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Inktober day 17: Graceful

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Is it just me or does Lance from Sym Bionic Titan sort of look like Keith without the gloves and jacket?

dude the first thing I thought of when I first saw a Voltron gif like a year ago was “wait that’s…..that’s Lance” it took me so long to get Keith & Lance’s names straight bc I kept calling Keith Lance bc HE IS EXACTLY LIKE HIM I CANT GET OVER IT… this was I think the very first Voltron post I made

high points:

- they look almost. EXACTLY the same. same mullet, same shirt, same broody expression

- excellent fighter

- quiet/moody demeanor

- not [fully] human

- pilots a robot that can combine with other robots to make a bigger robot


- ????????????????? they are twins????

Nail polish, coming out, and brotherly advice

I hum softly dragging the little brush over my nails, leaving streaks of blue, and singing Troye Sivan under my breath. Being the only one in the dining room is a little odd for me, too used to the noise of everyone else being around.

The doors swish open and Keith staggers in, looking very much like he’d just woken up with his hair in disarray and his shirt on backwards. I smirk at him, “Hey mullet, shirts backwards.”

Keith squints at me before blinking down at his shirt and frowning. “Why?”

I laugh softly getting up and crossing the room to my boyfriend and cupping Keith’s cheeks gently. “Did you sleep at all last night honey?”

Keith blinks slowly at me, eyelashes fluttering, before stepping forward and burying his face in my neck, arms curling around my waist sleepily. I sigh and pull him closer to my chest, careful of my still wet nails as I rub gentle circles into his back.  “Wanna sit with me while I paint my nails?”

Keith hums quietly in response pressing closer to me contently. “mmk, don’t paint my nails though.”

I grin into his hair, “Of course not love.”

Guiding him over to where I’d been sitting on the couch I push him gently, letting him fall back onto the couch and dropping a blanket over him.  He mumbles incoherently and curls up, hands reaching for me. I sigh and sit on the floor in front of him, guiding his arms around my shoulders. “Okay?” He shifts to bury his face in the back of my neck nodding softly humming. I laugh softly and lift his hand to press  kiss against his palm before going back to painting my nails.

Once all my nails are very blue. Blue as the ocean is deep, it makes my chest ache with longing. I miss my family, i miss the oceans back home, back on earth. I miss earth. Keith’s hand twitches on my chest and i cover his with my own, squeezing gently. I hum and eye the red nail polish that had come in the set. I knew keith had said not to paint his nails, but if i did he would match red!

Moving slowly I pick up the red nail polish and fold my leg up so I can rest keith’s hand on my calf. Shaking the bottle I uncap it and grin, still good. Slowly I begin dragging the brush over keith’s nails, leaving streaks of bright red. Keith stirs and i freeze, his face nuzzles further into my neck and he settles. I breathe a sigh of relief, not awake then.

Continuing to spread red polish over keith’s nails I still when the door swishes open, Shiro pausing and quirking a brow at me. “Are… Are you painting Keith’s nails?”

I shush him quickly before whispering. “He’s asleep, and yes I am. He’s gonna match red.”

Shiro nods and slowly backs out of the room. Probably for the best Keith was probably not going to be happy when he woke up.


I woke up slowly, blinking up at the ceiling of the lounge. Why was I awake? Sitting up i rub at my eyes and look around, no Lance. That solved why I was awake at least. Reaching up I shuffle a hand through my hair before looking at my nails wondering why they felt so weird. And promptly froze, bright red polish coated my nails. Dysphoria claws its way up my throat, making it hard to breathe, hard to think past blinding red. My foster mother’s word echo through my mind, “You’re not a boy, boys don’t paint their nails, or wear makeup, and boys especially don’t have long hair.”

My pulse hammers in my throat and it feels like I can’t breathe. Panic claws at my throat and I don’t notice when the door swishes open. The couch in front of my dips with someone’s weight and I scramble back until heavy hands grip my shoulders gently, “Keith? Keith hey it’s okay what’s wrong was it a nightmare?”

My head shakes harshly, “Why would he do this to me?”

Shiro frowns, “Who?”

“Lance. he- he painted my nails i’m not a fucking girl okay!”

Shiro’s frown deepens and he lifts a hand to run through my hair. “No one said you were a girl.”

I shake my head again rapidly, “Only girls paint their nails Shiro! I can’t have nail polish everyone’s gonna think i’m lying about being a boy!”

Shiro grabs the nail polish remover from the table and douses a cotton ball. “Lance and Hunk paint their nails all the time they aren’t girls.”

