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A Lapse in Judgement

Tags: Romance, Angst

Rated: T

Year: 2016

Status: On going

Summary: “‘I almost died,’ Lisbon whispers. 'And we panicked; we overreacted. It’s understandable. To be expected, even.’” Jane and Lisbon try to work through the attempt on her life. Post Red John’s Footsteps.

Writer: half agony and hope

Read here.

It really casts a new light on Jane and Lisbon’s relationship if things would have gone differently after the season 1 finale. So far, I read the two chapters and I loved them both, can’t wait for the next. mk-nbc


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Little drabbles

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okay, so this might be a multi chapter, all depends on what you guys want… 

“Mom, for the millionth time, Mark and I are not together.” Callie huffed.

She held her daughter in her arms, the baby constantly squirming and distracting her from the task at hand. They had been out for over four hours, though it felt like days.

“I’m just saying, that baby of yours deserves two, loving parents. Mark is handsome! I love him!” her mom gushed tickling her granddaughter’s feet causing the most adorable laugh to sound.

Shifting Sofia to her other hip and—literally—shoving a pacifier into her mouth, Callie began to gather her things. “We’re not discussing this any further. Can we just leave?”

Lucia shook her head at her daughter’s attitude. “Fine. I think little miss here is starting to get tired anyway.”

“Oh, really? I haven’t noticed.” Callie muttered under her breath while she stuck Sofia in the store’s shopping cart. She winced after taking her first step. “Actually, do you mind taking everything to the check out line? I have to use the ladies room.”

With a simple nod from her mother, Callie grabbed her purse and searched for the nearest restroom.

The past few weeks have been hectic; her father had recently passed away and her mother decided it would be best to move in with her daughter while she tried to move on. Callie hadn’t been too close with her parents the past few years. She came out as bisexual right after college, and her parents saw that as a sin, a reason to abandon their daughter and take away all her money. She had struggled to stay sane through her intern year at Seattle Grace, with hectic hours at the hospital accompanied by sneaking residence in the hospital basement. It was one night, barely a year ago, when she drowned her sorrows in alcohol, did she drag one Mark Sloan to her basement home and go on to have a one night stand.

She tapped her foot and waited of the pestering stick to reveal what she had been anxious about all day. The faucet ran, the swish and constant ambient sound only able to calm her down slightly.

“Come on, come on,” she whined having a sudden urge to stomp her foot.

She was barely in her 2nd year, her life was just beginning. She had always wanted kids, it was her dream, but she wasn’t sure if she could handle being pregnant while trying to be the best resident at the hospital. Her thoughts trailed to Mark. She saw him around the hospital on occasion, the salt and pepper haired attending very attractive, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to be tied to him for the rest of her life.

A pretty pink plus sign appeared.

“Dammit,” tears sprung in her eyes, caramel hands angrily twisting the faucets until the water ceased to run. She wiped at her eyes, eye liner smudging into streaks of black. “Dammit!” her heart pounded, stomach twisted.

The day passed slowly. Her body took her around the hospital, completed tasks for her, treated patients, but her mind was somewhere else. She kept thinking about this baby, what he/she would look like, what her family would think, how her life would change.

“Torres, you okay?” she jumped. She looked up, throat tight when she looked at Mark.

She bit her lip and grabbed his arm. “We need to talk.”

Dragging him to the basement and into her room, they flopped back on the covers, her quilt she’s had since she could remember warm and protective under her. It gave her some comfort and strength to what she was about to say. She blinked back tears and wiped under her eyes again. Her black nail polish shone under the one light bulb in the room, the chain swinging back and forth as if to hypnotize her.

“I’m pregnant.”

Flash forward a year and here she stood. She had a beautiful daughter, Sofia, and a best friend whom she was now so glad was in her life. He was was there for her, took care of her. She loved him, but she wasn’t in love with him, but she was grateful that he was Sofia’s father.

She stepped into the bathroom, moans and gasps touching her ears.

“Yes…right…there!” a woman panted.

Callie’s eyes bugged out of her head. She should have just turned around to find another bathroom, any bathroom that didn’t contain two women literally fucking in a dirty mall bathroom. She saw blonde hair and dark fingers tangling in their wavy locks over and over, a back both soft and tight that led to-

That ass does not quit!

