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Summary: Things have been shitty ever since Jean’s mom married Eren’s dad. Not only did they have to move to a whole other country, but all Eren does is isolate him and call him names. In fact, Jean’s pretty sure he hasn’t heard a single nice thing come out of his stepbrother’s mouth.

As much as he hates his older brother, Jean’s actually grateful for him in a sense. Because without Eren, Jean may not have ever met the kind, cool, and totally hot Marco, the epitome of Jean’s wet dreams.

Too bad he’s a whole two years older than Jean, and a high schooler at that. But what Jean doesn’t know is that his little crush isn’t entirely unrequited.

Aka, that one fic about middleschooler!Jean falling for highschooler!Marco

If You’re a Mess; I’m a Disaster

Skimmons Person Of Interest AU (Sequel). Read part one.

"Skye, The Machine has sent us a new number," May says as soon as she opens the connection and she smiles to herself. Finally, The Machine hadn’t been telling them much over the last few days. Skye had been dying for some action; there were too much bullets in her mag, and it made her hands itchy. She was tempted to get in a bar fight just for the heck of it. 

"Send me the coordinates and I’ll be on my way. Who is shaking up New York City this time?" 

She starts the engine of the stolen vehicle she’s sitting in, obviously claiming it was borrowed, but puts it into drive anyway.

"It’s a number we’ve had before. It’s -" 

"Please don’t tell me it’s Grant Ward again, he always causes us so much trouble and to be honest I don’t even feel like shooting him anymore." 

"It’s Jemma Simmons." 

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Pet Tom - Chapter 8
Pet Tom - Chapter 8

TITLE: Pet Tom - Chapter 8


AUTHOR: Miss Anonymous!


GENRE: Fluff/romance

FIC SUMMARY: OC/reader is a journalist writing a feature about human ‘pet stores’. A pet that she meets takes a shine to her. Chapter 8 - OC is certainly warming to Tom

RATING: Good for all



She seemed nervous about going anywhere near my belt or trouser zipper to continue undressing me. The last thing I wanted was for her to feel uncomfortable around me, especially since it seemed she was starting to relax.

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The Engagement, Chapter 3


SUMMARY: To save Melinda May from being deported to Canada, Phil Coulson proposes. Things get complicated when Melinda’s ex fiancé Thomas Wen, an U.S. immigration agent starts snooping around.

NOTES: See Chapter 1.
This took FOREVER to write! I’m so sorry for the wait, you guys. Life just got a little crazy and I got overwhelmed and a little lost. Thank you so much for your support and your sweet words! They mean so much to me! Thank you! This is for you. I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 3
in which they lie.

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anonymous asked:

If you could manage it, I'd like as many college AUs as you can find. (Bless you for making this blog, by the way. It gives me life.)

So here’s the blog’s tag, I won’t rec anything in there and I’ll just list a few here and also give the link for the Ao3 tag because wow lots of college aus. Here’s just a select few;

Break A Leg

Summary: I’ll be real with you, it’s just another college AU, except this time we got us a chubby little loser Marco and a flamboyant and sassy Jean. They are both film majors.

Just A Little While Longer

Summary: Jean was sick of his daily routine until Marco came into his diner one night and flipped his life upside down.
Marco was just plain sick before he met Jean and began to live again.

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Summary: Reluctant cellist and grad-student Jean is volunteered, against his will, to be the accompanist for vocal performance major Marco Bodt’s senior recital. It goes better than he expected.

Just A Little Sip

Summary: Marco thought he had to kiss goodbye to getting his college degree after his father became bedridden due to a freak accident at work. Fortunately for him, he was able to get some part-time work at Reiner’s cafe. Things never completely settle down for Marco though, as he couldn’t help but get distracted by Armin’s friends who constantly visit him at the cafe—especially the guy with the undercut whose name Marco found himself too shy to ask.