My teeth worry at my lower lip as Shiro drags the cotton ball over my nails. He’s right, Lance and Hunk did paint their nails all the time. I just, I couldn’t do it. I’d gotten over the hair thing but I couldn’t do my nails.

The room quiets after a bit as my breathing evens out. “Lance is gonna be upset.”

Shiro pauses and blinks up at me. “About your nails?” I nod and Shiro sighs. “I’m sure once you explain what happened he won’t mind at all. Actually he’s probably going to feel horrible knowing him. He’s on a mission with Hunk right now though so you’ve got time to calm down and think things through. I know you aren’t out to him yet.”

I take a deep breath, feel my ribs expand beneath my binder and nod. “I’m gonna have to come out to him aren’t I? Then he’s gonna hate me and wanna leave.”

Shiro pauses in his work removing the nail polish and frowns at me. “You really think Lance is going to react like that? Keith, that boy loves you more than anything in this universe as the next. I guarantee you he isn’t gonna mind.”

I sigh softly, “Yeah…yeah you’re right. I’m just, nervous. “

Shiro nods and finishes getting the nail polish off my nails before ruffling my hair gently. “It’s okay bro. He’s not gonna mind, he didn’t when the team found out about me, or Pidge did he?” I shake my head no and he smiles. “There, see he won’t mind.”

I take a deep  breath and nod, “Thanks Shiro. I’m gonna go lay down for a bit; maybe sharpen my bayard.” Shiro nods and I leave to my room.


By the time Lance gets back from his mission my blades have been polished enough that they’re not entirely dissimilar to mirrors and sharp enough that if you so much as touch the edge it’ll cut you. My hair’s a wreck from running my hands through it in my nervousness and there’s a fine tremble to my hands. I’ve been staring at the ceiling from my place sprawled across the floor for at least thirty minutes, mind swimming with self doubt and what if’s. What if Lance leaves? What if Lance decides this is too much and realizes I’m not actually that great? Realizes that there’s plenty of people out there better than me.

I force myself to pause, take a deep breath. Lance wouldn’t do any of that. Lance loved me and like Shiro said earlier, he hadn’t cared when him and Pidge came out, he wouldn’t care when I came out. I was still Keith, still part galra, still Lance’s boyfriend. It’d all be fine.

I’m so lost in my thoughts that I don’t notice the door whooshing open and Lance stepping in, looking equal parts scared and worried. Lance stills in the doorway and bites his lip watching me. My arms flailing about before tugging my hair harshly. “Keith?”

I jolt and flail, shooting upright and blinking at Lance. “L-lance!”

He bites his lip harshly and looks away, “S-sorry, I-” He pause and takes a deep breath, wringing his hands in front of him. “Uh, Shiro told me… about the nail polish and that you were really upset about it and I’m really sorry I just thought it’d be cool if you matched Red and I promise I’ll never do it again and please don’t leave me I’m so sorry I’m a horri-” In the time that he had been rambling I’d stood up, crossed the room to him, and was now kissing him. Soft, gentle movements coaxing him to relax.

“Can I talk now?” He nods swallowing thickly, tears glimmering in his blue eyes. “You didn’t know I’d react like that, and yes I did ask you not to but you were trying to be really sweet and get me closer to Red and I appreciate that even if it didn’t really work. I’m not breaking up with you, not ever.” I pause and lick my lips, anxiety curling in my gut once more. “But, there is something I need to tell you and I’m scared you might look at me differently from now on.”

Lance cups my cheek gently shaking his head, “Whatever it is you’re still Keith and I’m still gonna love you.”

I smile softly and lean into his palm for a minute before taking a  deep breath. “I’m a trans man.”

Lance blinks at me, “Is that all that was bothering you?” At my nod he pulls me into his chest, I go willingly. He’s always so warm. “Oh love I will never think differently of you because of that okay?” I nod and I feel his lips press against the top of my head gently. “Wanna cuddle?”

I smile against his chest and nod, “Yeah, that sounds perfect.”

