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any headcanons?

OMG YES these are just a few but i have a lot more:

Alex met John, Lafayette and Herc one day in a cute lil coffee shop where he was writing an essay bc Laf and Herc were teasing John about staring at him and dragged him across the room to force him to talk to Alex

peggy is literally an aesthetic queen, like a famous photographer and runs a really successful fashion/aesthetics blog, could also probably kill you

angelica’s a women’s rights activist, she definitely goes to pride parades and would probably do a full on protest if she thought it was for a good cause


Lafayette has this really loud obnoxious laugh and it doesn’t really show up unless he thinks something’s INSANELY funny but it’s so adorable


Chicago Children’s Hospital Releases ‘Hamilton’ Parody Video for Flu Season (NBC Chicago):

The video, titled “Alabastor Fluminton,” was posted to the NWCP’s Facebook page Tuesday, appealing to Hamilton fans on the day of the mega-hit musical’s Chicago debut.

“Whether you have the iron constitution of Hercules Mulligan, or the more delicate disposition of Aaron Burr, come on by and see the room where flu shots happen.”

This is the second year NWCP has created a parodied video for the start of flu season. The first spoof, released last year, was themed after popular HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

Me as a Parent

Son: Daddy, I can’t sleep!

Me: Come here, son, let me sing you a lullaby.

Son: *lays down*


Please Don’t Leave Me (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Overview: Alexander comes to your house after a night of drinking.

Word Count: 1,207

Triggers/Warnings: Swearing, drinking

A/N: This was all written within the past hour or two. I apologize if it isn’t to the best I could write but I think it’s decent.

You had changed out into your pajamas and finished everything you needed done by Monday. It was now time to relax with Netflix and ice cream. You just started to have a disney movie marathon when you heard a knock at the door. Oh no you thought as you walked to the door.

It was Friday night. The boys, Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens, and Alexander Hamilton had been out drinking for sure. And when you give the boys a reason to go the bar they somehow end the night at your house. It’s most likely because your house was the closest to the bar but you had other theories.

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Baby, You're Making A Fool Of Me - lafayettes_baguette - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
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Hercules is trying to confess to Aaron, but finds himself spending more time hiding behind the shelves of a bookshelf and spying on the other man. Peggy gives him a push in the right direction
Liberty's Angels

by PaperThinRevolutionary (SugarCoatedCyanide), the_other_51

The underbelly of New York City was much worse than anyone truly gave it credit for, and the leading force in every dark aspect of it was Angelica Schuyler, head of the Schuyler gang and owner of nightclub Liberty’s Angels. She’s strong-willed and controlling, always ready for a challenge, until her operation starts to crumble…

Words: 1546, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Parks and Revolution
  • Hamilton:From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Laurens, code name--Been There, Done That. Eliza is--Currently Doing That. Hercules Mulligan is--It Happened Once in a Dream. Lafayette, code name--If I had to Pick a Frenchman. Washington is...Eagle Two.
  • Washington:Oh thank God.
My Shot

ok guys so Hercules literally says 

“Yo, I’m a tailor’s apprentice 

and I got y’all knuckleheads 

in loco parentis

which, as google as my witness, means ‘in the place of a parent’  which refers to the legal responsibility of a person (or organization) to take on some functions and responsibilities of a parent. 

So basically right off the bat Hercules is like “you’re all drunk idiots and I’m the dad friend” please reblog to support Mr.Mulligan being the dad friend of Hamilsquad as canon

  • Hamilton:I love-
  • Mulligan:Lemme take a guess. Eliza.
  • Lafayette:Angelica?
  • Laurens:you love me. i know. your gay ass tells me about it in every letter you send me
  • Hamilton:-fighting Aaron Burr's pretentious ass