“Oh my god!”

Callie swallowed hard, her cheeks reddening in embarrassment. Crap. She had just got caught like a pervert, a peeping tom.

The blonde head turned, blue eyes meeting hers and she could have sworn her stomach did flips. Their eyes remained locked and to be honest, she wasn’t sure why. They were a simple blue. A normal blue, nothing extraordinary or overly magnificent, but…

The smirk that read in them, the few damp strands of her hair falling into her eyes when the other woman hopped off of her in a haste was filled with a beauty she had never seen.

Shaking her head, their gaze becoming too intense, Callie cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, I’ll go find another bathroom-“

“Don’t.” the blonde woman said. She bent down, her eyes never leaving Callie’s as she pulled her jean shorts back into place ever so slowly.

Callie’s tongue became dry. “Um, I, are you sure?” the other woman was already dressed and slipping past her, by the time she finished stuttering.

“I’m almost done, sorry, I thought I locked the door.” she laughed. She finally tore her eyes from Callie so she could slip on her tank top, but she refrained from moving.

Both of them just stood in place, the drips and few drops from the sinks echoing off of the stained white tiles. The brunette had no idea what to say. She was still processing the fact that had just become the definition of cock blocking.

“She was a little clingy, anyways.” the woman across from her said taking a step forward. “I mean, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to finish but…”

Callie could only breath as the blonde looked her up and down like she was the most delicious thing she had ever seen. Pale hands were suddenly on her sides, drifting from the bottom of her black, leather jacket to the loops of her jeans. She held her tongue, her brown eyes fixated on a single bead of sweat that trailed to the crevice between the blonde’s breasts. Licking her lips, Callie moved back against the door so she could hopefully regain some of her composure. The blue eyed vixen in front of her, however, had other plans.

In a very cute fashion, the blonde got on her tip toes and skimmed her lips over the shell of Callie’s ear.  “I’ll have no problem finishing thinking of you,” she whispered. Pulling a pen from the pocket of her shorts, the blonde took Callie’s hand and wrote something down.

A beat of a heart passed.

“Sorry for the hold up.” she winked, slipping out the door.

Callie looked down at her hand.



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I wanna reread all your Tom imagines and one shots and just everything but I don't know where to start because they're all amazing so.. do you have any suggestion what should I read first?

There are 523 pages of this blog. [ Page 1 ] The only way to read ALL imagines would have to be going page by page but that’s insane.

One shots tho… there’s a masterlist:

All the stories

My favorite Tom stories there are:

“Mr. Hiddleston” (He’s a teacher)

“He’s the big bad wolf” (Age difference)

“What a beautiful wedding!” (A multi-chapter by @the-stuttering-kiwi​ and moi. About Tom getting involved with his ex at his wedding)

And the last 2 include Jared and Chris:

“Let’s embrace the point of no return” (A multi chapter. The 3 guys are drug lords and shit goes down)

“House of gold” (The 3 of them live in a mansion and cater to the owner’s every whim) 

Hope you find something you like ;P <3 Thanks for being here!


Here’s a preview of my Halloween at 221B story. It’s a multi chapter, so I’m only putting up a teaser. Big thanks to @mel-loves-all for the amazing edit you see and to @mizjoely for her help on this story.  I hope you enjoy this. Lastly my hugs and kisses to @darnedchild for coming up with the idea of having a party for us Sherlollians for Halloween. Thanks for inviting me along for the ride ; )

Read it on AO3 and Enjoy ~Lil~

Molly knew he was there. Of course she knew. Even though he had more or less just appeared, completely silent and, she assumed, motionless as she could hear not a sound, she felt his presence like a dark spector behind her and slightly to her left. She ignored him, attempting to concentrate on the cells under her microscope. She knew what he wanted and wasn’t about to change her mind. But suddenly his breath, though negligible (and unnecessary, so that meant he was doing it deliberately, the git!), teased her neck and she had no choice but to respond.

“Damnit Sherlock! I said no and I meant it!” she huffed, flicking a hand over her shoulder like she was shooing away a fly.

Molly,” his deep baritone purred.

