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1. The fifth time they meet, it is because she seeks him out at the Royal castle. It is several weeks after he allowed her to escape from the Dark One’s dungeon, and she has recovered fully from her wounds. She tries to tell herself to let that be their final interaction – he had the opportunity to end her life, but chose not to, which means he’s moving on from thoughts of vengeance. She should lie low and permit him to walk that path without having to deal with her - the person he blames.

2. She should also be making the most of her second chance, moving on from her old life and family. And yet, if there is one thing she can’t do, it is to let go of her son completely. Facing an existence without seeing him is even harder when another version is so close. So, against her better judgement, she finds herself one evening pushing her dinner to one side, taking a deep breath and allowing her magic to transport her away.

3. She reappears next to a bench set amongst some rose bushes. It is a small, private side-garden, accessible only to those who know both where the door is hidden and also have the key. The bushes look cared for, so she can tell at least someone tends the plants inside. Her instincts told her to come her, so she settles on the bench and waits. A long time passes, her fingers becoming cold from the breeze. Her wounds may be healed but her body is still more tired and sensitive than before.

4. Finally, when the last of the daylight has vanished and the stars have made their appearance, she hears the sound of a key in the lock. Someone enters, closing the door behind them, and then footsteps near. She waits patiently as the person approaches, letting herself smirk slightly when the feet come to an abrupt halt. ‘We’ve spoken before without guards,’ she pushes, when the silence lingers. Henry – King Henry, as she always has to tell herself – moves into view.

5. ‘How do you even know about this place?’ he asks, a curious expression on his face instead of exhibiting fear or hatred. She supposes that is definitely a step in the right direction. ‘I gather you read that book back to front several times?’ she replies, already knowing the answer. He nods, choosing to lean against a statue rather than join her on the bench. He’s dressed in typical night robes for this land – not something her Henry would be seen dead in. She smiles at the thought.

6. ‘Well, when we had that year where we were all sent from Storybrooke back to the Enchanted Forest, and I was separated from my Henry-’ she breaks off, pain in her heart at the similar situations. And yet this time, there is no Snow or David or even Belle around her. ‘We stayed in our version of this castle – the entire pathetic group of people. I would come here every night, just to have some peace, and think about Henry without Snow asking me every five minutes if I was alright.’ 

7. She almost bites her tongue when she realizes she’s mentioned Snow’s name. The death of his grandparents and disappearance of his mother is of course all on her head in his eyes – even if she wasn’t the version to actually perform those acts. Henry crosses his arms, but appears to contemplate what she says. ‘If what is written in the book is true,’ he begins slowly, ‘And I’m not saying that I believe it - it could just be your way of trying to trick me.’

8. He glances sideways at this, and she knows he’s lying – he does believe the book, at least somewhat. ‘If it were true though, you two ended up being close then? You and Grandma?’ She smiles sadly at him, and nods. ‘We forgave each other, and became family. She was always giving me ridiculous hope speeches. Emma became a dear friend too. I miss them.’ He bites his lip, clearly turning something over in his mind. ‘If it was so difficult during that year, why did you leave again? Leave Henry?’ 

9. ‘It’s all there in the book, Henry,’ she says gently. ‘I didn’t have a choice about leaving. And I miss him, every single day.’ Silence falls for a moment. Her hands are getting colder, and she rubs them together slightly. ‘I’m not him,’ Henry blurts out suddenly. ‘I’m not your son. I have no memories of growing up with you, or living in that world.’ She remembers then – remembers mistaking him for her Henry when she lay dying. Maybe that is what made him believe in the book. 

10. ‘I know you aren’t my son,’ she admits, twisting her fingers together. ‘That doesn’t mean you aren’t like my Henry in many ways though. You’re him if he had had a very different upbringing, is all.’ He snorts at this, rubbing a toe into the dirt. He looks very much like a teenager in this moment, and nothing like a King. ‘I’m not trying to replace my son,’ she continues, watching his face closely. ‘And if you want, I can leave and you’ll never have to see me or think about me ever again.’ 

11. He becomes quiet again at this offer, and the silence stretches on so long that she makes a move to stand up and transport herself away. If that is his choice, then she will respect it. But as soon as she’s standing, he holds out a hand. ‘I have to welcome all the nobles in the Kingdom to the castle next week,’ he tells her, in an odd shift in topic. ‘I’m slightly terrified that they won’t take me seriously, considering the fact that they’re all at least two decades older than me.’

