Killers having less than favorable things to say about other killers.

Danny Rolling on Gerard Schaefer: “This guy has got real problems, doesn’t he? Schaefer is a little too full of himself and we can easily figure out the content of substance he is filled with. It smells like something pooling in a sewage treatment plant. He is just a spooky little punk who gets his kicks out of intimidating people. He’s a bluffer. He wants anyone who has the displeasure of entertaining him to believe he holds a full house, but if you call his bluff, you’ll find he only has a pair of deuces – two pitiful excuses for being barely human.

John Wayne Gacy on Jeffrey Dahmer: “If Jeffrey Dahmer doesn’t meet the legal test of insanity, God help the one that does meet it. I mean, it – it has to really be something. If Jeffrey Dahmer doesn’t meet it, then nobody does.”

Charles Manson on Ted Bundy: “Bundy’s a rumpkin, Bundy’s a poop butt, Bundy’s his momma’s boy. Bundy’s out there trying to prove something to his own manhood. That’s got nothing to do with me. I don’t roll around with poop people like that. I stand with people that can stand with themselves.”

Edmund Kemper on Herbert Mullin: “He had a habit of singing and bothering people when somebody tried to watch TV. So I threw water on him to shut him up. Then, when he was a good boy, I’d give him some peanuts. Herbie liked peanuts. That was effective, because pretty soon he asked permission to sing. That’s called behavior modification treatment.”


things herbert mullin blamed for his murder of eleven or more people;

  • killing people would prevent earthquakes from happening, and had to be done in order to save the state of california. 
  • voices told him to kill. 
  • his victims had telepathically given him permission to kill them. 
  • that one specific time someone gave him marijuana that was an effort to “befuddle and confuse” him. thinks that if that man had not given him marijuana, he’d have just become an artist.
  • his family wouldn’t let him be bisexual, which made him murderous. 
  • he wasn’t allowed to join the marine corps or coast guard, which made him murderous.
  • mullin was born on the anniversary of albert einstein’s death, which led him to believe he was designated to be the leader of the universe. 
  • telepathic messages from his father saying “herb, i want you to kill me somebody”.
  • his father never gave him a blowjob and none of his family members gave him orgasms (which herbert thought should have been happening by the age of six), so he had to kill people, i guess???
  • his drug use was an effect of his father not having sex with him, and was another thing he blamed for his murderous ideas.
  • satan “got into him” and made him do things he didn’t want to do.
  • his parents were devoutly religious, but herbert believed that “jesus christ was a lie”, and any children who studied religion (as he was forced to do) would become susceptible to telepathic messages ordering them to commit suicide or homicide.

Crime scene photos of four of Herbert Mullin’s victims. On February 6, 1973, the four teenager boys, David Allan Olliker, Robert Michael Spector, Brian Scott Card and Mark John Dreibelbis, decided to set up a tent an go camping in the woods. Mullin had been walking around in the area before making his way to the boys. He had been having a normal conversation with the teenagers, but claimed to be a park ranger after a while. He shout at the boys and ordered them to leave the woods due to pollution, but eventually ended up in shooting the four. The bodies were discovered one week later.

Let me introduce you to Oklahoma congressdick Markwayne Mullin.

Markwayne, likely soured after years of being saddled with a fuckstump of a name, opted to respond to constituents at a town hall meeting who had pointed out that their taxes pay his salary with this logic bomb: “You say you pay for me to do this. Bullcrap. I pay for myself. I paid enough taxes before I got there and continue to through my company to pay my own salary. This is a service. No one here pays me to go.” He apparently has a “real” job and has paid taxes for years, so effectively he pays his own salary as a congressman somehow. Welcome to the fuckstick labyrinth – find your way out before you too become a cock goblin.

Markwayne, you may not realize why everyone thinks you’re a pulsating, prolapsed asshole. I’m confident that you don’t know why everyone thinks you’re an asshole because if you even had the self-awareness of a sea slug, you may have Googled what “public servant” or “by the people and for the people” mean before you decided to play “Lil’ Markwayney the Politics Man” out on the street.

To begin with, even if you were raised by solid gold hyenas in a diamond mine, your job is to represent the unfortunate victims of your bullshit-laden yet tragically successful campaign for office. You went out of your way to be their voice. You chose to be a person who does what the people in your constituency want you to do. That’s the fucking job description. If you wanted to jack off all day onto a bust of George Washington, you didn’t have to involve the electorate.

How A Dumb Political Comment Unveils A Lifetime Of Arrogance

Herbert Mullin is a relatively obscure serial killer within the realm of true crime, yet his story is one of the most brutal and bizarre; between October 1972 and January 1973, Mullin murdered thirteen people because he believed California would be destroyed by an earthquake unless “sacrifices were made”.

Though he had a normal childhood and was a gifted student, Mullin’s personality dramatically changed at 18 after his best friend died in a car accident. Turning to drugs and alcohol to cope with his grief, Mullin began to hear voices coming from the ground and became paranoid about his parents ‘stealing his thoughts’. He became a heavy user of marijuana and LSD, and by the time he was in his twenties he became fixated on earthquakes and national disasters. Mullin believed catastrophes could be avoided if the earth was given blood sacrifices, and so he began opening his own veins and 'feeding’ the ground. Mullin was also obsessed with wars, and told numerous people that Vietnam was never affected by earthquakes due to the amount of sacrifice given to the earth during the Vietnam War.

Mullin is a rare type of serial killer in that his choice of victim was entirely random; old or young, male or female, alone or in groups, Mullin targeted them all. He told a police interviewer he killed people he saw 'pollute’ the earth, and claimed God told him when he had come across a suitable sacrifice. After terrorizing the town of Santa Cruz and the surrounding districts for three months, Mullin was finally apprehended when a witness saw him leave his last murder scene covered in blood.

In a twisted coincidence, another serial killer was active in Santa Cruz during Mullin’s murder spree;Edmund Kemper. While Mullin was a disorganized psychotic killer, Kemper was a highly intelligent necrophiliac who put a great deal of planning into his crimes. In some cases victims of Mullin were attributed to Kemper (and vice versa), and the two men killed over twenty people between them in the short space of a year.


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