multi chain necklaces


🌹⚘ catch your local Malayalee trans girl crying over Revolutionary Girl Utena and Steven Universe ⚘🌹

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((description: three photos of a beautiful brown trans girl with teal hair and clear round glasses. In the first photo, she is smiling while wearing a black and pink floral dress with a thin multi-chain golden necklace. She’s also wearing red lipstick. In the second photo, she’s making a peace sign and looking at the camera with a neutral expression. She’s wearing a black and white striped shirt under a leather bomber, and she has on black lipstick and a multi-chain black necklace. In the third photo, she’s wearing a plain black shirt under a burgundy skirtall. Her mouth is slightly open, and she’s not wearing her glasses. Glitter is liberally applied to her cheeks and over her red lipstick. Her eyeliner is winged in a dramatic fashion, and a second black line of eyeliner is striped under her wing.)