She tried not to let it affect her. His new-found instinct to use seduction, not simple flirtation, to achieve a goal was nothing more than a tactic used by his kind. She had to be strong, she owed it to herself. Without turning around she said, “Don’t start.”


“I’m not in the mood for your tricks.”

“But I’m hungry,” he whined, clearly giving up on the use of his sexuality to get what he needed.

“That’s not my problem. Mycroft is keeping you supplied, so…”

“It’s not the same as… yours. And besides, it’s cold.”

“That’s what microwaves are for,” she snapped.

The detective growled, grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her towards him to face him. “I hate having to do this, Molly…”

“Then don’t,” she pleaded, with a quick glance to his mouth.

Their eyes locked and she felt a shiver of fear mixed with arousal knowing he was considering compelling her to allow him to have his way. He had only attempted it once before, but had not followed through in the end, thankfully.

Sherlock licked his lips, then Molly saw his teeth, which had been extended - ready to feed - retract to ‘normal’ (or not normal, depending on how you look at it). “You never used to be this difficult.”

She shrugged his hands off and straightened her lab coat. “And you never used to be a vampire.”

“Once was a time you were happy to help me, with anything.”

“Go home, Sherlock.” She hated the defeated sound of her voice. “You’re clearly mad with hunger.”

With a flourish, he turned and stalked out of the lab.

Fic Masterpost


Not Ready - Love Square - T

After a one night stand, Marinette finds out she’s pregnant - and the guy wants nothing to do with her or the baby. When Chat Noir offers to be the baby’s father, everything seems to fall into place.
Or does it?
(It does. This thing is basically just tooth rotting fluff so obviously it works out.)

The AKUMA Program - LadyNoir - M

The AKUMA program takes in children and spits out assassins and supersoldiers. Ladybug and Chat Noir have been in AKUMA since they were three, longer than any of the others. And they’re the best.
But Chat begins to think that maybe they’re not the good guys. Maybe they’re not the superheroes swooping in to save the day.
Because on TV, the heroes aren’t the ones who burn down cities. The heroes don’t take pride in how many people they can make scream. The heroes don’t wash blood off their hands at the end of the night.
Maybe they’re the villains.

Not Your Fault - MariChat - T

After a particularly awful akuma battle, the Miraculous Cure fails, leaving hundreds dead.
Alya and Adrien are missing.
Everyone knows missing means dead.
With Nino in a coma, Marinette is all alone. And it’s all her fault.

Chat Noir thought that the fire was the perfect time to fake his death, to stop being Adrien Agreste.
That was before he realized just how many of his friends had died.
Before he realized that Marinette would be alone.

It’s Not Easy - LadyNoir / Adrienette - T

Chemistry major Adrien finally works up the nerve to ask his lab partner Marinette out on a date, but his excitement at her agreement is interrupted when the chemistry lab explodes and takes Marinette’s life with it.
It’s a few weeks later that weird things start happening. Adrien’s senses have improved, and did he really just hiss at that dog?
Around the same time, villains start popping up, a group that calls themselves the Akuma and who are lead by an illusive man known as Hawkmoth.
Adrien decides to use his newfound powers to fight the Akuma, becoming Chat Noir.
But will Chat Noir really be enough to take on eleven supervillains on his own?

This Is It, The Apocalypse - LadyNoir / Adrienette - T

It was not, as titles may lead you to believe, the actual apocalypse. It was close though.
Marinette and Adrien went missing for eight days.
Not even Ladybug and Chat Noir could find them.
Of course, Ladybug and Chat Noir had bigger problems than looking for themselves, since, you know, they weren’t technically missing.

Forget Me Not - MariChat - T

An accident leaves Marinette missing the last three years of her life. Suddenly she’s eighteen and…dating Chat Noir? Not only that, but literally everybody knows they’re dating, and Chat will do everything he can to get her to fall in love with him again.

That Boy Is A Tasty Looking One - MariChat -T

Family reunions are the perfect time for nosy aunts to find out all the gossip. Unfortunately, Marinette is their focus this year, and everyone wants to know why she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. 

One Shots / Ficlets

Ready For This - MariChat (Not Ready AU) - T

Situation: Marinette Dupain-Cheng got drunk with Chat Noir. Marinette Dupain-Cheng woke up in bed with a naked man.
Conclusion: Marinette Dupain-Cheng had sex with Chat Noir.

