. I work every moment to be the best in the room. Theo is older but, I always worked to keep on par with her. I threw myself into literature, science, politics, and research. More research than any child my age normally did. I was always top of my class to the point of skipping my freshman year. When I was 15, I was already in my sophomore year and taking college prep courses.

After a while, my mother got so busy with her own work that she didn’t have time for me. It made me work harder. Every weekend my father came home and paid attention to Theo. It made me work harder. Eventually no one even noticed me in my own house. It made me work harder.

Mutli Chapter Kingsman Fics

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Harry Hart x Reader - Lost and Found 1 2 3 4 5

Eggsy Unwin x Reader - The Kingsman & The Statesman

Lost and Found has been written to be read in order but The Kingsman & The Statesman has been written so you can read it in order or each piece on its own.  I really hope you enjoy!

You’re Distracting Epilogue

A/N : WOOOHOOOOO guess who found their old flashdrive. Turns out that it was under my friends seat in her car. Anyway, this means I can post the epilogue now. I have had this ending in my mind since I first started writing the series and I am so happy I finally get to share in with all of you. Remember to submit some asks!

Title: You’re Distracting Epilogue

Rating: Teen

Warnings : Jealousy, posessiveness, fluffy as hell

Word Count: 803


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5

I was walking through the court yard and making my way towards a bench by the tree where I saw a certain fluffy haired guy waiting for me. It had been months since me and Thomas became official and it was amazing. I can easily say I am in love but I for me it has been more than that. Ever since we got together Thomas has taken it upon himself to make sure I am doing well. He makes sure that I can do things on my own and offers help when I can’t. I can honestly say I have never been felt so secure with someone. I realized Thomas had been staring at me dopily as I walked over. I was only a few yards away and chuckled as Madison smacked Jefferson on the head, trying to get him to pay attention to him. Madison had been so supportive despite the fact that Jefferson never seemed to hear a word Madison said when I was around.

               I felt someone grab my arm just a few strides away from the table. I quickly turned a bit annoyed that I was stalled from my pursuit. My eyes met a chest and I slowly raised my head to find a decent looking blonde haired boy. My eyes widened as he smiled down at me and pulled me even closer. “Hey, how are you?” he smirked as I fidgeted. I have never felt more uncomfortable until I felt someone grab my other arm, effectively ripping me out of the blonde boys grasp.

“She’s taken.” I heard a familiar voice growl behind me. I watched the blonde boys face distort into fear before taking one last look at me and scurrying away. Hands slowly wrapped themselves around my waist as I leaned back into them. “Did you have to wear that tank top today?” I heard a frustrated voice grumble in my ear before I felt a soft kiss just below my ear.

“Did you have to scare that boy half to death for talking to me?” I sighed.

“We both know that he wasn’t looking to just talk.” Thomas growled back. I rolled my eyes and slowly turned around chuckling. I looked up from the broad chest in front of me and into his eyes grinning. “Why do you do this to me?”

“I didn’t do anything. I walked out of the house.” I laughed.

“Exactly!” He groaned loudly. I chuckled before pulling out of his arms and going to sit on the park bench next to an exasperated Madison.

“Y/N!!!! Y/N!!!! WAIT!” I heard someone shout. I turned around with a grin on my face knowing that there was only one person who would shout loudly without fear of embarrassment in a college cafeteria. Thomas stopped walking beside me and turned around to face Alexander frantically running towards us. I felt Thomas quickly wrap his arm around my waist. I reached out with my arms and pulled Hamilton into a hug just as he reached me.

“Hey, where have you been? You haven’t answered any of my texts lately.” I stated as I pulled away and pocked at his chest. Thomas went stalk still beside me. Hamilton smirked noticing the tension coming from Jefferson.

“I see you got the one you really wanted. “ Hamilton taunted at me. I just blushed and nodded my head. I watched Alexanders face soften. “I did too.” He smiled slightly and blushed. I was shocked and gave an audible gasp as Laurens came up and wrapped an arm around Alex’s waist mimicking Jeffersons stance with me. I remembered Laurens. He was Alex’s closest friend. I smiled as I remembered the new years party we had and I had been slightly confused as Laurens watched Alex get up from the couch and just looked longingly after him. Now I get it. Alex’s didn’t have a thing for the schuyler sisters. He had a thing for John.

“You find your friend?” Laurens chuckled looking at Alexander with the happiest smile on his face as he let out a sigh.

