• John: The human body is 70% water. So we are basically just cucumbers with anxiety
  • Alexander: Excuse me, with the amount of salt and alcohol I consume, I'm more like an anxiety pickle.

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Hamilton Ship: Fluff Headcanons


• Alexander holding Laurens close while John is sleeping on Alex’s chest.

• Alexander kissing Laurens while carrying him bridal style.

• Laurens kissing Alexander’s neck.

• Alexander kissing every freckle on John’s face.

•Laurens would put a blanket on around Alexander whenever he has his late nights in his office.


• Every morning Hercules will wakes up Lafayette by kissing him on his forehead.

• Lafayette would sit on Hercules’s lap while watching tv.

• They would always go on top of the roof and watch the sunset together.

• Lafayette whispering sweet things into Hercules’s ear.


• Whenever Madison would get sick Thomas would always make soup and feed it to Madison in bed.

• Thomas would put his arm around James’s shoulder.

• Madison would sometimes sleep on Jefferson’s shoulder.

• Madison would make Mac & Cheese for Jefferson for a special dinner date.

sooooofrench  asked:

Could you do 12 with Hercules Mulligan ?? I just imagine him being actually a big cutie inside and when you annoy him too much that's the threat 😂😂 but you can write it with whatever context you like 😁😁 I love your work it's amazing 😍😍

Yes, Herc, such a softy on the inside ♡ And thank you, Doll!
(T/W: It’s not smut, but there’s implication)

P.s. I have everyone’s requests and I’m saving the smut requests for this weekend, because I like to put a little more detail and attention into those, just to make sure everything makes sense! (I know, I’m sorry I’ve made some of you wait so long!)

Herc normally didn’t bring work home, even though he had a room fully dedicated to his job. He often would use you as a model if he was sewing up a dress, just so he could see how it would fall. Sometimes it was funny when the dress was a little too long on you and he had to have you stand on books so he could see it fall properly. Other times you got frustrated when it was a little too tight. He always reminded you that you were the perfect size though.

Tonight you were feeling a little extra hyper and needy all at the same time, maybe it was too much coffee mixed with watching too many romantic movies while you waited for him to come home. When he finally walked through the door, you sprang up from your seat and welcomed him home. 

“Hey, baby!” you kissed him.

He didn’t seem his usual self though, you noticed he had his hands full of bags of fabric and sewing supply. You knew exactly what this meant, he had work to do. Of all nights why tonight when you felt so needy? You nodded as he explained he had some work to do. Looking at the clock you tried to think positive. Maybe it wouldn’t take him that long. But slowly, one hour went by and then two…you decided you were just going to peek in and see how he was. 

As usual, he left the door open and was working at the desk across the room. He looked so focused with a needle or two in his mouth as he was methodically sewing a pink fabric. How could he be such a tough guy and yet so gentle as careful in his work. You made your way across the room and rested your elbows on his desk. 

“Whatcha doin’?” you asked.

“Just repairing a tear,” he didn’t even look up to answer you.

“You do that so well,” you came over to his side of the desk and watched him work.

After a while you just had to touch, so you leaned your head against his shoulder, not even budging him an inch as he continued sewing. It was almost impossible for you to move him, so leaning against him really didn’t take away from his precise movements. You slid your arms around one of his, resting your hands on his forearm. You could feel each muscle moving as he worked the needle, you loved that feeling. Gently beginning to rub up along his skin, you pressed your chest into his bicep.

“Hmm, it’s so pretty,” you said in that voice,  “the way your fingers-”

You grazed your fingernails down his forearm, pressing a  kiss to his jawline.

“Stop it or I’ll bite you…” Herc said in a low tone, slightly annoyed by you distracting him. 

“I wish you would…”

“Is that what you want?” Herc laughed, looking over to you.

“Wh-what?” you asked shyly, as he was smirking at you, “Yes, okay! I just didn’t want to say anything since you were working-”

“And trying to distract me wasn’t saying anything?” He raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

You finally gave up, “Okay, fine you got me! I just really missed you and you always come home so happy and you sweep me off my feet, I know I’m pathetic.”

Herc turned away from his work, spinning his chair to face you. He pulled you into his lap, resting his hands around your waist. You smiled faintly. He pressed a soft kiss on your lips and smiled back at you. 

“Twenty minutes sound fair?” He asked.