Situation: The naked man in Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s bed is Adrien Agreste.
Conclusion: Chat Noir is Adrien Agreste.
Secondary Conclusion: Marinette Dupain-Cheng had sex with Adrien Agreste.

Situation: Ladybug is pregnant. Chat Noir is the father. Chat Noir never had sex with Ladybug.
Conclusion: Chat Noir is…really confused.

aka: The Not Ready AU where Adrien is biologically the father and the story they made up for Alya’s bet on how exactly Ladybug got pregnant with Chat Noir’s baby is what actually happened

Odds Are That We Will Probably Be Alright - Adrienette - T

Adrien Agreste is cheating on Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Marinette Dupain-Cheng is cheating on Adrien Agreste.
At least, they think so.
Alya and Nino are tired of their complaining and force them to confront each other.

All Your Eyes Can See Is Red - LadyNoir - T

An akuma attack ends badly, and Marinette is forced to live without her Chat Noir and with the world knowing her secret.

I Like Naps…And You - Mylene x Ivan - G

All Mylene wants is to nap…but Ivan won’t stop talking.

The Whole World According To Moi - NathChlo - T

Nathaniel gets a phone call just when things are heating up and Chloe, well, Chloe always has to be the center of attention, doesn’t she?

Marry That Girl - JuleRose - G

Rose and Juleka got engaged! But telling the family can be really nerve-wracking.

Everything’s Alright When I’m With You - Adrienette - G

After dating for a while, Ladybug and Chat Noir decide to reveal themselves to each other. But will Adrien be able to handle the changes this brings to his and Marinette’s relationship?

All I Ever Wanna Be Is Somebody To You - LadyNoir - G

Chat and Ladybug have been dating for a while when a conversation in her civilian life leads to Ladybug crying on a roof.

Or The Chocolate Fondue - MariChat - G

Chat Noir is ready for a relaxing night of hanging out with Marinette, but plans go sideways when he finds her singing Disney songs. 

In the Middle of a Very Happy Ending - Adrienette - G

Senior Theme Week is fast approaching. But what happens when there’s too many real akumas for Marinette to make her and Adrien’s Akuma Day costumes?

A Rational Fear of Dragons - Kim x Marinette BrOTP, MariChat - T

When Kim gets paired with Marinette for a history project, he learns a lot, though most of it has nothing to do with their project. 

Addressing those asks

1) Why are there so many kids here? Go to bed. Get out.
2)thank you. That’s literally all i can say holy shit.
3)I cant like respond to you guys all individually BUT I GOT THEM ALL HOLY SHIT.
4)THANK YOU?????
5)now that i think about it i am one of the only few artists drawing a lapidot human au (linear multi-chaptered comic) so i guess that’s sort of why you’d think i’m part of a holy trinity??

Ch. 7 - Love Is Kinda Crazy (With A Spooky Little Boy Like You)

A continuous multi-chapter story written for 13 Days of Halloween.
A03.  Read from the beginning here. 14.5k so far.

Jack is contemplating what to do after retiring from the NHL, so he and Bitty take some time off to enjoy autumn in New England.  They hadn’t counted on the scary stuff that would happen, both of the Halloween variety and of a more personal nature.

Thanks as always to my beta, @perryavenue, for her support and skills, and to @omgericzimmermann for organizing this challenge.


(Prompt:  Witches)

It’s mid-morning, and Jack is curled up on the couch reading.  He can hear Bitty puttering away in the lake house’s kitchen, and the familiar sounds comfort him.  Bitty’s humming, something that’s been on the radio enough for Bitty to have memorized it word for word and note for note, and for Jack to vaguely recognize that it’s new.

Bitty comes in and Jack scoots over so Bitty can perch on the edge of the couch.

“Here, taste.”  Bitty holds out a bite-sized tidbit to him, and Jack obediently opens his mouth.  “It’s brie with pumpkin butter on a toasted cracker, with a little honey drizzle and crushed pistachios.  What do you think?”

Jack finishes chewing and then presses a slightly sticky kiss to Bitty’s lips.  “Delicious.”