“Yeah I am the friend.” I laughed. I looked back to Alex and smiled. “I am glad you are having fun.” I winked with a smirk and watched as a blush spread over his face and Laurens laughed out loud over his boyfriend’s embarrassment. “Well I have to head out text me if you aren’t ‘busy’ later.” I said with my fingers making air quotes.

Thomas began chuckling as we walked away. “I guess I don’t have to worry about Hamilton now.”

“Eh it won’t stop you from being jealous. It’s your thing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He grumbled.

I laughed as a guy walked past looking at me and Jefferson huffed pulling me closer to his side.

Hades and Persephone: Loki x Reader - Prologue

Oh boy this’ll be interesting, trying to have Loki as a trickster god but also the god of death kinda, and combining two major mythical characters. This is my attempt at an opening, please tell me how it was and if there’s anything to improve on before I continue it, but I would like to attempt to pursue this!

Wind swirled ominously as the doors to the great hall were flung open. The sound of heavily armoured bootsteps echoed across the walls. A long green cloak, trimmed in fur, dragged slowly behind the wearer as he approached the great chair.

Keep reading

Darling, Time Does Not Change a Thing

Rating: T (This is subject to change on what I end up including in the final piece, but I will leave updates if that changes, so you guys get a heads up)

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: You would think, after defeating a god that nothing would seem that odd. However, they suddenly find themselves in the future after a terrifying fall through the sky. They know they need to make it home as soon as they can, but many things could happen while they are in the future. Especially when they know they won’t even remember it.

A/N: Well, i’m definitely trying something different with this fic. So, I used to write really long fanfics all the time, but never posted them. This is kind of an attempt at getting back into writing larger amounts at a time. I have many ideas for where this could end, but if you read I Don’t Want to Forget, you have some idea. That fanfic is connected to this one, and they are assumed to be in the same AU. Also, I’m trying to fit this into the canon universe best I can. I hope you guys enjoy this fic, and if you wanna see more let me know!!! I’m not gonna know if you guys wanna see more if you don’t tell me lol

The air felt stale, murky, reeking of something that felt out of the place in the lush forest on the outskirts of the Land of Fire. Sakura was aware of the change just as much as Sasuke could see the menacing chakra in the very air around them. Shifting purple and blue hues littered the area, coating the landscape in a strange tint. The auras distorted their view of the forest around them. The two shinobi were on their guard, not knowing what possible things could come out of the forest around them. Their investigation turned into a more complex mission than what it first seemed.

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Clashing of Wilds and Blood

Once again a huge thanks to @holy-minseok for the encouraging words, your my motivation!

This can also be read on AO3 :




PT3 (Pride)

“So this fire has blue flames, does it not?” -Maude glanced back as you sighed , you’d been dreading this exact moment- “Need I remind you that it wasn’t just you that was burned the last time you played with this fire.”

“You do not, I was there Maude, I remember what my father did to him.” you hissed back at the woman in the calmest tone you could muster.

It had been heart wrenching, you’d slipped away in some of the nights before Aelle was actually keeping a look on you and in turn you’d met Joseph, he was a stable boy, poor, and beautiful. His hair like fire and eyes the color of the forest leaves, freckles on his nose and when he smiled he had dimples. He’d been so kind, so loving, and gentle. He didn’t deserve his fate that when Aelle discovered you’d taken him to bed, the loft in the barn had never been so devastating than on that night. You’d been dragged down by your hair with a mere shift on, by your ‘father’, he’d paraded you in front of his men speaking on if you were going to act like a whore he might sell you out like one. The threat had been empty but what wasn’t was the moment Alfred had been dragged down too.

Your maiden honor had been stripped from you by a man who wasn’t your husband, worse by someone that King Aelle couldn’t coerce into marrying you for their allegiance, and to keep the kingdom from knowing “their princess is a wench” Joseph was put to death in the courtyard while kneeling on muddy ground with your screaming to hail him into his death. He didn’t cry out to you, he didn’t beg, simply let himself be thrown about and his head taken from his shoulders all on account of loving a foolish girl. You weren’t that girl anymore. The fire had burned your fingertips but consumed poor Joseph and you didn’t want that upon another person, Northman or no. You’d long learned your lesson.

“A hard lesson but you need to remember it, you tread on thin ice Little Lamb and I only hope that you do not stand as it crumbles beneath you.” Maude always meant well but you couldn’t help but wondering if she saved all her allegories just for when you were enjoying yourself or was that her natural state of being?

