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Sherlock stopped kissing him, although he did not move away even an inch. He leaned heavily against John, pinning him into the wall, and put his face in John’s neck, and kissed it. A soft, chaste brush of his lips.

Suddenly John thought he might go plummeting to the floor. Or burst into tears. He squeezed his eyes shut and put his hands in Sherlock’s thick curls, keeping him against him. Sherlock loved him, he realized. Sherlock adored him. It was all right there. How had he missed it for so long?

He wanted to say he was sorry. What he said instead was what he should have said ages ago. “I love you,” he said.

Sherlock lifted his head and looked at him. Looked at him. His lips were swollen and rosy and wet and the pupils of his eyes were blown wide and his hair was a mess and every inch of him was John’s and the realization of this was so…so…undeniable. Had he known this all along? Had he reveled in the comfort of it without ever recognizing it for what it was?

“How can you ask me if we’re dating?” said Sherlock, still slightly out of breath. “We’re married.

—  earlgreytea68, Nature and Nurture
Teach me pt.2

Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 4.5, Part 5

You woke up to a text message from him.

Be ready by 8am

We’re going shopping

-Your savior

You rolled your eyes and climbed out of bed. You slipped on your comfortable jeans and a simple T-shirt. You were actually looking forward to seeing Yoongi. You were extremely nervous about the whole shopping thing, but you really wanted to win this bet; you were going through with anything he told you to do.

He showed up at your door 15 minutes late. He wore he tight fitting jeans, a white t-shirt and his signature leather jacket. “Well, you look nice.” Your eyes mock-scanning him up and down. He chuckled and looked at what you were wearing.

“You could have dressed a bit better, but that’s okay.” You frowned. He was just sooo polite.

You and Yoongi walked through the mall, and you couldn’t help but notice all the women checking him out. You shifted uncomfortably as you walked next to him. You suddenly wished you’d chosen to wear something more flattering.

“This is the store you really need to go in.” He grabbed your hand and led you into Victoria’s Secret. The fancy bras and panties intimidated you. You had never had a desire to spend that much money on a pair of panties. God forbid you look at the price of the bras. You shuddered as you thought about all the better things you could be doing with your money. Yoongi turned around and faced you. His eyes shifted down to your breasts, and you could feel your cheeks start to heat up.

“W-what are you doing?” you stammered out.

“I’m trying to figure out what cup size you are. We should just have the lady measure you.” He disappeared, leaving you bewildered and even more nervous.

He came back with an employee in tow. She quickly got to work on measuring you. Then she wrote down a few things on a pink strip of paper with the store’s name printed on the back. “Everything in that size is in this section,” she said, pointing to the other side of the store.

“Perfect; thank you Ashley,” Yoongi called after the woman. You rolled your eyes at him in disbelief.

“You’re already flirting with the sales people?” Yoongi brushed off your comment and continued looking at the assorted underwear. “And you seem to know everything about how this store works. How many of your girlfriends have your brought here, huh?” Your crossed your arms and waited for his snarky remark.

Instead, he kept doing what he was doing: not even looking at you. “Actually, I’ll have you know that was my cousin, and I asked her how this store worked before we came. Now would you quit stalling and help me look?”

You snorted and started looking through the pile of panties. “Here, I think you should buy these. They would look good for your body type, and the color will look good on your skin.” You grabbed the panties from him before he power-walked over to the bras. He flung some crazy, complicated looking bras at you before forcing you to try one on.

You fumbled trying to get the bra on. It felt like it had tons on padding, and you thought to yourself that coming to this store was a silly idea until you looked in the mirror. Your breasts looked great, and you couldn’t help but check yourself out from a couple different angles. As you exited the dressing room, you couldn’t hide your smile.

“See, I told you this was a good idea. You probably look amazing in those bras.” You blushed and hurried to the cashier. You were surprised when they told you the price of everything.

“Why is it so cheap?” you asked as you turned and look at Yoongi.

“My cousin let us use her discount. Now hurry up; I’m starving.” After you were done paying, you and Yoongi walked out of the store. You waved bye to his cousin Ashley on your way out.

After buying dresses, new jeans, shorts, and tops, you and Yoongi were completely tired. You and he crashed at your apartment, and you rummaged your fridge for something to eat.

“I had fun today.” You called to him from the other room.

“Me too,” he got up from where he was sitting on the couch and wandered into the kitchen where you were. “You should try on some of those outfits we bought today.” You frowned and shook your head. “Please?” he whined. He stuck his bottom lip out in pretend sadness and started to fake cry.

“Alright, alright,” you sighed as you walked towards your bedroom. You picked one of the dresses Yoongi insisted you buy. The red color of the dress was bold, and the material hugged your figure. You tried to zip the dress up in the back, but you just couldn’t.

“Hey Yoongi,” you called. “Come here for a second.” You could hear his footsteps coming closer to your room. He appeared in the doorway. “Can you zip this for me?” His eyes scanned you and he slowly nodded before he took a step closer to you. Your heart raced as his fingers reached your back. The feeling of him touching your skin was amazing; you felt like you were going to explode.

His eyes lingered on the clasp of the new bra you had bought that day, and he wondered what it would look like if he took the dress off of you. He slowly dragged the zipper upwards until it couldn’t go any farther. He stepped away from you with much reluctance. You felt reason flood back into your mind as you realized that you couldn’t be sexually attracted to a person you worked with.

“W-well, what do you think?” you asked, afraid to meet his eyes.

“I love it,” he said. His voice was deep and husky. You frowned as you felt yourself get more aroused. “I think you should wear things like that more often.” Your cheeks heated at his words, and you turned away from him.

“Well it’s late; I think you should go. We have a long day of practice tomorrow,” you stammered as you lead him to the door.

“Okay. Just be ready for lesson two soon.” He leaned against the door way, cocked his eyebrow and smirked. “I’m going to teach you how to seduce a man.”

What should happen for part 3?

Let me know what you think?

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Master Post

And so began my first proper flying lesson.

“That’s it Rosie,” he called after fifteen minutes of teaching, “Don’t go too fast; I wouldn’t want you to get whiplash when you smash into that stray butterfly that’s threatening to pass you…”

Compliments - chapter 13 (author: 00Verisimilitude00)

(Art source: unknown)

Life Changes (1/?)

Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Summary: When Bucky left the war due to his arm injury, he thought life would be simpler for him. But bodyguarding a congressman’s daughter most definitely couldn’t be classified as simple.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,492 words

Notes: HERE IT IS. Chapter one of my bodyguard!Bucky AU. It’s not as long as I expected and there’s a few things that sounds unrealistic but let’s just roll with it, lmao. I already have the next chapters planned but you’ll never know with me…though I do want to finish this one! You guys can help me out by sending what y’all want to see! :’) Besides this one, a Frank Castle one-shot is probably coming this week too, so…ehe. Stay tuned. Tell me if there’s any mistakes in this since I didn’t proofread. Hope you guys enjoy it! <3

When Bucky left the war due to his arm injury, he thought life would be simpler for him. 