Summary: Photography student Marco Bodt gets a compelling assignment—document a year in the life of a complete stranger through photographs. He meets quite the compelling subject—Jean Kirschtien, a student studying to become a police officer, already interning with the local department. He seems to have a perfect life; beautiful girlfriend, lovely house, a good amount of money…though, Marco sees something promising in the man’s daily routine. As the year goes by, Marco begins to become more and more of a subject in the photographs than he ever intended to.

We Keep This Love In A Photograph - Part 3

Grester, SFW, 1236 words. Feed back is v v v lovely! Enjoy:)

Home for the holidays and spending it the best way either of them could ever imagine; together. Their first Christmas together and it was everything they could ever imagine. Grace was more than willing to spend Christmas in New York, that was the one thing she missed about the city, how Christmassy everything really felt, the chill in the air, the snow, the atmosphere, but Chester wanted them to be in their first proper home together. Just the two of them. 11.30 and still wrapped up content in each other’s embrace, fingers laced together, Grace’s legs sprawled over Chester’s, but of course he didn’t mind, her head on his chest and him twisting strands of her honey hair around his finger.

"What do you wanna do today baby?" Chester questioned gently tracing his fingers over Grace’s bump. After having a barely noticeable bump for so long it felt huge to her even though Chester always told her it was petite and cute and he loved it .

"Snuggle. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you" she replied nuzzling her face into the crook of chester’s neck

Chester just laughed at her. They hadn’t been able to spend the morning like this for a long time and they both missed it. “I was thinking maybe we could go Christmas tree shopping? Maybe get some new decorations, go for lunch”

"Sounds perfect" Grace smiled before lightly placing a kiss on his lips.

Not even minutes later Grace leapt out of bed throwing the duvet away from her and bounding through to the bathroom quickly followed by chester to hold her hair and rub her back.

"You’re okay" he reassured her. She had been hit hard by the morning sickness and was sick at least once a day every day since she found out. She only threw up once and felt much better. They stayed on the floor for a while, Grace almost sat on Chester’s lap like a child and cuddled into him.

"I feel okay now, we can still go out" she chirped and Chester shot her a questioning look.

"I’m fine I promise" she reiterated

"Okay, if you’re sure" he smiled at her and she smiled back warmly. His smile have her butterflies. Always had, always would.


"What about this one?" Chester asked his voice going up a few octaves

"Honey it’s taller than me" Grace giggled. This was their first Christmas together and she could already tell Chester was like a kid in a candy store. He was such a man child but she loved it, how could she not? He gave her puppy dog eyes and smiled at her. That was enough to make her cave and give in. "Fine that one it is." She agreed, not like she had any choice in the matter anyway. As chester walked ahead of her looking around at all the other decorations and lights he could put around the house Grace found herself thinking about how much everything had changed. Her life had changed drastically she had done almost everything she had ever wanted, she had the man of her dreams who treated her better than she could ever have imagined and the thing that had changed the most; she was having a baby. It was still so much to get her head around and it still hadn’t quite sunk in. They were going to have a real live kicking and screaming tiny human to be responsible for that would rely on them for love and care and support and inspiration and would look up to them. Grace still wasn’t quite sure if she was ready but she knew chester would be there every step of the way.

"Next year there will be 3 of us on this expedition" Chester , making Grace’s face light up with excitement. If he was being honest he was so worried when she first told him that she would say she didn’t want it. That would have crushed him, of course he would still love her no matter what but this was something he had always wanted and to be having a family with Grace was incredible. Grace rested her hand on her stomach and thought about Chester going completely overboard when they started baby shopping and decorated the nursery, making herself giggle quietly.


"Please go and sit down" Chester stipulated, looking at Grace sternly

"No I want to help" Grace remarked "Please?" She added

"Fine okay, but let me cook dinner" Chester proclaimed

"Happily" Grace smirked

After untangling the metres and metres of lights and wrapping them around the bigger than actually necessary tree and hanging what seemed like millions of decorations Grace was exhausted. They stepped back from the tree and stared it up and down, Grace with the tree topper in her hand looking right up to the top.