“I walk on no ice, there’s nothing between he and I in that way. He just wants to learn about the Sins and who knows maybe I can convert him?” It was a thin and measly lie but she didn’t call you upon it.

Time had fallen upon evening feast while you spoke and she picked a different dress not covered in dirt and dust and gravy to keep you meeting King Ragnar’s son. Say what she will on keeping secrets from your betters and peers but there was a curious part on how carefully constructed Maude could make lies when protecting you. How did she know what dresses to use perfectly to cover your arm’s bruise? How did she know to get dust off the back of your neck and hair before you even noticed it was there? Your mother had only been in her affair with King Aelle for a few months before leaving and the handing you up to him. Was it in any way considerable that she learned all this from a few months of passion between two people?

It didn’t matter to you once she yanked upon your hair, “Are you even listening?”, a sheepish grin crossed your features as you began to fiddle with the red dress’ sleeve. “Och, of course not. I said that Aethelwulf won’t buy you going to the kitchen the whole day. Say you spent half the day there then came here for stitching.”

Before you could even protest that there was nothing to show that you had been stitching she took a finger and with a needle pricked you, the sharpness and sudden hurt made you yelp like a child, then she handed you a plain white stitching already halfway done. Taking a moment to work on it the blood had seeped into the fabric to mimic an accident then she bandaged the finger.

“I’ve seen desire kill one of my charges, I’ll not see it get you beaten.” Her thumb brushed tenderly over the cut on your bottom lip, “Now, time for you to sup with your kin.”

It hadn’t taken long to get to the feast hall, the table already filled with more food than the four of you could possibly eat with an irked Alfred. You sat next to him with your ever present mischievous smile that now caused your lip to throb, Alfred’s irritation melted into slight concern but you simply ruffled his hair in play, turning to the feast you clasped your hands together in prayer. It was a short thanks to God for his generosity to your family’s feast and you were all too happy about that because not a second later your stomach released a rather unladylike growl.

Judith laughed lightly at it and as always Aethelwulf glared despite your redeeming table manners, “ How was your day, I didn’t see you after this morning.” The pathetic excuse for politeness used as interrogation of your whereabouts.

“I went to the kitchens, Lily always has some sweets set aside for me.” Judith chuckled at you.

“Those dresses won’t grow with you dear sister.” You gaped at the woman, she was Ecbert’s lover but Aethelwulf was still her husband and not too forgiving of her antics.

“My dear sweet sister don’t you know I pray upon my knees for not a single gain of weight.” The innuendo not lost on her as she chuckled and shook her head, “After the kitchen I went to stitching with Maude, pricked myself something painful to and messed up the fabric.”

You displayed the finger that had the slightest red tinge to assist in the smooth lie, Maude was your life saver. Super passed in relative ease, as much as was expected at least, and upon Alfred walking with you down the halls you were ready for the demands.

“You promised I could go with you.” He sounded more hurt than angry, “You got hit for it, didn’t you? And don’t lie telling me you just ran into something.”

“Oh, Alfred you are too clever for your age.” You ruffled his hair much to his pinched face of displeasure, “I’m sorry that I can’t take you to see the Northmen, we’ll just have to wait until your grandfather gets here. He’ll let you meet them no doubt.”

The answer soothed him as he walked you to your room. The four walls were cold despite the bed and fire, the room bare but filled with ornaments and tapestries hanging on the walls. You just sighed and shrugged out of the clothes, unbecoming of you to sleep in nothing you pulled a sheer nightgown on and slid in bed, intent on dreaming away the occasional throb in your lip and even the bright blue eyes inquisitively looking at you.  The rise of sleep cascading gently down on you made you sigh in gratefulness, nothingness and quiet cradling while you willingly fell into the dark of it.

You expected to not dream, you hadn’t since you were a child after all, not the sound of waves lapping against the grainy sand under your bare feet. The breeze  was dancing through your hair, tossing whichever way it pleased, while the sun was warm but the chill pressed you upon the ground of having goosebumps yet not needing a cloak. The air was crisp feeling your lungs and birds sang while there were creaks of boats somewhere with the laughter of children. You couldn’t see them. You could see the bank and the farm and trees rising with the cliffs. All of it familiar and not at all.