He knew that what he saw back in Afghanistan would follow him through whatever path he’d choose, but he was confident he could fit into the normal world again. 

He was a soldier, a good and devoted one, but everyone had a breaking point in their lives. 

The arm injury just happened to be his. 

It had been all bad luck. Wrong place at the wrong time and he found himself hanging from an abandoned apartment building, a bullet to his leg with Steve trying to hoist him up while momentarily forgetting about his duty of watching for any threats. 

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Nerd Princess (chapter 1)

So I have just posted this story’s first chapter on my fanfiction account and well since I also drew this in honor of my love for the gangster and nerd Nalu AU drawn by @ayumichi-me I decided to post it on Tumblr. Ayumichi-me gave me permission to write a fanfic based on their au and this is what I managed to come up with and I hope its to her liking! xD 

Name: Nerd Princess
Summary: Lucy was never one to call attention to herself especially considering she was the school nerd. Unfortunately, for her, she’s noticed by the one person who she least wanted to be paid attention by. Natsu Dragneel, the school’s popular and handsome gangster, who brings it upon himself to tease her. When the nerd and gangster meet, how will things turn out? NALU

Pairings: NALU side of Gajeevy, Jerza and Gruvia
Rating: T


Lucy’s POV

If there’s anything that I hate more than a lot of noise, it’s attention. I hate loud places with too much noise than I would like. I’m not a people person not that I’m even liked by people anyways, but that’s not the point. I take enjoyment from sitting in a quiet corner where I can just read a novel or simply write out my stories. I’m like a shadow, or I’d like to think so at least, always hiding from uncomfortable and troubling situations.

Sometimes I’m lucky and I avoid it, but other times I just barge into trouble and get these people to bother me or call me names. In general, I try to keep a low presence, but the fact that I have blonde hair makes people turn their heads thinking it might be a pretty girl only to find me, a nerd with glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends… well…there’s Levy. I do feel lonely sometimes, and I’d like to make more friends, but it’s hard for me to muster the courage to talk to someone new.

I hope that maybe one day, I can have more friends, but well I think that’s just asking for too much.

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classics rec list

A list of fandom classics compiled for @wineinanopenwound (side note: holy hell, I’m sorry that this took so long. Thank you for your patience!) Most of these are multi-chapter fics.

Another side note: a good way to find popular fics is to filter works on AO3 by kudos!

Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68: I would be remiss if I didn’t include the fandom classic. In this wonderful fic, Sherlock and John raise an infant clone of Sherlock. [Parentlock, Post-Reichenbach]

Performance in a Leading Role by Mad_Lori: An AU in which John and Sherlock are actors playing the leads in a romance and fall in love. [AU]

Saving Sherlock Holmes by earlgreytea68: This is an AU in which John and Sherlock are at school together. So sweet, and I love Mycroft in this fic. [AU, Teenlock]

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction: This is a fantastic case fic in which Sherlock and John go undercover in a club. [Case Fic, UST]

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie: This is another brilliant case fic involving fantastic original characters, shady art students, and plenty of other wonderful surprises. [Case Fic, Post-Season 3, Fix-It]

The Moonlight and the Frost by CaitlinFairchild: This is THE post-season 3 fic, in my opinion, and every bit worth the read. John rebuilds his life after Mary. [Post-Season 3, Case Fic, Fix-It]

State of Flux by Atiki: Another brilliant post-season 3 fic, very soft and tender. [Post-Season 3, Fix-It]

The Least of All Possible Mistakes by rageprufrock: A brilliant fic in which Lestrade is a woman, told from her point of view. One of my favorites. [Lestrade POV, Mystrade]

The Last Drop by Phyona: A great fic in which John and Sherlock go to a pub and play drinking games. I love the sequel as well. [UST]

Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer: An AU in which Sherlock meets John while on a case in Afghanistan. [AU, War Story, Case Fic, Thriller]

The Paradox Series by wordstrings: A brilliant series–somewhat twisted, but brilliant and fascinating. Examines a codependent relationship between John and Sherlock. [Season 1+2, Sociopathy, Codependency, Series]

A River Without Banks by Chryse: One of my all-time favorites, Sherlock relives multiple versions of his life. So, so brilliant. [Post-Season 3, Fix-It, Case Fic, AU-ish]

Mise en Place by azriona: A chef AU, alternatively known as “the one where Sherlock is Gordon Ramsey.” [AU]

And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild: A wonderful proposal story, so very lovely. [Established Relationship, Proposal]

The Frost is All Over by Chryse: A Dickensian tale in which Sherlock is an earl’s son and John is a commoner and they grow up together. [AU]

The Gilded Cage by BeautifulFiction: This is the classic Omegaverse fic. Simply brilliant worldbuilding. [AU, Omegaverse, Case Fic]

All the Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings: A fantastic AU in which Sherlock sent Moriarty to prison as a child. A work in progress, but simply incredible. [AU, Case Fic, Love at First Sight]

You Might Wanna Love Me Too

Hi there! So @aceteatic asked for this au almost a month ago, and rather than continuing to put off posting it, I reached a point where I’m comfortable posting what I have so far.
I probably won’t get back to this until after Christmas season, but I will come back to it!

Baz works at a flower shop.
Simon and Penelope are tattoo artists.
Baz is a complete goner for Simon the first time he sees the boy. (It’s actually kind of sad.)

They’re probably all ooc I’m so sorry. Also, I’m bad at summaries.

Word Count: 1591
also on ao3

Chapter 1

Baz looks up at the sign above his mother’s flower shop - Natasha’s Bouquets - before unlocking the door and opening for the day. She’s been gone for three years now and he still calls it her shop. As long as her name is up there, it will be hers.

Truthfully, being a florist isn’t his life’s passion, but being in the shop is the closest he can get to being with his mother. He feels her in here; her name on the front sign, the red paint splatter on the floor from when he was ten and dropped a paint can, the bouquets that come out just right, their names on the doorjamb in the back room.

He hears the bell above the front door ring.

“Can I help you?” he asks, looking up from the bouquet he is currently finishing.

The boy who walks in is slightly shorter than Baz, wearing a black baseball cap turned around backwards, a tight black t-shirt, and denim skinny jeans. Baz takes in the boy’s blue eyes and the splatter of moles on the boy’s right cheek and neck. He tries not to stare, but it’s hard. The boy’s lips start moving, but Baz doesn’t hear anything right away. He blinks hard, hoping to regain control of his hearing.

“-friend’s birthday. Her favorite color is purple if that helps,” the boy finishes.

Friend? Friend as in normal friend? Or girlfriend? Or boyfriend? People don’t buy flowers for regular friends, do they? Baz should know this. He’s the one that owns a flower shop.