12. ‘Overwhelm them with polite steeliness,’ she advises him with a twitch of her lips. ‘I became Queen at a rather young age myself, and found if you’re polite but don’t let them get away with anything, the old curmudgeons learn to respect you quite quickly.’ He nods, and at last smiles back. ‘I know, I read the books,’ he tells her. At her confused expression, he elaborates. ‘Our history books, about your reign. When you weren’t trying to track Grandma down, you were a pretty good ruler.’ 

13. She laughs slightly, and shrugs her shoulders. ‘Helped that a lot of them were scared of me,’ she admits, pursing her lips. ‘Not a prudent route for you to take.’ He drops his chin in agreement. ‘Most of my advisors are terrible,’ he confides with a wince. ‘Half of them don’t know what they’re talking about, and the other half want to run the kingdom themselves.’ She knows that feeling well, and extends a hand out, letting it hang in the air between them for a moment in a gesture of peace. 

14. ‘I understand that, I do,’ she tells him seriously. ‘If you ever need another person’s opinion, I’m always available.’ She feels stupid at the offer, but there is a flicker of relief in his eyes, or so she chooses to see. ‘I come to this garden every night myself,’ he informs her. ‘None of my guards are allowed to disturb me here.’ They stare at each other for a moment, with new-found understanding. ‘Good night, Henry,’ she says, and she sees him smile before she transports herself away.

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Annie Leonhardt headcanons? Thank you for posting content on this blog!

You’re welcome! Thank you for your patience in waiting for these!!!

  • Annie is a very introverted person, and needs her alone time to function. She’s decently self-sufficient and doesn’t rely on people all that often. But sometimes, when she needs a little human interaction, she’s often too shy to ask for it. (She perseveres anyway.)
  • She has a weakness for chocolate.
  • She’s always cold. Always. She carries a sweater with her wherever she goes, and will not be found in less than two layers anytime from November to April. Her favorite are sweaters and sweatshirts that are too big so she can pull the sleeves over her hands. 
  • She’s naturally very flexible. (Modern AU: Annie is a dancer, and so freaking good at it. Definitely into ballet, but she really does a little bit of everything.)
  • She blushes a lot when she’s nervous or confused, and she hates it. 
  • Annie is an only child, and while she was fine with it when she was young, she wished she had had a sibling to grow up with when she was older. 

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If Attack on Titan could fourth wall break, how would the 104th do it? And how often would they do it? Who would abuse it?

(Sorry that this has taken me forever to answer! I really hope you enjoy!!)

Eren wouldn’t break the fourth wall too much. He’s got too many things on his mind. But when he does, it’s usually a quick smile or a joke told at the expense of a friend (usually Jean,) meant to be a break from all the trouble he has in daily life. He’ll also complain to the camera a lot. When people don’t share his passion to save humanity, when Mikasa or Armin’s getting on his case, when Hanji’s asking him to do weird experiments… he’ll vent to the camera. But that’s about it for him. 

Mikasa would look to the camera whenever Eren ignores her advice or tells her he’ll be fine. Cause she knows he’s lying. And she wants the people at home to know that too. She’ll also turn that suffering look to the camera whenever anyone says “I’ll be fine” or “What’s the worst that could happen?” because she knows that the worst is about to happen, and she’s gonna have to be the one to deal with it. She’ll also give little smiles to the camera whenever anything really good happens. 

Armin would be looking at the camera like Jim on The Office. Every time Eren tries to fight titans when he’s obviously in no condition to? Armin’s looking at the camera. Mikasa’s trying to protect Eren too much? Looking at the camera. Someone says something absolutely ridiculous? Armin is looking at the camera. 

Jean would be the early 2000′s movie protagonist that often goes off on monologues that usually start “That’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation…” He’ll do that whenever something crazy is happening, or something he finds ridiculously unnecessary. If he’s stuck with Eren or someone else he’s not fond of during training camp, he’ll start monologuing. When anything remotely irritating or bad starts happening, he’ll start monologuing. People like to yell at him when he does it. 

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Annie leonhardt habits?

  • Annie is very introverted, and sometimes just really needs to be alone. She has no problem just walking away from a group of people, disappearing into a quieter space. People are often very confused by her abilities to “turn invisible” or “disappear.”
  • She always has a jacket with her because she gets cold very easily. Even in the middle of summer, she’ll still keep one close by in case the temperature drops suddenly. 
  • She always makes a point to smile at dogs or cats. Rarely the owners, though. 
  • She has a really intense sweet tooth, but is often able to control it. But she’s weak when it comes to sweets, so if people ever wanted to bribe her, that’d be an easy ticket in. 
  • She keeps her room/things in a very precise order. She likes it when things are clean and organized, and often fights the impulse to organize other people’s things. 
  • She talks in her sleep. It only happens once every two weeks, but her roommates get a kick out of it. 