A child ran by, a girl with blonde hair, that grabbed your hand and tugged you into a run; she was small to be so strong while she pulled this way and that. You were passing the farm and going into the trees where it was dark and soft greens played against vibrant browns.

“Where are we going?” Your voice sounded far off and seemed to echo but the girl only giggled you hadn’t noticed she’d already let go of you as your feet carried after her in curiosity.

She spoke in some language all the while twirling about with you desperately trying to keep up and almost falling off the cliff if you hadn’t looked down. It was a sharp drop into water far below but she hovered above it looking at you expectantly and waved you to come over. You shook your head and instead of running off like you’d expected her to do she simply sat on nothing looking content to wait.

The dream didn’t shatter or fall from under your feet instead you just sat up with the odd sensation of wanting to run. Not in fear but just to run. To feel the muddy sand under your feet or taste the cool air despite it being summer. You shook loose the thoughts and lingering sensations to be met with a cool room and a purple dress. You slid it on over egear at the idea of teaching Ragnar’s son about sin. It was better than spending the day in the castle with a heinous, temperamental, self entitled-

“I hope you’re not talking about yourself.” Maude’s crooning voice sounded from the door as you struggled with your back lacings, “You’re up rather early, my lady.”

“Of course; I’m off to see Nobody.” You grinned at the name, if lying was a sin then you wouldn’t lie.

Nobody was what Odysseus had called himself to keep the cyclops Polyphemus from calling to his comrades. Seeing as how you didn’t know his name then your new student would be called Nobody until he got exasperated enough to actually tell you his name. He was being smug because he didn’t know how impatiently patient you could be, a contradictory of course but if you could get under his skin just enough to antagonize him it might force him into telling you.

The guards were asleep on their feet as you had two apples, one balancing in the grip of your teeth and a wine skin of water courtesy of Maude, and slid by them with ease thankful that your antics had made you quiet. You had learned your lesson by getting too close to Nobody in attempt to wake him up, instead you made loud clacking to sound that you were in the room. He didn’t sit up but one eye did open, seemingly uncaring of your being there.

“Good morning, I’ve got you an apple and then we can get to talking about Sins.” You had to admit to the excited sensation and impatience in your chest.

He groaned and rolled onto his side, away from you while you jutted your hip out, “Or I could take my breakfast and just let you beat your head against the wall in frustrated loneliness.”

You could feel him roll his eyes before turning back to you, “And why do you think I am lonely?”

“Because you asked me yesterday to come back and talk about Sin. You could have easily dismissed me.” A sly grin slid across your face at his scowl, “So Nobody-”

“Why Nobody? I do have a name?” Ivar partly growled and huffed.

“Do you? If you tell me I’ll call you by it.” At that he huffed out a laugh and you smiled.

It was a small sound but still pleasing to the ear while he shifted about to let you sit by him and give him the apple that was bitten into with a loud ‘crunch’ to echo of the walls. Odd that they didn’t seem as cold as your room’s had.

“You said sins, more than one?” You nodded thinking of which one to speak of first.

“Seven and we’ll talk about Pride today. Pride is to think of yourself high than others, and to -”

“But you are higher than others, if you are higher.” He didn’t let you finish, “How can you not have pride in what you do or how it defines you from the rest of people?”

“That’s why it’s a sin, you should be humble in getting recognition.” He raised an eyebrow, “Do you not know what humble is?”

“I’m not an idiot, woman, I know what humble is.” He snarled out at what he took as an insult, “It seems foolish not to want to take claim on what you’ve rightfully done. If you are not proud of your death or what you have done in life how do you know what your accomplishments are worth?”

“That’s the thing though, your accomplishments of good are weighed against those actions of evil like stealing from others.” You watched him mull about in his mind, blue eyes drifting off on their focus.

“If you’ve conquered and take what is yours though by right is that considered your evil?” Ivar sounded amused at the look on your face, “After all whatever you conquer now becomes yours does it not? Taking lands from those who had it before you like your kings would do in war. Is that not evil?”

“Well, yes but”-

“Then are you all not guilty if you have taken the land that you stand on. Even you? After all this belonged to someone else and now you claim it as home and hearth.” He grinned leaning back and taking another bite of the apple, it’s juice running down his chin.

It was your brief thought to lean forwards and…no that’s not a good place to go, “I suppose that’s one way of looking at it. Though you can be forgiven by God for any sin.”