Baz gathers himself and responds, “Any detail helps. I’ll see what I can put together. When do you need it by?” Who is this friend? Why do I care? I don’t even know your name.

The boy’s face scrunches up and Baz tries - and fails - to not find it adorable.

“That’s the thing,” the boy says. “Her birthday is today, so I was hoping to get it by the end of the day.”

Normally Baz would be annoyed that a customer needed an order on such short notice. He likes to take time with his work. Make sure each bouquet is perfect - something his mother would be proud of. But, he finds himself having a hard time being angry at the boy in front of him. Baz has a weakness for attractive boys. And this one, well, Baz is concerned at how smitten he is with this boy considering they only met a minute ago and he still doesn’t know the boy’s name.

“I’ll see what I can do. Come back at closing and I’ll have it ready for you,” Baz says. He considers asking what exactly the boy is looking for. He doesn’t know how much information was given during the time he went temporarily deaf and doesn’t want to embarrass himself, but he also does need to know what he’s going to spend the rest of his day putting together. “What exactly am I making for you…” Baz says, leaving room at the end of the statement for the other boy to finish, hopefully with a name.

“Something I can use as a centerpiece on a table,” the boy says with a shy smile.

“And what name should I put on the order?” Baz asks. He feels ridiculous still not knowing the boy’s name.


“I’m Baz,” he replies before the boy thanks him and leaves.

Later, when Snow comes to pick up the centerpiece Baz spent most of his day making look perfect, they exchange a quick greeting, Baz passess off the finished product, Snow pays, and with a quick thank you is out the door.

He’ll probably never see the boy again.

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Life Changes (2/?)

Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Summary: When Bucky left the war due to his arm injury, he thought life would be simpler for him. But bodyguarding a congressman’s daughter most definitely couldn’t be classified as simple.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, semi-nudity
2,018 words


Notes: Chapter two is up! I don’t know how I feel about this fic at all but I hope y’all like it. There’s a few things that sounds unrealistic to me but let’s just roll with it, lmao. Tell me if there’s any mistakes since I didn’t really proof read it! HAPPY READING! <3

During the next days, Bucky didn’t see a single reason why the girl was on the tabloids so much. 

When he told his sisters that he’d met Alexander Pierce’s daughter and that he was her new bodyguard, they went completely insane. His cellphone was still filled with pictures and website links that talked about her, a result of his younger sister giving him what to expect. 

And he sort of did expect all he read. 

It wasn’t right to judge her by what he had seen, even more when he believed that (Y/N) was more than just those headlines but he couldn’t help but wait for the other shoe to drop. 

Still she was proving to be his easiest job ever, even beating his first job as the newspaper boy to his neighborhood when he was thirteen. 

All he had to do was follow her around the house. 

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New Guy

I do not own Fairy Tail but I am excited for the second movie!



“Natsu, what’s going on?”  Levy asked as she sat across from him at the table.  Lucy had fallen asleep and they had put her to bed about 20 minutes before hand.  

“Lucy had her heart set on you guys hooking up tonight.  Sorry I thought she’d let it go.”  He muttered the last bit ashamed by his ‘failure’.  

“Don’t worry about it.  She has been trying for a few weeks now.  We are just friends though.”  She said definitivly.  If she even had one ounce of wavering she would never hear the end of it.  

“Yeah but there are only 4 beds and six of us.  Well Juvia and Gray are one person in this situation so 5 people.  I’ll take the couch, don’t worry about it.”  He cut her off before she could endeavor.  “I just am sorry she was so persistent to this point.” Levy just laughed.

“She is my best friend, Natsu.  This is what we do to each other!  Sure it is aggravating but I am not going to hate her for it!  And I have homework to do so I will be up later, ie: I will take the couch.”  She replied still laughing a bit near the end.  She took a sip of her water and looked back to Natsu.  He obviously felt bad but he was distracted by something behind her.  Levy turned back to see Lucy coming down the stairs wrapped in the blue commutator they had just put her in.  

“I’m cold.” Lucy mumbled in between sniffles.  Great.  She was that drunk. Once or twice a year Lucy would get so drunk that she would get emotional.  She would cry or hysterically laugh at everything.

She walked over to Natsu and poked him.  “Your warm.”  She said as she dragged him by his collar back towards the steps.  

“Lucy.  I. Can’t. Breathe!”  Natsu said in between coughs.

“I’m sorry!”  She cried.  She dropped him on the steps making him beat his head into a step.  He rubbed his head for a second then got up.  

“It’s okay Luce just don’t kill me okay!”  He grinned at her, making her crying worse.

“I don’t want to kill you!  You won’t be warm then!”  She sobbed.  Natsu picked her up and carried her up the stairs out of Levy’s view.  

She went and got her laptop that she had got out of Gajeel’s car earlier to start her homework.  She logged in, checked social media quickly and then went to her homework.  She was on page 7 of 12 of her current paper.  She got about another page done before she realized that Natsu never came back down.  He probably fell asleep quicker than Lucy did.  She kept working on her homework until about 5:00.  She needed at least 4 hours of sleep.  Now that Natu fell asleep with Lucy there was a free bed for Levy.  

She closed her laptop and slugged upstairs at a snails pace.  She peered into the last room  and seeing that it was empty, jumped into the lazily made bed.  She heard running water as she drifted to sleep.  She remembered that each room had a small bathroom but who was up at this point!  It was so early, well late for her.  She pulled the blankets over her head and nuzzled into the warm pillows and closed her eyes ready for sleep when the door opened.  Oh well.


He took a quick shower to rid the smell of over all illegal substance and beer.  He naturally woke up even though he was still tired so why not clean off the gross and go back to bed for a few hours.  So that is what he did.  He walked back into the dark room in boxers and slid back into bed.  It took him a few seconds to realize someone else was there.  Someone small enough to go un-noticed.  Someone quiet enough to not be easily heard. Someone who just went to sleep.  Everything lead to Levy.  Did she not know, did she?  She shifted in her sleep and started mumbling.

She muttered on for a short second before rolling over to face him.  “Stupid Gajeel, jus just don go.”   There was something else incomprehensible afterwards.  Was she dreaming about him or was she awake?  Is that bad?  Or is it normal?  She then rolled half way on top of him.  Well Shit.  Her head was nuzzled into his chest and leg was curled up on his thighs.  Should he push her off or pull her closer.  He didn’t want her to go, realizing how warm and soft her skin was against his.  So he just shrugged it off.  She was the one on top of him so it was her fault anyway.  He drifted too sleep and pushed his fear of upsetting her to the back of his head.  