This Summer's long slow distance, part 4

Audio on Wakoaime

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Rei: An abandoned amusement park… How ominous.
Nagisa: AH!
Rei: W-what?!
Nagisa: I remember! We’ve been in this amusement park a long time ago! Right, Haru-chan, Mako-chan?
Haruka: Now that you mention it…
Makoto: Coach Sasabe had brought us, I think it was with the kids from the swimming club…
Haruka: I remember there was an indoors leisure pool.
Nagisa: It’s all dark so I’m not sure, but isn’t that the mirror house there? And there’s the merry-go-round over there. What if it suddenly started moving or playing music…
Makoto: Eep… Stop that, Nagisa…
Nagisa: Ah, haha, sorry sorry.
Haruka: Hm… It doesn’t look like the rain is going to stop. With this storm, it’d be dangerous to walk around.
Rei: Our teacher and Gou-san must be worried. For now, let’s at least contact them to tell them we’re fine… (beep) Huh? …There’s no signal…
Haruka: Guess we have no choice but wait here until the storm stops.
Nagisa: Wind started blowing, too. There’s a roof at the gates here, but it won’t protect us from the rain. Let’s just go in!
Makoto: Eh?! I-Inside there?
Rei: It’s an abandoned amusement park!
Nagisa: It’ll be fine! I think the place where they used to sell tickets was converted into an office, so we can enter! Come on, everyone, hurry up!
Rei: Wai- Nagisa-kun!
Makoto: Nagisa, wait!

~ Nagisa: This summer’s long slow distance, part 4.

Haruka: It’s completely dark.
Rei: It seems the lights aren’t working…
Nagisa: Hm? Oh?
Haruka: What’s up, Nagisa?
Nagisa: Oh… Right now, didn’t you hear some voices?
Makoto: You’re doing that again!
Nagisa: It’s true, listen closely!
Rei: …You’re right, indeed!
Makoto: Eeh? Um, where from?
Haruka: Is there anyone here?
Makoto: Aah! It must be, like us, people taking shelter from the rain!
Rei: In that case, they should have noticed us as well! No to mention, those voices… They are faint, but they somehow sound close…
Nagisa: Like, they’re coming from behind Mako-chan…
Makoto: AAH! I’m telling you, stop doing that, Nagisa!
Haruka: Makoto, you’re heavy… (muffled voices) This voice…
Rei: What is it, Haruka-senpai?
(muffled voice) One triceps… Two triceps… Three triceps…! AAAH!
Haruka: Sounds like a girl counting something…
Makoto: AAAAH!
Nagisa: Mako-chan, be quiet!
Gou: (muffled) Nagisa-kun, calves are nice, but properly train your triceps as well!
Nagisa: Huh? It’s Gou-chan’s voice!
Rei: That is! (rustle rustle)
(recorder) Rei: Are triceps really that important?
(recorder) Gou: Don’t you know the saying “Those who mock the triceps will be beaten by the triceps”?!
(recorder) Rei: No I don’t!
(recorder) Nagisa: Then, then, what about those who mock the calf muscles? (beep)
Haruka: It’s the video we took when planning the camp.
Makoto: That was it! So the video recorder switched itself on in my bag. Phew!
Rei: As they say, the ghost was but withered silver grass! [Japanese saying which means you can get scared by silly stuff] That was expecte-HUAAAAH!
Makoto: WHAAAAT?!
Rei: R-RIGHT NOW! I felt something cold in my back!
Haruka: Looks like there are leaks in the ceiling. Calm down, you two.
Makoto: How could I do that in such a place…
Nagisa: Then, let’s try going to the indoor pool. I’m sure everything will be fine there! 

Rei: Indeed, there doesn’t seem to be any leak here.
Haruka: We can’t even hear the rain outside.
Makoto: It’s so quiet it’s getting scary…
Rei: Makoto-senpai, remember what happened earlier with the video recorder! There is absolutely nothing paranormal in this world! Everything can be explained through theories!
Makoto: Woah, Rei… You’ve already recovered…
Nagisa: Oh right, Rei-chan, when you guys were doing the delivery job, didn’t you say there was a package for this place?
Rei: Oh, right…
Makoto: It was that package that made some noise.
Haruka: That happened?
Makoto: Yeah. But before we realized it, the package had disappeared from the truck.
Nagisa: Hmm but, it’s impossible that it disappeared by itself… How mysterious. Can you explain that with theory too, Rei-chan?
Rei: Hmhaha. Very well!! As an entertainment while waiting for the rain to clear up, the Great detective Ryugazaki Rei shall reflect on this case!
Makoto&Nagisa: Ooh!
Rei: Listen well, everyone. This case is not mysterious or anything of the sort. There is a trick behind it that anybody could discover by thinking a little. There is but one logical conclusion!
Makoto&Nagisa: Which is?
Rei: Simply! Inside the package was a living being!
Haruka: Something alive?
Rei: Yes! For example… A crab! A fresh crab caught in Iwatobi’s fishing harbor was put inside the package!
Makoto: I see!
Nagisa: Then, why did the package disappear?
Rei: It’s possible that the crab pierced the box with its sharp claws, and fled from us in his box-with-legs state!
Makoto: Well… It’s kind of far-fetched, but it’s not impossible I guess…
Nagisa: Haha, incredible, Rei-chan!
Haruka: But then, why was it sent to an abandoned amusement park?
Rei: That is… Maybe, there is someone living here, who ordered a crab while doing some net shopping… Or something…
Makoto: Um… Then, after all, there IS someone here?
Rei: …That’s the logical conclusion…
Makoto: (scared noises)
Nagisa: (happy noise) …Hey, who is living here, Rei-chan?
Rei: L-Let’s see… For example, a crab-enthusiast who lost his job and ran from his house, or a crab-enthusiast who escaped from jail after being incarcerated for murder…
Makoto: No, that’s really not possible…
All: Oh!?
Makoto: T-There’s really someone?!
Haruka: Something is approaching!
Nagisa: D-Don’t tell me… The crab-enthusiast escapee…
All: Murderer?!
Haruka: Hey, I can’t breathe! Stop clinging on me, Makoto!
Rei: This goes against reason, against it, against it!!
Nagisa: Rei-chan too, calm down! If you grasp me this hard it hu-uurt!
Makoto: Ahaaah, the footsteps are getting closer!
Haruka: I’m telling you to calm down…
Rei: (shaky shaky) In such a situation, theory says…!
Nagisa: Hey, come on, Rei-chan!
Rei&Makoto: AAAAH!
Rin: What are you guys doing?
All: Rin!
Haruka: Why are you here?
Rin: You guys weren’t coming, so I went looking for you!

