COMING SOON: A collaboration of one shots based off the fictional world of Bangtan U. A series by @eradikeats-writes and @kpopfanfictrash 


Kim Seokjin, Dean of Bangtan University. Reserved, refined - except when he’s relating to the youths by cracking the world’s best puns

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Kim Namjoon, Art Professor. Has published five books in four years on Bernini and sculpture. Loves to discuss how Roman technique copies the Greeks - a constant theme throughout their culture

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Jung Hoseok, Film Professor.  Writes in his free time on global cinema and sexuality. Leads the campus student film society, frequently holds get-togethers at his own apartment to watch Mullholland Drive and eat cake.

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Min Yoongi, Librarian. You talk in the library, you die.

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Park Jimin, Chemistry TA. Studying organic chemistry because he wants to change the world. Can’t understand why his study sessions are always packed with females. 

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Kim Taehyung, Theatre and Performance Arts. Better dressed than his students. Favors cutting edge techniques and methodologies. Most likely found by the lakes, followed by his bevy of aspiring actresses. 

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Jeon Jungkook, Poetry Professor. Both the youngest professor and the closest to tenure. Brilliant, often waxes poetic beneath the shade of various trees. Maintains Auden is the standard for all longing.

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CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to Bangtan University! Look forward to a whirlwind adventure of sin and learning as our renowned faculty takes you through the best years of your life. You’ll have a demanding schedule at Bangtan U, but with the right prep and a little flexibility, we’re sure you’ll come out on top!


A collection of one-shots by @kpopfanfictrash and @eradikeats-writes 

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movie recommendations for the signs

Aries: Blue Velvet, The Exterminating Angel, The Little Soldier
Taurus: Eyes Wide Shut, Wild Strawberries, Magnolia
Gemini: Breathless, Knight of Cups, I Origins
Cancer: Naked Lunch, Moonrise Kingdom, The Rules of the Game
Leo: L’Âge d’Or, The Double Life of Veronique, 8 ½
Virgo: Upstream ColorEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Vivre sa Vie
Libra: American Beauty, Coherence, Lolita
Scorpio: Valerie and her Week of Wonders, Brick, Hour of the Wolf
Sagittarius: A Single Man, Pierrot le Fou, Daisies
Capricorn: Following, Mullholland Drive, The Double
Aquarius: Russian Ark, Successive Slidings of Pleasure, Last Year at Marienbad
Pisces: The Tree of Life, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Requiem for a Dream

Watching the newest Twin Peaks is like reliving a variety of messed up dreams I have had. 

All of the characters are empty caricatures, exaggerated and absurd with the faintest glimpses of the grotesque.

It is absolutely compelling to watch

Those moments where they are trying to talk or scream and no sound comes out, the forced repetitive movements like they are trying to walk through a thick viscous pocket of nothingness

The use of color or the lack thereof  

This whole season is like living in a fucked up poem or a nightmare that is unrelenting and incomprehensible 

I kind of love it

seph's totally objective list of the 25 best movies of the 21st century so far, in response to the ny times

brokeback mountain
an inconvenient truth
inglorious basterds
a single man
the social network
blue valentine
ex machina
a girl walks home alone at night
the royal tenenbaums
the devil wears prada
beasts of the southern wild
million dollar baby
crouching tiger hidden dragon
y tu mama tambien
pan’s labyrinth
spirited away
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
we are the best!
black swan
mullholland drive