Giggling.  It wasn’t something he wanting to wake up to.  He kept his eyes closed trying to ignore the sound and to go back to sleep.  Then it hit him.  Levy is on top of him.  He wasn’t wearing 70% of his clothes.  She was still asleep so someone else was here and it looked bad.  Levy shifted her arm that apparently at some point had moved to his chest to his shoulder.  She groaned a bit in her sleep scooting closer onto Gajeel causing him to tense up and the giggling get worse.  Two other parties had entered and had started laughing along with the first.  

“To bad Luce is way too hungover to see this she would flip out.”  Natsu said.  Great.

“Juvia took photographs for Lucy, worry not.”  Juvia whispered to Natsu.  


What a weird dream.  My in sleep imagination is 10x more interesting than my conscious imagination.  First Disney Land then Lucy’s car it a house then Gajeel and I are married.  Maybe I should just punch my subconscious in the face.  Levy thought as she laid awake in her amazingly warm bed.  She had a habit of waking up and just laying there motionless; to slowly wake up.  She heard it was a healthier way to wake up.  Me and Gajeel cuddling, hilarious!  She thought, then it hit her: her bed has a heart beat.  And muscle definition.  And long hair.  Was she still asleep, lucid dreaming or something? God she hoped so.  But there was giggling a definite conversation in the background.  That isn’t dream like.  Oh shit, why was she sleeping with him?  She was completely sober by the time she went to bed so no way she just blacked out.  The shower!  He said he wakes up early.  What, that doesn’t make any since though!  Why me, she thought as she tried to find a safe and not awkward exit to the situation.


Suddenly Gajeel felt Levy’s eyelashes fluttering against his chest.  Uhoh.  He was a dead man.  It was official he should have aborted the mission  and went to another room when he had the chance.  Instead of jumping up and screaming she started tracing her hand down his arm slowly.  Then she quickly inhaled still quietly enough for the others, whose chit chat had faded in the into the distance, not to hear.  

“Gajeel?”  She whispered.  Shit.  Sitty shit shit.  He was soooo dead.  “I have an itch two inches to the left of your hand get it for me?”  She whispered again.  What.  Not Gajeel you sick perverted asshole I am so going to kill you but hey can you do me a quick favor.  What?  He discreetly moved his hand that was on the back of her thigh two inches left like she said and scratched with his pointer finger. “Thanks.”

The laugher left as the door creaked closed.  He was going to wait for the microwave or some other downstairs appliance to start before he moved but Levy had other plans.  

“Gajeel!”  She whined as she sat up beside him. He winched pushing his eyebrows together and slowly opened one eye.

“Yeah Shrimp?”  He croaked.  Please don’t murder me.  And if you are going to kill me make it quick.  That is what he wanted to say but Yeah was all he got.

“Why are you in my bed?”  She asked.  He opened his eyes and sat up leaning up against the fabric wall mounted headboard.

“Your bed?  You are the one that was in my bed when I got out of the shower.” He replied

“That’s who was in the shower!  Oh god I knew it! UGH!  I’m sorry!”  She apologized.  “Wait. You knew I was here and you still fell back asleep!  I’m not sorry!  So sorry for the unnecessary apology

“I uh.  I didn’t want to wake you.  Also I was cold anyway and you’re warm.”  He grinned.  “Maybe you can do it again?”  

“Oh stop it!”  She laughed as she tossed a pillow at his face.  She pulled it off his shoulder and pulled her fingers lightly through his hair.  


She hadn’t realized up to that point that he was almost naked.  Her eyes started to wander.  His hair was still cold from the shower; quite opposite of his skin.  His chiseled torso that lead down to- then he broke the silence.

“Who is going downstairs first?”  He asked.

“I will.  If you hear their cackling you’d probably kill them and you can listen in from up here to prepare.”  

“Smart thinking’ Shorty.”  

“You shouldn’t be calling me names.  You are the one that crawled into my bed.”  She declared with pride.  

“You don’t seem to upset about it.”  He said back.  

“Oh my God.”  She rolled her eyes at his attitude.  She would be upset but she didn’t want to be.  So yes, her reaction was backwards and stupid and illogical but that is okay.  “I’m going.  Please don’t hurt anyone when you come down.”  She muttered as she slid out of the bed.  

She walked almost silently downstairs until she reached one of the squeaky floorboards. Gray, Natsu and Juvia spun their heads around and started grinning at the sight of Levy.  Lucy probably would be excited but she was laying on the counter with her head in the sink.  Lucy shook as she attempted to raise her head out of the sink.  She turned slowly and painfully to Levy and grinned.  “So you all did fuck.”  She smugly said.  Suddenly her eyes widened and she dropped her head back into the sink as she began to vomit.  Ew.

Levy just stayed put. So did Natsu and Gray just awkwardly staring.  Juvia was holding up Lucy’s long hair paying no mind to Levy.

“Did ya?”  Natsu plainly asked. Crossing his arms in front of his chest to not appear as awkward about the situation.

“Of course not!”  Levy laughed.  Did they really they that she would do that?  They were soooo wrong.  “It was all a mixup and whatever.”  She shrugged

“Well not like I care about your stupid drama but what exactly was this mix up?” Gray asked doing the same thing as Natsu.

“I walked in and no one was there, so I went to bed.  Gajeel was taking a shower -mind you I went to bed at 5 something- and he didn’t seem to notice or care that I was there.  See no biggie.”  She blushed.  She held him.  All 4 hours of the night.  That was a long time!  

“Oh yes it was!”  Lucy’s voice echoed in the sink.  “I saw those pictures!”  

“Pictures?”  Levy cocked her head hoping to culprate would step forward and they did.  Juvia passed her phone to Levy and apologized. “Juvia just got them for Lucy and no one else, Juvia swears!”  

Levy scrolled through the few images of them.  It was kind of cute.  Her thoughts were distracted, as usual.  Gajeels foot steps slowly came crushing down the steps.  He knew no form of grace.  When he landed on the first story Natsu instantly began laughing.  Moron, he is going to kill you.  And he sort of did that.  Gajeel calmly walked over to Natsu pulled up by his shirt and just glared at him.  Natsu’s laughing continued.

“Somethin funny?”  Gajeel growled at Natsu.   Natsu gasped for breath, regaining composure.  

“Oh nothing! Just ya know…”  he started laughing again.  After a minute or two her calmed back down.  “You just look so embarrassed!”  

An aura of rage starting pooling off Gajeel almost immediately filling the room.  Lucy looked up resting her head on the metal to watch the show.  

“You really think I would be embarrassed for sleepin in the same bed as Shrimp?  That’s rediculious.”  He said dropping Natsu but not dropping his glare.  “That’s pathetic.  Ya know what would be embarrassing?”  He pulled at Levy’s waist bringing her to him.  He pulled her closer still looking at Natsu.  “This.”  He quietly said as his glare turned into a mesmerized gaze in Levy’s eyes.  She hadn’t figured out the situation.  For someone so smart, she was so dumb.   Everything past that point happened so slow but so fast.  It was all so cliche and so perfect.  His one arm around her waist and the other against her cheek he leaned down and had their faces inches apart for the second time today.  All she could do was stare.  His lips looks so smooth.  It wouldn’t hurt just to touch them?