“You conquered this land, no? It had its own people, its own Gods but yours came and took it. You put up odd houses with your bells and take pride in that you are ‘spreading’ the word of your God. Is that not taking pride in a sin you committed of taking land, or accomplishing that you took what was theirs?” You eyebrows scrunched together in thought.

“I think I liked you better when I had to guess your name.” He laughed and you thought it was peculiar to be captivated by such a simple sound, higher than you thought it’d be, and though it took pleasure out of mocking you perhaps it wasn’t so bad.

“Then shall you guess again? Or am I to turn your words upon yourself.” Ivar’s eyes were slow in taking you in, under the words you might have had to clear the lack of anything in your throat.

Ivar was certain he’d been in here far too long despite how short of a time it might be. He was able to admit to a small degree that he was going to enjoy turning things on yourself but he hadn’t expected to enjoy it so much. Nor expect to enjoy the pale morning light shining into his dark hole that made all the brighter by your being here. Not the sweetness of an offered apple that he took from your hands. He could smell lavender lingering on your skin and wondered how close you’d let him if he moved a little. Ivar could easily blame it upon you being the only one to even dare to look in here.

“You are odd.” You tilted your head at that, “You see my legs but yet you don’t stare or laugh at it.”

“Well you are a North-”

“Viking. The word is Viking.” He offered, tired of the Northman title.

“Viking. Well you are a Viking and it wouldn’t be in best interest to make you want to throttle me. Besides they’re just legs. I’ve seen worse.” He scoffed.

“I’m serious. I’ve seen a man with no eye. And a woman without either of her legs. At least you still have yours.” You teased, “You can still feel can’t you?”

Ivar shifted now uncomfortable, “I think I liked you better when you were guessing my name.”

He parroted back and you blushed but nodded agreeing on talking of different things and of Pride. It was to a point infuriating and worse still? Some things that he said made sense, some tales of his Gods made sense and you couldn’t help but find similarities between the two.

“Do you have any brothers” at the question he groaned, you snickered, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“They’re all a pain.” Laughter came easy around him, bruises lessened and rooms became warmer.

“Do you play games, besides weapons I mean?” Ivar enjoyed your eagerness in your questioning.

“Do you besides your stitching?” He cocked his head and you grinned.

“I play chess, I’m rather good at it.” You boasted proudly, him smirking at how you’d just sinned on your own without thought.

“Think you so? I could beat you.” Ivar took amusement and the snort that escaped you.

“You could try. In any case I suppose I should at least bring the board here to prove myself.” You stood up rather excitedly and walked to the door.

“Woman.” You turned before opening it, “Did you not sin of pride at how good you are at chess?”

The thought washed over you and for once in his company you felt heat on your face. You looked down thinking over something to say before the tale of your mother came to mind.

“God forgives all.” and with that you left for the chance at beating him in chess.

Ivar watched you leave, the dress trailing behind you as it flowed, there was something to the way your h/c locks shifted through the movements it must be soft. He found a small part of him thankful that you’d not been caught or perhaps you lied well enough that you wouldn’t be beaten again. He begrudgingly admitted to himself what he’d never do allowed, your company both soothed and infuriated him. The ringing laughter was agreeable to his silence that paraded in the room leaving him to thoughts. The wide eyes of fascination about the simplest of things, the soft sounds of interest. Those were deadly to the ears, the hum of questioning or the rolling ‘ah’ of understanding.

There was no denying the beauty that graced you but it was difficult to fully grasp at the fact that you were enraptured by his world as he was with the way you lived as yourself. Suffocating in your own home, bursting at the seams for a small filter of fresh air into your dank life and how silent you could be slipping in and out of shadows. The soft hands that had seen nothing but needlework, could they ever threaten a weapon? You walked back in with a smile and a checkerboard willing to play a game.

The game was slow, planned, a challenge, the soft ‘tak’ of moving pieces made you grin, “I’m going to win dear Nobody.”

“That so?” He put you in check to which you bite your lower lips, something about the movement was appealing.

“Your pride will be your downfall.” Moving out of check forced him into checkmate, “I won.” He scoffed but had a grin on his face.

“Tell me more of your home, this Kattegat.”

“It’s a trading post with boats coming in and docking. The flourishing is made by wares and the Longhouse where the thrones sit are filled with the slaves going back and forth for anything you could ask. Not unlike your servant woman.”

“Maude, she’s my keeper or at least that’s what she keeps trying to imprint in my head.” You chuckled, “All the while she is torn of encouraging me or scolding me and I don’t understand her half the time with her speaking in riddles.”