“I’m trying to branch out with our fall menus.  One can only have so much butternut squash soup and pumpkin bread.”

Jack isn’t sure he’s reached that point, but he’s not about to argue.  “Oh?  What else did you have in mind?”

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Love FiCon and the series, but "Kinky Nate"? What? Did I miss something? Where/When was this?

This will be part of Nate’s story! 

@so-caffeinated and I talk a lot about the Queen children on Twitter (find us here: Janis | Bre), which is where a lot of juicy little tidbits come out, like this one. There are certain aspects of Nate’s nature that point in this direction (which we haven’t outright seen yet in what’s been posted), but we have confirmed that Nate discovers he has very dominating parts of his personality. 

This will be discovered and ultimately explored when he meets his new assistant, Penny. (This won’t be for a while yet, but each Queen child will get a multi-chapter - this relationship will be in Nate’s.)

It will ultimately become a D/s (Dom/sub) relationship.

Updated list of goodies for Halloween at 221B - a Sherlolly Celebration

The collection has been open for submissions for three days and we’ve already got six works to share with everyone.

  • Dead Men Tell No Tales by @reticentintrovert : A Fanvid featuring ghost!Sherlock/dark!Sherlock
  • The Adventure of the St Bartholomew Vampire - by darnedchild : Bodies that had been found drained of blood are mysteriously disappearing from the morgue. Could it be the work of a vampire? Or is there something even more sinister stalking the dark streets of London? (Multi-chapter fic, in progress)
  • Tell Me This Is Real - by mellovesall : A Sexy Supernatural Sherlolly AU. (Completed)
  • Blood Of My Blood - by mellovesall : A Sherlolly Vampire AU theme of Photoshop Edits (Sherlock is an ancient vampire whose lonely soul is determined to reunite with his lost love, Molly). (Multi-Chapter fic/edits, in progress)
  • The Shadows That Define Our Every Sunny Day - by TravelerOfManyLands : Sherlock Holmes sees things that other people normally do not. But he’s definitely sure that he neither believes in nor sees ghosts…until he meets Molly Hooper, that is. (Multi-chapter fic, in progress)
  • The Vampire’s Vice - by lilsherlockian1975 : Sherlock wants… no, needs something from Molly that she’s simply unwilling to give. Think he’ll give up easily? Probably not. The amazing art work was provided by mellovesall.  (Multi-chapter fic, in progress)

The collection will remain open for submissions on Ao3 and Tumblr until midnight (MT) on October 30th, so there is still plenty of time to create something for Sherlolly Halloween if you want.

Please let one of the mods know if you’ve made something and we’ve somehow missed it.  The Tumblr tags are being tetchy and we would hate to accidentally leave someone out.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and to everyone who has left likes or kudos for the authors/creators.

I just realized it’s getting close to a year since I updated my Mass Effect story High Score. Well, I haven’t updated it since November 30th. It’s my only multi-chaptered story I have written without a deadline (probably one of the reasons why it’s gone unfinished). So I think I’m going to change that and use NaNo this year as a way to finish it.

Anyone else doing it this year and want a buddy? I’m Continuousspec on there. <3

Sherlock stopped kissing him, although he did not move away even an inch. He leaned heavily against John, pinning him into the wall, and put his face in John’s neck, and kissed it. A soft, chaste brush of his lips.

Suddenly John thought he might go plummeting to the floor. Or burst into tears. He squeezed his eyes shut and put his hands in Sherlock’s thick curls, keeping him against him. Sherlock loved him, he realized. Sherlock adored him. It was all right there. How had he missed it for so long?

He wanted to say he was sorry. What he said instead was what he should have said ages ago. “I love you,” he said.

Sherlock lifted his head and looked at him. Looked at him. His lips were swollen and rosy and wet and the pupils of his eyes were blown wide and his hair was a mess and every inch of him was John’s and the realization of this was so…so…undeniable. Had he known this all along? Had he reveled in the comfort of it without ever recognizing it for what it was?

“How can you ask me if we’re dating?” said Sherlock, still slightly out of breath. “We’re married.

—  earlgreytea68, Nature and Nurture

And so began my first proper flying lesson.