Before she knew it that’s what happened.  Gajeel pressed his lips to hers and she quickly returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, forgetting that their friends were there.  It felt like heaven.  A hot, warm and messy heaven.  His lips colliding with hers as their tongues danced around each others mouths.  It wasn’t aggressive or hard but soft and safe. Which was a good weird.  

They only parted after who knows how long when something shattered beside them.  Even then they were reluctant to part.  Levy’s heart was racing as their faces slowly became distanced but not losing the lustful gaze.  

“I need a smoke.”  Gray muttered under his breath as he walked to the back door.  Levy and Gajeel had lost eye contact.  Juvia sighed and Lucy coughed.  Which Levy thought was an attempt on a laugh.

“Good nuff.”  Lucy mumbled.

Of Spiders and Mother Hens

Summary: Mark is in Ireland visiting Jack for a few days. Whilst showering, Mark spots a rather large and daunting spider crawling down the wall towards his foot. He screams, he falls and he sprains his knee in the process. Thus meaning he must stay in Ireland for longer than planned, trapped under the care of mother hen Jack.

Chapter: 1 of ? 

Words: 2374

Mark could see it crawling towards him, all spindly legs and eyes. It didn’t care about the water raining upon both of them. It didn’t care about the apparent lack of clothing or coverage. Mark had barely turned around fast enough to see it; and the second the furry appendage scraped against his foot, he shrieked and ran. Or rather, he tried to.