"Absolutely no way" Chester affirmed, taking the star from her grip

"Fine but I’m doing it next year" Grace huffed

He blew her a kiss and she scrunched up her face at him as he climbed up the ladder.

"Perfect" Grace smiled

"Not quite" Chester winked "Close your eyes"

Grace did as she was told and listened to Chester walk out the room and his footsteps back in. She felt him stand behind her and put his arms around her and his chin on her shoulder, one hand rested on her bump and the other brushed her hand. “Put your hand out and open your eyes” he whispered. Again she did as she was told and he gently placed a Christmas tree bauble in her hand reading “Baby’s 1st Christmas 2014” “I know it’s not strictly her first Christmas but I couldn’t resist” he grinned

"Ches it’s gorgeous" Grace giggled as she placed it on a branch right at the front so everyone would be able to see. "You said her?" Grace questioned

"Wishful thinking" he said nonchalantly

Later that night they were sat snuggled up watching Christmas movies with the tree lights twinkling struggling to stay awake when suddenly Grace jolted forward.

"Babe you okay!?" Chester panicked

"Quick feel" Grace giggled pulling Chester’s hand over to put on her stomach. She placed it near the bottom of her bump and placed her hand on top. "She’s a lively lil peanut" Chester laughed. "Our little peanut" Grace said resting her head on Chester. "I love you so much" Chester stated before kissing the top of Grace’s head "both of you." He took out his phone and quickly took a photo oh their hands locked together resting on their precious peanut. He uploaded to Instagram with the caption ‘Baby See 5 months and 3 days’ Everything was more perfect than he would ever have dreamed.

The Engagement, Chapter 4


SUMMARY: To save Melinda May from being deported to Canada, Phil Coulson proposes. Things get complicated when Melinda’s ex fiancé Thomas Wen, an U.S. immigration agent starts snooping around.

NOTES: See Chapter 1.
Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support!

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Chapter 4
in which they tell Mama May.

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chromochaotic submitted: (Hi! Sorry, I would submit this as a link but there are more than one that I wanted to include so I hope this is alright? But I just saw that one user asking for a happy fic and… I guess… uh, the call to supply fluff was too strong for me to resist. So, I was wondering, would this random handful of fluff fics also help?) (Oh gosh this got a little long.)

Fuck yeah, it’s alright. You’re doin’ my job better than I am. Ya ever feel like sending in another rec, go right ahead. Makes my job easier ;)Thanks a bunch!

Greenhouses by MadameRed (I RECOMMEND THIS ONE SO MUCH)

Summary: In which Jean is crafty, and systematically fills Marco’s greenhouse with the flowers that speak to him the most.

Welcome to my World by fallencrows (all the chapters can be found through that link)

Author’s Chosen Excerpt:Still staring at all the cakes and pastries, he hadn’t even noticed the barista trying to get his attention until an adorable freckled face stared back at him through the glass. ‘Did you want anything, or are you just here to make sure Eren doesn’t go into a sugar induced coma?’

Moment of Truth by yezh

Summary: Jean and Marco are finally tying the knot. The big moment has finally arrived.

It’s time to cut the cake.

What You Make Me Feel by PinkGloom

Summary: College AU. When Jean and Marco met, they are instantly drawn to each other. (It’s really hard to write a summary for something that is mostly fluff and smut). 

Better by jeanbean

Summary: Jean screws up a lot. No one can deny that. Slamming into trees, hitting his head, falling down, crashing into people…. It puts him into a foul mood a lot of the time. Not to mention whenever he gets sick or has a nightmare.

However, he has his good friend Marco there to cheer him up (whether he wants it or not).

These next three are incomplete but I feel really happy reading them!

Poking Through the Cracks by sleepypunks

Summary:Marco smelt like flowers and Jean knew that he smelt like rebellion and sass but he really hoped it would work out.