“That’s it Rosie,” he called after fifteen minutes of teaching, “Don’t go too fast; I wouldn’t want you to get whiplash when you smash into that stray butterfly that’s threatening to pass you…”

Compliments - chapter 13 (author: 00Verisimilitude00)

(Art source: unknown)

Teach me pt.2

Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 4.5, Part 5

You woke up to a text message from him.

Be ready by 8am

We’re going shopping

-Your savior

You rolled your eyes and climbed out of bed. You slipped on your comfortable jeans and a simple T-shirt. You were actually looking forward to seeing Yoongi. You were extremely nervous about the whole shopping thing, but you really wanted to win this bet; you were going through with anything he told you to do.

He showed up at your door 15 minutes late. He wore he tight fitting jeans, a white t-shirt and his signature leather jacket. “Well, you look nice.” Your eyes mock-scanning him up and down. He chuckled and looked at what you were wearing.

“You could have dressed a bit better, but that’s okay.” You frowned. He was just sooo polite.

You and Yoongi walked through the mall, and you couldn’t help but notice all the women checking him out. You shifted uncomfortably as you walked next to him. You suddenly wished you’d chosen to wear something more flattering.

“This is the store you really need to go in.” He grabbed your hand and led you into Victoria’s Secret. The fancy bras and panties intimidated you. You had never had a desire to spend that much money on a pair of panties. God forbid you look at the price of the bras. You shuddered as you thought about all the better things you could be doing with your money. Yoongi turned around and faced you. His eyes shifted down to your breasts, and you could feel your cheeks start to heat up.

“W-what are you doing?” you stammered out.

“I’m trying to figure out what cup size you are. We should just have the lady measure you.” He disappeared, leaving you bewildered and even more nervous.

He came back with an employee in tow. She quickly got to work on measuring you. Then she wrote down a few things on a pink strip of paper with the store’s name printed on the back. “Everything in that size is in this section,” she said, pointing to the other side of the store.

“Perfect; thank you Ashley,” Yoongi called after the woman. You rolled your eyes at him in disbelief.

“You’re already flirting with the sales people?” Yoongi brushed off your comment and continued looking at the assorted underwear. “And you seem to know everything about how this store works. How many of your girlfriends have your brought here, huh?” Your crossed your arms and waited for his snarky remark.

Instead, he kept doing what he was doing: not even looking at you. “Actually, I’ll have you know that was my cousin, and I asked her how this store worked before we came. Now would you quit stalling and help me look?”

You snorted and started looking through the pile of panties. “Here, I think you should buy these. They would look good for your body type, and the color will look good on your skin.” You grabbed the panties from him before he power-walked over to the bras. He flung some crazy, complicated looking bras at you before forcing you to try one on.

You fumbled trying to get the bra on. It felt like it had tons on padding, and you thought to yourself that coming to this store was a silly idea until you looked in the mirror. Your breasts looked great, and you couldn’t help but check yourself out from a couple different angles. As you exited the dressing room, you couldn’t hide your smile.

“See, I told you this was a good idea. You probably look amazing in those bras.” You blushed and hurried to the cashier. You were surprised when they told you the price of everything.

“Why is it so cheap?” you asked as you turned and look at Yoongi.

“My cousin let us use her discount. Now hurry up; I’m starving.” After you were done paying, you and Yoongi walked out of the store. You waved bye to his cousin Ashley on your way out.

After buying dresses, new jeans, shorts, and tops, you and Yoongi were completely tired. You and he crashed at your apartment, and you rummaged your fridge for something to eat.

“I had fun today.” You called to him from the other room.

“Me too,” he got up from where he was sitting on the couch and wandered into the kitchen where you were. “You should try on some of those outfits we bought today.” You frowned and shook your head. “Please?” he whined. He stuck his bottom lip out in pretend sadness and started to fake cry.

“Alright, alright,” you sighed as you walked towards your bedroom. You picked one of the dresses Yoongi insisted you buy. The red color of the dress was bold, and the material hugged your figure. You tried to zip the dress up in the back, but you just couldn’t.

“Hey Yoongi,” you called. “Come here for a second.” You could hear his footsteps coming closer to your room. He appeared in the doorway. “Can you zip this for me?” His eyes scanned you and he slowly nodded before he took a step closer to you. Your heart raced as his fingers reached your back. The feeling of him touching your skin was amazing; you felt like you were going to explode.