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Petition for BamBam to direct their next MV Just when you think Got7 doesn't have something else they hit you with some new skill or something like wow they have so much talent

RIGHT?? Like wtf else are they gonna come up with?? Mark is secretly an amazing make-up artist?? Youngjae can paint watercolor masterpieces?? Yugyeom knits hats for orphaned children????

basically Got7 is amazing and what we know about them is just the tip of the iceberg and that’s MARVELLOUS, isn’t it??

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Does Eren have any interesting habits/quirks?

As a matter of fact, he does!

  • Eren has a very attuned sense of sarcasm. He makes the kind of snide, snarky comments Chandler Bing makes all the time on Friends. He never lets anyone get away with anything, unless he knows they don’t need it in the moment or if he doesn’t know them well enough. He really is merciless when he wants to be, though. 
  • He get really quiet when he’s nervous. Like, scarily quiet. He’ll occasionally ask a question or two, something minor that only hints at whatever’s bothering him, but other than that he’ll stay very quiet and seem distracted/agitated until the problem sorts itself out. 
  • He can’t help interrupting people when they’re telling a story that he already knows. He’ll just add in extra details, but still. Interrupts. 
  • His hands are always in motion. If he’s not taking notes, he’s doodling in the margins or on his arm. If he has one of those styrofoam cups, it’ll be demolished. If he’s sitting at a table with a plastic table cloth, you will find multiple holes afterwards. His hands are just always moving. 
  • Eren can sleep anywhere, at anytime, in any position. But he’s usually found curled up in an inhumanely small ball in a ridiculously small place, (i.e. broom closet, auditorium seat, under a table, etc.) He can just nod off anywhere without a care, and it’s actually really cute. 
  • He is THE BEST kisser ever. Not really a quirk but, you know, still important. 
  • He’s really bad at taking advice, especially if it’s highly critical and coming from someone he doesn’t necessarily respect as a superior. If it’s from a superior, he’ll be gracious no matter how harsh. But if he’s getting it from a peer, he’s not great at accepting criticism. 
  • Takes really stupid bets/dares without thinking. If he thinks it’ll be funny, or he really wants to get back at someone, he won’t think. He’ll just do. That doesn’t always end well. 
  • He sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating. Not in an overtly obvious way, and not in any way that he realizes, but if you look closely, you’ll see it. 
  • Eren is also very, very hard on himself. When he fails a test or is unable to learn a combat maneuver as fast as his peers, he’ll get really hard on himself and push himself to do better. He’s very motivated, but can let the little things get to him. 
  • He tries to deny all injuries/illnesses/infirmities, protesting that he’s perfectly fine when he’s clearly not. 
  • He likes to debate with Jean over silly things like pulp in orange juice or the pronunciation of certain words. And he will take the position opposite of his own just to grate on Jean’s will power. 
  • When he sees someone having a bad day, Eren will go out of his way to tell them a joke or pay them a compliment or even just give them a smile. Sweet boy. :) 
Masterlist: Updated on the 9.06.2016 :)


#1 SHINee seeing their future wife walking past them for the very first time

#2 SHINee trying to actually talk to you for the first time.

#3 SHINee asking for your phone number

#4 SHINee being interested in you, but up till now your only just friends and seeing that you are really close to another male idol.

#5 SHINee trying to call/text you for the first time after getting your number

#6 SHINee suggesting to hang out (with a group of people) – succeeding

#7 SHINee suggesting to hang out (with a group of people) – failing

#8 SHINee to finding your social media account by accident, while you are still getting to know each other.

#9 SHINee receiving a Postcard – they demanded – from you when you are away on a trip

#10 SHINee reacting to seeing another member getting friendly with you too

#11 SHINee being on a TV program and suddenly seeing you in the crew working wholeheartedly

#12 SHINee excepting your request to take care of your pet while your away

#13 SHINee finding you sitting alone on a bench looking like your feeling sad

#14 SHINee waking up from a dream they had about you and him on a date at a cute café.

#15 SHINee having a long night phone call with you, talking about everything that comes to your minds.

#16 SHINee reaction to being invited to your (their crush) apartment for the first time

#17 SHINee tripping in front of you

#18 SHINee asking you out for a first real date, with just you two

#19 SHINee reaction to their child running up on stage during rehearsals trying to copy what they are doing

#20 SHINee picking you up from work to show of that you are with him

#21 SHINee dealing with a break up (+Who will try to get back together)

#22 SHINee getting a surprise birthday party from the members and you

#23 SHINee reaction to seeing you (their girlfriend) wearing a sexy dress. Requested by Anon.