Take Me To The Riot by KuroRiya

Summary: Marco has always been intrigued by Jean, the school’s resident punk. But it’s always been a fearful, and distant, admiration. When the school system and Marco’s kind nature forces them together, he’s surprised how normal the once enigmatic boy turns out to be. And he’s interested to see how Jean will change him, and vise versa.

Or the one where a punk and a nerd become boyfriends and kiss a bunch and do naughty things and everyone is gay except Sasha and Connie.

and Haute by guiltybeautylove

Summary: Marco Bodt has everything - a multimillion dollar fashion empire, a home in the prestigious Beverly Hills, connections, and fame. Everything, that is, except for a real social or romantic life. When he needs an escort to New York Fashion Week, where the fashion and social elite are expecting him to be at his best, he has no choice but to hire someone, a la Pretty Woman. Enter Jean “Cherrybomb” Kirschtein, who might turn out to be more than Marco is bargaining for.

A Sugar Daddy/Stripper/Fashion AU, based on the art by thisismouseface.

Can't Wait - Part 3

AUTHOR: stillediting
STORY SUMMARY: The OC awaits Tom at the airport as he returns from filming on location.

   We approached our usual round booth at the back of our usual bar, and were met with a several new faces.

   “Guys,” Tom put his hands on my shoulders, putting me on display where I stood, my jacket folded over my arms. “This is Megan.”

   I still liked the sound of it, the timbre of Tom’s voice as he introduced me to his oldest friends. 

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Fic: Vows and Woes (2/?)
Title: Vows and Woes

Pairing: Regina and Robin Hood (Outlaw Queen)
Rating: PG 
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I just played with them.
Status: In Progress

Summary: In the aftermath of the unexpected reunion, Robin is loyal to his wife, but already too deep in feelings for Regina. Marian has her own revelation to make.

Note: I had no beta, keep that in mind, ;) 

Chapter 2

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Pet Tom - Chapter 12
Chapter/One shot:  Chapter 12

AUTHOR: Miss Anonymous!


GENRE: Fluff/romance

FIC SUMMARY: OC/reader is a journalist writing a feature about human ‘pet stores’. A pet that she meets takes a shine to her. Chapter 11 - No more Pet Tom

RATING: Good for all

Previous chapter

AUTHORS NOTES: Thank you for the comments and reblogs! Super-appreciated :D



Last weekend had been magical.

After we had said those three little words to each other, I felt like any clouds of doubt had been cleared, for both of us. There were no more miscommunications, no more tears (except happy ones). Tom was playful, sexy, adorable - and I took everything he offered without reservation. His eyes consistently shone with sincerity, and my heart was his.

He had truly obliterated every last layer I had around my heart, many of which I didn’t even know I had.

He left on the Sunday.

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Xmas Challenge

Prompt: Hermione makes the mistake of partying on Christmas Eve and wakes up naked with a hangover next to a naked Tom Riddle.

Rating: M

Warning: Drug usage. Blood play. Graphic murder. Mention of rape. Strong suggestive language. Multiple lemons that include choking, drug usage, and D/s play.

A/N: Super late and very sorry. Admittedly, this is a long, dark, modern AU drabble that just happens to have Christmas scenes, and the way the prompt plays out is probably not at all what you expected, but it was the first thing that came to mind…everything else happened on accident. Also, Tom is a bit dark, but also a bit OOC.
Hopefully everyone enjoys!
***If you only want to read the Christmas prompt entry, scroll until you see the next block quote. The only trigger warnings for this include mention drug/alcohol usage, mild suggestive language, and mention of sex under the influence.

Word Count:  23,543 (Yeah…you read right.)

4 January 2015

         “Oh. You’re back,” Bellatrix dumped her purse and coat on an armchair. “I thought you all weren’t coming back until the 20th? Did you not enjoy the Alps?” Rummaging through the fridge, she said, “Granger. Did you hear me?”

   “Yeah,” she leaned forward, eyes glued to the television.

