There’s lots of big design credit in the little details. Paint window mullions to match the shade of painted kitchen cabinets. It’s a small way to add extra personalization to a kitchen.

Cabinet paint color: Ralph Lauren Rue Royale


Sean Godsell - Green house, Melbourne 2015. The renovation of a small timber cottage in the city center included the addition of a back house, creating an inner courtyard that connects old and new, which is accentuated with contrasting mullions for each structure. A series of operable skylights covers the new building, and two large light cannons added to the existing house (seen in the kitchen and bookshelf images), ensuring that the deep urban lot receives plenty of light. Via, photos © Earl Carter


Mullion Cove (Bluefields Bay, Jamaica) :: The oldest of the collection, its history was easy to adapt for truly special holiday experiences. Quiet and careful service, abundant tropical flowers from the villa garden, fishermen carrying lobster to the kitchen, leisurely candlelit meals, pressed laundry put back into mahogany armoires, Mullion Cove is a step into another time—a gracious time. 

Perched thirty feet above the sea with commanding views, Mullion Cove has the coolest veranda and has six bedrooms (one/king, three/queen, one/double, one/two twins) with four-poster canopy beds and crisp cool linens. Rooms are furnished with so many of the original pieces of the Moncure collection of Jamaican furniture. The watchful headman knows when to carry his silver tray with chilled rum drinks and appetizers to guests in the Gully Gazebo by the sea—a favorite spot for sunset. Earlier in the day, guests often stroll a few minutes further to the Bluefields Beach where drinks and service are available, all while enjoying their stay at one of the best luxury resorts in the Caribbean.

Another weekend spent wandering the Cornish coastline. The clouds threatened to ruin the fun for everyone but they were kind enough to allow some gorgeous light through just in the nick of time! This is Mullion Cove on the Lizard Peninsula (a little drive from Kynance which I shot last week). It’s a great little cove with a nice coffee shop (important) and if you’re lucky you spot the odd Seal at high tide.

  1. you absolve my hands of vandalism through narrative. (you told the story in fragmented whispers made husky by nicotine, “this cathedral’s mullioned panes used to hold gabriel’s face - angled, glorious, conqueror - (there have been firebrands less divine),” as i listened in rapture). 
  2. all my memories of your church are: ghostly hymns, the reverend’s rebuke, your hand confessing your name on my thigh (“forgive me, sweetheart, for you are damned”). whatever devices for prayer i have, i clutch them tighter at night. 
  3. the oppressive architecture of the distance between us is measured by the height of your consecration.
  4. everyone shows up on sundays in dresses starched, and long-sleeves ironed. they all stare at the dirt under my nails and the wildness in my eyes. (this is what they do not know: i’ve travelled across land and sea in pursuit of a hedonistic god, drinking his wine, relishing in his violence, the viscera of my heart).
  5. i show up on sundays for you. 
  6. in your mythology, gabriel announces salvation. in mine, you announce the destruction of the forest i’ve followed my god into. both stories end the same. 
  7. you absolve my hands of your blood from where i pierced your wrists with my propensity for wildness (“forgive her, father, for she has sinned”). you are the cross i burn, you are the prettiest sin i’ve committed. 
—  the ecclesial deconstruction of the hymns a pagan sings in church || bsc

Follow the Curve. Arched windows make a stunning statement in this stairway. Framed with wood moulding, they easily add crisp lines and interesting shadow detail to a room’s interior design. For even more emphasis, paint the mullions in a color that contrasts sharply with the room’s walls and trimwork. Such a treatment adds punch to your home’s design.