Beauty and the Beast Hamilton AU

•Hamilton as The Beast
•Eliza as Belle
•Jefferson as Gaston
•Madison as LeFou
•Lafayette as Lumiere
•Mulligan as Cogsworth
•Laurens as Chip
•Angelica as Mrs. Potts
•Maria (or Peggy) as Plumette

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Hamilton Hogwarts au headcanons????

Griffyndor: John Laurens, Lafayette, Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Schuyler

Slytherin: James Madison, George Washington

Ravenclaw: Angelica Schuyler, Thomas Jefferson

Hufflepuff: Peggy Schuyler, Aaron Burr, Hercules Mulligan

Quidditch players in bold. Thomas announces the matches. Alex is muggle-born.

  • Interviewer: What are your qualifications?
  • Me: I can rap Lafayette's part in 'Guns and Ships'
  • Interviewer: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Interviewer: ...
  • Me: iM TaKIng THis HOrSe By ThE ReINS mAkIn' RedcOATs ReDDeR wITH blOOD StAiNS...
{ five’s company // ch. 19 }

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It felt like divine intervention–like God was smiling down on your little relationship. 

Your boys gradually became themselves once again. There were very few nights where they couldn’t sleep, there were fewer days when they couldn’t seem to get out of bed, and there were very few days where silence filled the house. 

One afternoon, Alex danced in the kitchen with John. Another evening, John couldn’t stop laughing. One morning, you caught Laf singing as he made coffee. 

Little by little, your boys came back to you and you were so glad to have them again.

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Alexander hamilton = The smol angry loudmouth bastard but still cares

John Laurens = 2 gei 4 Alexander, good at cooking TURTLES4LIFE

Hercules Mulligan = knows how to sew, knows how to braid and look how innocent he is– BBRAAHHH

Lafayette = ouiouiouiouiouiouiouiuo

Thomas Jefferson = Mac&cheese boi too sassy and salty for the world

James Madison = sick…Just….Sick

G. Washington = Loves his Sons, innocent, RISE UP

Glide (Mulligan x Reader) Part 4

Words: 1800+

Warnings: blood, pain

A/N: sorry i took so long! i just didn’t know where the story was going, since it was only supposed to be a one-shot, but here you go! enjoy!

Part: One Two Three

“No, I can’t heal myself.” You whispered, looking away from his glaring face. The man smacked his lips, shaking his head at you.

“Why are you lying!” He banged a cane he had on the concrete floor, making a hole. You jumped, moving your legs closer to your body.

What’s with this guy? And how did he find out that you had powers?

“I’m not lying! I swear, I can’t heal myself. I could heal other people, but just scratches or little cuts. Nothing else.” You said desperately, not wanting him to hit you again. He smiled, throwing the stick to the side. You were staring at Madison’s body, still slumped over in the corner. Thomas followed your gaze and smirked.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Just give him a few more minutes.”

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Inside Llewyn Davis Park Scene

This is such a great scene because they’re both so, eh, pathetic and dysfunctional.

He makes a valid point about her (rather hysterical) rage when he says “It takes two to tango.” 

Then he completely loses any moral high ground when he shows more interest in the cat than he does about her situation. The look on her face says it all.

That’s what you feel bad about?”

Just a couple of kids HS! A.Ham x reader

A/N;; Here’s a High School au that no body asked for! This short fic is loosely based off of the lyrics ‘Take me back to the night, we met in the yard. Climbing up to the roof, hidden in the dark With a bottle of wine for two, though I’m already drunk off you. Then we both fell asleep, underneath the stars’ from Couple of kids by Maggie Lindemann. I kinda want to do a sequel to this with the rest of the lyrics. like make it a series type thing. idk guys let me know in my ask box!

Warnings;; i think like 4 swears lol

Word count;; 875

“Hey, it’s Y/N” Your friend Maria yelled, grabbing the attention of everyone in the backyard. You were greeted with a few nods and quiet ‘hello’s’ Maria embraced you in her arms. She smelt of alcohol and cigarettes and perfume. “There’s drinks in the house and cigs out here” She told you “We have some stronger stuff, if you’re feeling up for it” She winked and tapped her back pocket.

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Could I request a Hercules lock screen?

THIS IS THE LAST LOCKSCREEN REQUEST! I’d give you a prize but I’m not sure what it would be, haha..

Here you go! Thanks for the request! Have a wonderful day! Love you!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester to please ask before using! I’m finished with the lock screen requests just before I hit 300! Thanks so much for your support and kind words, they’re all very appreciated! Just in case you missed it, lock screen requests are closed, but requests for comics and sketches are always open! Love you all!

Hamilton Headcanon: Outfit  #1 (sons of liberty)
  •  au: modern
  • A/N: this is the first head-canon I have ever written so please excuse my bad writing.


Alexander Hamilton:

  • The Hipster
  • He always has his hair in a man bun. The only exception is when he is asleep, then he will wear it loose.
  • He wears white T-shirts and owns about 20 of the same shirts.
  • Over the shirt he wears flannel (to get that hipster/lumberjack look)
  • He wears black, ripped, jeans even when it is scorching hot outside.
  • Do you know those brown casual sneakers? Those are the shoes he wears.
  • He has this one necklace he refuses to ever take off. It is a golden pendant on a black lace/string. The pendant is a bald eagle carrying a dagger; he had gotten it once from Eliza because the eagle reminds her of Alex’s bravery.
  • He wears glasses even though he doesn’t need them (he has contacts).

John Laurens:

  • The Nerd
  • He wears mostly sweaters.
  • His sweaters match the seasons.
  • For spring: bright eye bleeding colours (bright pink, orange, yellow etc.)
  • For summer: pastel colours (mostly green but he wouldn’t say no to lilac).
  • or autumn: nice warm colours resembling the leaves which have fallen from the trees (hazel, terracotta, mahogany, maroon)
  • For winter: generally dark and cold colours (cool grey, black, navy blue)
  • He also has some sweaters with the logos of his favourite shows and books.
  • His favourite sweater is the maroon one because it reminds him of the day that he met Alexander.
  • He wears plain jeans.
  • Has like one pair of red sneakers.

Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de la Fayette:

  • The stylish one
  • Wants to stay in touch with his French roots, so he wears a beret.
  • He wears striped long sleeved shirts.
  • He loves to wear scarfs.
  • Like damn, the boy is obsessed with them.
  • He probably spends more money on scarfs than that he spends on food.
  • He asks Mulligan to make him the perfect pair of pants.
  • Mulligan eventually (after Laf’s many demands) tailors him a pair of neatly fitting black pants.
  • He wears loafers.
  • Since he loves America so much, he usually has a pin of the American flag pinned on his chest.
  • t isn’t the American flag pin, he wears a ring with the American flag as stone.

Hercules Mulligan:

  • The nice guy
  • He likes to make his own clothing, but if he doesn’t have enough time he buys clothes from the store (which he is slightly embarrassed about, because he is expected to).
  • He wears white T-shirts.
  • He sometimes “borrows” them from Alexander.
  • Over the shirt he wears a no-sleeve dark grey vest.
  • He doesn’t really have a specific kind of pants. He just grabs the first matching one from the pile (y’all know what I mean right??).
  • He wears those shoes without laces you can just step in with a checkered pattern.
  • He ALWAYS wears a fedora that matches his vest.
  • His friends can’t remember the last time they have seen him without it.
  • He even wears it to fancy parties.
  • He wears watches because he is a punctual boy.