   “Good. I enjoyed it when we went a few years ago,” she said nonchalantly, obviously trying to upset her. “Where is Tom?”

   Grabbing a handful of chocolate chips, she tossed her hair over the back of the couch as she looked over at the other dark-haired woman. For a moment, Hermione thought how envious she’d been upon meeting her, of her beauty and confidence and freedom. She considered telling her that Tom hadn’t seen any of it, not really, but couldn’t find any satisfaction in it. Instead, she looked back at the television. “He’s dead.”

   Glass shattered in the kitchen.

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Summary : What do they say ? Ah yes, “what doesn’t kill you will probably try again”.

When Marco Bodt survives a plane crash and wakes up on the beach of a desert island, he’s pretty sure that he’s going to die within 24 hours.
But when he realizes he’s not the only survivor, then everything changes. By combining his talents with Jean Kirschtein’s, he will maybe survive for 48h. Because they’re both clueless city boys afraid of the dark unable to distinguish one mushroom from another.

Deserted island AU in which Marco knows how to climb trees but doesn’t know how to get down and Jean sings French songs when he thinks nobody hears him.

A Huntsman’s Tale (Chapter 28)

TOM CHARACTER: AU!Tom / medieval!Tom / huntsman!Tom
GENRE: drama/romance
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: It’s generally rated M for mention of rape, violence, gore and in some chapters for sexual scenes. Hope you enjoy!

Tagging as promised: savannaglazier, cockyloki, carmine-roses, clintashashipper, mrshiddelston, artemis-la-lune, antyc67​, iridescent9​, marvelousmissfit​, marryme-buryme​, fiddlesthehiddles​, stormy-s-also-not-mum​, wellirving​, clojury​, jacqumire, yellowwhaleeye​ 

Tom froze to a sudden halt, his eyes still searching the night for attackers.
There were no other sounds to be heard.
Tom blinked, taken aback, while the panting, small someone still clung to him.
Slender arms tightened around his neck and her face pressed harder into his rapidly heaving chest.
He contemplated if this was a mere distraction and if there might still be an ambush coming – but it would not make any sense. He was a single man with not even a knife. Anyone could have beaten him at least unconscious with nothing more than just a rock, a branch, or their own fists. There was no need to put on a show like this.
He figured the poor thing was just scared.

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Summary: Jean is an errand boy of the powerful CEO Marco Bodt. This is the first time Marco has spoken to Jean directly and Jean feels that working there is going to be a little harder now. This is a JeanMarco fanfic. Jean has a crush on his boss Marco but doesn’t want it to show. Also Marco is real smooth. Inspired by fanart by Hachidraws.

Tough Love (Chapter 5)

TITLE: Tough Love
AUTHOR: stillediting
GENRE: Romance
FIC SUMMARY: Tom and the OC deal with the aftermath of being handcuffed together.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Here it is, the final chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 1, 2, 3, and


   “Hang on,” I gently placed a hand on Tom’s chest before entering my building as something caught my eye. I peeled the tape off the back of a plain white envelope next to the door buzzer, and promptly opened it. 

   I silently held up the key in victory and he went to work unlocking the handcuffs as I pulled out a slip of paper.

   I knew you’d be here, it began.

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The Missing Puzzle Piece - Chapter 3

Oh hello, nobody probably even remembers about this but here is the maybe (probably not) long awaited part 3! However, I didn’t write this myself! I wanted a nsfw chapter but I couldn’t bring myself to do it so I enlisted the help of the wonderfully amazing smellbigismyhero to help and she’s done an amazing job! If you haven’t already (what are you doing) go and check out her fics!!:) Thank you so so much Sam, I love you!!💖

Grester, nsfw, 1792 words

Grace is in a panic. What was she thinking inviting him over? Their whirlwind of a 4 year old has managed to make her house look like it was overrun by thousands of dirty zoo animals and Grace had no energy to clean. Just as she summons the energy to clean before her…(date? hang out? catch up? Interrogation?) co-parenting catch up meeting, her phone rings. The caller ID reads Baby Daddy.