His eyes lingered on the clasp of the new bra you had bought that day, and he wondered what it would look like if he took the dress off of you. He slowly dragged the zipper upwards until it couldn’t go any farther. He stepped away from you with much reluctance. You felt reason flood back into your mind as you realized that you couldn’t be sexually attracted to a person you worked with.

“W-well, what do you think?” you asked, afraid to meet his eyes.

“I love it,” he said. His voice was deep and husky. You frowned as you felt yourself get more aroused. “I think you should wear things like that more often.” Your cheeks heated at his words, and you turned away from him.

“Well it’s late; I think you should go. We have a long day of practice tomorrow,” you stammered as you lead him to the door.

“Okay. Just be ready for lesson two soon.” He leaned against the door way, cocked his eyebrow and smirked. “I’m going to teach you how to seduce a man.”

What should happen for part 3?

Let me know what you think?

~Admin Sugar

Master Post

Steven inhales deeply, attempting to make sense of what he’s seeing. He shakes his head slowly and presses the “lock” button, but he cannot press lock on his emotions. A single tear lands on his iPhone screen and

accidentalavenger  asked:

For a fic request: high school football player Jack getting really blushy around his coaches son who bakes and figure skates and is just super lovely and attractive in general. Jack making up excuses to spend time with him, mainly excuses to do with football which are pretty weak, and Bitty is beginning to catch on.

!!! This is such cool prompt but I know NOTHING about football and my football loving friend has midterms as well so lets just see what I got let’s do this;

(also blah blah blah all these are super unedited and at some point i’ll rewrite them okay lets do this 4 REAL)


Eric Richard Bittle did not have a crush on the quarterback.

Nope. That’d be way to cliche. Plus, he isn’t out, and the quarterback isn’t gay, he’s just… nice.

He’s so nice and Eric kicks himself for it all the time. Jack is so kind to him, compared to the rest of Coach’s team. He talks to him every time he sees him, and that’s it. He’s convinced it’s no basis for a crush and yet here he is, baking a pie in his family kitchen, while Jack is talking to Coach about NCAA football teams at the kitchen table. Eric is purposely not paying attention, not looking up from his work, because he doesn’t want to get involved in the discussion. He knows if he looks up just once, Jack will ask, “Eric, what do you think?” and he doesn’t want to talk about the idea of Jack graduating in 7 months. So, Eric keeps his head down, and focuses on the cherry pie in front of him.

He’s so focused he doesn’t hear the conversation ending and Coach leaving to give Jack contact info of other coaches. Nor does he notice Jack leaning on the kitchen counter until he hears a, “What’s up?” two feet away from him.

Eric jumps a little, turns to Jack, and responds with, “Oh, baking a pie.”

“What kind a pie?”

“Cherry, but it’s a bit different from what I usually do.”

“How so?”

“I’m uh, trying something with the crust, since the cherries are a bit tart. Adding a bit more sugar in it, as opposed to the filling, and seeing what that’ll do. It’s nothing too interesting, it’s just pie.”

“I find that hard to believe. If it’s your pie, it’s got to be a great one.” Eric looks up to see Jack smiling at him and if both their cheeks were a little red, he’d blame it on the September heat.

“Thank you, Jack.” But before Eric could say anything else, his father came down with a list.

“There you go,” Coach handed it to Jack, “Coaches from Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama. Let them know I gave you the info.”

Eric refocused on his pie, rolling out the dough, and most definitely ignoring the idea of Jack graduating.

“Thank you, so much, Coach Bittle.”

“Anytime, kid. You’re a great player.”

“Hey, Eric” Jack placed his hand on Eric’s arm, “I’ll see you at school, yeah?”

“Mhm!” Eric flashed him a smile that Jack had returned in ernest, “I’ll see you then.”