Jack’s morning was not as peaceful as he had hoped. Dreams of a mug of strong black coffee and a lazy hour in a pair of slippers were dashed by the piercing cry echoing down the hall, followed swiftly by a heavy crash and a whining groan. As many would assume, this was a sure fire way to get Jack to bolt out of bed, almost getting caught in his quilts in the process. From what he could gather, the cacophony of noise came from his bathroom, meaning that that was exactly where he was heading.
The door to the bathroom was plain and unsuspecting, closed over to an extent, but not enough to lock. Small pufts of steam escaped the gap, as well as the sounds of running water and grumbling noises. Jack took a small breath and placed his palm against the handle.
“Mark?” The grumbling ceased immediately.
“Jack.” came the reply. Formal, almost devoid of emotion. Excluding the underlying layer of pain, that is.
“You alright in there?”
There was silence for a moment.
“Not really..”
Again. Silence.
“Can I come in?”
There was more mumbling noises before a soft sigh and a drawn out “Fine”
Jack wasn’t sure what to expect when he opened the door. One hand squeezed the handle nervously, whilst the other prepared to shield his vision, should it be necessary. What he saw was not quite what he had thought. In fact, it was so far away from his thoughts, it was in the garden, having broken a window on the way out. He had assumed maybe a bruised elbow, or bumped head from stumbling about Jack’s bathroom. What he saw was in fact a rather naked Mark Fischbach, half splayed on his back beside the bathtub with only a hand to cover his pride. His teeth were slightly gritted and his breathing was heavy, as though catching in his chest. It didn’t take long for Jack to spot the source of the pain. Marks right leg was twisted awkwardly, his foot still hooked on the edge of his bath and his knee too far inwards.
“Uh..” no words could escape Jacks lips.
“I know, I know. It’s hilarious. Get your laughing over with, cause I do actually need your help.” Mark almost went to cross his arms, but luckily recalled him position before actually moving enough to reveal anything. Instead he settled for a slight scowl, weakened by the faint blush lining his cheeks and the fact he couldn’t quite look Jack in the eyes.
“I’m not going t’ laugh, I swear.” Jack pulled his shocked expression into a trademark grin “Now, I’m going t’ help you out of this, and you’re going t’ tell me what happened that’s left you leaving a puddle on my floor.”
Without waiting for Marks response, Jack moved over to the man, looping his arms under his armpits and carefully attempting to manoeuvre him into a sitting position. Marks spare hand worked on gently unhooking his foot from the death trap beside him and resting it beside his other leg. Jack tried desperately to block out the small hisses and yelps Mark made during the whole slow and tedious process. He also tried to block out the feeling of Marks wet back muscles pressed against his chest, and the fact that Marks derrière was slowly curling into view. Oh, Jack was so glad that no-one could see his face right now. He was certain that he had a blush to rival a radish.
Thankfully, the unnervingly close bodily contact was over quite quickly, leaving Jack with a red face and damp clothes. Unfortunately, there was still the somewhat pressing issue of Mark possibly being in need of medical attention. Also, he was still naked. A fact that Jack could not push from his mind. It was all he could do not to stare.
Mark’s breathless words knocked Jack from his daze, allowing him to focus long enough to pass Mark a couple of towels. One large one to prevent the man from freezing on the floor, and a hand towel to help cover his manhood. However, there was an issue. How would they get Mark out of the bathroom?
The tiles certainly weren’t the comfiest, and Jack was sure that the shower water splattered across the floor didn’t make things any better. Come to think of it, Jack hadn’t even turned the shower head off yet. Reaching for the shower dial meant even more awkward contact with Mark’s body, but Jack did his best to ignore it. Luckily, it seemed Mark had the same idea. Either that, or he just didn’t care.
“Right then. We’ve got t’ move you out of here.” Jack glanced around briefly, “Where are your clothes?”
Mark held a small smirk as he replied.
“Still in the spare room. Didn’t think you’d be up for another couple of hours. Plenty of time to shower and get back there.” He tried to chuckle at the end, but it came out more forced than intended.
“Well, we can’t have you wandering ‘round in just a towel. You can either come with me t’ get your clothes, or I can bring 'em back here to you.” As much as his knee was paining him, the icy feel of cold tile was no longer appealing to him, leaving him only one choice.
“Just a little bit longer now. You feeling okay?”
Mark just nodded his head slightly. Jack had helped him dry off before they left the bathroom, meaning the only dampness covering him (and subsequently, Jack) was his own sweat. Which was a horrible thought to be honest. After the dreaded task of helping Mark stand up, the two had decided on a better plan. Jack would help Mark to the living room, get him rested on a more comfortable seat with his leg raised, and then Jack would go to the spare room and get the clothes Mark had (thankfully) laid out in advance.
However, this did mean several minutes of mild pain and discomfort, as Jack was in no way able to completely carry Mark’s muscular frame. This meant that Mark had to lean against Jack. Naked. He had to wrap his arm around Jack’s shoulder. Naked. He had to hobble along and cling to Jack so he didn’t fall over. Naked.
For some reason, Jack couldn’t quite remove that thought from his mind. Of course, both of them had realised their situation. Mark needed to 'walk’ to the living room, and the towels wouldn’t be able to stay on during their travels. Marks free hand would be too busy grasping the walls for support, and Jack certainly wasn’t going to hold the towel up for him - that would be even worse than staring. So they came to the decision that Mark was to dry off (with the assistance of Jack, of course), and then the two of them would manoeuvre their way through the halls. Jack was not going to look and his hands weren’t going to be anywhere near it. They would just keep looking straight ahead.
The doorway to the living room could not come soon enough.
“Y'know, you could’ve leaned on me a little more. Would’ve made it hurt less.”
“Yeah, but you weigh like, 80 pounds. All my manly muscle would crush you.”
Mark smiled. A real smile this time, pulled tight with the pain he was hiding. Jack simply raised a brow and left to get Marks clothes. For the first time in about an hour - or what felt like days - Mark had a chance to think. The first thing he thought was that he was a fool. A damn idiot who freaked out over a fucking spider and probably broke his damn knee, given the burning ache radiating from the joint. He slowly started bouncing his head against the back of the cushioned chair he was sat in - softly mouthing all the profanities he knew - before realising the back of his head was hurting. Actually, a little more than hurting. Kind of throbbing, really.
Secondly, he thought about his current dress state. Or rather, his lack of dress state. He was sat naked in Jacks chair. Naked in Jacks chair. That was a phrase he never quite expected to say. Though, it was a very comfortable chair. With very comfortable cushions (even if one of them was currently being used to cover a certain area). The material was very soft, and the structure was very kind on his sore back. Mark could just about fall asleep here..
And that’s just what he did, with his third thought in mind. Jack.
Jack was too good to him. He’d only meant to stay in Ireland for a few days visiting, planning to stay in a nearby hotel, but Jack wouldn’t have it. He had a spare room, and plenty of supplies so Mark was more than welcome to stay. And by that, he meant that Mark was staying - no buts. It had been a great two days, like an extended sleepover, and Mark was gonna be sad to see it end. Technically, today was supposed to be his last day in Ireland. Though he supposed he would have to extend it by a few days if he couldn’t even walk by himself..
Even now, Jack was too kind to him. Seriously. Mark had turned up practically unannounced, and Jack had taken him in. Jack had cooked him food. Jack had cleaned up his messes. All Mark had been able to do was pay for lunches out. Well, that and make Jack smile. But that wasn’t exactly a hard feat, and Mark was certain Jacks happiness benefited the both of them equally, so it didn’t count. Still, the thought of Jack made him happy, and that was enough to help him drift off.
“Holy fuck, that’s huge!”
Mark jerked out of his brief nap, eyes wide and hands grasping against the cushion to check that a certain something wasn’t free. Blinking rapidly, he looked over to Jack in the doorway. And Jack was looking at his knee. A knee that appeared to have swollen to an unsettling degree and had gone mildly numb. That couldn’t be good. An ever so slight blush crossed his face as his brain chastised him for thinking that Jacks comment had been about his…
“Hold on a second”
Jack dumped the clothes on the arm of the chair and bolted out of the room before Mark had a chance to say anything. He could hear nothing for a moment, then a soft sound drifted through. Jack was speaking to somebody, fast paced and far enough that Mark couldn’t hear him. A couple of minutes later, Mark heard fast paced footsteps coming towards him. Jack appeared at the doorway, saying nothing, just pressing a hand against Mark’s forehead, and then his cheek, causing him to redden even more. He kept his hand there for a moment, staring into Mark’s confused eyes with a determined look on his face. As fast as he came, he was gone, back down the hall and talking with his mysterious contact.
Mark hadn’t really realised he had zoned out until Jack came back into the room and placed an icy bag across his knee. Unable to stop the yelp that escaped his lips, Mark covered his mouth in embarrassment. Jack looked up at him with a small flit of a smile.
“Need to put something cold on it. That’s what the guys said. 'Keep something cold on it to help the swelling and pain, and we’ll be there as soon as we can.’”
Mark just stared at him blankly. Damn, his mind was getting muddled.
“You’ve got a bit of a fever going on. They said it could be a bit o’ mild shock from the fall, but they’re going t’ be checking your head for any damage an’ all”
Ah. Fever. That explains it. Sort of.. Oh wait! Marks head was hurting!
“Wait.  I think I hit my head a little.” Jack glanced at him, concern evident on his face.
“Where d'you hit it?”
“Here.” Mark lifted his arm and pointed to the source of his headache. Thankfully the pain there had died down a little, but poking it still made him wince. Without a word, Jack leant over and pressed a gentle kiss where Mark was pointing. Mark opened his mouth, but the look Jack gave him was one that definitely read 'Don’t say a thing.’
“We’ve got t’ get you dressed. Unless you’d rather go like you are.” They shared a quick smile before Mark began to shuffle a little, leaning forward to make it easier to get the flannel shirt on. He hissed a little as his knee shifted, and didn’t even care that Jack was doing most of the work. His pride would get him nowhere right now.
“Right.. Sorry about this, but we’ve got t’ get your boxers on.”
It was a tedious and quite embarrassing process, involving Mark hovering slightly above the seat by pushing his hands against the arms of the chair whilst Jack carefully shimmied the material up Marks thighs and around his posterior, making sure to keep his head turned so as not to catch sight. It was a safe bet to say that both men were dangerously red by the time the paramedics arrived.
Do You Like or Like-Like Me

Summary: Things have been shitty ever since Jean’s mom married Eren’s dad. Not only did they have to move to a whole other country, but all Eren does is isolate him and call him names. In fact, Jean’s pretty sure he hasn’t heard a single nice thing come out of his stepbrother’s mouth.

As much as he hates his older brother, Jean’s actually grateful for him in a sense. Because without Eren, Jean may not have ever met the kind, cool, and totally hot Marco, the epitome of Jean’s wet dreams.

Too bad he’s a whole two years older than Jean, and a high schooler at that. But what Jean doesn’t know is that his little crush isn’t entirely unrequited.

Aka, that one fic about middleschooler!Jean falling for highschooler!Marco

Best of Brittana (in no particular order)

·        Clockwork by Gorshenin

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 38. Status: Complete.

Description: AU. They said she was just a pretty face, a model fed lines to sell a product. But if you squinted, there was more to Santana Lopez than they gave her credit for, and reporter Brittany Pierce was going to get to the bottom of it. Brittana/Faberry 

·        White Shadows by Good Afternoon

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 26. Status: Complete.

Description: AU. 1862, the North has started the draft. Santana follows her father to war, intent on proving her worth as a doctor. Brittany enlists in place of her father, intent on keeping her family safe. In this broken land, they find a home in each other.

·        Influence by Sappho’s Ghost

Genre: Drama/Angst. Rating: M. Chapters: 26. Status: Complete.

Description: Brittany is perpetually cast as the dumb blonde, but the reasons behind her demeanor are more complex than that. She looks back on her childhood, her relationship with Santana, and the life-altering effects the decisions of her youth had on her future.