“Hey Grace, I was just thinking… maybe we can go out to eat instead? I feel like I barely get out of the house between work and my weekends with Belle.” Chester says, once they’ve exchanged awkward pleasantries. Grace lets out a sigh of agreement, and they make plans to meet at La Mexicana for 6pm. Grace’s hands are shaking as she hangs up and rushes to find an appropriate outfit for the evening. What does one wear to have dinner with your ex who fathered your baby and could potentially have found a woman to replace you? She’s not sure, but she has 4 hours to figure it out.


Chester is so nervous trying to find the perfect outfit that he ends up at the restaurant 10 minutes late. He laughs to himself when he realizes that Grace hasn’t even made it yet. Leave it to Grace to be late. The waitress leads him to their table to wait. He can’t seem to figure out what to do with his shaking hands while he waits. He decides that getting lost in the menu will be a perfect distraction. Eventually, Chester looks up from his menu when he hears a little cough. He looks up at the sight that greats him almost literally takes his breath away. Grace is standing before him in a beautiful black dress that would be subtly sexy if it wasn’t for those gorgeous long legs of hers. All he can think about is having those long legs wrapped around his waist as she’s moaning against him. Crap! He’s staring at her with an open mouth and still hasn’t said a word.

“Umm sorry Grace, you umm… startled me. Here, let me get your chair from you.” Chester ignores the problem starting to arise in his pants, and composes himself before heading to the other side of the table, pulling out her seat and pushing it back in once Grace is seated. He would have successfully completed his task if it wasn’t for the way Grace’s arm brushes him. He forces himself to think of anything non-sexual- kind old grandmas, people dying- but it’s pretty much impossible with his gorgeous ex sitting in front of him. This is probably going to be a long night.

Grace can feel Chester’s eyes burning into her body. As soon as she accidentally brushes against him, her body lights up with a passion that only Chester has been able to ignite. Grace literally has to shake her head at the image of his impressive arms stroking down her body. Somehow, despite the obvious sexual tension setting the room ablaze, they both manage to pretend to be oblivious and have polite, adult conversations about work and their vivacious child. It’s been awhile since Chester has laughed so much. He’s always been drawn to Grace’s full blown giggles.

“Chester, I swear to God our child is secretly working for the government as a spy. Did you know last week I caught her lurking in Mrs. Dabney’s rose bushes? She said she was trying to determine whether our neighbours were secretly aliens.” In the midst of her giggles, Grace decides to man up and say something to Chester. “I’m even worried that she’s spying on us. She won’t stop telling me and Mamrie all about your new friend.”

Chester does his best to stop the blush from creeping up his cheeks. So what if he’s dating other women? It’s not like she’s not dating anyone. It’s been three years… Despite his slightly angry thoughts, he maintains his composure. “Damn us for creating such a precocious little one. She must be talking about my colleague Becca. She happened to stop by the house to drop off a contract, so I invited her to join us for the day. Our little future CIA operative is growing up so fast.” Chester laughs it off, and Grace can tell by the slight steel in his eye to drop the matter futher.

The rest of dinner goes by smoothly and without a hiccup. Grace almost forgot how much she enjoyed spending an evening with Chester. Since she doesn’t want the night to end, she invites Chester over to her messy home for a beer. Despite the state of the house when they arrive, Grace is pleasantly surprised that Chester doesn’t even acknowledge the chaos. Raising a child has certainly changed the man. She fights the embarrassment that shakes through her body when Chester gracefully steps over a pair of her lacy underwear, hoping he doesn’t notice. To Chester’s credit, he fights off the erection growing in his pants at the sight of them. One beer turns into two, and before long the two of them are in a state of drunken giggles over how Belle used to say ‘shit’ instead of ‘sit’ until she was almost 3.

“Can you believe we made a child Chester?” Grace turns to Chester, all serious and biting her lip.