Ama: The boys sure are late… I wonder if they’re okay?
Ama: What happened, Matsuoka-san?
Gou: T-There was noise coming from inside that package that was sent to me here!
Both: AAAH!
Momo: Gou-saaaaan! (crackers) Happy birthday yay!
Ama: W-What’s that, what’s up, what’s happening? Urashima-kun?
Gou: That’s not his name, Amakata-sensei, it’s huh… Mikoshiba Kintarou-kun?
Momo: I’m Momo-ta-ro-u! Anyway, Gou-san, that’s my present for you!
Gou: That’s… The thing making noise in this package?
Momo: Yep! I had gotten it wrong at first and sent it to the amusement park, but when I went to see you at the Iwatobi-chan show, I noticed it in the truck, and I fixed my mistake! Now come on, open up Gou-san!
Gou: Ahah… (rustle) A STAG BEETLE?!
Momo: Yeah! It’s a toy one, it works with batteries! Hehe, I thought it was really cute, so I bought it for y-you, and it’s my present for you birthday surprise! I thought I’d surprise you, so I ordered it from the net! Ah, but, it looks like it switched itself on in the box, haha hahaha!
Gou: Ah, thank you… Um, but, my birthday is in December…
Momo: Huh? But Rin-senpai said the camp was at the same time as a birthday…
Ai: Momo-kun! Momo-kun!
Momo: Ah, Nitori-senpai!
Ai: Aah, no, I was too late!
Momo: What for?
Ai: Momo-kun, you misunderstood! Rin-senpai wasn’t talking about Gou-san’s birthday, but Nanase-san’s!
Momo: Eeeh?

Makoto: And so you came just to find us! Thanks, Rin!
Rin: It’s nothing… And what were you guys doing here anyway…
Haruka: It started raining suddenly, so we came to take shelter.
Rin: Oh, that’s it… Oh by the way Haru, tomorrow’s your birthday right? Too bad the weather is so terrible…
Makoto: It’s fine, it rained so much already, I’m sure it’ll be sunny tomorrow.
Haruka: Anyway Rin, you’re drenched.
Rin: Oh… It started raining suddenly when I was on my way.
Makoto: You should get changed, or you’ll get a cold.
Rin: Why would I have brought a change…
Haruka: I’ll lend you mine.
Rin: Geh! That’s…
Makoto: His Stoplight loosejaw-kun T-shirt, huh.
Haruka: Don’t complain. I only have this one.
Rin: Yeah, guess I’ll be grateful for that. …Oh? Hey, where did Nagisa and Rei go?
Makoto: What? Right here- Huh?
Haruka: They’re gone…

Momo: Aah, I didn’t think it was Nanase-san’s birthday… Ah, but, maybe he likes stag beetles too!
Ai: Huh… Who knows… Oh? Yamazaki-senpai, are you alone? Where’s Rin-senpai?
Sousuke: He left a note. Apparently he went to look for Nanase and the rest.
Ai: Huh? In this storm?
Sousuke: Damn, they’re not kids, he could just have let them be…

Sousuke: At this moment, I felt a bad presentiment in my chest. It was a fierce uneasiness, that never before I had felt.