#24 SHINee reaction to kissing you for the first time. Requested by biased-tbh.

#25 SHINee reaction to being stuck on an island together. Requested by Anon.

#26 SHINee reaction to being kissed by you out of nowhere. Requested by Anon.

#27 SHINee reaction to their girlfriend being insecure because her weight is higher than the beauty standard. Requested by Anon.

#28 SHINee reaction to going out with a foreigner and she is scared of not being accepted by their parents. Requested by Anon.

#29 SHINee reaction to their girlfriend being a foreigner. Requested by Anon.

#30 SHINee reaction to you making a special event for his solo album. Requested by Anon.

#31 SHINee reaction to finding out you liked another member before him. Requested by Anon.

#32 SHINee reaction to their date idea failing and not going as planned. Requested by Anon.

#33 SHINee reaction to you reading smut about him x reader and you being embarrassed about it. Requested by prettygirljosh.

#34 SHINee reaction to meeting your family (foreigner). Requested by Anon.

#35 SHINee reaction to you wearing his clothes to sleep. Requested by Anon.

#36 SHINee reaction to you being reserved around him but loud around your friends.

#37 SHINee reaction to you being a happy/flirty drunk and you’re flirting with him in front of his members. Requested by Anon.

#38 SHINee reaction to finding you drunk at their doorstep. Requested by Anon.

#39 SHINee reaction to you falling asleep on his lap at a movie night and they actually have a major crush on you but your only friends. Requested by Anon.

#40 SHINee being jealous. Requested by cherryblossomkarasuno.

#41 SHINee reaction to you asking them out on a date. Requested by Anon.

#42 SHINee reaction to seeing you in lingerie for the first time. Requested by Anon.

#43 SHINee showing off to their girlfriend. Requested by Anon.

#44 SHINee reaction to finding out you’re liking another group and don’t really listen to SHINee’s music. Requested by Anon.

#45 SHINee reaction to finding out you’re fluent in three languages and are studying a forth one, but you never brag about being multi-lingual. Requested by Anon.

#46 SHINee reaction to waking up in the middle of the night by their girlfriend tossing and turning in bed because of a nightmare. Requested by Anon.

#47 SHINee reaction to you being a good singer. Requested by Anon.

#48 SHINee reaction to a foreign idol saying they are their celebrity crush. Requested by Anon.

#49 SHINee reaction to you - a really pretty fan. Requested by Anon.

#50 SHINee telling you they want to have a baby. Request by Anon.

#51 SHINee reaction to you confessing to them. Requested by Anon.

#52 SHINee confessing to you. Requested by Anon.

#53 SHINee’s reaction to you telling them you can’t eat food they really like because you are a picky eater. Requested by Anon.

#54 SHINee reaction to you walking in on them masturbating. Requested by Anon.

#55 SHINee reaction to coming home after work to their girlfriend cooking in just a t-shirt of them and short shorts. Requested by Anon.

#56 SHINee reaction to seeing you bump into an ex-boyfriend who is being flirty/touchy and hinting that he is interested in getting back together. Requested by Anon.

#57 SHINee reaction to them looking like they are going to win at Mario Kart, but at the last second you throw a blue shell at them, causing them to lose first place. Requested by dreamcatcherkatie.

#58 SHINee reaction to their girlfriend telling them that she wants to lose weight, because she is slightly chubby. Requested by Anon.

#59 SHINee reaction to finding out that their girlfriend knows every single one of their choreographies. Requested by Anon.

#60 SHINee greeting their girlfriend after a long time of separation due to a tour. Requested by Anon.

#61 SHINee reaction to their girlfriend giving them the silent treatment. Requested by Anon.

#62 SHINee reaction to freezing at an outside winter date with them since you forgot your scarf.

#63 SHINee reaction to another member getting physically really close to you

#64 SHINee being possessive/protective of you. Requested by Anon.

#65 SHINee being more clingy then usually and wanting more affection. Requested by Anon.

#66 SHINee telling you that they love you for the very first time. Requested by Anon.

#67 SHINee reaction to seeing you in a nice dress when you normally don’t dress up like this. Requested by @cherryblossomkarasuno

#68 SHINee reaction to seeing their girlfriend naked for the first time. Requested by Anon.

#69 SHINee reaction when they have to cancel plans due to work. Requested by Anon.

#70 SHINee missing you since you are in a long distance relationship. Requested by Anon.

#71 SHINee waking you up with a breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning. Requested by the cute Anon<3

#72 SHINee reaction to see you for the first time since you started out as an online couple. Requested by Anon.

#73 SHINee reaction to their toddler nephew says he wants to marry you (their girlfriend). Requested by Anon.