“I’m pretty sure I remember the details of the child making quite vividly Grace. Who would have thought that having I miss you sex in the back of your car in between shooting a movie would result in such a great kid. The sex was pretty great too, I might add.” Chester somberly moves on the couch closer to Grace.

“So are you and Becky thinking of getting married and having a child? I know you’ve always wanted a big family.” Grace spits out bitterly, pushing Chester away from her.

This time Chester does not hold back. He pushes himself off the couch while angrily ranting, “Grace Anne Helbig you are fucking impossible! You went on a date with another man! You’re moving on! Meanwhile I’m desperately trying to find someone to make me forget about how it hurts to breathe without you; to push the image of your long legs and big brown eyes out of my head; to distract myself from wanting to kiss you senseless and to make you forget about Chris or John or Mike or whatever his fucking name is because you’re mine and nobody else deserves to have you.”

Grace slowly gets up from the couch to stand in front of him. Before he can even blink, he feels the sharp slap from her hand. “Ches are you fucking kidding me with this shit? I’m yours? I’m not a possession, I am my own person. A person, I might add, who can’t decide whether to throttle you, or have my way with you in the kitchen because despite all my efforts to move on, I just want you.” Grace reaches out to stroke the cheek that she just slapped, hit with all the emotions that she has bottled up for 3 whole years- anger, disappoint, love, lust… the mind numbing pain of missing him after all these years.

“You….” Chester kisses the hand the slapped him, “are…” followed by a kiss on the cheek, “mine…” finished with a hard kiss to her mouth. He lets out a little growl as Grace jumps on him, kissing him back like she’s been trapped in a desert for three years and his lips are the ocean freeing her from it. She wraps herself around him, forcing him to back into the kitchen and into the hard countertop. Chester turns them around and clears off the counter with a quick sweep of one hand, all the while carefully trying to hold on to Grace with his other hand. He paused to look into her eyes for silent confirmation before placing her onto the marble surface. If the enthusiastic nod she gave wasn’t enough confirmation, the little moan she gives as he attaches his lips to her neck should be. The way her ridiculously long legs wrap around him tight speak to the way she’s desperately missed him are also a good sign.

She can hardly breathe when he pushes the sleeve of her dress down to bite down gently on her shoulder and smother it with kisses. She definitely can’t breathe when he expertly unzips her dress, lifting her off the counter slightly so that he can take her dress off. He can hardly breathe too as he realizes that she didn’t wear anything underneath. He pauses to groan before capturing her nipple in his mouth, anxious to have a taste of what he’s missed so much. It’s too much for the both of them. Grace doesn’t think she can function without Chester inside of her.

Luckily, Chester is too distracted by wanting to have sex with her that he tears his mouth away from her breast and pauses to slow down his rapidly beating heart. When he finally drags his face to meet hers, all it takes is her breathy ‘please Ches’ for him to take off his bottoms and settle in between her legs. He caresses her face one more time before moving his hand to support her back as he slowly thrusts into her. The desperate look in her eyes has him picking up the pace, his eyes never leaving hers. Before long they’re moaning together in unison, a mix of their combined sweat and tears coating them. Just as Grace gets close, Chester pulls out leaving a very frustrated Grace to stare at him angrily. “Say it Grace! I’m not going to let you finish until you say it.” Chester is desperate to hear it from her lips. In the moment he realizes that nobody will ever make him feel the way Grace does. Becca doesn’t even have a chance but he needs to hear her say it.

“Ches, I love you. I am yours. Only yours. And you, my love, are mine.” Grace whispers, cupping Chester’s face. That’s enough to have Chester slip back into her, desperate to make her feel how much he loves her; how much he’d do for her. They finish together, both exhausted and tired of fighting how much they love each other. Tomorrow they can discuss the details- how soon he’ll move back in, what they’ll tell Belle. But for now, he will carry Grace to the bed that they once shared together for a night of worshipping every inch of her that he has missed. For the first time since they broke up, Chester has tomorrow to look forward to.