How I relate to Hamilton Songs

Me: I am not throwing away my shot
Also me: *throws crippled paper* *misses* Gdi.

Me: *should be doing essay*
Me: John Jay got sick after writing five….
Me: Same.

Me: *looks at Daveed Diggs*

Me: I should listen to other music now….
Me: *looks at Hamilton Soundtrack*
Me: Lord, show me how to say no to this.

Me: *cooking*
Me: I hope that you burn.

Me: *goes on hiatus on roleplay blogs*
Me: *comes back* WHAT DID I MISS

Me: *looks at grades*
Me: B?
Me: I will never be satisfied.

Friend: *talks about basic shit*
Me: *puts hand on her lips*
Me: Lemme offer you some free advice.
Me: Talk less, smile more.

Me: *during Confession*
Priest: What sin have you done, child?
Me: First of all, bear in mind….
Me: Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Friend: *makes stupid decision*
Me: You must be out of your G O D D A M N  M I N D

  • Hamilton: Do you ever get the feeling that everybody you've ever met in your life is just the same 4 or 5 people over and over again?
  • Jefferson: Um...
  • Madison: Well...
  • Phillip:
  • Maria Reynolds: I have no idea...
  • *all rapidly change clothes and hairstyles*
  • Lafayette, Laurens, Mulligan, and Peggy: ...what you're talking about!
  • Hamilton: *blinks rapidly*
  • Hamilton:
  • Lafayette:
  • Laurens:
  • Mulligan:
  • Peggy: *kicks lingerie behind pole*
  • Hamilton: ...yeah me neither.

Hamilton characters as tumblr things/memes:

Hamilton: none pizza with left beef

Burr: the guy who hates moreos

Jefferson: relevant supernatural gif

Madison: *shoving breadsticks into my purse*

Lafayette: misspelled Benedict Cumberbatch

Mulligan: mishapocalypse

Laurens: lgbt tumblr

Washington: *looks at smudged writing on hand*

King George: find the vegan

Phillip: science side of tumblr

Angelica: me, an intellectual

Eliza: *looks directly into the camera like Jim on the office*

Peggy: moon moon

  • lafayette and mulligan: we fought with him
  • laurens: me I died for him
  • washington: me i trusted him
  • laurens: hOld thE fUcK uP *vaults over the railing and skids along the floor*
  • angelica, eliza, maria and laurens: me I loved him
  • Herc: A tailor spyin’ on the British government!
I take their measurements, information and then I smuggle it!
  • *later*
  • Hamilton: ok Hercules what did you get
  • Herc: ok, so the king is a size 9 feet, 50 inch waist, the general i was with-
  • Hamilton: what?
  • Herc: i took their measurements, like you told me..
  • Hamilton: herC
  • Herc: oh
  • Herc: OH

Hamilton characters as things my History teacher has said:

Aaron Burr: is it raining? I only cry in the rain

Madison: I’m happy to help, unlike Tesco’s

Jefferson: *laptop sounds* ah, that’s my all my dates. See? I’m doing better than all of you.

Hamilton: Can I woo you with my looks and knowledge of 17th century history?

Mulligan: Have you met the fist of justice?

Laurens: punctuality is second only to love of puppies