·        Music Box by EverShadow

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 30. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU: Set in a fictional 18th century Europe. At age 10, Santana Lopez, born into the wealthy and influential Lopez family, comes to acquire a peasant girl by the name of Brittany. And despite class differences, Santana falls in love with her. 

·        Paperweight by heyho

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 18. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. The problem isn’t that Santana wants to hire new employees. She’s overwhelmed at work, you can’t fault her for that. The problem is she wants a certain blonde employee in more ways than just professionally. Side Faberry and Kurtbastian.

·        You Gave Me the Word, I Finally Heard by LeighKelly

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 34. Status: Complete.

Description: When Brittany Pierce was seven, a near drowning experience left her profoundly deaf. For twenty-two years, she’s lived in a quiet solitude, her mother’s response to her accident leaving her wary of building relationships. She’s content with her life, her career, her home with her service dog Otis, until she quite literally runs into Santana Lopez…and then everything changes.

·        If Only You Could See What I See by FrogsRcool

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 27. Status: Complete.

Description: I wanted to follow her. So bad. She was the most interesting person I’d ever seen in my entire life and I didn’t even know why. Brittana 

·        A View From The Fire by FrogsRcool

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 13. Status: Complete.

Description: (sequal to If Only You Could See What I See) I didn’t even remember exactly what she had said, but I knew it had been something about Santana. I just nodded. Nodding was okay, right? But now it was too quiet and I felt like she was reading me like an open book that had no pages. 

·        The Knife Thrower’s Daughter by themostrandomfandom

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 18. Status: Complete.

Description: In the summer of 1898, Santana Lopez joined the J.P. Adams & Son Traveling Circus & Menagerie as it toured the states of the Upper American Midwest. She also fell in love with the knife thrower’s daughter.

·        Room 47 by Little-Normandy

Genre: Romance/Angst/Hurt/Comfort. Rating: M/NC-17. Chapters: 18. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. Santana Lopez is engaged to her high school sweetheart Sam Evans. With her wedding 3 months away, Santana begins to get stressed, pressuring her relationship and is also stuck in a dead end job. Her friend Quinn advises her to seek counsel from sex therapist and relationship counselor Brittany Pierce.

·        I’ll Teach You To Dance by monochromeheartbeat

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 43. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: Three years after graduation, Santana Lopez and her roommates, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, attend a dance class in NYC. Follows most of the events in Glee if Brittany had never gone to WMHS.

·        2859 by Halfrobotchicken

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 21. Status: Complete.

Description: Santana Lopez is a publicist in New York trying to rein in the biggest ego the city’s ever seen. Brittany Pierce is attempting to create the next big thing in Seattle. They’re 2859 miles apart, but one wrong number just might change everything.

·        Agendas Unspoken by K311yS

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 22. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: She hasn’t let go of your hand yet and you don’t pull away. You do smile though, widely, because there’s just something about her that’s so pleasing to you. You don’t want to let go of her hand, you want to hold on and see where it leads you. “Nice to meet you, Santana Lopez,” you finally reply, and you honestly mean it.

·        I Need A Medic by Gorshenin

Genre: Drama/Friendship. Rating: T. Chapters: 21. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. Army!Brittana. It’s wrong on so many levels. It’s fraternization, it’s unprofessional, it could cost you your rank, your career, and worse-hers; but you can’t stay away. You need her and it has nothing to do with the palpitations in your chest.

·        Falling In Luck by where’smynaya

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 21. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: Santana is a well known cake decorator that specializes in weddings. Brittany owns the flower shop across the street from her. Though the two have never met, you can blame that on Brittany’s tendency to overlook fleeting glances and Santana’s rising popularity, things change when a mutual friend of theirs gets engaged and requests their talents for her big day. BRITTANA

·        Love, and Other Drugs by sailormoon19

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 29. Status: Complete.

Description: Brittany moves into a new apartment in New York after highschool, no family, nowhere else to go, and no idea how much trouble her new housemate is about to cause. Badass!Santana. 

·        Procedure of the Heart by BrittanaWatson

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 47. Status: Complete.

Description: Given the opportunity to work alongside one of the greatest diagnostic teams in America, Brittany Pierce is immediately drawn towards a fellow associate . Doctor!Brittana. Complete.

·        Set the World on Fire by Cora709

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 14. Status: Complete.

Description: For six months Santana has been living in New York City with Kurt and Rachel, but now Brittany has received her diploma and is finally coming to join them. Can new relationships accommodate old ones? And can the past ever really be recaptured?

·        Don’t Lie by adolt-affair

Genre: Romance/Angst. Rating: T. Chapters: 62. Status: Complete.

Description: As a child, Santana makes a promise never to lie to Brittany. Growing up, they two of them realize just how hard of a promise it is to keep. Heavy side of Faberry. History of Brittana and more evolved canon storylines.

·        Strange Fruit by Perfectly Censored

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 15. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: 1941: She never wanted to be a gangster. Never wanted to live the life of broken fingers and frozen lockers. How many skulls has she smashed? How many eyes laid raptured has she seen? She never wanted to be a gangster. Then again, she never wanted to fall in love with Brittany either.

·        DJ Snowflake and Scrooge by Cactusgirl329

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 25. Status: Complete.

Description: A struggling radio station gets a chance to boost ratings and sponsors when one Bed and Breakfast located in the middle of nowhere asks them to run a special Christmas show in the dead of night. The countdown to Christmas commences. Brittana. AU. M.

·        Let’s Blame The Heat by 6Dylan9

Genre: Romance. Rating: M/NC-17. Chapters: 11. Status: Complete.

Description: Santana would like to blame the heat, but it’s much more than that; it’s all Brittany. Brittany/Santana.

On The Horizon - Part 1

Hey everyone! So this is my new multi chapter fic. Thanks you guys so much for reading! You all are so amazing and I love all of you. 

Rae and Izzy run Izzy’s mum’s book shop, Lancaster Books and Finn and Chop want to buy the property to build a development. Lots of drama, but I promise there will be a happy ending :D

Part 1:

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Wicked Way

Read on AO3

Fic Title: She Will Be loved

Chapter Name: Wicked Way

Summary: For Tommy’s birthday Oliver decides to take him to Vegas where the both get laid loads of times. As Oliver takes a break from his strenuous activities he sits at the bar of a club and scopes out his game, but while sitting there he sees a goth girl wearing all black…with uggs. He must solve this mystery. Too bad she doesn’t want to be solved.

Note: References to War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. If you haven’t read it you can still read the fic without being confused.

Listen to Wicked Way-Ben Taylor

Oliver and Tommy walked into the club which was filled with their kind of people-girls. Short ones, tall ones, shy ones, feisty ones, cute ones, drunk ones, sober ones, horny ones, smart ones, dumb ones, even a few transgenders which Tommy only admitted to Oliver were slightly attractive, but Oliver’s favourite were the almost nude ones.