“I know someone that she might be like, save that he’s a little more…more.” You couldn’t help the snicker nor notice Maude leaving wine in the room as you fetched it for the two of you.

Wine was a wonder of the world, the way it made your mind hazy the ease it cause and the lack of control it helped spin. Such a drink helped to the moment where you were curiously looking over Nobody’s hands. They’d ended in your lap as you pressed against the rough skin, feeling the callouses under your fingertips.

“They’re rough. Rougher than a soldier’s I’ve touched those before, why?” You questioned turning his hands and looking at the small scars and tracing lines.

“They’re the hands of a sinner.” He chided carefully and you chuffed at the thought, you had sin on your own hands and yet they were not as rough nor were the men’s hands in the castle, “I go to the smiths, the buckles aren’t kind either.”

The smile was soft and gentle that played over your lips. When had you gotten this close? He wasn’t sure and found it humorous that you were holding and inquiring over the hands that could strangle you with ease, these hands that would be dripping in red with your kinsmen from a raid. What would you think of them then? Would you run and hide from him? You weren’t like the shield-maidens of his home, no your hands were more like a royals. Small, smooth, dainty.

These hands could never kill, “Yours are soft, what do they do?”
“Perhaps they sin too, more gently than yours but sin is still sin.” You looked up shyly from under your eyelashes at him- “They’re pricked by needles.” -his finger pressed gently on the wrapped pointer finger.

“They sneak around on walls no doubt, and play chess. But they couldn’t hold an axe or shield.” He now examined your hands just as intently, tracing the lines on your palm with callouses dragging against the skin.

“No, but maybe one day a bow?” Ivar shook his head, blue eyes like the sky after a storm flickered up to you there was something there, something vibrant and fierce in them made you pull your hand back.

‘Too close to the fire and it will burn, too close.’ You cleared your throat resting your hands back on your lap.

“You said there were seven.” You raised an eyebrow, “Sins.”

“Yes. We’ll speak of Gluttony tomorrow, won’t we?” Why had your voice gone so hoarse?

“Another game too.” The noncommittal hum from your mouth had you already trying to plan the next day and talks of Gluttony.

Even then you were hoping there was a way around warming your hands against the fire that was burning hot enough to be blue in it’s hue. Burning like his eyes. Burning.

‘Would it be so bad to be burned?’

You’re Distracting Part 5

A/N: This is the last part of the series before the epilogue. I highly recommend you read the epilogue I will be posting in the next few days! I had so much fun writing this series and this isn’t the end. I am gonna flood tumblr with all my fan fiction! Please send some asks so I can write some of those before getting started on my next series. Speaking of which I need some ideas for the series I am gonna write. Let me know what you want to see in the Aaron Burr series. Should it take place in canon era or a modern au? Should it include all the other characters? What should it be about? Should the reader be sassy or quiet? Let me know.

Title: You’re Distracting Part 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Rating: teen (bordering mature)

Warnings: sexual references, nakedness, possessive behavior, and marking


Word Count:1375

The light was way too bright. I cracked my eyes open slightly and noticed my window was open before groaning quietly. I shifted and immediately froze feeling a strong arm wrapped around my waist. Just like that the memory of last night came pouring in to my mind. I only allowed the thought to continue for a minute before panicking. What if it was a mistake? What if he doesn’t actually like me? What if this ruins our friendship?

“I can hear you thinking too hard,” I hear in a muffled voice behind me. I sigh and move to get up before the arms pull me back tightly. “Please don’t move yet.”

“I have to use the bathroom and then I will come back ok?” I laughed. I heard a muffled hum before the arms around me loosened. I slipped out and padded to the bathroom ,using the restroom. I looked in the mirror and gasped. Up and down my neck were bruising marks with teeth indents. I rolled my eyes and walked back out into the bedroom. Thomas was sitting up against the headboard with the sheets pooled around his waist as he scrolled through his phone. The light from the window gave him a slight glow. “What’s with all the hickeys man? It’s like you want everyone to know we slept together.”

He glanced up at me and his face fell into a smirk. “Maybe I do.” He says before setting down his phone and watching me pad across the room to my side of the bed and slipping in. I chose not to say anything about that comment and just let out a small hum in acknowledgment. I felt his arm snake a hand around my waist and before I could react was pulled into his chest with both of us laying our sides. “They don’t hurt or anything do they?” he asked quietly.