#74 SHINee reaction to you going back in time and telling them you’re their future wife. Requested by Anon.

#75 SHINee reaction were they look through their girlfriends tumblr account and see it’s mostly about them. Requested by Anon.

#76 SHINee reaction when they found out you’re older than them but you look like 18. Requested by Anon.

#77 SHINee being drunk and you having to deal with them. Requested by Anon.

#78 SHINee reaction to you being pouty because they used a blue shell against you while gaming. Requested by @dreamcatcherkatie

#79 SHINee reaction to seeing you waking down the aisle towards them. Requested by Anon.

#80 SHINee reaction to their friend touching them inappropriate on accident. Requested by Anon.

#81 SHINee reaction to you catching them starring at you. Requested by Anon.

#82 SHINee taking you on a shopping spree. Requested by Anon.

#83 SHINee reaction to seeing you on the couch because you waited for them to come home. Requested by Anon.

#84 SHINee reaction to you mumbling their names while sleeping. Requested by Anon.

#85 SHINee reaction to accidentally confessing their love to you when you are just friends at the moment. Requested by triple-Anon.

#86 SHINee reaction to you, their crush being physically disabled (deaf, mute, blind). Requested by Anon.

#87 SHINee reaction to you proposing to them. Requested by Anon.

#88 SHINee reaction to seeing you defend your best friend from a flirty idiot. Requested by @thewriterpixie

#89 SHINee reaction to you dating Jinki and the both of you have an age gap of 6 years. Requested by Anon.

#90 SHINee wedding vows. Requested by Anon.

#91 SHINee getting mad at you for making them wait longer than you said at the library. Requested by Anon.

#92 SHINee reaction to you having a stress melt down and you crying. Requested by Anon.

#93 SHINee wishing you a happy birthday. Requested by @dreamcatcherkatie

#94 SHINee reaction to you being worried that they will cheat on you with a co-star of theirs. Requested by Anon.

#95 SHINee reaction to you catching him talking to another member about his crush on you. Requested by Anon.

#96 SHINee reaction to their child waking the two of you up in the morning with kisses and jumping around on the bed. Requested by Anon.

#97 SHINee reaction to you being ticklish. Requested by Anon.

#98 SHINee reaction to you crying because they forgot your anniversary. Requested by Anon.

#99 SHINee’s first time with you [more of the overall feeling and less smutty]. Requested by Anon.

#100 SHINee reaction when they come to watch you perform a song. Requested by @cherryblossomkarasuno


#1 EXO reaction to you naively forgiving them, that they cheated, because you don‘t want to lose them. Requested by @einhornontheisland

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Can we get some more headcanons for Eren since today's his birthday?

Yes, of course you can! Happy Birthday to our boy! (You can find even more here!)

  • Eren had no problems with confrontation. He’s very honest with people and doesn’t let his emotions bottle up. If he’s mad at someone, they’ll know. And he’s always willing to let them know and try to start a conversation about it. Now, it’s up to the other person whether that conversation is rational, or if they try to rile him up into a fight. 
  • Because Eren does have the tendency to get aggressive when someone eggs him on, OR when he sees someone using physical force unjustly, i.e. bullying. He has no tolerance for people using their strengths to hurt others, and has no qualms putting himself in the middle of it to get it to stop. 
  • He has a nice voice for reading stories out loud. Very calm and expressive, and he does different voices for all the characters. 
  • He has a beautiful imagination. 
  • He likes the idea of horror, but gets totally freaked out by it after the fact. He’s always the first to suggest a horror flick, and then can’t sleep for at least a week afterwards. 
  • Eren is a decent cook, but cannot bake to save anyone’s life. 
  • He’s a music buff, and will listen to anything from classical to metal. He just really, really likes music. 
  • He collects postcards. Most of his collection come from other people who bring them back for him from their travels. It’s quite a beautiful collection. 
  • He’s the kind of friend who remembers every dumb thing you’ve ever said, and turns it into an inside joke. 
  • He will sometimes adopt an opinion different from his own just to egg Jean into an argument (this is rare, and only over little things like if orange juice is better with or without pulp. But he’s been known to do it.)
  • Eren absolutely adores Nutella and will put it on almost anything. (The amount of things he’s tried it on is disgusting.)
  • He has a ridiculously high metabolism and is able to continue to eat like a teenage boy well into his adult life. 
  • He doesn’t think of himself as an attractive person, and is really surprised when people say they think he’s cute/hot, or that people are jealous that he ‘likes’ someone else. He just doesn’t understand. 
  • He’s a great dancer. 
  • He loves puns. 
  • And he’s always on top of the latest memes.