“Heh, yep.” They stared at each other for, what Eric though was, minutes. “I should-“

“Oh, yes, of course!” he grabbed a tin full of cookies he had made a couple hours ago, “Please feel free to take some! If you can’t finish them I’m sure your parents would like them. Or you could share it with them, though I assume that’s what you’d do first because these are an awful amount of cookies but I had so much maple syrup in my fridge, i blame the sale. It was $20 for 5 bottles and it was all real syrup! That’s such a steal and I also remembered you saying you liked maple syrup that one time I totally wasn’t stereotyping you and if you thought that I one-hundred percent apologize I meant that-“

“Thank you, Bittle,” Jack placed his hands over Eric’s as he took the pie tin from him. “I’ll be sure to share them with my parents.”


“Maybe you could teach me how to make them someday.”

“I’d- I mean- yeah. Someday.”

Jack left the kitchen, leaving Eric alone. He wanted to cry or bang his head against the counter several times. He opted to bury his head in his hands.

Good Lord, he’d fallen for a straight boy who would never show interest in him… clearly… right?

You Might Wanna Love Me Too

Hi there! So @aceteatic asked for this au almost a month ago, and rather than continuing to put off posting it, I reached a point where I’m comfortable posting what I have so far.
I probably won’t get back to this until after Christmas season, but I will come back to it!

Baz works at a flower shop.
Simon and Penelope are tattoo artists.
Baz is a complete goner for Simon the first time he sees the boy. (It’s actually kind of sad.)

They’re probably all ooc I’m so sorry. Also, I’m bad at summaries.

Word Count: 1591
also on ao3

Chapter 1

Baz looks up at the sign above his mother’s flower shop - Natasha’s Bouquets - before unlocking the door and opening for the day. She’s been gone for three years now and he still calls it her shop. As long as her name is up there, it will be hers.

Truthfully, being a florist isn’t his life’s passion, but being in the shop is the closest he can get to being with his mother. He feels her in here; her name on the front sign, the red paint splatter on the floor from when he was ten and dropped a paint can, the bouquets that come out just right, their names on the doorjamb in the back room.

He hears the bell above the front door ring.

“Can I help you?” he asks, looking up from the bouquet he is currently finishing.

The boy who walks in is slightly shorter than Baz, wearing a black baseball cap turned around backwards, a tight black t-shirt, and denim skinny jeans. Baz takes in the boy’s blue eyes and the splatter of moles on the boy’s right cheek and neck. He tries not to stare, but it’s hard. The boy’s lips start moving, but Baz doesn’t hear anything right away. He blinks hard, hoping to regain control of his hearing.

“-friend’s birthday. Her favorite color is purple if that helps,” the boy finishes.

Friend? Friend as in normal friend? Or girlfriend? Or boyfriend? People don’t buy flowers for regular friends, do they? Baz should know this. He’s the one that owns a flower shop.

Baz gathers himself and responds, “Any detail helps. I’ll see what I can put together. When do you need it by?” Who is this friend? Why do I care? I don’t even know your name.

The boy’s face scrunches up and Baz tries - and fails - to not find it adorable.

“That’s the thing,” the boy says. “Her birthday is today, so I was hoping to get it by the end of the day.”

Normally Baz would be annoyed that a customer needed an order on such short notice. He likes to take time with his work. Make sure each bouquet is perfect - something his mother would be proud of. But, he finds himself having a hard time being angry at the boy in front of him. Baz has a weakness for attractive boys. And this one, well, Baz is concerned at how smitten he is with this boy considering they only met a minute ago and he still doesn’t know the boy’s name.

“I’ll see what I can do. Come back at closing and I’ll have it ready for you,” Baz says. He considers asking what exactly the boy is looking for. He doesn’t know how much information was given during the time he went temporarily deaf and doesn’t want to embarrass himself, but he also does need to know what he’s going to spend the rest of his day putting together. “What exactly am I making for you…” Baz says, leaving room at the end of the statement for the other boy to finish, hopefully with a name.

“Something I can use as a centerpiece on a table,” the boy says with a shy smile.

“And what name should I put on the order?” Baz asks. He feels ridiculous still not knowing the boy’s name.


“I’m Baz,” he replies before the boy thanks him and leaves.

Later, when Snow comes to pick up the centerpiece Baz spent most of his day making look perfect, they exchange a quick greeting, Baz passess off the finished product, Snow pays, and with a quick thank you is out the door.

He’ll probably never see the boy again.

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