“No its fine.” I replied softly, surprised by the concerned and gentle question. In all honesty I knew I was still processing all this. I had just slept with my best friend. I knew talking about this would be the best way to nip this in the bud before I got any ideas about it being more than sex. However, I just wanted a little bit of time. Time to imagine that he was mine and I was his. I just wanted time to feel like it was more for him … .  To think he actually loved me like I loved him.

I froze in his grip slightly as I felt his lips gently graze the hickeys on my neck. I slowly relaxed back into his hold as he continued his gentle exploration over the formed bruises. His arm stayed wrapped over me and I felt his hand gently brush back and forth on my stomach tickling slightly. I sighed and closed my eyes enjoying the little touches of affection. I could feel him shift until the entire front of his body was pressed against the back of mine. I felt his other hand beginning to run through my hair as he sat up slightly to gain better access to my neck. He continued his touches for a few more minutes before laying his forehead against the side of my head and whispering in my ear words I thought only existed in my mind. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I responded without thinking.

“I mean I am in love with you. I know I don’t show it. I just figure you probably don’t feel the same way. I just want you to know that last night meant way more to me than you will ever know.” He spoke softly confidence wavering towards the end of his declaration. My brain almost short circuited and I felt his arms tighten around me before I snapped back to reality to come up with something to say.

“It meant just as much to me Thomas. I swear I am not lying. I- I started dating Alex because I love you and didn’t believe you would feel the same way. He was a distraction from you I think. You were the only one I thought of that entire relationship. Even Alex knew that by the end of it.” I said rambled. I felt his breathe hitch and squeezed my eyes shut tight. I still felt like his rejection was coming.

Suddenly you were pulled onto your back and your eyes immediately opened in shock to meet the dark chocolate brown ones above you. He stared into your eyes for a few more minutes. I noticed his eyes watering slightly but didn’t say anything.

“Please say it again.” He asked, his tone almost begging.

“Which part?” I whispered wanting to tell him whatever he wanted to hear.

“Say you love me. Say you want no one but me. I need to hear you say it.” His voice sounded strained with pleading.

“I love you.”  I whispered staring at his before I closed my eyes to get through the rest of my confession “I don’t think I can ever love someone as much as I love you. I want to be anything and everything you want. I love you.”

I felt his hand graze my cheek. I felt his lips brush my mine before leaning down with a more insistent pressure. I kissed back making my lips pliable underneath his. The kiss was soft and sweet, nothing like the kisses we shared last night.

“You are already everything and anything I could want. I love you too,” he whispered against my lips as my eyes fluttered open to look at his.

“This is so sappy,” I breathed in between us. His eyes crinkled with laughter before he rolled off of me as we broke both out into laughter.

“Wow way to ruin the moment,” he chuckled.

“It was ruined the moment I had to get up to pee and realized I looked like I got mulled by a bear… but I did enjoy it none the less.”

“Well I hope you realize your my girlfriend now. There is no way I am taking rejection as an answer after everything you just said.”

“I wouldn’t expect you too. I would love to be your girlfriend. I still will be hanging out with Hamilton though. I know you hate me hanging out with him because you hate him but it’s time to get over that buddy.”

He snapped his head to look at me and gawked. “Its not because I hate him. I love you and he takes up so much of your time. In case you didn’t realize most of the hate I have for him originates out of jealousy for you.”

I looked at him and laughed. “You’re kidding!”

“No I am not. However, now that you have made me your one and only I think I can get over it.”

He rolled over top of me again, I have a feeling this was going to become a normal occurrence, and dipped his head down into my neck and I moaned as he sucked at my neck again and eventually let go to run his tongue over the freshly bruising skin. “Besides I think with my little marks here, there won’t be a single guy on campus that doesn’t know your mine.” He smirked into your neck.

Your eyes widened . “ Oh My GOD. THOMAS!!! Was that your plan all along?” I screeched. He immediately chuckled and sunk his entire body weight on me before I could get up. I tried to throw him off only to realized I wasn’t going anywhere with him on top of me. I settled and let out and exasperated sigh.

“Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t.” I heard him mumble. “I just didn’t expect you to enjoy it so much.” He whispered in my ear. I could hear the smugness in his voice.

“Well I did. However, if you continue mocking me for it I might change my mind about allowing a round two this morning.”

He shifted as he brought his head over mine with slight surprise on his face before smirking and dipping down to my lips again.