mullet shirt

Obvious bbys #11
  • Makoto: And so you came just to find us! Thanks!
  • Rin: It's nothing.. What were you guys doing here anyway?
  • Haru: It started raining suddenly, so we came to take shelter.
  • Rin: Oh.. ok. Btw Haru, tomorrow's your birthday right? I hope that the weather will be nicer..
  • Makoto: I'm sure it will be sunny tomorrow. It rained so much already..
  • Haru: Anyway Rin, you're drenched!
  • Rin: Uh.. it started to rain suddenly when I was on my way..
  • Makoto: You should get changed, otherwise you'll catch a cold!
  • Rin: As if I have something..
  • Haru: I'll lend you mine.
  • Rin: Ehh.. That's..
  • Makoto: His Thinlip-mullet-kun T-shirt, huh..
  • Haru: Don't complain.. I only have this one.
  • Rin: Yeah, I guess I'll be greatful for that.
  • ~ Free! ES -"That summer's long slow distance" (Part 4)

I took the kids to Six Flags yesterday and it was an adventure to say the least.

We encountered everything from blatant racism, transphobia, child abuse, domestic violence, shop lifting, drug abuse and finally just absolute dickism.
(It’s a word, look it the fuck up)

A young white girl wouldn’t ride a coaster sitting next to a black teenager.

Four glorious transsexuals were followed and berated through the park.

A mother slapped her infant daughter for breaking her Six Flags unlimited soda tumbler.

A father called his 8 year old daughter an unappreciative cunt for not saying thank you for her Dippin’ Dots.

Some guy grabbed his girlfriend’s arm so tight I thought he dislocated her shoulder.

A mother made her 4 year old kid steal a Batman Cape.

Some Russian nursing attendant was doing coke in the bathroom while her client struggled to pull her pants back up all alone in the next stall.

Add mullets, sleeveless tee shirts, bad teeth, bad skin and an all around shitty attitude and that just about sums up my 15 hours in an amusement park.

This is why I never go out.