“Welcome to Vegas,” Oliver smiled over at his best friend who nodded with a smile on his face but had his eyes on a chesty brunette.

“Welcome to Vegas,” he repeated. "I think I know where I’m going to start my tour,” Tommy nodded in the girl’s direction.

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Multi Chapter Fics

Business or Pleasure (WIP)

Down With Love (WIP) - Tom and Kristiane universe

In Her Arms (Complete) - Tom and Abigail universe

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Tom and Abby One Shots

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One Shots



Freddie Page - The Deep Blue Sea

Bill Hazeldine - Suburban Shootout

Prince Hal/King Henry - The Hollow Crow

Adam - Only Lovers Left Alive

Loki - Thor/The Avengers/Thor: The Dark World

Magnus Martinsson - Wallander

Zachary Levi Drabble

Pet Tom - Chapter 8
Pet Tom - Chapter 8

TITLE: Pet Tom - Chapter 8


AUTHOR: Miss Anonymous!


GENRE: Fluff/romance

FIC SUMMARY: OC/reader is a journalist writing a feature about human ‘pet stores’. A pet that she meets takes a shine to her. Chapter 8 - OC is certainly warming to Tom

RATING: Good for all



She seemed nervous about going anywhere near my belt or trouser zipper to continue undressing me. The last thing I wanted was for her to feel uncomfortable around me, especially since it seemed she was starting to relax.

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Repeating the Act, part four

Part 1, part 2, part 3

John x reader

Words: 2238

Warnings: drinking and hangovers, unprotected sex (wrap it up).

Thanks to the wonderful @for-the-love-of-dean for betaing!

Tags: @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @deandoesthingstome @mamapeterson @crzcorgi @deansdirtywhore @supernaturally-potter @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @manawhaat @mrswhozeewhatsis @crazytxgradstudent @nothanks-tryagain @lucifersfavoritepet @sunriserose1023 @lindsayisbatshitcrazy @killerofthesouth @katnharper @bkwrm523 @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Your light, seemingly dreamless, sleep was rudely and abruptly disturbed by the shrill sound of violent stirring. The sharp, unmistakable sound of metal hitting glass at full speed made you groan in agony. It was more than enough to stir you up along with the liquid cure he was preparing. You slowly sat up, your body aching, practically telling you, screaming at you, that you were a fucking idiot of a woman. Silently he handed you the glass, cool to the touch, and you accepted, a puzzled expression on your pale face.

“It’ll make you feel better,” kind, hazel eyes smiled at you, “promise.”

Liar, you thought to yourself as you looked down at the glass. He had stirred up a miniature whirlpool in the glass, and merely looking at it had you dizzy and queasy. You closed your eyes and lifted the glass to your lips. Down the hatch in two large gulps. The taste was foul, making you fight hard to keep it from coming right back up. You put the glass down on the nightstand and let yourself fall back down on the pillow. You let out a deep groan of despair.

“For a smart girl, you sure as hell make some stupid decisions, sweetheart…” He muttered from the small kitchenette table, where he’d gone to work.

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Fight or Flight - Chapter 1

“There she is!”

Y/N’s heart dropped the second she heard the gruff voice, knowing that they had found her. She immediately began to sprint, her worn shoes splashing mercilessly in puddles as she weaved in between the crowd that had formed in the marketplace. As she rounded the corner at the end of the street, she was thrown back onto the ground as she collided with another person.

“Oh dear, I am sorry! Are you alright?” The woman’s voice brought Y/N out of the brief shock that the collision had caused. She stood up quickly.

“No it was my fault I was-”

“Around this corner!” Y/N’s head whipped around to see three men rushing toward her and the other woman. Game over.

Y/N froze as one of the men grabbed her arm. She couldn’t go back. Not there. She had worked so hard, she was so close-

“Gentlemen, may I ask what your intentions are with this young lady?” The woman Y/N had just met stood tall as she confronted the three men, each of which was easily twice her size. Y/N attempted to plead at the woman with her eyes, not wanting her to be harmed should she get involved.

The tallest of the men glared at her, and said with an air of superiority “Ma’am I apologize for this miscreant disturbing you today, we will be bringing her back to her home right now.”

“With all do respect, sir, I believe that is what I was going to do.” The three men stood there with their mouths agape, not understanding what this woman could mean. Y/N was also taken aback by the woman’s confident statement. “This is my daughter. I had lost her in the crowd, as you can see the marketplace is quite busy.”

The most burly of the men recovered quickest. “If this is your daughter, ma’am, and not who we are looking for, why did she run from us?”

“She is young and had just gotten lost in a crowd! If I had men I didn’t know begin to chase me I would also run, guilty of something or not. Truly you should be ashamed of yourselves, causing a young lady such duress.” She glared at each of the men in turn. The third man cleared his throat and spoke as he reluctantly let your arm go.

“I apologize, ma’am,” he said to the woman, then turned his eyes to you, and you tried not to flinch “miss. We truly thought you were someone else.” They all turned, grumbling to each other as they walked away. You remained shaking even after they had turned the corner out of sight.

“Oh dear, that was quite a mess you’ve managed to get yourself into.” The woman smiled kindly at you as you continued to stare at her with wide eyes.

“I- you- they- but- I-… thank you…” You tried countless times to form words, but there was nothing in the English language that could possibly explain how grateful you were.

The woman picked up your bag from where you had dropped it. When did that happen? During the collision? When the men had come and grabbed her? Goodness her only food was in there, how could she be so careless-

“Do you have anywhere to stay right now?” The voice snapped Y/N out of her thoughts and she turned to look at the woman with her wide E/C eyes. You couldn’t believe this, not only had this lady, this angel, saved you from going back to the place that haunted your dreams and waking days, but she was still looking after you.

“I… I usually make it up as I go along.” You sheepishly looked at your shoes. “I will be alright though, thank you very much. For everything, truly.” When she looked back up at her, she was looking at you with… concern? Care? Y/N wasn’t sure. She only knew that she hadn’t been given a look like that in years.

“Come with me, dear.”

“What- no I couldn’t-”

“I insist, you-”

“But you’ve already done so much for me… More than you know.”

“Ah but you still need help. Please? A meal and night in a comfortable bed could do no harm, quite the opposite in fact.” The woman’s eyes were pleading and goodness, you couldn’t let her down, not after she had just saved you.

“I suppose not.”

As she looped her arm through yours, Y/N took a moment to truly take in the woman’s appearance. She seemed to be not too old, but definitely had several years on Y/N. Her features were soft, but Y/N had seen how sharp they could become when she was angry. She was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

“Forgive me, I realized I have not introduced myself. My name is Y/N L/N.” The woman smiled at Y/N.

“Martha Washington.”