“Yeah,” you nodded and bit your lip.

Giving him one more lingering kiss you hopped out of his arms and went to go read while you waited.

A Mullette Fathers Day Gift!
  • Lafayette: *Comes in with a Fathers Day gift* Happy Early Fathers Day Hercules!!
  • Hercules: *Looks up and confused* But I'm not a dad Lafayette.
  • Lafayette: *Nervously Laughs* Yeah about that....
  • Hercules: *Faints*
  • John: I told you he'd do that!!
  • Alexander: *Laughs Hysterically*

Wedding Week fic #7

Honeymoon with Hercules

“Here we go!” you cried as you took off towards your new cabin home that you were staying in for the next to weeks.

Your brand new husband laughed as you ran up to the front door, bursting into the house away from the bitter cold.

“Ahhhh, it’s so much nicer in here,” you sighed, flopping down onto the couch and curling into a ball.

Hercules came into the house and set your bags down and closed the door. He stared lovingly at the sight of you on the couch.

“You’re so cute,” he laughed and walked over to wear you were laying. He gave you a kiss on the head.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He walked off and took your bags to the bedroom that you would be staying in.

You pulled yourself off of the couch and walked into the kitchen.

Looking at the window, you smiled at the scene in front of you. You were on your honeymoon in Canada, during the middle of winter.

It was remote but not too far away from the nearest town. It was the perfect location for you and Hercules to spend some time together after getting married.

A pair of arms wrapped around your waist.

“Are you enjoying the view my love?” he asked. You nodded in contentment. Hercules kissed your neck softly and looked out the window with you.

“I think it’s too late to do any exploring today, how about we do that tomorrow and for tonight we make some hot chocolate and curl up next to the fire place?” he asked you.

“That sounds perfect to me Herc.”

You grabbed a blanket as Hercules made some hot chocolate. He always seemed to make it the best.

He brought you up that had whipped cream and cinnimon on top of it.

“It smells wonderful Herc. Thank you.”

“Anything for you my darling.”

He sat down next to you on the couch and pulled the blanket on top of his legs. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and you let your head rest on his chest.

“I love you Herc.”

“I love you too Y/N. Thank you for marrying me.”

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below is a pic of the cabin!

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I didn’t get your name

A/N: Hiya! This is my first fanfic i’m posting on Tumblr… I’m a little nervous but, its now or never I guess! Anyway, Hope You like it! Feedback is Highly appreciated!  I might make other parts to this but it depends.

Warnings: None really? Just cussing. Underage Drinking.

Summary: (Jefferson x Reader) You’re Alexander Hamilton’s little sister (one year younger). He’s a senior in High school, and he FINALLY lets you go to a party with him. You meet some new people, One being Thomas Jefferson. 

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How I relate to Hamilton Songs

Me: I am not throwing away my shot
Also me: *throws crippled paper* *misses* Gdi.

Me: *should be doing essay*
Me: John Jay got sick after writing five….
Me: Same.

Me: *looks at Daveed Diggs*

Me: I should listen to other music now….
Me: *looks at Hamilton Soundtrack*
Me: Lord, show me how to say no to this.

Me: *cooking*
Me: I hope that you burn.

Me: *goes on hiatus on roleplay blogs*
Me: *comes back* WHAT DID I MISS

Me: *looks at grades*
Me: B?
Me: I will never be satisfied.

Friend: *talks about basic shit*
Me: *puts hand on her lips*
Me: Lemme offer you some free advice.
Me: Talk less, smile more.

Me: *during Confession*
Priest: What sin have you done, child?
Me: First of all, bear in mind….
Me: Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Friend: *makes stupid decision*
Me: You must be out of your G O D D A M N  M I N D

  • Hamilton: Do you ever get the feeling that everybody you've ever met in your life is just the same 4 or 5 people over and over again?
  • Jefferson: Um...
  • Madison: Well...
  • Phillip:
  • Maria Reynolds: I have no idea...
  • *all rapidly change clothes and hairstyles*
  • Lafayette, Laurens, Mulligan, and Peggy: ...what you're talking about!
  • Hamilton: *blinks rapidly*
  • Hamilton:
  • Lafayette:
  • Laurens:
  • Mulligan:
  • Peggy: *kicks lingerie behind pole*
  • Hamilton: ...yeah me neither.